Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

11th September 1999

North Shore, Lake Ontario

The night was extremely active after a complete "no-show" on the night of the 10th September. The New Moon, which occurred on the 9th, usually means low activity from the orbs on the lake, and I rarely go to the shore at this time in the month However, I felt a very strong "pull" to put the camera equipment in the car and leave much earlier than is normal. I had only just finished setting the camera on the tripod when the first event took place. The activity kept up a fast pace during the entire time that I was at the shore in Oakville.

This set of images shows a subermersion/emergence event timed at 21.27 to 21.28 hrs. Part One shows the orb as it descends to the water's surface. It seemed to me that the orb did not do a complete submersion, but hovered briefly on or just over the water, and then rose up again, to continue on its way.

Part Two shows the orb as it starts to rise upwards again from the water's surface. The orb then moved off towards the west, and I captured further footage of it as it hovered prior to disappearing from view.