Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

South Shore of Lake Ontario

I received this information in 2009 from a person who used to live on the south shore of Lake Ontario many years before I commenced observation and documentation of anomalous lights and objects in the area.

This map shows the area of sightings on Lake Ontario.

Report submitted to Project Orbwatch from former resident of Wilson, N.Y.

I lived in Wilson, NY, until 34 years ago. My home was on the lake and I often saw these lights at the end of the lake. I put my telescope on them and there were lights turning in one direction on the top and another colored light turning on the bottom.

I drove to the west end of the lake one night with my children until we came to a beach where around 50 people were gathered with telescopes watching these objects. We were about where the lake ends and turns towards Toronto. There were helicopters, aircraft, in the air also.

These objects (3) just sat there and it looked like steam came down from one of them.

I saw these lights from Wilson many, many times. People would call the radio program and talk about the lights over the lake often. I never talked about these lights, as you know what people say. . .I only saw these lights in the fall.

Also, my friend in Wilson was playing cards one Saturday night (she lived right on the lake) when they looked out the window and saw a "saucer" hovering right over the lake. All six of them saw this sight.

When my husband and I returned from his army service, my landlady told me she had been recovering from childbirth and was on a lounge out in her yard (also in Wilson) when she looked up and saw a cigar shaped object with three little saucers behind it. This was in the daylight. She ran in the house and got a camera and took a picture of these objects. They were over the houses on the other side of the creek. This would have been in the 50's. They were very respectable people - he was an engineer at Wurlitzer in N.T. She later found the photo and showed me. It was a black and white - was the film ll2? I can't remember.

Anyway, there were other times when we saw strange lights moving over the lake at a great rate of speed.

My father was an air force employee in Niagara Falls and he said it was probably aircraft from Bell. Next day, 40 people had called into the police in Niagara Falls saying they had seen fast-moving lights.

I moved from Wilson in 1975. My children and my friends children were with us when we went into Canada to see the lights. It's a fascinating subject, isn't it.

I can't remember how many years I saw those "lights". Several, anyway. It was always in the fall. My older son saw them, also. When I asked him to verify what we had seen, he replied, "I didn't see anything". He was 16 or 17.

I also tried to talk about it to my very good friend once (not the one who went into Canada with me) and she wouldn't even discuss it.

The radio show that use to take calls from people in the 70's was called "Speak Up" and it was broadcast out of Lockport, NY. Very often people would mention the lights. People are gun-shy about UFO's and things like that, as you are looked upon as looney-tunes.

I read a book once (probably in the late 60's) that said UFO's were seen over the west end of Lake Ontario very early on because the lake was deep and cold there and this water was used to cool their engines or something like that.

I really don't know much more than this, but I know I saw something very unusual that would sit for hours, never moving, over the very west end of Lake Ontario.

Thanks to the witness for this very interesting submission.