The ADX-Files #24

Scottish Conference 2016


Pre-recorded on 18th May 2016
Edited, and published on 20th May 2016

NOTE: Audio will be unavailable in 2017


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TRANSCRIPTION (partial) and observations

DISCLAIMER: This transcription is as accurate as possible given the very poor sound quality during parts of the broadcast. We apologise for any slight errors in the transcription.

The Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference Glasgow 2016 had posted a public 'statement' on Facebook on Sunday 1st May 2016 at 12:05 BST:

The same content was then posted as an important public announcement on conference organiser Alyson Dunlop's own Facebook page on Sunday 1st May 2016 at 12:09 BST.

This announcement was regarding alleged 'threats' that had been made regarding the SPI Glasgow conference. The post on the SPI Facebook page and that on Alyson Dunlop's Facebook page - with all its associated comments - are long gone.
However, the comments that had been made under the above-mentioned (now deleted) announcement may be seen in this PDF:

The Lost Thread

Thank you for your time.

And now....on to the show:

In a public Facebook post on Saturday, 21st May 2016, the ADX-Files show host, Alyson Dunlop, stated that some people were not too pleased with the broadcast aired on the previous day.
She simply said: "that's the price of telling the truth and free speech".

Our final comments may be found at the bottom of this page following screenshots of some rather disturbing posts made on Facebook by Mr. Warren, a speaker at the upcoming conference.
One screenshot is of what can only be described as violent threats towards an individual. No doubt, these posts on Facebook were also made under the guise of 'freedom of speech'.

Apparently "tastier bits" were removed, according to a public post made on Facebook by ADX-Files participant Malcolm Robinson on 21st May 2016.

The editing down was then explained in a public post by the ADX-Files show host Alyson Dunlop:

The above comments on Facebook

However, there are "emms" evident throughout as well as a plethora of the old "you know" standby.
Additionally, there were approximately 25 minutes of music included in the production. Removing those 25 minutes might have assisted in saving time too!

The show was supposedly an information discussion and promotion for the upcoming SPI Conference in Glasgow to be held on 25th June 2016. Our thoughts on that may be seen in the Final Comments at the bottom of this page. Tickets may be obtained through the conference organisers.
The Conference website is linked from the image below.

NOTE: As of 16:40 EDT, Sunday 5th June 2016, the Glasgow University Union Debates Chamber was no longer mentioned as being the venue.

The last topic mentioned by Dunlop in her introduction was the Rendlesham Forest Incident, but that was the first topic in their 'round table discussion'.

Mr. Warren's input displays as very disjointed, but we have done our best to convey what he said.
It does seem that Mr. Warren's input, in a number of places during the broadcast, crossed the line between "free speech" and verbal abuse of certain individuals.

The broadcast was far from just a promotional discussion regarding the upcoming conference in Glasgow.

On 22nd May 2016, Mr. Warren stated, in a public post on Facebook, that he did take 'full responsibility' for what he had said in the ADX-Files 24 broadcast.

Here follows the very orchestrated introduction to the 'show' which then led straight into recent problems that have arisen regarding Mr. Warren and Ms. Sacha Christie.

Alyson Dunlop introduces the show after five minutes of "music"

"Greetings Earthlings! It's a very special show this week because I've not just got one guest, or two even, but four, and we're not just going to be talking about one subject. We're going to be discussing about seven subjects - the seven subjects that are on the agenda at the Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference next month on June 25th, and that's in Glasgow.

And in just a moment we'll be having our Round Table discussion on the monster of Loch Ness; demons; UFOs in Scotland; poltergeists; Sasquatch - or Scotsquatch as Kev Baker dubbed it recently; Mushrooms, Myths and Magic; and last, but not least, the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident.

Joining me on this very special show I've got Larry Warren, Peter Robbins, Malcolm Robinson and Ron Halliday. Oh my goodness, welcome to the show everyone!"

All four guests' voices are heard in response to the greeting, but Warren's voice comes through loudest and clearest.

Warren: "Great to be back!"

Dunlop: "Great to have you back".

Dunlop: "So let's start off with the Rendlesham Forest Incident. What's been happening there?"

Robbins: "Absolutely nothing, quiet as a mouse (indistinct)"

Dunlop: "Really? Oh my - That's great!"

Robbins: "Nothing."

Dunlop: "Fabulous. NEXT! Next question?"

Dunlop: "Okay, Larry, do you want to take that one?" (laughing from Dunlop and muffled laughter from others)

Dunlop continues with more laughing.

Warren: "You know it - I, I, I'm lookin' forward to the conference in Scotland you know, you know because I'm not a researcher. I don't wannabe. I'm a whistleblower (laughs) that - that the ugliest - well there's a lot of things that go on in the world and people say but I would really bet good money that there is nothing that has drawn in some of the finest people and some of the sickest mental cases. Disingenuous-type folks I've ever seen. I've said this for years but it just escalates. These are people with a real strong need for a life (laughs) you know er, so anything you wanna ask about?"

Dunlop: "You were just saying that recently something's broken out on the Lone Ranger page?" (A page on Facebook)

NOTE: Dunlop, Robbins and Warren are all members of the 'Lone Ranger' Facebook page, so Dunlop may know what has been going on without having to ask Warren. (Robinson and Halliday are not members)

Warren: "Well that's just a day, man, you know. I mean there's something every day. It's Scotland anyway and my son's going to be with me and his mum and you know and we're going to have a good time. He has Scottish blood in him. Why not? So (indistinct)"

Dunlop: "Peter, then how's things with you? How's the book doing - 'Halt in Woodbridge' - is it selling well?"

Robbins: "Well, it's hardly a smash best-seller here in the United States but it is selling quietly and steadily and ummm it's hardly something that I am obsessing on or reflecting on every day.

As you all know, last year - here, very briefly for your listeners who are not aware - the former deputy base commander of R.A.F. Bentwaters who was there at the time and who has, I'll just say it, had it in for Larry since 1983, when Larry's having gone forward the information he gave to an American UFO investigator was put into the form of a Freedom of Information Act action which resulted in the then only document that we had attesting to the reality of the event put Colonel Charles I. Halt's name front and centre which did not bode well for his career or his personal life.

And for thirty odd years he has been taking pot shots at Larry, slagging him off. We've been addressing it over the decades but last year it came to a head with a talk that was arranged for him by the British UFO writer John Hanson, back in Woodbridge, the nearest town to the events.

For me, the first part of the talk was really what I'd hoped and expect, let's face it, the guy was in a command position and he was a witness to one of the events. But, as anyone familiar with the ongoing operatic saga that we call Rendlesham Forest knows, he devoted the last forty minutes or so of the talk to the most extraordinary deception-packed character attack on Larry, on the book by implication on myself, and, after listening to it - it's posted...."

Video recording ┬ęBen Thejrporter

"...anybody can listen to it - obviously it needed responding to - but it was not something I could do on a radio show like yours or even a lot of radio shows or in some Facebook post or you know - conference talk - and my response, with the aid of errr a small corps of colleagues - no-one gave more assistance than you, Alyson, and I will always be in your debt for that - I ended up refuting point by point by point all of his specious nonsense.

If he made thirty-five points then thirty-three were completely inaccurate, bogus, mistaken, wrong, which is beyond outrageous!"

Robbins: "I also knew I had to do it in a very professional manner and my standard was not my feelings or my fairly wide knowledge on - on the incidents - but on slander under English law, (Dunlop agrees) which I think I established beyond any reasonable doubt."

There seemed to be an edit at this point

Robbins: "And this case will explode again this autumn when Charles Halt's book "The Halt Perspective" becomes available in the United States and in the U.K. and we will see what he has to say and whether or not his co-author is foolish enough to put some of the things that Halt said in his talk that have now - that would now - then be addressed in print for a year by the time his book comes out in print in his book, because that becomes libel". (Dunlop agrees)

"And that is actionable and as Mister T used to say 'I pity the fool' if that comes to pass." (Dunlop laughs and asks who the co-author is). "It's just the way it is. Nothing personal, but - "

Warren interjects: "Right, right you know with Halt, he just spoke in Los Angeles with Nick (Pope) and you know basically did the same thing without you know, a little less riffing, so I am not certain on what the ego on people like him - or Nick - that they actually ever even read that book." (Robbins agrees)

"Hanson? You call him a writer but the reality - he's a guy - if you've ever seen his books - they're just clippings from other people's writings that make up a book. And that's a fact."

John Hanson

"And I've seen a lot of them and so the problem here is you know Halt's (indistinct) we've had a lot of - I'm fifty-five years old err in a few months - and this is nothing new to me. His dynamic and mine it's not really an issue. I'm glad Peter did it. He did a brilliant book."

Warren continues: "Where I have a problem - I mean Halt and I are always gonna have that dynamic and I got some secondary apology - wished he hadn't said all that stuff. He didn't say it to me but I heard it from someone that interviewed him and I said 'Well that's nice you know. Good on him.'

But the real problem I have now is when you extend - after battling with another witness - and you extend yourself to this person and errr finally - you know - we met numerous times way many years ago and errmm 80s, 90s and you seem to be making headway - I'm talking about John Burroughs - and NOW where he is allowing slander to be posted unchecked unchallenged - secondary slander by the way - second-hand - as posted by our dear friend Ronnie Dugdale who was never a friend, by the way."

Dunlop: "Okay what kind of things have been said?"

Warren: "Well he's an unknown to anyone really listening to this but he's a guy from Norfolk and - you know - I've only heard of him since I went online - you know, again, I've been here from day one so I knew who was involved in any form of note with Rendlesham from day one - you know.

I know Malcolm many years ago was - you know - enquiring - you know - I was a name long before I met him this side. (Brenda) Butler and (Dot) Street, I knew about, but not this guy."

Warren continues: "Another internet creation like errr Miss Christie is full of it out there but what Ronnie has done is that he's - you know you've got to understand that the early researchers and and I've not wanted to do this, and I didn't do it in our book because we had a lot to cover while we were writing it and I didn't want to really go after women like Brenda and Dot.

Jenny (Randles) you know we got, I got the Halt memo out with C.A.U.S and it came out because I'm seeing on the Lone Rangers that never happened, by the way, Peter, today, and it was Brenda and Dot that did it.
But what I am - all the money I cost them by calling me and everything - well in reality is like I posted today on this Rendlesham Lone Rangers I posted it you know on reality. I am very happy to get into all the errrr havoc that those particular local researchers put myself and my family through in those early days.

Warren continues: "..and the 'phone calls at the weirdest of hours and all kindsa and you know. I don't want to pick on Dot but Brenda opened her trap and said I don't want to get involved and I said 'Honey you got yourself involved thirty-five years ago'.

You know, a lot of people want their toast buttered one way or another but Mr. Dugdale has I mean gone to the level of saying when my father died at least he went in the ground proud of his son. I mean this is our buddy, Peter, you know. And just pure filth and what he's done is he has infiltrated Dot and Brenda and they've gone back into the early tapes and there was 'Skycrash' and a lot of bullshit in that - like Geogina Bruni wrote like it quotes like I said I saw aeronautic entities in a 'uge spaceship. I don't speak that way. Peter's known me thirty-five years.." (Laughter from Robbins)

00:14:31:546 Dunlop interrupts with: "It doesn't sound like you Larry." (Robbins laughs.)

00:14:37:828 Warren continues: "I went to broadcasting school and all that, however (Dunlop laughing over Warren's talking) however, you know, I don't use these - you know - Westminster kind of errr - you know - words - err at all and err it's not true and none of that was ever said.

So when you get these things and they're attributed as quotes so she (Bruni?) comes back there's an issue with the News of the World and Keith Beabey and you know the News of the World in America they don't know what that paper was really about. It's like The Sun here in Liverpool right? I mean you don't even read it here." (scoffs).

Warren continues: "The thing is is that now it's Keith Beabey now - you know - when people (scoffs) oh there's just so much we're easily destroyed but these little Facebook - you know - computer chimpanzees.

You have The Troll out there - you know who - S.C. - and errr just absolute action - I should be meeting my lawyer - but you can't get blood from trailer trash. You can't do it."

Warren continues: "And there's nothing you can do to people that have mental health visitors every day and they're protected you know they're allowed to do all these things pose as researchers and have people almost commit suicide in their house - people who have never had a UFO experience by the way.

I'm a veteran of ma-any many Budd Hopkins groups. I've had the experience of my life since I was a child - whatever it is - and you know when someone is. We recognise."

Warren rambles on: "In 'Communion' it recounts - when me, and Peter you remember that when I first met Budd in '83 or so and it was (indistinct) and myself and Debbie and we just walked up to each other and laughed. It was no-one knew who I was at that point.
They were - Whitley hadn't written his book. Budd just had had 'Missing Time' come out not too long before couple of years?
(Robbins says '81) Yeah so a year and a half two years, two years maybe."

Warren: "So that stuff is all new. There was, I, I, I knew Allen Hynek - man I've been around that long in person right? And I met him."

Dunlop interjects: "It must be amazing to meet these people!"

Warren: "I met him four times you know man - and he was - I met him once when I met Peter for the first time he was doing that gig and I think that was the first time I'd met him (Robbins confirms date as '84) in the autumn. I, I, I think it's '83 man, the autumn brother, I do, but but that's neither her nor there."

Dunlop: "So what are you guys going to be talking about? Are you going to be talking about all this at the conference?"

Warren: "Nah, what I think we're gonna do I think that the people that are causing - Peter can look into this and he probably gets disappointed with people. Me, I always have vibes like something's not right but you know, you find out the hard way at times, but what they're doing is trying to rewrite.

I will address certain things but I think we are probably best - we haven't worked together in years and years - we're best when we get up and we'll - you know - we'll entertain. We'll tell the facts and things but I'm not going to go through the Rendlesham Forest Incident. I can cut right through the little things. You know I stopped doing that so long ago."

Robbins: "Well I would definitely like to take some time and lay out what is the absolute best evidence. Certainly in Rendlesham all surrounds Larry, and I mean physical, legal, every kind of evidence imaginable."

Warren interrupts: "Oh no, I'm sorry. Sorry I've got to stop you there. I've got to stop you. It doesn't. I made it all up. This is the new it's (indistinct) psycho again (Robbins: "silly me") and John Burroughs is pushing that.

Now you understand I did a radio show with the much kinda wondered-about Adrian Bustinza who was with me and Adrian came out - and this is when they all went crazy - uh and said because he had written it. But you know then he said it and he said this happened to Larry and actually these things - entity whatever they - and John goes 'were they around me?' and Adrian goes 'no they were all around Larry' which I don't recall - don't want to remember. We all have about fourteen hours' missing time."

Warren continues: "What they've jumped on is at the end - so that kinda shoulda shut up a lot of people - uh, John I could hear the vibe even through the err internet that he was like 'well this isn't working my way' - I mean I truly felt it!

They're very manipulative people and you know, Jim Penniston is now saying that John was bought and paid for. Listen, they were like I posted yesterday, those two will eat each other sooner or later. There's no love lost. They hate each other."

Dunlop: "I really thought that the Adrian Bustinza interview was fantastic and I really thought that's it you know, he's done it, he's confirmed it, nobody needs to ask any more questions and then they still started picking away at it."

Warren leaps in: "Well you have a troll like Christie (Dunlop: 'sheeeeeeee') who puts herself forth as some sort of an expert on anything or a researcher or this.

All I direct people to do is look at - when I gave her her first speaking opportunity - as far as I know - in Woodbridge and she got up and by the end of it no-one knew what the F she was talking about. She was staggering around the place. Left her computer.

In fact all the shit she writes about me is a computer I gave her as a gift - lovely isn't it? You know, when I wasn't beating her children or whatever goes on there you know.

Errr she'll meet my lawyer sooner or later if she comprehends what that means. I think she's lived in the internet ether world for so long that real life's gonna really be a bit of a challenge soon."

Dunlop: "This kind of stuff - I - I mean this must really get to you, you know what - how are you feeling about it?"

Warren: "Well listen. I mean you know I mean there are people who've known me for thirty, forty - they think Peter is just an idiot probably - and the things that have been written just staggering. I won't go into it here. It'll be dealt with believe me.

Things happen to people like that, they just do and it's the way the world - karma - everything works. (Patronisingly) They're not happy bunnies. They don't live in a good environment.

But if you want to understand the dynamic of a troll I know what one is because I have met one so I know how they are and it's sad, it's ugly. You feel like taking a - if I told you the facts of the matter you'd need a shower. OK? And me too." (Dunlop chuckles)

Warren continues: "The bottom line is when you've got a person like Mr. Dugdale who we extended - so - I'm I'm giving these people fame which they crave. This is it you know.

Things aren't going well with John and his circle. All the air force guys - believe me you know - eerrr John and Jim had their dynamics before the incidents and I knew them before that - uh, not well, but I knew who they were.

But you have people like Dugdale that portends[sic] to be a pal - a dear friend. In fact Peter I err he put some filth in a PM to me and he was posting absolute - you know - legally actionable things on John's page and when I went back at him John says 'Why do you talk to people like that, Larry?'

Well I went, 'You rotten bastard!' right?

I, again, I fell into the trap of trusting him which I - Listen! I owe the guy nothing. He's never done me a large in thirty-five years right? So you see the pictures of him and I together he was using that to go after Jim. That's all that was. That's so school yard man."

Warren still drones on: "It's so childish and weird that I'm ashamed I participated - with a gut feeling right? It was all happy and good.

See everyone else they talk about it what this is and views but I LIVED THE THING! And that's a whole different dimension than anyone any building anywhere. I LIVED IT!

And so the real dynamic when the internet has given a voice to people that shouldn't have a voice. A lot of them shouldn't. I sound like Trump a little bit -"

Dunlop makes a witty comment about not voting for Warren.

Warren: " - and I'm voting for him."

Laughter from all quarters. Gutteral cackling from Dunlop.

Warren continues: "If he was running in England right now - if he was running in this country he'd win."

Dunlop: "Not in Scotland he wouldn't"

Warren: "In the end of the day here is that you've got to pick a person - like Dugdale that infiltrated - what his angle is now he's gone back with poor Dot - you know. I have some time for Dot.
Brenda I've never believed any utterance of the woman.

You know, Jim says there's the Binary crap and then suddenly Brenda's been doing it since '79. I mean this is just games and bullshit and these are people that probably not much goes on in the village you know and this is the best thing that ever happened to some of them you know."

Dunlop: "Well I believe that Gary Heseltine - he's just eh come forward and openly said that Halt admitted that was it the largest number of nuclear weapons in the U.K. which is exactly what you had said."

Warren: "That's what I said in '95 at Sheffield (Dunlop talking over Warren) and cost me my passport. It took a former US Attorney General to get it back.

So that's great that Halt said that to him and Gary has finally - he's never told me this by the way. So he's come out and said that - and Gary's also the guy that's really pushed the letter."
(The letter from Warren to his mother, dated 6th January 1981)

Video credit: Earth Mystery News

Warren: "Now people are talking about this letter I wrote to my mother - and see he doesn't talk about his thing though but you know what, it's all covered in the book - but as you can look on this thing Sid Goldberg did - the reality is I was writing what was told to us in the debriefing about the first night which I thought had been earlier than ours for a good year or so and what I was doing was trying to be clever. (Warren Indirectly quoting from his letter: 'I'll tell you the whole thing on the UFO when I get home. I can't in the mail, they read it.'"

Warren: "But what they're doing is trying to misdirect, play cards with people that aren't familiar with Rendlesham Forest that are new to it. And these people are the most disingenuous - listen we've dealt with insects for many years they don't last. Once they get into it if they want it."

Warren invites all the critics to engage with him via various online shows:

Warren: "LISTEN! If any of you are hearing me come on Alyson's show, any other show.
I won't go on John's
(John Burroughs') because he's a crap radio host anyway (laughing from Dunlop) - uhhhh He is. I'm not saying that in a bad way.

Dunlop: "Well he's not as good as me, that's all I can say'"

Warren: "But, anyway, with Peter and I - we can't forget the great work we did - and we're very proud of it and it stands up anywhere which bothers a few of them also, but we put the time in."

Warren: "We're not coasting on someone else's wave. I WAS THE WAVE. And they don't like that either. And then Peter came along and he put more time than anyone.

The rest, Nick Pope, the rest, they're opportunists. They know that and I'm not in the belief business at all. Don't care if you've read our book and I can tell in about a sentence or a word from someone if they've read our book. Doesn't mean you have to remember every inch but I can tell real fast - and Peter you've encountered it the glazed 'errr no'.

A guy on my Facebook today, must be a kid or something, under Gary's post, 'Larry what happened to you after that?' Well I go 'I grew up'. So there's that and so you can't make people read books.
And I'm not - I don't care who believes what, but don't change evidence and facts.

Don't do it because I'll be there for you man and I'll go anywhere and the problem is in the end of the day is that in thirty-four public years I have never ever had someone confront me or desire to - except now on this computer thing which frankly this typing it's not my bag man. Peter loves it because he types during radio shows - but it's not my thing."

Dunlop: "'I am going to throw this one open to everyone because there's been a lot said about Rendlesham being a 'Place of Power'."

Dunlop asks the guests if they think that the military chose the (Rendlesham Forest) area as a base because it was a 'Place of Power' as she called it.

Warren: "No. That base was there in World War II. It was a crash recovery base for bombers...."

Warren goes on a bit about the forest having some weird stuff go on there, and nice for the tourists etc.

Warren: "I do think there was a military attempt to try to - and this has nothing to do with S.C.'s stupid theory she sees and says I endorse because I never endorsed anything that she's said.

In fact what really upset her I told her one day 'you're not in my league honey' and I didn't mean that egotistically but her partner even said 'I hate when she tells people what they went through' and I go 'Well you've got to wake up with it every morning I don't!'

Warren: "But at the end of the day those events happened and these are all theories and speculation. No-one can imagine what this was like when it happened. Yer just can't and I've never done it justice and I can tell you no-one else has. Because it is a military thing you remember, Peter, with the incident chapter so long ago when I wrote that - my thing - you thought it was the bees knees and I'm like 'God I think it sucks' - it's just not (indistinct) at all and if anyone goes through a THING like this well that was pretty heavy ..."

Robbins then cuts in and goes on about the English language, or any language, falling short when someone tries to describe an experience. He then tells Warren that he did a great job on that chapter. Warren thanks him.

Warren then describes his meeting with Betty Andreasson, one of the first people he told about his experience.

Warren: "She (Betty Andreasson) told me - it was '82 and we were sitting in her living room and with Bob Luca - and she said you know 'If you go forward ' which is how she put it - which I thought 'where's this ever going to go anyway?' - long before the Halt memo uh - she said 'you're going to be attacked' and you know what I can remember standing at the east end of R.A.F. Bentwaters me and Peter in '88 - the base was still active - and it's on tape and I said - you know - 'listen, the further you go we're going to get attacked'.

And It's UFOlogy that does it - it's not the outside people at all. The debunkers do what they do. They're clowns. They don't come and meet ya.

But Peter was - and I said 'they're going to attack you too man'. And he goes 'I anticipate it'. I'll never forget it and we just chain smoked and wandered around and got out of there. I remember that day so well - but I will not have our work misrepresented.

You can reject it and say these are your points ok. We can choose to ignore it or this.

But don't you dare assault my family!
Don't you dare, because sooner or later - England is not a big place!

Warren still droning on: "Now other people in Malaysia or wherever they are, clowns, internet freaks, and whatever they are what can you do about them right? Because it's probably not even their real name.

Some of these people I know and they - they are treacherous human beings - and my only anger is that I allowed it to go on to the point where we entrusted[sic] them, we invited them when we were doing location shoots to be our guests.

They were wined and dined this and that - and then they come back - and I think you've dealt with this gentleman Alyson I am not sure - but uh he's not the person he portrayed himself to be (Dunlop mentions 'Ronnie' as Warren is speaking) at all, and uh vulgar - I mean just wicked, nasty - I've seen - most of those people eventually lose their marbles more than they already did. They truly do. I'm not saying that to be funny. They burn out. They don't accomplish whatever twisted thing they wish to do."

Warren continues on: "You cannot tear me down! You can shoot shit out on the internet. I could sit there and type all day to a hundred people trying to correct and they're laughing because like I've got his attention - and I'm getting attention now thus I am that, right? Well you know I always worry with some of these people you know.

Lennon used to walk the streets and I'm not comparing myself to him but I'm a public person - though I'm a private person - that - you know - like you got threats at the conference - that - that that sick woman was going to.
Please she can't even get out of her house. She's supposed to be handicapped. She isn't but - anyway - uh - she won't be travelling far
. (Laughs) I love it!"

Short cackle from Dunlop

Warren declares: "But you know what, at the end of the day, anyone makes a threat on me, my friends, my family, I will protect me, mine and my name.


And my lawyers will be meeting some of them. That's probably the legal way to go ain't it?"

Dunlop assents, stating that it's probably the better way to go. But, better than what?

Warren continues on: "I'll tell ya. It's over. It's over. You move - you - you attack my so(n) - anything - I'll tell you Peter - anything I'll go after them and one way or another."

Dunlop: "Well you mentioned Ronnie Dugdale there - yeah I'm just going to say this very briefly but I disagreed with him privately on this theory that he's just come out with - that him and apparently Dot Street are writing a book about - and he got very aggressive with me and didn't like that I'd contradicted him. So he also - I - I contradicted him before on other threads and he goes from being aggressive to being patronising which..."

Warren interrupts: "That's called passive-aggressive."

Dunlop continues (with Warren speaking at the same time): "You know, I just completely ignore that kind of stuff you know because it's not worth my attention."

Warren continues to try and butt in but Dunlop deflects him.

Dunlop continues: "And I want to ask Malcolm and Ron 'cause they've been sitting there a while (32 minutes!) - just on the subject of what Larry mentioned there - that a lot of UFOlogists are - you know - like this - you know, and they've done a lot of damage but there's also UFOlogists like Malcolm, Ron and other people..."

Warren tries to butt in but Dunlop directs her question to Robinson.

Dunlop: "But Malcolm how do you see it? Do you see it? What do you think of these other you know types of people who ...?"

Robinson: (difficult to decipher due to very poor audio equipment)
"As Larry says it's a great great shame that we have all these wannabees who want to make a name for themselves off the back of Larry and Peter because there's no denying that the Rendlesham Forest case stands head and shoulders above any case we have here in the British Isles. It's a marvellous case. Lots of factual evidence out there.

But we have certain people - I won't personally name them - but we have certain people out there who just want to stir the pot, stir it up and make a noise and try and gain some attention - and that for me personally is the sad side of UFOlogy where we have these people who want to do this."

Robinson continues to fawn over Warren and Robbins.

Robinson: "And like I said, the case is fantastic and we at SPI are so very very happy and proud to have Larry Warren and Peter Robbins lecture on a stage (Dunlop: 'Absolutely') in Glasgow next month. Now that's fantastic."

Robinson is then drowned out by Robbins and more so by Warren.

Robbins: "Thank you."

Warren then takes over: "Thank you. Thank you very much you know. I can't wait to do it 'cos there's such great people up there. I've been told that Alyson yourself, Malcolm - people like that - are just people that Peter and I respect because they blow smoke up our asses. That's Ronnie by the way, Peter, saying that. And errr we only do radio shows with the kid gloves used on us and uh - let me do one with you, Ron, you know, any day."

Warren appears to be suggesting that Mr. Dugdale come on a show with him.

Warren had forgotten that Robinson and Halliday were being addressed by Dunlop, but the ever-overbearing Warren takes over completely again.

Warren continues: "No, these are people I - I respect for every good reason, Ronnie Dugdale!

One last example and I'll get off and talk about the great conference which is why we're here but Ronnie, uh, Peter, - after one of his filthy little PMs - personal things too - and secondary slander and pushing garbage - he - uh - I'm sure he doesn't send these to you - but - but he sent me uh (edit evident) he posted late at night he posted a video of his family member doing you know playing guitar or some kind of thing on your Facebook and I said 'you cheeky gi(t?)' and - just after this, right? - and so was playing us - which they they think they're doing - so funny[sic] enough I got on there and I just started going point by point destroying the S.C. business right? - which he's been throwing around and that post disappeared within five minutes. You weren't even awake yet."

Dunlop: "Shall we play your song Larry 'Jet Boys'[sic], New York Dolls, let's do that." (muffled response from Warren)

Why, in the editing process, were these musical interludes not removed to save space as allegedly were other things?

Dunlop: "So this is 'Jet Boys'[sic] by the New York Dolls." (Title is actually 'Jet Boy').

"Music" commences.

"Music" ends.

Dunlop: "That was 'Jet Boy' by the New York Dolls.
This is Alyson Dunlop. This is ADX-Files and I'm talking today to Larry Warren, Malcolm Robinson, Peter Robbins and Ron Halliday. Now
- (pause) - Malcolm. Let's talk to you." (Robinson: 'Best idea')

Dunlop: "First of all, and actually this could go to both yourself and Ron, but first of all before we come to what you are talking about, I've got a question here from Valerie Osborne and she asks: 'Has[sic] there been any recent developments on the Garry Wood case?'"

Robinson then starts his response by saying: "Uh, not as such.."

NOTE: Sound quality of the recording, at this stage, makes it difficult to accurately transcribe what is being said by Robinson. Additionally, the content of what Robinson says is not directly relevant to the reason that this podcast is being transcribed.

Dunlop asks Robinson to tell about the subject upon which his talk will be given at the Glasgow SPI conference. Robinson will be talking about poltergeists.

Warren chimes in: " "I love that stuff you know (Dunlop laughs) - I do - I do - I've heard about you Ron for years I look forward to meetin' yer if we haven't. I forget a lot of things these days."

Dunlop interrupts Warren's interruption: "Ron Halliday, what eerrr - is your take on poltergeists? What do you think they are?"

Halliday gives his opinion on poltergeists.

Dunlop: "Larry and Peter, I'll go to Larry first. Have you got any opinions about poltergeists? Do you know of any cases?"

Warren: "Well my first wife and I lived with a ghost, definitely errr and I told you last night that we, I saw it. And she did too. It was my landlord's mother so - and my keys would go missin' you know - and we had a toilet seat that wouldn't stay up you know - that kind of thing - that they just don't stay up and this one dropped one night we - we knew.
We just had signs all the time that someone was there and ummm - Yeah. Oh I know that exists. Absolutely.

Halliday and Robinson provide input but both are rather unclear and muffled and the discussion is irrelevant to the purpose of these transcribed extracts.

Dunlop asks Robbins if he has had any experience of poltergeists.

Robbins: "Again, when we were working on The Book one of the accounts that came to us had to do with friends and I thought gee if we publish this it's not going to add interest to the book it's going to create yet one more group of people who will come at us and say 'Oh um you're into UFOs and you're into ghosts too, gee.'

So it's such a - you know - quirky character. Our interests in non-standard subjects are often used to try to take us down or to suggest that we're - we are will-o-the-wisps who um - you know - oh look a squirrel over there. (Dunlop laughs)
Our attention is drawn by any goofball thing that anyone throws at us and nothing could be further from the truth."

Dunlop: "That's the danger, isn't it, when you are a researcher or whatever that if you eh have an interest in one thing - if you take it very very seriously and you research it and all that kind of stuff - if you've got an interest in other things it's - you're just looked at as if you believe in anything."

Robbins continues on about his background, and then Halliday and Robinson discuss the 'A70 case' and Bonnybridge is also mentioned. Robinson then launches into some history of Nessie and his associated research. Dunlop also comments on the subject of the Loch Ness monster.

Dunlop asks Warren: "Do you have any thoughts about the Loch Ness monster?"

Warren: "I'd like to see it - I mean - I know Lake Champlain has something in it - and errr a lot of American Great Lakes and all that - goes back years and I've never seen anything like that. I'd love to you know.

I'm sure - it's not a fish (laughter in background) - salmon or whatever they think it is you know."

Dunlop and Robinson then discuss Nessie further and Dunlop puts forth whether it is a sterile sturgeon. Robinson mentions the discovery of the Coelacanth - though he pronounces it incorrectly - back in 1938.

Halliday then launches into the long tradition, across Scotland, of there being strange creatures but not just in Loch Ness.

Robbins then describes his experiences in Scotland and brings up the topic of the 'pleosaur'[sic].

Robbins continues: "How drab and boring our lives would be without mysteries. I am sure that you guys would agree in we are probably not going to have the answers (Dunlop tries to cut in) to the questions we have before we move on about UFOs."

Dunlop keeps trying to interrupt.

Robbins: "I realised years ago for a lot of people that's a problem. For me, no. You know. The other intelligences, the technology, it's all fascinating stuff, but what it has given me is a world of contact with people I would have never met, an opportunity to travel.

You know, if Larry and I hadn't have crossed paths I certainly wouldn't have been here now. I don't know whether I'd have stayed in the work if I did, certainly take another direction. Life is an adventure and - if you have courage and something has happened to you (Dunlop still trying to interrupt) - people - to what it is.

And I have to apologise to all of you ummm I've got another show to do in about forty minutes. It's one with 700,000 live listeners (unlike this ADX internet production that is pre-recorded) coming from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It's real old-fashioned live broadcast radio. Also I just spent five days there at a wonderful conference so I have at least three or four new fans in that audience and I don't want to disappoint then."

Dunlop keeps talking at the same time as Robbins.

Dunlop: "No, well I'm sure you won't. You never do. So thank you for being on the show this week."

Robbins thanks Dunlop profusely.

Dunlop to Robbins: "We're really looking forward to seeing you in June."

Robbins: "I am so looking forward to seeing - meeting you Ron, seeing you again Malcolm after so many years, and Larry my brother a giant big hug from cross the sea. We will knock 'em flat and have a great time and hello Glasgow!" (Dunlop laughs)

Warren: "See you in Scotland."

More laughing from Dunlop.

Warren: "See you in a month."

Dunlop: "See you Peter. Bye bye."

Robinson: "What Peter was saying is so true..."

Dunlop speaks over Robinson - all are laughing together - and Robbins making coments about meeting in a pub.

Robinson: "What Peter was saying is so very very true and I'm sure that Ron will concur that in this field of (indistinct) investigation you do meet so many many people and um that's what makes it all so interesting you know, but the big problem arises is what is behind - what physically is behind - the actual UFO phenomena[sic] and what's going on and that in itself is a - a another subject errr.

Obviously you've had many radio guests come on in the past (indistinct) speak on it but it is very intriguing as to the whys and the wherefores because I'm sure Ron will agree that - err and Larry - and that there's no denying we are dealing with a (indistinct) phenomena[sic] - undoubtedly a challenge (Warren tries to butt in) to not just the man in the street but scientists of the world which really does need to be more looked at by the errr powers that be because whilst we have all these wonderful UFO clubs and societies in the UK and overseas and we're trying our very very best to get an answer.

For me personally here in 2016 - uh I've said it before I'll say it again - that we are dealing with a non-human intelligence that has been interacting with us since[sic] millennia. Since time immemorial."

Robinson: "Are they the gods? (indistinct) on this planet. Are they (indistinct) over us and gingerly genetically changing us and if so, why? But for me personally at this point it's all (indistinct) and we, well I don't have the answer that's for sure (laughs) I wish I did."

Dunlop: "I don't have the answer either."

Dunlop: "But another subject that's being covered is - and this is a great one - it's Charmaine Fraser on the Sasquatch Bigfoot wild man subject? I don't know that we've ever had that topic in Scotland before. Not to my knowledge. Has anyone else heard of this subject being discussed? Any witnesses come forward ever, Malcolm and Ron?"

Halliday responds mentioning the Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui but says that Scotland has obviously not had the number of sightings as have been reported in the USA and Canada. He also mentions the Yeti.

The next section, wherein Warren speaks of his experience in New York State, is difficult to decipher in places due to Skype problems. Dunlop mentioned the Skype problems in her Facebook post mentioned at the top of this transcription/article.

Warren: "Well I have. I saw a Bigfoot in 1975 on July 7th midday. It was around (indistinct) degrees my mother in the car she was driving we were on the New York Thruway and (indistinct) come out near where Peter (indistinct). Why I knew it was the 7th was because on the radio they said it was Ringo Starr's (indistinct) - yeah I heard that. (Another voice chimes in but is indistinct) - missing people near waterways and these things travel the waterways. That's established.

There's a guy Robert K. Ryder (correct name is Robert Kryder) that's tracking a whole family (indistinct) - they're stunning. Out in New Mexico. And he's on my Facebook (but Warren does not know his correct name) and you can check into him, Mal, and if you guys - uh, Robert K. Ryder (Robert Kryder) and he's a real outback kinda guy but the Momma there is about fourteen feet tall you know and the babies and they're very stealth but they follow the waterways and riverways and these people are very dedicated trackers of these things."

Warren continues: "But there's a lot of the researchers I note are a little reticent of saying you know about the paranormal elements where there was non maybe alien-type beings seen at the same time? Or if you look at certain pictures you start -these things blend into environments so brilliantly. So I am very honoured that I saw it but I didn't feel I was looking at an animal you know at all."

Robinson addresses Dunlop but the sound quality is very poor at this stage of the recording.

Robinson: "... depends on a lot of things, Alyson. Depends on errr you know where (indistinct) - and stuff like that, and you usually find (indistinct) - towns and cities but I would just like to say (indistinct) - fascinating account by Larry Warren of (indistinct) - I've never heard that before, Larry, that is absolutely...."

Warren cuts in: "I didn't put that in 'Left at East Gate' God knows they'd have a field day but uh - you know - there was no place for it, but in reality that happened and the date - thank God for Ringo you know - it was on - and I'm a Beatle nut and it was his birthday so I knew the date and that never left me and the heat of that day never left me, and getting - eating a bad kabob in Niagara Falls and getting food poisoning never left me (quick breath) after that - but it was real, it happened.

But you know in 1975 you didn't go around tellin' people you saw Bigfoot because you just - I - until '76 near where we lived in Whitehall, New York, there were - uh the police encountered them and encountered a few of them - uh in '76 - and it was in the newspapers and that was very close - and again Paul Bartholomew was a real - someone I actually know in real life from upstate New York - uh many years ago - and he's a brilliant academic on the subject and a writer and he (indistinct) - he's on my Facebook also.

Any of the folks check out Paul at about - forget California - I mean the east coast is rich in these things. Just out of New York City there are Bigfoot sightings I mean incredible sightings and footage where there's one great thing within twenty miles of New York City uh it's on Youtube and it's a real thing. People were filming an innocuous thing at sunset and up in the tree you see what looks like uh a young gorilla swinging around in the background but to the left of it at the base of the tree you see something about twelve foot tall waiting for it to come down."

Warren still goes on: "And the people there in the bush - very stealth - and the people in the bush in the footage are completely unaware of it but this little fellow's swinging around the trees and they do go up in trees from what I've been told and even the big ones can go everywhere and uh - it's stunning.

My nephew - I - I think I had - now as I know more about it I know what their call sounds like there are actual audio tapes that are accepted as being authentic - Sasquatch uh calls - and the 'uman vocal range can't replicate it and there's nothing in the animal world that can do this - uh, these sounds, and I think in Vermont I heard two of 'em and I was at a party - sober - and um I said 'Are those deers?'[sic]. I'm not really an outdoorsy kind of guy.

And a friend of mine, he was a hunter, he goes 'I never heard that before', he goes 'there's two of 'em though' and they're moving up this moun'ain behind this guy Wayne's house and err another time, well my nephew lives in Vermont, he's a[sic] educated dude and err him and his partner they're in their house and he sent me a thing uncle - they always come to me if anything weird happens to my family because they're totally straight people except my Mom and me have a number of things happen.

But err they're very conservative - but my nephew said well something walked by the house last night and slapped it but it was about ten feet off the ground, slapped the side of the house, and so my niece gets on and says 'Joey call Uncle - get in touch with Uncle Larry he can tell you what it was' (Warren laughing) - and I said well it was a Bigfoot. I think they moved, I'm not sure."

The subject abruptly changes and Warren's voice seems slightly different.
Obvious edit here as next section is unrelated to previous.

Warren: "I can do that. I can do it on Kennedy (laughs from Dunlop) well cuz when we were writing The Book - uhhhh I relaxed by looking into J.F.K. the assassination and I've been there to Dallas. I've met - oh I'll tell you in person you guys - uhhh Peter was actually with me when we met a certain individual it was quite amazing.

But I met Jim Garrison and all these people and uhh - you know - uhhh there's a number of things that I'm more interested in than Rendlesham it is like if you can imagine, Mal you are from the rock 'n' roll world I know you know in your life - is that (indecipherable mumble from Robinson) - I know that and the guy - uhh I always thought that (indistinct) was a rock 'n' roll dude you know (laughter from Robinson) and I was right but when they had a - oh you know - some guy had a hit back in - you know - Bobby Hebb with "Sunny" - you remember back in '66 - and so you have to play them - which is a great song but you have to play them the rest of your life and - you know - it's tiring even for me."

Warren appears to be comparing himself, above, to a rock singer who has to keep playing the same songs over and over throughout his life.

Warren continues: "And then you're fending off - you see I am a witness, so when Mal or Ron do their great work - and I have a great respect uh for what they do because they're the people that do experience things - I would recommend to seek out and help them evaluate it and get somewhere because they're respectful decent human beings and you know if there's another explanation then for things they're they're cool and polite about it. They don't they have their names for a reason and for so many years you guys you do."

Warren goes on: "And then there's others that desire it the fast way and the the ugly way and I think that's where I took up too much damned time earlier in the show and that's always been the nature of unfortunately being in the role I was in and then it becomes a pick your favourites."

The next section is quite interesting as Warren is known to become aggressive towards anyone who dares to question or challenge what he says!

Warren: "I mean I'm not the most easy-goin' guy when people - you know - twist things. Now you can disagree with me - that's cool - umm not believe it. I am very clear about that. I'm not in the belief business. I've never been.

Told my story, we got it out. I've produced as much evidence as I could. It's when it's twisted and played with and I think that anyone that's been through anything uhh - think of research that Ron, yourself has done uhhh - Mal you've done, and then (indistinct) you know what you've done, you know what you've written, and you know your findings and research and the effort you put in and what you've produced."

Warren still goes on: *"And then some bozo comes out of the woodwork and starts ummm twisting your own words misquoting intentionally and then (belch) writing spurious ugly things. I think we've all been through it to one level or another. I go through it on a nuclear level sometimes but you know I'm still here.

I - I go to bed every night saying 'God I wish that had happened to someone else' you know - when I was nineteen - and you know - that can be scary for people you know - this guy - if he's right then holy shit you know and how can he be right?"

Warren: "Well, I'm not sayin' I'm right. I - I don't know. But I know I have enough evidence and we're gonna show you some stuff that's never been seen in umm Glasgow and I can't wait to really."

Edit apparent here

Warren continues: "First of all see really good friends and to have my son present. Mal you've not met Denis who is a young man now and even my - you know - with all this stuff S.C. writes and all this - you know Mac's wife is going to be there - she's my biggest - listen she'll call me a knob-head at any opportunity and she'll be right, however, when she sees BS flying around she stands up and flies the flag and we've been split eleven years man and that says a lot - you know. And Peter's known me thirty something years and stuff and many other people."

Warren drones on: "And so uhhh when these things go on and it gets personal that's when these people are very desperate and so...."

Robinson cuts in: "I'd just like to say as well there, Larry, I mean that I've certainly had attacks by so-called several UFOlogists throughout the years as well, and it makes one wonder umm what is that all about.
Are they just trying to get a name off your back or - you know - my back, is that what it's all about?....

Warren cuts in: "That's it that's it!"

Robinson: "It's endemic, isn't it?"

Warren resumes: "It must be a really ugly 'uman trait - uhhh - because you know I've noticed on S.C. you know as an experiencer of anything paranormal whether you - if you have had something that you know you kinda know - but it's the people that have the full answers that I'm a little - very sceptical about cuz I certainly haven't."

Warren: "What we did in our book is we - I did - my part of it was put in, you know - I wrote it as I saw it in my mind.
I'm not a professional writer - clearly, when you read it - but those are my words and - uhhh tempered - a lot of the swears were removed by Peter. He tempered me a bit - and Peter's the politician you know, he's the guy that - you know - he's hard to get mad at.

I'm quite easy to get mad at because - you know - if you're gonna affront me listen I'll listen to anyone - I'd respect anyone come up and say 'you're full of crap' right? (laughs) and I'd say fine well I don't have time to change your mind and I'm not interested in doing that."

Warren still droning on: "It's this back door kinda thing and you know and I know Mal you've been through it's just in this field I don't understand that but I think the people that would never authentically do this sort of thing are people that have really been through things and when you have people like Miss Christie and others well clearly ummm you know it makes me wonder and you know I kinda had that answered for myself anyway that - so that when that needs to be - and one of millions probably that needs to be connected to something other than the situation in life they're in.
And I know - you - you - you can understand that they can be very damaging people and uhhhh....

Robinson cuts in, though it is hard to decipher what he says due to bad Skype connection:
"On the good side Larry (Warren: 'Yeah') - on the good side what errr Ron Halliday, Alyson Dunlop and myself have tried to do with the conference is try to show Joe Public that Hey! Stop! Have a look. Have a listen.
Have a look at some wonderful paranormal UFOlogical subjects - and try and sit and enjoy this. Really soak it up because - as you said earlier Larry - the world is a far far more stranger place...

Warren tries to butt in.

Robinson resumes: "- conference is gonna open up the eyes and ears of many many people in Glasgow next month and I'm so looking forward.."

Dunlop tries to cut in but the Skype connection appears to fail her.
Warren seems to have the best Skype connection.

Warren again: "Well I'm very honoured to..."

Dunlop tries to wade in but has no luck.

Warren: "...I'm honoured to be...Can I say I'm more interested in the other speakers than me to be honest with you. I can't wait to hear you guys really I can't - cause I'm into..."

Apparent poor Skype connection causes Dunlop and Warren to be indecipherable.
They now sound as if they are under water.

Speaking ceases due to completely non-functional Skype connection and some strange singing/music starts.

Music ends.

Dunlop: "That was 'Strange Phenomena' by Kate Bush.
This is ADX-Files and I'm Alyson Dunlop. I'm talking today to Larry Warren, Malcolm Robinson and Ron Halliday - and Peter Warren has - haha Peter Warren
(Warren laughs) - I'll scrub that bit."

How can it be scrubbed if this is intended to go out as a 'live' broadcast as stated on ADX-Files website?

Screenshot of quote from ADX-FILES site:

On 5th June 2016, the ADX-Files website had slightly different wording regarding its shows.
No more 'LIVE' it seems! And no more chat room where listeners can ask questions during the 'live' show.


Dunlop had announced, on 18th May 2016, at 19:50 BST, that she was just about to record the 'show'. We took a look at the ADX-Files website that night (18th May 2016) and the shows were supposedly 'live'. The four guests were all present for the recording so why did the show not go out 'live' as stated on their ADX-Files website at the time of this particular show?

Dunlop: (laughter from Warren) "Uh Peter Robbins - (laughing from Dunlop) Peter Robbins has had to leave to go on to another show, so welcome back everyone else."

Dunlop: "Now I don't want to leave out, we've also got - I don't want to leave out myself actually - but we're talking about Gordon Rutter's subject first; 'Mushrooms Myths and Magic'.

Now obviously there's a lot of myths surrounding mushrooms and fairy lore and things like that. Maybe you can tell me, eh Larry, is this sort of fairy subject and mythology is that something that is absent from American folk tales and mythology?"

Warren, on fairies: "The fairy uhh pheno - fairies you said? Well, I'm not certain. I think it's more - you know - there's more of a history here but I think - I find that fascinating that stuff. Kinda creepy isn't it! I've heard of things in like the twen - you know alleged pictures and stuff in the States in the late 1800s and the 20s - and all this, and I'm sure that these things have been reported there, and there is a history. I'm just not up on it so I am looking forward to this guy's talk too."

Dunlop: "I've listened to a talk on this. It was a university lecturer from Ireland. Now the Irish take on fairies is very very different from you know it's not like winged beings or tiny little winged beings or whatever that we imagine fairies to be. Sometimes they're quite tall, thin you know, and some are good and some are bad. It very much reminds me of the whole demon thing it really does. And it also reminds me of the alien subject too because within - obviously within fairy mythology - you've got abductions, you've got memory loss, time changes I think as well. All these kind of things. Ron you've done a bit of research on this subject haven't you?"

Halliday speaks on the fairy topic, bringing in the similarities between alien abduction stories and fairies abducting babies. He mentions a case in Fife involving a 10 year old girl who came upon some blue entities and was then beamed aboard a 'spaceship', put on a bed and examined.
Halliday's Skype connection made for some problems yet again.

Dunlop (addressing Halliday): "...and you said something very interesting at the Book Club which you came to last month about these blue beings, that blue was traditionally the colour of the supernatural in Scotland."

Halliday: "Absolutely. When you think of green as the colour of fairies you know - leprachauns, Robin Hood - but in Scotland blue was the colour of the supernatural..."

Dunlop and Halliday continue to discuss the colour blue as it relates to fairy lore.

Dunlop: "Malcolm have you got any thoughts on this subject?"

Robinson: "Yes, this is a fascinating subject errr fairies, elementals - wee folk..... We have the trolls of Scandinavia - the lephrechauns of Ireland..."

Robinson goes on to describe a case regarding a photograph - taken by Bill Rooke - of a winged creature looking like a fairy and how he (Robinson) sent the image to various people for analysis, all coming back with different answers. Robinson showed the image at last year's SPI conference in Edinburgh apparently. Robinson states that he personally has not seen anything in the way of fairies.

Dunlop asks 'Mal' if he can direct listeners to where the photograph may be seen.
Robinson responds that the photo' is "in my Facebook page".
Then some rather unclear muffled comments follow due to a poor Skype connection, or poor sound equipment on Robinson's part.

Dunlop: "So the last subject that's being covered uhhh and this is my own subject, is demons. So I'm going to be talking about things like demonic possession, demonic attack, as well as a bit of history which I think is really important for putting this particular phenomenon into context."

Dunlop: "Malcolm you've investigated a case of an incubus attack?"

Robinson: "Yeah it was an incubus attack which happened to a lady near London and errr it was quite a traumatic case..."

Robinson's investigation included consulting psychics and apparently an exorcist was employed on the case. Activity died down eventually. Also Robinson mentions that a movie was made some years ago about this type of attack.

Dunlop asks Robinson if 'The Entity' was the movie that Robinson was referencing. He agrees.

Dunlop: "And as everybody and their auntie probably knows by know about my incubus attack..."
(they do?)

Dunlop goes on about her 'attack' and then she brings in the UFO angle saying that a UFO had been seen above her flat at 'around about the same time'.

Warren: "Wow!"

Dunlop goes on to say how she would never have associated the two things 'never in a million years'.

Dunlop: "Does anyone else know of any cases or encounters of a demonic nature?
Larry have you - do you know of any cases?

Warren: "Well, I met a few - demonic (Robinson laughing and Dunlop really laughing) cases.
One S.C.
... (garbled voices in background) Oh you mean a - right!"

Dunlop: "Of the paranormal kind, hahahaha."

Warren: "Right well these were of the abnormal kind so (Dunlop cackling) no, but I had a - a -
Medically proven by the way.

I've - was on a - I lived at - this is true if a-a-anything's weird here I worked with a guy in the 80s named Al Al - I'll call him - in Connecticut. And he - one day - he told me - and this turned out to be a real famous kinda thing that - have you ever heard of Ed and Lorraine Warren?"

Muffled response from Dunlop.

Warren: "They're no relation to me but I met them once and (indistinct) what the hell I was talking about I said I went through the - UFOs was not their bag - but (garbled voices in background) they did that and they did a lot of stuff in Connecticut and Long Island and all that (dishes being moved around in background?) and her hair really was like that beehive thing but the uhhh - I think she's dead maybe - But the uhh this Al guy said you know I - our family had a bad thing happen uhh my sister play - this was in the 70s - was messing with a Ouija board - one of those old tales right?"

Warren drones on: "And this thing - you know - said and she - 'well I'm gonna come see yer then '. And she was making friends and she says 'where are you?' and it said on the board 'I'm on the bottom of your street' and the next it said 'I'm at your house' and it bangs on the house and all this.

And then the house really - it got the Catholic church involved in this and I went to that house once and it was a ranch-style house - one level kinda thing - we call them ranch houses - and uhh there was[sic] crosses all over and what I found out is Channel 3 which is a NBC affiliate it's in West Hartford, Connecticut - I think it's 3, it's been years since I lived in Connecticut - they uhhh sent in a film crew and they set it up overnight.

This film's never been seen but I'll tell you how I had it confirmed for me is that they set it up and this whole - this thing - this giant thing with a black robe was seen. It was a demonic deal goin' on there man, and it disrupted their whole lives and this camera set up at night picked it up and ummmm they never put it on the news. They they thought it would be too controversial - their - like their reputation as the network affiliate was the problem and ummm."

Warren's monologue continues: "Well I met a guy yeah - that worked - was an anchor man for that show - he said 'let me look into it' and he came back and said 'absolutely, they have footage of that they've never put out' and he said it is there and he said 'I didn't even get to see it' but he said 'there is footage of that' from this guy - I know his last name."

Warren adds: "But that happened and uhhh so I wouldn't want to get near demonic things.
I've met enough demonic 'umans but I I don't doubt there were
(laughter in background) really ugly entities running around here you know.
The Lizard Man and all this stuff that people get into I don't know you know - is it, you know I don't know.

Warren: "I've never seen one of them. I've seen enough but not that."

Dunlop then asks Halliday if he's come across any cases. Halliday launches into cases that he has encountered, especially a poltergeist case. Then goes on to talk about demonic possession.

Dunlop: "Yes, some have had quite tragic consequences. One of the things I'm going to talk about is (indistinct) and it's quite a tragic case - I've actually been kind of putting it off doing all the work on it because it's quite upsetting. You know I think there is an element of psychology involved but I honestly don't think that that's the entire story."

Halliday chimes in again but his Skype connection makes it hard to hear what he says.

Robinson: "I think I would agree with Ron on that one wholeheartedly and people, your listeners, certainly have to realise that ummm - paranormal is more than just sightings of ghosts."

Robinson's Skype connection continued to make his side of the discussion very muffled.
However, he did bring church exorcists into the mix.

Robinson: "And I think it's, it's very very brave of your good self Alyson to come forward on a stage and say to the audience, not only the things that's[sic] happened to you, but I believe you mentioned about a friend of yours, a colleague. It's brave because people do need to know. Whether they want to know or not they do have a right to know."

Dunlop: "I know at least (indistinct) four women who have encountered emmm maybe not quite what I've encountered but something similar."

The Skype connections of Halliday and Robinson make for poor sound quality and the conversation is completely omitted here.

Dunlop: "I think I think that's quite a spiritualist point of view because if you go into other faith systems then generally speaking usually you will find an element of of emm - you know - something."

Dunlop's voice fades and Halliday chimes in but his input is very muffled.

Dunlop: "Has anybody got any points or questions that they want to make?
About the conference or about anything else?

Robinson: "Well I'd just like to say that errr to those people listening to this show uh if you have na' already got your tickets please hurry up and do so. Believe you me this is going to be one of the biggest conferences in Great Britain for many a year.

We have wonderful speakers, wonderful subjects and you know - ermm - at the end of day - ermm - science is always learning (indistinct due to poor sound quality) and by having these conferences - ermm - we're trying to educate the people.

We're not asking people to believe every single word you hear on stage. We're asking them to digest that, go away, check the facts - because you know - just because something looks ridiculous doesn't mean that it is so."

Robinson: "People must realise that you've got to dig deep. You've got to look down. You've got to check left, right, up and down - and try and reach in your heart what you believe is true because even though I'm a spiritualist, I firmly believe in life after death, I firmly believe in extraterrestrial presence.
I am still out to find out what's going on and unmask - unmask the fraudulent people out there.

The next section of what Robinson said was hard to decipher due to muffled sound.

Dunlop: "It is important. Ermmm and you.. (indistinct)

We are also having the conference recorded in a number of ways as well?
It's being video-recorded isn't it? - and ummm
" -

Warren: "Right!"

Dunlop: "Yeah we've got Kev Baker and eh Johnny Whistles. They're going to be recording something for the Kev Baker Show.

We've got Ben Emlyn-Jones as well eh who'll be doing some interviews too.

And this is all happening at the Glasgow University Union which is a very - Glasgow University obviously is a very ancient establishment in the city.
Can't remember, which is it, the third oldest in the UK? Or something like that.

Muffled comment from Halliday.

Dunlop: "Something like that". (laughter)

Dunlop: "I should probably know because you know I graduated from it but anyway I should have done my research before I came on.

Well I have to say I'm getting really excited that this year's Scottish conference is just a few weeks away and I can't wait to hear everybody's talk. So tickets, of course, are available from me at; from Malcolm at - is that right?"

Robinson: "That's the very one Alyson, yes."

Dunlop: " - and from Ron Halliday at -"

Halliday: "Ron Halliday at (indistinct)".

Dunlop: "Brilliant. So, Larry, thank you very much. We wish..."

Warren: "Always entertaining.. (laughing and giggles from Dunlop)
That's all I'm in it for man and it's just showbiz man.

I can't wait to get up there and hang with everybody (laughing continues) you know and maybe a boxing match or two if the armies roll north.. ( Dunlop giggling).. and it's going to be worth every penny.

Get on out there whatever you think and bring good questions and let's have a good time. I can't wait.
See old friends, you know...

Dunlop continues to mumble in the background.

Dunlop: "It's going to be great. So until next time Earthlings, don't miss out on our exciting conference. Get your tickets now. Good bye guys! (Giggles)

OK. So playing out this week with Ron's choice which is 'Spirit in the Sky' the original version by Norman Greenbaum.

Music (several tracks) starts and ends at 01:58:12:088 (just under 12 minutes).


The following screenshot is of a rather threatening post made by Mr. Warren on Facebook. The name of the target is not apparent. However, the author of this threat is on the speakers' list for the upcoming conference in Glasgow.

The image was sent to us on Sunday, 22nd May 2016. The source of this screenshot - and the actual time of the threatening statement by Warren - is not known to us.

The following day, Monday, 23rd May 2016, Mr. Warren posted a public statement on Facebook, with full support voiced by Alyson Dunlop and Malcolm Robinson, who posted public comments below Warren's statement.


So was this really a promotional broadcast for the upcoming Scottish conference on 25th June 2016?

The broadcast was not a 'live' event, as was originally described on the ADX-Files website, but pre-recorded. Maybe the pre-recording was in anticipation of there being some rather unsavoury comments made by certain parties?

Maybe the broadcast was pre-recorded so that no 'awkward' questions could be asked by listeners calling in 'live' on-air?

Judging by Malcolm Robinson's comment about the 'tastier bits' ending up 'on the editing floor' - and that it was probably 'for the best', it is highly likely that the listeners have been spared even more unpleasant comments from certain participants.

It seemed to a number of us that the whole production was a rather unprofessional and orchestrated effort on the part of the conference organiser and ADX-Files show host, Alyson Dunlop, to allow Larry Warren, UFO community 'celebrity', a free rein to verbally abuse a number of individuals at will.

On Monday 6th June 2016, the ADX-Files show host and SPI Glasgow conference organiser Alyson Dunlop stated the following in an obscure but public post on Facebook at 10:33 BST:

"It's all become very silly, to be honest. What people don't know is that things had been said about/to Larry. Bad things. He was upset, it was the middle of the night, and there might have been more than coffee involved. We've all been there. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. What Larry said was on my group. It was not aimed at anyone, just an angry response to what was said to him. After speaking to him at 2am, he was less upset almost immediately. I deleted the comment, but someone took a screenshot and sent it on, without context. So, yes, it looks awful. And no one involved condones violence, as has been implied.

Screenshots of some banter and larking around were also taken, the meanings distorted to imply more than they meant. But it has been a lesson for us all, that even in jest things will be twisted and made out to be something they are not for the agenda of people who want to use something against you. I wholeheartedly apologise for anything that might have been said that caused upset to anyone. I hope that we can perhaps move forward and onto more important things. Everyone involved has my good wishes and I can only hope that we all try to have a little compassion and understanding for one another in the future."

So, all along, this was just 'banter and larking about' on the part of Larry Warren, Alyson Dunlop, Malcolm Robinson and a number of other individuals?

The now-deleted public thread that was on Alyson Dunlop's Facebook timeline:

Banter and Larking About

Regarding threats of violence, can all be excused because 'it was the middle of the night, and there might have been more than coffee involved'?

Is there a moral to this "story"?

Maybe more thought and care should be put into what people write and say in public, especially those people who consider themselves in positions of authority - and those, of course, who are a BRAND!

Yes, let us hope that everyone can 'move forward', but not forget the past.

And yes, 'a little compassion and understanding for one another' would indeed not go amiss.