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Cattle Mutilations, A By-Product of Radiation Testing?
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Cattle Mutilations

A By-Product of Radiation Testing?

Copyright © 2011 Joe McKenzie

Strange cattle mutilations are a phenomenon that has been plaguing cattle ranchers in the United States ever since the late 1960s. The true causes are a topic of debate to this day. The FBI concluded a report in 1979 stating that these strange animal deaths were attributable to mundane events such as predators and humans conducting cult activities. However, the report has never been accepted by the ranchers most affected by this enigma. Strange cattle deaths have not ceased and have actually picked up in frequency over the years. The signature descriptions of these deaths still persist: exsanguination, no bodily fluid traces around the animal corpse; internal organs taken with surgical precision, etc.

This article assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of the phenomenon. For those wishing to receive a primer on this phenomenon, they are invited to peruse a previous article on the subject that is posted on the following web page:

Cattle Mutilations

The possible causes for these strange events are legion, with the seemingly most bizarre explanations being the only ones that take into account all of the strange symptoms of each single event. However, there exists another possible explanation recently making the rounds that may shed some light on why these animal deaths are taking place. The purpose of this article is to expound on this theory.

Specifically, some in the UFO field of study have hypothesized that these strange mutilations are an ongoing program of radiation and/or infectious disease tracking. Though this theory seems a little far-fetched at face value, there exists plenty of circumstantial and tertiary support to seriously consider this explanation. Let's first consider the possibility of radiation tracking.

Radiation Tracking

Between 1957 and 1968, the US conducted a host of underground nuclear detonations. The sites included the states of Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico. The purpose for these tests ran the gamut from providing information for hardening silos and measuring the effects on layers of rock to producing gases for use in providing an energy resource. However, these tests produced effects that were not totally anticipated prior to their detonations. Some of the tests caused minor fault tremors and on at least one occasion, the energy produced by one series of tremors immediately following a test exceeded the energy of the detonation. But more importantly, large doses of radiation were released into the immediate environment. The following graphic depicts the radiation effects that were measured from the Nevada Test Site nuclear detonations. It does not include the effects of the detonations that occurred underground in Colorado and New Mexico:

Diagram 1

U.S. Fallout Exposure

Though a great majority of the underground nuclear tests were conducted in Nevada, other tests within the contiguous United States were conducted in other locations. Diagram 2 provides a graphic of the other locations that were the sites containing additional detonations.

Diagram 2

One has to wonder what additional radioactive effects would have been realized from the addition of these other detonations. Having gained a basic knowledge of the scope of underground nuclear testing in the United States, the logical question follows: What effects might these tests have on the immediate environment?

One consideration has to be the possible effects that underground radiation would have on our underground water reserves. The Ogallala Aquifer is a vast underground deposit of fossil water that spans the central region of the United States. It has provided drinking water and water for crops for the last 200 years. Any appreciable radioactive poisoning would have severely deleterious effects upon the entire food chain in the area - not to mention the effects upon anything grown in the area and transported to other areas of the country.

A quick glance at the location of the aquifer immediately gives one pause when comparing its location to the underground test sites as well as the radioactive effects measured from the Nevada Test Site detonations. It is important to note that the aquifer is co-located underneath several major river systems that contain vast watersheds that extend well beyond the borders of the aquifer. It is also important to consider that the flow of these river systems would be able to “transport” potentially irradiated water into several states that do not benefit directly from the aquifer. The location of the aquifer is ideally suited to provide water for the myriad farms and ranches that provide the bulk of food for the United States (and the world). One can only guess at the effects that radioactive water could have on the entirety of the United States.

Diagram 3

Ogallala Aquifer

If one were to combine these three maps into one, it is easy to see some correlation in the areas designated. However, this article focuses on cattle mutilations. It is too hard to produce an accurate map that itemizes all of the locations that have seen cattle mutilations in the United States. Indeed, strange animal deaths as well as cattle mutilations have been reported not just in most every state, but worldwide. If one were to perform an intensive search of the states shown on the previous three maps as to the locations of cattle mutilations, it becomes immediately clear that these areas are densely packed with cattle mutilation events! The southwest portion of the United States is particularly rife with strange cattle deaths. However, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho are also rich in this phenomenon. In fact, the occurrence of cattle mutilations in the United States is most specifically located and overwhelmingly dense in the states depicted on the previous three diagrams.

If we accept the possibility that contamination from nuclear detonations have affected our environment – and, more specifically, our cattle herds, what action might one take to trace and measure the effects of this possibility? The released radiation from underground tests is mainly absorbed by the soil with only a small fragment released into the atmosphere. After a while, the toxic radioactive nuclides undergo a process of bio-accumulation. These substances eventually make their way into the crops that obtain nourishment from the irradiated soil. These radioactive elements include caesium-137, strontium-90, Iodine-131, and tritium. All of these elements are radioactive and highly toxic in repeated doses. The best way to measure for these elements is by testing milk from cows that may have been affected by the crops that have absorbed these elements. The testing of cow milk provides a highly efficient and sensitive indicator for fallout.

As for the testing of the presence of other gamma emitters, the soft tissues of animals are a source of analysis for these products. Additionally, the bones and the liver of these same animals could be analyzed for the presence of strontium and plutonium. The blood, urine, and soft tissues of these animals provide an accurate medium for the testing of the presence of tritium. When one takes into account the missing parts prevalent in the bulk of cattle mutilations, then it is easy to take a mental leap of logic and connect the dots as to the correlation between the testing parameters for nuclear contamination and cattle mutilations.

If a researcher bothers to track the dates of cattle mutilations and compare them to the nuclear testing dates performed by the US government, it becomes immediately obvious that there exists a correlation. Surprisingly, the increase in cattle mutilations in the late 60s and early 70s seems to follow an increase in the underground nuclear testing events.

Tracking for Infectious Diseases

Another possibility seems to go hand in hand with the radiation testing argument; indeed, the arguments for this explanation are very similar. Lately, the possibility that cattle mutilations are part of an ongoing program to test for infectious diseases has been gaining ground alongside the suspicion that radiation testing has been occurring. Some may even argue that both of these types of testing have been occurring simultaneously. Infectious diseases in animals provide a constant concern for governments with the Mad Cow Disease and Bird Flu epidemics providing just two examples. Again, the rationale for testing animals for infectious diseases lies behind its effects upon humans that use these animals for a food source.

There has been considerable research done to support this theory. Of particular note is the extensive and well-documented work compiled in the report forwarded by the National Institute for Discovery Science based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This report delineates the specific diseases present in our dairy and cattle herds as well as the effects that it could have on the population. The report further goes on to report how the same aspects common to animal mutilations serve to suggest that some type of covert governmental testing is ongoing.

The greatest threat to the food supply and the human population that depends on its source for nourishment may lie in the formation of prions. A prion is an abnormally-shaped protein strand that plays havoc with the internal organs of the infected host. These prions may form as a result of of an animal being fed food tainted with a specific disease, or by feeding the animal the reconstituted remains of the same species. The broad category that describes these diseases is Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE), and this category includes Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie, and Kuru. All of these diseases form as a result of the formation of prions.

The practice of feeding reconstituted animal parts to animals is not new. Approximately 100,000 cattle die of unknown causes each year, and the carcasses of these animals is often used to produce a protein-rich feed to give to other animals that are used as a food supply to humans. It is estimated that approximately 10% of these animals may have died as a result of TSE and feeding this tainted food to other animals may have greatly accelerated the spread of the disease.

The ban on meat from Europe because of the specific TSE disease called Mad Cow was put in place because of the deleterious effects that this meat could have on humans. There is also a high degree of support that TSE-tainted meat could be responsible for Alzheimer’s Disease. The reported cases of this disease have shown a marked increase since 1975 and it continues to rise. Since the rise of Alzheimer’s is a relatively new development, some theorize that it could be the result of the ingestion of tainted meat.

Though there currently exists no definitive proof that our food supply is contaminated with TSE, there have been a lot of recent TSE-related outbreaks in the previous years among animals in the United States. Specifically, the elk and deer populations of North America have suffered various TSE plagues and there was a well-documented case of Mink deaths as a result of being fed TSE-contaminated milk.

Testing for the presence of prions in infected animals is extremely specific and requires laboratory instruments. Specifically, four organs are used in a necropsy to test for the existence of TSE prions. These organs are the rectum, reproductive organs, tongue, and eye. Using the data provided by the National Institute for Discovery Science, one can see with mild alarm these are the organs most commonly taken from a mutilated animal! It is important to note that these results were taken from a questionnaire given to approximately 4000 veterinarian bovine practitioners who have had experience dealing with animal mutilations.

Common Concerns

Is there proof that the two types of tracking are related? Specifically, will a long-term exposure to small amounts of radioactive material cause or increase the likelihood of the formation of prions within the bodies of the animals that we use for food? There is currently no proof of a cause and effect relationship between the formation of prions and the exposure to radioactive substances. However, it is known that prions are extremely resistant to the effects of radiation. If such a relationship does exist, it may be discovered in the near future (if it hasn't been done already). Such a discovery could be of tremendous significance to this theory and could even possibly lead to a forced disclosure on the phenomena of animal mutilations.

The arguments and facts presented above only tend to produce more questions. First of all, if we accept the possibility of radiation and/or infectious disease testing as the cause of cattle mutilations, why is it being done covertly? Two reasons come to mind. The cost of compensation to the myriad farmers, ranchers and affected citizens is one that would boggle the mind. Can the government afford to compensate all those involved? Secondly, what kind of social unrest might occur if this type of covert program were to be disclosed? These explanations make absolute sense for providing a reason for the program to remain covert.

Another question revolves around the mysterious method of returning the animal corpse back to its place of origin. The animal is not kept (and later discarded,) nor is it taken to another area that does not belong to the original owner of the dead animal. This indicates that the mutilation occurred on site, or it was taken elsewhere to be mutilated and brought back. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support both cases. However, if an agency were testing for radiation, it only makes sense not to keep the animal, and it is logical not to discard it in another area that would tend to skew the accuracy of a test that may be location specific.

What can be gathered from the reports of strange lights (UFOs,) unmarked helicopters, and the presence of mysterious vehicles that often are reported in the vicinity of these events? Two possible explanations come to mind, both of which are slightly disturbing. The agencies conducting the tests may be monitoring the herds that they wish to target as well as the possible actions that may be taken to combat and react to the mutilations. The lights could be the lights on helicopters being used to ferry the animals to an undisclosed testing site. The other explanation is equally unconventional. The presence of strange phenomena prowling the skies and territory of the affected areas could be part of a vast program of disinformation targeted at the affected populace with the intent of steering them away from any action that may cause the truth of these strange activities to be revealed. Indeed, many ranchers and farmers have been puzzled by the apparent inaction by the US government. In some cases ranchers have complained that the government has actively worked against the affected cattle owners in their quest to obtain a viable explanation for their cattle deaths.

What is the real truth? At present, there exists only scant evidence to support this theory, while cattle mutilations continue to occur and even increase in number in some areas. Though this explanation does not take into account the mutilations that are occurring worldwide, it does offer a theory that can even be applied to those areas as well.

In conclusion, the real truth behind cattle mutilations may be more horrendous and terrifying than blaming alien entities from outside of our planet.

Previous article by this author:
Cattle Mutilations


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(Note: This presentation is highly dubious in nature and very suspect.It is included here merely for the purpose to support the opinion that the theories presented above are not new).

Animal Mutilation Cases UK - Map

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