Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

ORBWATCH comprises a group of observers/documentation persons monitoring the anomalous phenomena in the area of the western end of Lake Ontario, Southern Ontario, Canada. We also have members in other countries monitoring similar phenomena. ORBWATCH also travels overseas to do fieldwork.

The anomalous phenomena comprise:

- Unexplained aerial activity in the form of "Nocturnal Lights" which have been seen moving over the water's surface, hovering and often submerging. At times these lights have also been seen moving under the water surface and re-emerging.

- Unexplained aerial activity in the form of "Diurnal Lights" which seemingly "appear from nowhere" and are just "there." They often remain in a certain spot, change shape, luminosity, height, width, and, at times, appear to have some form of solid object within the light itself.

- These objects are usually just above the surface of the water. However, sometimes these objects appear as much as fifty feet above the surface of the water.

- Unexplained non-aerial activity in the form of "lights" which "come and go" but which appear, to all intents and purposes, as shoreline lights.

From March 22nd 1997 until May 18th 1997, the logging and recording of these events was done by audio cassette commentaries, but after May 18th, videotaped recordings were made. Some video footage has been converted into clips to give some idea (albeit nothing like the original experiences) of what has been seen.


"ORB" noun. Sphere, globe. (Oxford Dictionary.)

On March 22nd 1997 I went to the north shore of Lake Ontario with two friends. We saw some strange golden lights over the water, at an elevation of 10 degrees or less. They were spherical in shape, and deep golden-to-amber in colour so we called them orbs. These in no way resemble the see-through "orbs" that many people capture on still cameras when using flash enabled.

Just prior to our sightings over Lake Ontario, there had been multiple sightings of anomalous lights over the city of Phoenix and the surrounding area of Arizona. These had also, at times, been referred to as "orbs" and could well have been a similar type of "event" to those over Lake Ontario.