Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

Pultneyville, New York State

Report submitted on 25th May 2010

"I see these orange balls of fire on the lake periodically. Most seem to be stationary on the horizon and alter slightly in intensity. These are not the usual superior mirages from Canada, which are also orange or yellow. The balls in question are closer, larger, and sometimes include a red light within the movement. One summer, we saw one light hovering like a helicopter would and then dart a short distance, too fast for a helicopter. Figured these were military excursions. Only once, did we hear fighter planes zooming around within the low cloud coverage at night. It sound like a war was occurring in the sky.

The last time I saw the large orange fire balls was about a month ago (twice in one week.) My neighbor could not get a grip on the vision either."

I responded to the witness asking from where they were viewing the balls of light and if there was any particular season or time at which they appeared. The witness responded:

"From my vantage point, the lights are to the west and beyond the reach of my camera. I have never seen the bar of light as shown on your site - usually only one large ball which appears to sit on the water. i.e. looks like somebody is enjoying a massive bonfire on the lake! Time frame? Spring to Fall. No pattern that I can tell but I do not spend time looking for them either.

Superior mirages appear at the line of sight boundary. I have seen cars headlights moving, lighthouse, and standard lighting from Canada but these balls are different, closer than 12 miles out, color intense, flicker and sometimes include a small red light. Whether they submerge or just dissipate, I do not know. I am always told its probably military."

Thanks to the witness for kindly providing this useful information.