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The UFO of 26th May 1987


Later on in March I was searching to find out more about the famous semi-circular pattern of lights that had been seen over the area of Newtown, Connecticut, on 26th May 1987. This was the event that had been witnessed by many people with motorists stopping on the side of Interstate 84 to watch the unfolding of this momentous event.

As the reader has no doubt already noticed, the name "Randy Etting" has come up quite a few times as the report has been quoted in many places. Additionally, of course, we must remember that the event of 3rd March 2009 over Torrington, Connecticut, had almost identical wording to the Etting event nearly 22 years earlier.

Instead of quoting yet again from another online website I went to the BOOK. Mr. Imbrogno had updated his excellent work "Night Siege, The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings" that he co-wrote with Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Mr. Bob Pratt. The updated version came out in 1998 and the following three pages are actually scanned from the book that I purchased. The photograph at the top of this page is also scanned from the same book.




As the above is literally “out of the horse’s mouth,” as it were, we now have some greater detail added to the scenario,

It would seem from these pages that Mr. Randy Etting (or David, his alias) was not actually the photographer of the famous semi-circular pattern of lights.

Apparently, according to the book, it was a police officer who took several photos but only one came out that was worth keeping. Unfortunately he was then transferred to northern Connecticut, as the book says. Even back in 1987 confusion abounded.

Please compare the above scanned pages with the other quoted versions of the sighting.

To the researchers here at XPOSE UFO TRUTH, there seem to be a great many inconsistencies and much confusion surrounding the sightings in Torrington on the 3rd March 2009 as they seem to be mixed up with the sightings of 26th May 1987 and 9th January 1986.

At this moment in time we are of the opinion that the 9th January 1986 event and the 26th May 1987 event are genuine. However, the two sightings in Torrington, Connecticut, on the night of the 3rd March 2009, leave us with considerable doubts.

There may well have been an event or events on that night of 3rd March 2009 in Torrington, Connecticut. Was the confusion that we have related herein possibly some form of diversionary tactic? Did something important happen over Torrington and was this a smokescreen put up to distract people from the real story?

We leave our readers to draw their own conclusions.

April 2009

Night Siege Two

Structure of UFO Craft