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THE BOOMS OF WINTER 2013 and 2014


Hearing Loud Bangs in Southern Ontario?

The Booms and Bangs

On considering the geographical area of Southern Ontario in which all the booms and bangs were recently experienced, it would seem to make sense that these were related to the massive ice storm that hit Ontario and some U.S. states starting on 20th December 2013.

However, there are some events that, for now, defy explanation. One example is that of a person who heard the bang/boom, went to investigate both inside and outside the house, and observed an aircraft of some sort above their house. The aircraft was flying very low over the house at around 02:00h on 25th December 2013, displayed irregular lights (no red and green) and made absolutely no sound!

The jury is still out on this!

A number of people have submitted reports to us mentioning that they also saw unusual and sometimes very colourful lights in the sky on the nights when booms were heard. We would be interested to know if other people have seen similar over the past few nights.

30th December 2013: The temperatures in Southern Ontario have plunged drastically overnight and we have already received two reports of loud bangs occurring early this morning. We have had no further precipitation but any melted accumulation has now frozen over.
16:00h Just spoke with my contractor who works in the area north of Toronto and he has been hearing the massive bangs throughout these cold nights. It appears to be quite a widespread problem due to the vast accumulation of thick ice - in/on the ground and on structures - that has occurred over the past 10 days.

31st December 2013: Received report from Oshawa re bang above house early yesterday morning. Neighbours also heard the same sound.

It is curious that so many people are describing the sounds as coming from above their properties.

1st January 2014
Be prepared! Tonight we are promised some really cold temperatures. Already here in Newmarket at 21:42h we are registering 5F/-15C so there may be some more big bangs and booms overnight as the temperature plunges lower.

2nd January 2014
Temperatures are expected to go down to around -30C tonight with windchills giving some very unpleasant conditions.

3rd January 2014
In Newmarket we heard three loud thumps overnight and this morning.
The house dates to the 1830s and we did not even feel the earthquake of 23rd June 2010 as our neighbours in newer homes did.
Each thump was a dull thud and we determined that the sound was coming from the roof of the side porch, so below the bedrooms but above the ground. The ice is several inches thick in that spot and the loudest thump was at 00:26h with two lesser thumps at 06:20h and 07:35h.
The temperature here overnight, recorded in the sheltered porch, dipped to -11F or approximately -24C. That reading did not factor in the high windchill.

In Tottenham our friends heard a loud bang at 03:00h and apparently the whole house shook.

An additional entry may be found under Bolton (below.) The house wall has cracked after a loud boom at 03:00h today. This particular sound was quite different from that reported by the same individual who experienced a loud boom overhead and their house shaking at 02:00h on 25th December 2013.

22:05h on 3rd January 2014
OK all Ontarians! It's warming up. Currently it is 0F or -17C here in Newmarket. ALL is good. Teeshirts tomorrow!
With the warm up we should all be looking at less booms and bangs. But, that said, be prepared for some snowfall.

Please contact us if you see any unusual lights in the sky!

4th January 2014 Cold temperatures are returning to Southern Ontario next week so we can expect the strange booms and bangs to start again.

6th January 2014
Temperatures are falling rapidly in Southern Ontario. We expect to hear more booms and bangs overnight.

7th January 2014
Please check the listings below for additional reports

21st January 2014
Booms and loud noises have been heard again, here in Ontario and south of the border, even in Kentucky. Temperatures in Ontario last night, 20th January 2014, were in the -30s C.


There were loud bangs, booms and bright lights of many colours experienced in Southern Ontario during the nights of 23rd/24th/25th December 2013.

Unfortunately there are insufficient precise timings on a large number of these events. With more accurate data it might be possible to determine if some events were related to one another.
All times indicated are approximate.

2 loud bangs - 19:30h and 23:30h 24th December 2013

House shaking - 23:40h 24th December 2013

Loud bang/large bangs - 24th December 2013

Very bright white ball of light with "tail of sparks"
19:30h 24th December 2013

Boom - 21:00h 23rd December 2013
Sudden loud thud, house shook - 22:30h 23rd December 2013
Loud boom/loud bang/house shaking - 23:00h 24th December 2013
House shook, floor moved - 22:30h 24th December 2013
Loud boom - 05:00h 25th December 2013

Boom heard twice during night of 24th/25th December

Loud bang on evening of 24th December 2013
Loud noise overhead/house shaking - 02:00h 25th December 2013
Booms at 01:30h and 03:30h 25th December 2013
Loud boom, house shifted causing crack in wall - 03:00h 3rd January 2014

Loud bang -  23:20h 24th December 2013
Loud boom - 23:30h 24th December 2013
Loud boom - 04:00h 25th December 2013
Loud bang -  01:50h 30th December 2013
4 further loud bangs on same property as above:
05:50h, 06:10h, 06:30h, 06:32h 30th December 2013
2 loud booms above house, walls rattled
05:30h and 05:45h 30th December 2013

Bang -  21:20h 24th December 2013
Boom - 21:30h 24th December 2013
Boom - 22:00h 24th December 2013
Boom - 22:30h 24th December 2013
Boom - 23:00h 24th December 2013
Boom - 23:30h 24th December 2013
Boom - 00:00h 25th December 2013
Boom - 02:00h 25th December 2013
Boom - 04:00h 25th December 2013

Boom - 05:30h 25th December 2013 and throughout morning

Loud boom/house shaking - 03:00h 25th December 2013

Loud thump - 18:45h 24th December 2013
Big bangs - 19:45h 24th December 2013
and 00:00h 25th December 2013
Strange noises - 23:00h 24th December 2013
Noise like low, very loud airliner over house - 19:45h 24th December 2013
Loud boom - no details

Bright bluish green light est 200' in diameter.
Seen over houses.
Lasted for between 3-5 seconds and disaappeared.
00:00h 22nd December 2013 - (reported to MUFON)

Caledon Village
House shaking - 03:30h 25th December 2013

Loud bang - 06:00h 25th December 2013

2 booms approx 23:00h 24th December 2013

Sounded like branches coming down - 01:00h 25th December 2013

Loud boom - 05:00h 25th December 2013

Whole house rattled (no details)

Loud booms - 23:00h 24th December 2013

Loud crash - 01:30h 25th December 2013

Loud boom - 20:00h 24th December 2013

Creaks and booms - night of 24/25th December 2013
Loud bang - 01:00h 25th December 2013

Loud Booms in Etobicoke, ON
I am reporting hearing these same booms on the following additional nights in Etobicoke at the same times.
Monday Jan 6 at 1:00 am and 3:00 am
Tuesday Jan 7 at 1:00 am and 3:00 am

In addition to the loud booms, smaller warning like booms were heard first then the louder booms/bangs occurred. They sound like loud thumps. I can't imagine where or how these noises are being caused. It almost sounds like someone or something is deliberately putting a large heavy object down into or onto the ground and why only in the early morning when most of the public is asleep? The noise does not seem to be coming from anyone's home but it is nearby our townhouse complex off Eglinton and Scarlett Rd. in Etobicoke, Ontario. Thank you for recording these occurrences.

Flash of red and white light covering entire sky followed by single
white flash 10 seconds later - 23rd December 2013
Boom - 00:00h 25th December 2013
Loud bang - 00:00h 25th December 2013

Loud bang apparently from roof - 23:15h 24th December 2013

2-storey house shook - 01:30h 25th December 2013
2 loud bangs 10-15 minutes apart - 02:50h 25th December 2013
Loud boom, house shook at 02:05h and lesser boom at 03:03h 3rd January 2014

Halton Hills
No details

Loud bang and rumbling noises - 7th January 2014

Hwy #7
Driving west (exact location unknown) - 23:00h 25th December 2013
Blue, green, orange and purple flashes of light

Boom heard and felt - 24th December 2013

Loud booms felt throughout house - 06:00h and 07:00h 2nd January 2014

Loud boom followed by lesser boom - 23:00h 24th December 2013
Loud thud - 23:30h 24th December 2013
Loud crash - 04:00h 25th December 2013
2 loud bangs on roof between 02:00h and 04:00h 25th December 2013
Several reports of booms heard at 05:00h 25th December 2013

Nr. Kingston
Boom - 00:00h 25th December 2013.
Straight pressure crack found in yard ice on the following morning.

Large boom 01:00h 25th December 2013

Little Britain
Loud noise/explosion(?) house shook - 24th December 2013

Loud bang (no details)

Loud bang above house - 22:15h 24th December 2013
Loud bang (no details)
Booms heard 01:00h 25th December 2013 and throughout
night of 25th December.
Floor shook between 04:00h and 05:00h.
Loud thumps on roof - early hours of 25th December 2013

Loud boom/noise (no details)

Booms heard - 00:00h 25th December 2013

Mount Albert
3 strong booms/house shaking
22:30h 23rd December 2013
23:30h 24th December 2013
02:00h 25th December 2013

3 booms 05:30h - 06:00h 24th December 2013

Napanee to Kingston
Booms - 22:30h 24th December 2013 - 02:30h 25th December 2013

Strange sound under the earth - 23rd December 2013
Large bang/s/loud boom/mysterious noise - 23:00h 24th December 2013
3 dull thuds at 00:26h, 06:20h and 07:35h 3rd January 2014 Oakville
Orange lights seen in Oakville sky - 25th December 2013

Ogdensburg, N.Y.
Boom - 15:00h 24th December 2013
Boom - 17:30h and 21:00h 24th December,
Boom - 05:30h 25th December 2013 - shook residents out of bed

Big bang, house shook - 00:10h 25th December 2013
Bright light above Orangeville
Loud bang above roof of church - 00:45h 25th December 2013

Loud sound/loud bangs 24th and 25th December 2013
Loud boom on Christmas Eve
Big bang, "blasting sound" over house, also heard by neighbours at same time between 05:15h and 05:50h 30th December 2013

Lights seen in sky - 25th December 2013

Boom - 05:00h 25th December 2013
Loud bang (no details)

Richmond Hill
Bright light rapidly falling - 01:10h 25th December 2013
Mysterious bang - 24th December 2013

Richmond Hill North
3 booms - 23:30h 24th December 2013

Boom - 01:00h 25th (?) December 2013

Loud bang (no details)

Loud bang/boom- prior to 22:00h 24th December

Loud bang (no details)

Booms - night of 24th December 2013

Big boom (no details)

Loud boom - 21:30h 24th December 2013
Loud bang - 03:00h 3rd January 2014

Light in the sky (no details)

Upstate New York
Boom heard in Upstate NY near Kingston, Ontario.

Loud boom/house shaking
Boom - 23:00h 24th December 2013

Loud explosion sound - 02:00h 25th December 2013

Boom (no details)

Very loud noise - 23:30h 24th December 2013
Loud noises (no details)

Big loud noise (no details)
Big bang (no details)

Very loud boom heard and felt - 02:00h 25th December 2013

This list will be added to as necessary.