Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

18th May 1997

South Shore, Lake Ontario

This was the first occasion upon which I made a video recording in 1997. I travelled round to the south shore on this occasion and took two family members with me. We spent most of the day down near Niagara and then went into Niagara-on-the-Lake for frozen yogurts and frothy cappucinos.

Finally, around 9pm, I had this very strong urge to get to the shore as soon as we were able.

Just as we arrived at the little park, an orb seemed to be descending to the water's surface and then submerged. I put up all the camera gear, and started videotaping. One by one these balls of light appeared to be lining up and going down towards the water's surface. One party member said that they were planes coming in at Pearson International Airport.

I managed to tape about 45 minutes of this activity before the rain set in for the night, and obscured all of the horizon. The camera used was my original Panasonic VHS format "Omnimovie" and no extra zoom was employed.

We then adjourned to a rather pleasant round building on Queen Street, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, to enjoy pizza and delicious desserts. Admission by same family member that he didn't really "know" what those things were out there tonight.

This set of images shows how the orbs were curving round and literally lining up to take their turn for submersion.

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