Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada


Initial report submitted on 4th November 2011

My Husband and I have lived on the southern shores of Lake Ontario since 2/2010 in Irondeq, NY a suburb of Rochester, NY.

We have witnessed the orange orbs at least 7 times since then.

Our neighbors have called the police on these lights thinking maybe someone is in trouble, and they say it's the Canadian coast guard testing flares. Although these could look like some sort of flare I find it very hard to believe.

These lights have been so bright they actually distort my vision as I wear contact lenses, and the glare off of these lights makes me see a "halo" or have a "star" effect in my vision, as if a headlight was coming at me at night.

Last night, 11/3, these lights appeared around 8:30 - 9pm. These have been the brightest we have ever seen, and much closer. With our binoculars and night vision we have never seen a watercraft in the water when these appear, and never hear a sound from any aircraft. Just orange glowing lights that appear to "flicker" like a candle then they slowly fade away and reaapear.

We have seen smaller very dim balls of light around the larger lights floating, blinking or moving slowly around the larger orbs.

It always seems to be on a quiet night when no one else is around. I live near a beach tavern and on nice nights there could be hundreds of people out on the beach.

Last night the wind picked up suddenly and that is what made my husband look out the window. That is when he spotted the lights, closer, larger and much brighter than our usual sightings. I have tried to take pictures and video but the lights just show up as lines on my camera screen. Have you had any other sightings from this area?

Thanks to the witness for sending this interesting report.

On the same night there was a report submitted to MUFON. The witness was located on the north shore of the lake in Scarborough, Ontario

MUFON submission:

Case Number: 33150
Log Number: CA-11052011-0005
Submitted Date: 2011-11-05 09:20 GMT
Event Date: 2011-11-03 19:33 GMT
Status: Submitted
City: Scarborough
Region: Ontario
Country: CA
Longitude: -79.257609
Latitude: 43.772959
Shape: Sphere
Distance: Unknown

I was getting a book to read to my kid at night when I saw an extremely bright orange light in the sky over Lake Ontario. I called my husband over to see it and asked what he thought it was. I had decided it was a UFO, he thought it was a safety flare from a boat on the water. He went into our kids room, and while he was there a second orb appeared to the left and higher than the first. I called him back in to see. He agreed that it was strange.

Then the 2nd one disappeared and a third appeared to the right of the original orb. Most times. The original one was there, though it would fade away, almost fizzle out. Then it would reappear and disappear. The 2nd and 3rd would appear as well, but not as often as the first point. They would just sit and hover there, These bright almost sun like orange orbs.

At one point when the 2nd appeared, it appeared right beside the first, to where we though it was plane headlights, then it moved above the first and then merged with it. When the lights would appear and reappear it was almost like a flame burning and going out.

The maximum it stayed the in the sky without disappearing was 20mins. Thus was not a flare. It was not a plane. It barely moved. It was a bit of a distance from us over the water the water. Not far from the nuclear powerplant, but not that close either. My skeptic husband has even decided it's a UFO. The orange orbs looked exactly like the photos of orange UFO that I googled on the computer.

Finally around 9:45 the light fizzled out for good and didn't come back on.
Media: None

At 17.23h on Thursday, 10th November 2011, the Irondequoit, NY witness contacted me saying that the orbs were visible over the lake at that moment. The witness said that the orbs would "appear and reappear" and that the camera was ready on a tripod to attempt to capture some images.

At 18.17h I received further information from the witness.

"Also not only did my fairly new batteries die while I was trying to get pics/video but my camera said I ran out of storage! As of right now they are gone."

Later followed a more detailed account of the evening's events:

"At 4.40 pm I just got home and was starting dinner, I looked outside towards the lake (north) and saw what looked like someone holding a mirror at the horizon. The sky was a beautiful pink hue and it looked like someone was holding a long and narrow mirror facing the shore, because that pink light from the sky was reflecting back at me. I grabbed my binoculars to look more closely and it was gone."

After the mirror like light disappeared an orange orb appeared, but it was too bright out to capture with my camera. It would come into view and disappear. As it got darker the orb either turned into 2 or was reflecting brightly on the water. It looked like a torch, and it looked on fire and was a bright fiery orange-red. One would appear and hang out at the same spot, and another would appear to the left of it and travel to the other orb becoming one.

I took some pictures and video, and then my batteries died (weird to say the least as they were not that old.) I replaced the batteries and walked out to the beach and set up my tripod again. I got a pretty good video but then my camera said I ran out of space on my memory card, also strange since I only had a few things on the camera!

I gave up on my camera and just watched. These are things I have never seen before and my husband and I are pretty freaked out by what we saw. As commercial airplanes would make their loop over the lake to head towards the airport the orbs would quickly fade out.

This is something I never noticed before, and it would reappear at the exact same height once the plane was out of view. To say the least we were freaked! The one orb would just stay in one spot and then another appeared on the right and slowly travel along the horizon to the other orb. Then they would disappear into the horizon, or into the water, can't tell, and light up the whole area where it went down with an orange glow.

The craziest was 4 lights..2 and 2 one on top of the other (or maybe 2 lights with reflections making it appear to be 4?) (They) traveled from the east on the horizon to the exact location of where the other orb was (which at this point was gone) and just stayed there, same height in the sky same spot. We looked through our binoculars and were just staring. As I had my turn with the binoculars I noticed sparkly lightly blinking lights off to the left and above the orbs, they were barely noticable to the naked eye..If you were not looking for anything, you would miss them. Well these lights were tiny sparkly diamond like lights that blinked kind of like christmas lights that were set to twinkle and were running lights.

But every say...20th light would blink and in no order..I never saw a shape just lights flickering and blinking in different parts of the sky but in the same area, if that makes any sense. My husband saw it too.

We watched it for a few minutes when we heard another plane coming. As the plane got closer the orbs immediately faded and I swear I saw a blue flash in the water, below where I saw the blinking lights. After the plane left we saw the orb glow again (this time just one was there) and we just watched it. We heard a LOW flying plane coming and I just watched the orb, this time the plane (a very small plane, not an airliner) had a spotlight on the water. The orb faded, the plane went out in the lake a bit, turned around and came back towards my house. Just as the plane headed back the orb lit up again in the same reminded me of hide and seek! I was pretty freaked out and could not sleep very well after all of that, and after my email disappeared last night!"

The following images are cropped versions of the photos that the Irondequoit witness sent to me.

Video One     Video Two

UPDATE: 21st September 2012

From our Irondequoit "Eyes on the Lake"

Last night around 8.30 - 9.00 p.m. we spotted an orange orb in the usual spot. I texted my Toronto connection and she also witnessed the same light. I was shocked it was out as there was live music on the beach at the nearby Tavern and not one person even noticed this light. If I was in more of a talkative mood I might have asked people what they thought of the light, but it was late and I was tired and feeling antisocial! It hung out for a few minutes, would disappear and then reappear in the same spot minutes later. I just got home from a 10 day vacation and my Toronto friend said she also saw them while I was gone, I believe on Saturday night.

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UPDATE: 25th September 2012

From our Irondequoit "Eyes on the Lake"

I had a text from my friend in Toronto at 1:15 am Monday that the lights were out again. I asked her if she could try to take some pictures for us. She says that by the pictures the lights are much closer to me than her. I feel like they will be around this week, I will have my camera ready!

UPDATE: 19th October 2012

From our Irondequoit "Eyes on the Lake"

Some quick orb action last night starting at 7:45. My Toronto connection did not see it from her house, but we had a storm rolling in and it was foggy and already raining where she is. Same type of activity, appearing and disappearing. At one point a 2nd light suddenly appeared and then disappeared quickly looking like it went into the water because the sky lit up behind it. The white lights on the beach were solar lights from the next door neighbor.

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