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Xpose UFO Truth is a sub-section of Project Orbwatch

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Historical Reports

Compilation © Xpose UFO Truth


Headlines from Boston Post 24th December 1909


The underlined headings to each report used to be links to the accounts in the MUFON database - as requested by Clifford Clift, International Director of MUFON - but shortly after this compilation was completed, MUFON changed their database completely and all links became defunct!

This page is the starting point for our compendium of historical reports submitted by witnesses in the U.S.A. At present, the vast majority of reports referenced are from the excellent database on Mufon.

Permission was sought from Clifford Clift in 2010, then International Director of MUFON, who, together with the B.O.D. was very keen to have the reports put into a more readable and chronological form, interspersed with contemporary events. I spent some time discussing the plan via telephone conversations with Mr. Clift.

Non-Mufon sources are indicated. I also endeavoured to include milestone dates in aviation, space and world history so that reports can be viewed in the context of the particular period in history.

The timeline originally started at 1940 and ended at 1969 as it would seem that this period of history was when many "contacts" were made and the people contacted now want to "come out" and tell their stories. The timeline then extended into the 1970s as further interesting reports came to light. However, the story did not end there.

The first category of reports for 1940 - 1969 comprises accounts that indicated a military or law enforcement connection. These could be reports filed by military or law enforcement personnel, or reports in which such personnel or facilities were mentioned in any way in the text. It also includes a few cases that are of "high strangeness," but may not have the military/LE connection. Included too are cases that refer to some type of blue lights seen by the witnesses.

The second category of reports for 1940 - 1969 comprises reports that indicated entities - suggested, seen or encountered up close. This category also contains reports of cases that mention time loss.

Quite a number of reports fall into both categories.

Starting with 1970 all reports are being listed together, but I am marking them "C" (contact/entity,) "M" (military,) "BL" (blue lights,) "LE" (law enforcement) and "HS" (high strangeness.)

In the 1980s the sightings in the Hudson River Valley began to make headlines. Reports from the area are marked "HV" and reports that include triangular craft will be marked "T."

NOTE: Some minor edits have been made to facilitate easier reading of the reports. I have not altered the submitters' original wording, spelling or grammar.

1940 - 1969
Section One

1940 - 1969
Section Two

1970 - 1974

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