Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

29th August 1999

North Shore, Lake Ontario

I set up in Oakville at Dingle Park. I had been waiting since late March to have the opportunity of videotaping an "emergence" by an orb. Finally the occasion arose. The "light pillar" was sitting above the water as we have seen so many times before. This made me think that there would be some interesting activity tonight.

Sure enough, a huge yellow light suddenly appeared on the horizon about half way across the lighted up area that we associate with St. Catharines. This first image shows the time and date of the event followed by some cropped and enlarged images from the videotape showing the orb as it progressed upwards from the water.

Another orb appeared at 21.06 hrs. At first it was a brilliant yellow ball of light, but the beam suddenly shone on the water's surface. So as not to obscure the lower part of the event, I switched off the date and time display on the videocamera.

Then, at 21.09 hrs, another yellow light - seemingly a triple - appeared.