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Xpose UFO Truth is a sub-section of Project Orbwatch

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The Enigma of the "Deer Event"

During the very early hours of 6th August 2010 a game camera located near Fort Worth, Texas, was recording still images of an anomaly that has yet to be explained. The following submission appeared on UFO Casebook on 26th August 2010:

Did Game Camera Snap Extraterrestrial Photos? (Video)

Much discussion followed and the consensus seemed to be that the camera's bank of LED had reflected on the cover of the camera to create this anomaly.

If the camera was mounted and static, non-panning, I was puzzled as to why, then, would the anomalous reflection of these lights move laterally and horizontally, very slowly, over the course of two hours.

I then cropped the images to the same co-ordinates in
each frame so as to compare the positioning of the anomaly:

(Please click on above thumbnail to view full-sized image)

Subsequently, on 30th August 2010, another submission
appeared on UFO Casebook with everything explained:

Sorry, It's Not a UFO - Game Camera Photos - Camera Problem

Some interesting analyses done on the UFO Casebook Forum

The jury is still out on this one, and I would invite any other opinions that could be added to our case here on Xpose UFO Truth.

10th September 2010


More anomalous lights showing up on deer cameras:

Louisiana - September 2010

Image One    Image Two    Image Three

Maryland - September 2010

Georgia - October 2010

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