Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

25th May 2013 - Over Lake Ontario

A report regarding bright orbs that had been seen over Lake Ontario from an aircraft on 25th May 2013.

This occurred on May 25, 2013, at approximately 11:30 eastern.

When I saw your site I got so excited I inadvertently said Western edge when it was actually the Eastern edge of the lake. Our flight was headed east, we took off from Pearson, we passed over Toronto perhaps 15-30 km's North of downtown. We continued travelling almost parallel to the edge of the lake at about 10 km's north of the shore (although the distance varied with the cut of the lake) and were likely getting close to our cruising altitude of 23000 feet when the sighting occured.

The moon was glowing bright on the North shore so I was watching out that way (I was looking south). I was remarking to myself about all the regular lights (probably homes/cottages) along the shoreline. When it appeared as though we were getting to the extreme Eastern side of the lake I looked out way across the lake (either a local southern or eastern shore or the real southern/eastern shore I couldn't tell) to where there were almost no home/cottage lights along the shoreline which is when I noticed the orange orbs at that location.

The colour intensity of the objects changed just a little bit from time to time as I watched them. Like I was saying the one on the right shot up maybe 500-1000 feet at a very quick speed. They were probably only a 100 feet off the ground to start with but they were very far away which made it hard to tell. That's when I said to myself wow that's a super helicopter.

When it next zipped to the right (west or southwest I suppose) I knew it was no helicopter. The speed and movement was similar to what you might see if you had a camcorder zoomed all the way out onto a distance object and then shook the camcorder from left to right. It didn't really create a streak though which was odd given how fast it moved. One other thing that was odd was that at one point when the object was moving back east along the same trajectory it came from, it almost looked as though the orange glow passed over something or switched sides of a larger object. Difficult to explain but the net effect was a jerk to the left, ie not continuous movement to the left.

The thing that strikes me as odd is that they appeared not to be heading anywhere. Especially the second orb which was pretty much stationary. They were extremely far away from me (perhaps up to 50 km's or more) so maybe they were drifting slow enough that I couldn't pick it up.

I went on google earth and could not come up with the location. There were a few park areas along the shore which are plausible since they likely would not have had many regular lights on the ground which was how I spotted the orbs. I looked at several of your videos and I did not see any in which the object exhibited the same movement that I saw. I think only one or so of the videos had the same intense orange colour that I was seeing. None of them showed the object move the way it did last night.

Watching your videos I almost got the impression the orbs in your videos are trying to mimic regular airplane movement, slow and steady so as not to really stand out. This was not the case of one of the orbs I saw, anyone around that area who saw it would know instantly that no plane or helicopter is capable of those movements.

As I said, I couldn't figure out which part of the lake this was occurring over. If I took the same flight path I would 100% be able to point directly to where this occurred as I remember the shape/cut of the lakeshore leading around to where the orbs were hovering.

I still have the impression these particular craft were being tested by humans. I agree the technology could be alien but it seemed very human like to pick a dark unpopulated area to play around as though no one would see you. The thing that doesn't make sense is that the g forces would have been incredible, probably too much for humans to bear unless of course the craft are capable of eliminating g forces some how.

Anyway, I barely slept and have been scowering the net for additional info. If I think of anything else I will let you know.

If you get any other reports over that area from last night please let me know. Thanks.

Thanks to the witness for this very detailed report.