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On how IP addresses can be the downfall
of an impersonator and hoaxer

Part Two

Wednesday, 28-Oct-2020 12:00:51 EDT

Part Three - Conclusion
is linked from the bottom of this page



As mentioned in IMPERSONATION - Part One, over a period of several weeks in early 2013 we had received anonymous (or so the sender thought) messages via our website online contact form. These messages started arriving shortly after Xpose UFO Truth uncovered the The Case of the Alamo, Nevada, Sphere UFO hoax. Some of the characters that sent us emails and messages are mentioned in the first part of this study. (The image below was sent to us a couple of months back and is meant to depict some of these various "characters.")

Please note that, at the same time, we had been working on and exposing the Orange Sphere over the Wrekin hoax!

What the sender did not realise was that the IP addresses had all been recorded!

Mr. Phil Hoyle had also received similar types of messages via his own online contact forms. Those IP addresses were recorded.

In this second part of our presentation we continue to demonstrate how IP addresses can be the downfall of the would-be impersonator and hoaxer.


The images presented on this page are screenshots of documents taken over the period in question. Times shown in logs are E.S.T.

Update 8th June 2013

On the morning of the 7th June 2013, on checking our track logs for our website, a familiar static IP address was detected again showing the usual pathway through our site.
As mentioned in Part One, the static IP address on Talk Talk Wolverhampton that had been used to impersonate Linda Moulton-Howe had also shown up in our own site logs.

This screenshot shows static IP address visiting our Impersonation (part one) page on 7th June 2013. Please click on the image to view full size version.

We thought that, on seeing the evidence so clearly laid out yesterday, this would be the end of the visits from the individual using the "Hide My Ass" proxy method that appears not to work too well.

I was somewhat surprised that the following entry appeared today, 8th June 2013, in our logs. Please click on the image to view full size version.

It does seem to us, and others, that this individual who is prone to hoaxing and impersonation of a large number of people, does not appear to be too bothered regarding what has been outlined in several pages of our website. He states that our "obsessiveness," as he calls it, does not affect him but we then have to wonder why so many visits since 9th January 2013.

Update - 8th June 2013, 18:00h

Not surprisingly, the individual with the aforementioned static IP address paid us another visit this evening. The usual M.O. was followed using the Hide My Ass proxy, entering the site through our Index page.
These two screenshots show the visits to both Impersonation pages. Click on the images to view full size versions.

Checking through our track logs tonight we were amazed at the number of visits from that particular static IP address just to our Index page alone.
Click on the image below to view the full size version.

So, given all the above information, will the visitor return?

If so, will he use Hide My Ass/IP Address or try a new ruse for cloaking his IP address?

Update - 10th June 2013, 20:00h

We had a new visitor to the Impersonation pages tonight! However, the M.O. was very similar to that of the diligent visitor, using the "Hide My Ass" proxy, who has been checking through our website over the past several months. Here are screenshots of the visits to the two Impersonation pages. Click on the images to see full size versions.

So, is this a totally new visitor using Hide My Ass or could this be Perks using another mobile provider? The story continues in Part Three linked below: