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Battle of Los Angeles - Photo Analysis by Bruce Maccabee

UFO Coverup Live - 1988

Alleged ET Interview/Interrogation at S-4

NASA and the MOON

Nick Cook's Hunt for Zero Point

Behold A Pale Horse
William Cooper
(Complete book in PDF - 16.9 megs)

Please click on the above image for book details

Beyond Blue - Michael Schratt interview

"Unconventional Flying Objects"
Paul R. Hill

Water UFO - A Research Endeavor

The Canadian Connection

Operation White Crow

Canada's Flying Saucer

A Galactic Superwave Hazard Alert Update

Unconventional Flying Objects - Paul A.LaViolette, Ph.D.

Electrogravitics: An Energy-Efficient Means of Spacecraft Propulsion

Observations of apparent Exotic Propulsion technologies from Hectometer sized Deltoid Aerial Craft at low altitude - Edward Halerewicz, Jr

Crop Formation Hoaxing - Lindy Tucker

Structure of UFO Craft

UFO Characteristics - Dr. Ellen Crystall, Ph.D.

Hudson Valley Sightings - UFO EVIDENCE

Night Siege Two

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