Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

21st October 2002

North Shore, Lake Ontario

I was on my way back to Niagara-on-the-Lake from Toronto and stopped off in Oakville as the weather was quite clear. This event commenced at 19.44.20 hrs.

The orb appeared east of the lighted area of St. Catharines, and was extremely bright to the naked eye. It seems to have been travelling east to west and the flare up occurred as it made an abrupt turn back towards the east. It dulled right down as it continued eastwards. At 19.47 hrs I switched the video over to "Night Shot" as this gave me more ability to keep track of the orb as it went further into the "dark area." However, using this low light facility then removes the colour from the footage.

19.49.57: the orb made another abrupt turn, flaring up as it did so, and started back towards the west. The orb maintained a high level of illumination as it continued west.

19.50.41: the orb's illumination changed to that of a strobing aircraft.

19.52.07: the orb resumed its brighter illumination as it continued west.

19.52.43: the light had increased considerably. The orb continued west and gradually descended towards the water. The level of illumination had increased considerably by this stage.

19.53.29: there was the first sign of the "beam" on the water.

19.53.46: the orb disappeared from view.

I then realised that there was going to be an emergence, seemingly of the same object.

19.54.32: a huge flare-up occurred as I was panning the camera across from the shoreline lights of St. Catharines.

19.54.32: the orb started to emerge, and then started travelling east.

The orb then seemed to slow down as it travelled east, and gradually rose further up from the water.

Then there was a clearly visible separation between the orb and its beam/reflection.

East movement almost ceased and there was an increase in illumination.

After this huge increase in illumination the orb proceeded to travel west.
The illumination lessened as it pulled up and away.

The orb continued west, the beam visible on the water.

19.56.00: the orb changed its appearance to that of a strobing aircraft as it continued west.

19.56.36: the orb disppeared from view.