Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada



Over the years during which I had been documenting the anomalous activity over Lake Ontario I received a fair number of emails from visitors to the website. The emails often tell of the visitors' own experiences in great detail. These were a few of the earlier reports up to 2008. Thanks to the witnesses for submitting their accounts.

Report received 31st October 2002


First an update for last night. Our lone Orb that travelled northeast at 7:57 P.M., returned at 11:02 P.M., following the same track by which he left, only about 10 kilometres north, on a gradual descent pattern. Lost sight of him behind trees.

Tonight, October 31, 2002, between 7:12 and 8 P.M., the American Operations were busy from 2 locations near Cleveland. I counted about 63 orbs, some coming out of the water, and most becoming visible just below the stratus clouds into which they would ascend. Several times there were 4 in the sky at once. Had to give up because of high winds and coming rain showers.

Lake Erie Reporter

Report received 30th October 2002


Thought you might be interested about what has been going on in western Lake Erie.

I too have seen orbs on October 24, 2002. In fact I have been seeing them since early spring this year.

They appear from 4 or more locations between Erieau and Wheatley and beyond. Many appear in the air from tree-top level to 1 or 2 thousand feet in altitude.

Others seem to literally pop out of the ground, are brightly self-luminescent in a strong golden colour with flashes of brilliant ruby red and blue.

These objects are round or orb-shaped. They generally move vertically into clouds or drift off slowly toward the south or west toward Detroit. Some may hover for 5 minutes or so and then suddenly turn off like a light switch snapped off.

Just this evening, October 30, I saw 11 objects, at one time with 4 in the air at once, with the last one drifting northeastward over Rondeau Bay toward London.

There are other sources of the golden orbs. These appear from generally one location in the middle of Lake Erie toward Cleveland. I calculate these to come from a point about 30 miles off Erieau, due south. These orbs are emergences out of the water. They leave slowly, leaving their reflection and climbing vertically into the stratus cloud cover. I calculate their rate of ascent to be a minimum of 8000 feet a minute.

This evening I saw two such emergences at the same time the "Canadian Operations" was going on. A couple of weeks ago I saw 8 of these orbs come out of the water and hover in the vicinity before disappearing.

I must have seen close to 150 of the objects from the Canadian Operations since spring. My sightings are of objects considerably more distant than those which you see, except for the near pass tonight over Rondeau Bay at 7:57 P.M.

Until about 3 weeks ago, another set of orbs would drift in from the northeast, brightly lit, and moving slowly toward Rondeau Park, but not the Bay. I have seen at one time, three of these objects coming in for a rendezvous or landing.

Some of the Canadian Operations and Rondeau sightings I have seen with witnesses.

Appearances are between about 7:15 P.M. EST to around 9:30 P.M. or so.

Thank you for your web site. You are not alone in your sightings!

Lake Erie Reporter

Report received 4th October 2002

Hello. A friend of mine told me about your site, and suggested that some of the photos that I have been taking here in Spokane, Washington, U.S. look like some of your photos. I took a look at your site tonight, and my friend was right.

I'll attach a couple photos I took in about March of this year. Compare them with your October 5, 1999 photos and you'll see what I mean. I am continuing to see a wide variety of objects on nearly a nightly basis. Some of my photos can be seen at, and Brian Vike's HBCCUFO site. If you would like to compare information, let me know.

I compared the photos sent by this particular Orbwatch visitor, and there was astounding similarity. In his next email to me he says the following:

Please feel free to quote me in your visitor's feedback section. To answer your questions, (and I'll try to be brief, as I could go on and on :) there are no lakes in the immediate vicinity where the lights/craft concentrate their activity. Activity is focused on or near Tower Mountain, a rather large hill, upon which a number of radio and television towers, as well as microwave transmitters, are situated. There is also an old silver mine in the area, as well as rich deposits of the mineral mica. Mica is an excellent electrical insulator, and is used in the manufacture of electrical generators. I find that interesting because I often notice the bright balls of light flaring greatly in intensity when they stop or change direction. It gives the impression of tremendous energy (perhaps electrical?) being used by the craft.

From your observations, do you have any idea what these things are, or what their purpose is? It almost sounds like they have some kind of base under the lake?

The URLs to sites containing some of my photos are:

6 months of anomalous lights     Spokane UFO photos - Part Two

I have many more photos, and hours and hours of video tape. These sightings have been occurring since Feb 2, 2002, and the odd part is that only now is an investigator indicating an interest in looking into this.

Report received 24th August 2002

I wrote to you last year when I was watching specatular lights every night over western lake ontario. It was every night at 2130. I called the news and told everyone about it - it was so plain to see!

I was surprised to find your web site. It looks to me as if these lights are some craft entering the atmosphere. Thier initial brightness when first spotted make me think that this is the point when they first enter the atmosphere. One night, I spotted two of the them coming in together and thought it was amazing. I video taped it only to get a black screen - I guess I need special equipement. I contacted others with similiar experience and they suggested your web-site. You have my permission to publish this in your visitor section. I would be interested in what others know or seen this as well. Thanks

Report received 18th January 2002


It's taken me a while in deciding to write you, but I find no reason not to do so. I am a 43 year old man, and have never seen anything like this before! Here is what myself, and girlfriend, observed back in June of 2001.

We went to a local fish fry, which is on the shore of Lake Ontario, N.Y. It was around 9:00pm when we arrived. It's right on the lake, and I parked my van facing the lake looking north, towards Canada. We ate, and sat talking for hours, not really paying much attention to the time, or the lake in front of us.

I happened to look at the clock in my van, and it was a little after 1am. I told my girlfriend that it was late, and we should be going. At that point, I happened to looked out over the lake and saw many lights which at first I thought were fishing boats.

We really couldn't tell where the lake and sky separated. It was a dark night, and I don't remember seeing the stars, so it must have been overcast, and it was a warm night. I would say that the lights were at least 2-3 miles out, and seem to be stationary. I thought it was odd to see the boats out there at this time of night, and wondered what they were fishing for. It was late in June, and being a fisherman myself, I couldn't imagine what they were after.

We didn't count the number of lights, but agreed that there were at least 15. The windshield on my van is at least 4 feet wide and the lights were spread out, spilling over this 4 ft view. This is a little diagram, giving you some idea of their spacing. This is not an exact drawing of what we saw. ( The 0 represent the lights.)



The lights shone like fishing lanterns at a distance, but they were crisp, and direct. You could look at them without hurting your eyes, like car headlights, at a great distance. I noticed the light furthest west, start to move east at a high rate of speed, then stop at the first group of lights. By this time all the lights had changed to a fuzzier type light, not as direct. Now all the lights seem to have started to move. Some moved back and forth, others up and down, some moved quickly, others a bit slower, playing with each, almost. I remember telling my girlfriend that they can't be boats, moving the way they were. I said to her that maybe they were a bunch of people on jet-skis, but their speed, and movements just couldn't match what we were seeing.

As we watched them, one of them came up off the water, or at least where we thought the water was, and did like a loop to loop in the air, and then back down. We knew then, that there was no way these lights could be boats or jet-skis. We thought maybe they were planes, or helicopters. But, there was no sounds of either type aircraft. I can say, and my girlfriend would too, that we have never seen any aircraft maneuver the way the lights did!

My girlfriend was getting a bit nervous at this point, and suggested we go. We watched a little longer to see one light move away, back towards the West by itself, and then shoot up off into the air, towards the direction of Rochester or Buffalo. Another light, the one that was farthest east, slowly moved away from the group that it had been in, then shot up and headed north and east. The other lights continued to bounce and move around, like a bunch of kids playing tag. By this time my girlfriend was frightened, and wanted to leave, and I had become a bit apprehensive myself, so we left.

As we drove home, we talked about what we had seen. We both agreed that it was awesome, and had never seen anything like it before. We wondered if anyone had ever seen the lights before. We searched the web, and found your site. I visit it often to view your updates. Keep up the good work. I hope that this is of some help to you, in your study of the Orbs. My girlfriend, and myself, have our own ideas on what we saw. I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to see the lights - Orbs again, but I 'll be watching.

(Name not provided)

Report received 31st December 2001

Hi there folks.

I had a sighting with a friend of mine back around 1993 over Lake Ontario between Port Hope and Cobourg Ontario.

At around 11:00 pm we were driving westbound on Highway 2 going to Cobourg to rent a video when I saw a very large, orangey amber-coloured orb in the sky that was heading the same direction as us but travelling faster. At first I figured it was likely a helicopter or something so we didn't stop. About 25 minutes later we headed back towards Port Hope and I was looking out over the lake to try to see if the light was still there but I saw nothing.

Suddenly,it appeared in the sky over the water, so we stopped and exited the car as did several other drivers who saw it too. There was no sound from the object and it stayed perfectly still and glowed this bright sort of amber colour. After a few minutes it seemed to get smaller but then got bigger again. Then another one appeared right at the same height in the sky, not too far from the first one. They were both quite bright and pulsed the same eerie amber glow.

Then one of the orbs slowly moved away from the other across the lake towards Rochester. I could see a lighthouse out in the lake and I used it as a reference point. Suddenly the orb that had moved away disappeared and then reappeared back beside the first one! Needless to say, we were all a bit shocked when after a few minutes of watching these glowing balls of light, a third much brighter one appeared at exactly the same height in the sky as the other two!!!

At the exact moment that the third one appeared, the other two orbs grew brighter so they were all the same intensity. After several minutes, the third orb to appear vanished, followed by the second, and, finally the first orb also disappeared.

Upon arriving back to my friend's place I wrote down a detailed description of the incident and called the police to see if they knew what they were. The cops told me to call the coast guard the next morning for their answer as it occurred over water and not land.

The coast guard told me that the airbase in Trenton had been testing rescue flares and not to worry about it.

That was not a good enough answer for me because of the interaction between the orbs and the fact that they were always the same altitude even after quite a while in the sky. I have seen flares on several occasions in real life as well as on t.v. and always the flares would slowly drift towards the ground and burn out. That is not what happened in my sighting, so to this day I don't know what the heck they were!

Seeing all the pictures on your site really freaked me out because I had almost gotten over that sense of awe at what I had seen. But, upon seeing similar images, it brought it all back. I would love to here from any one who has any other similar experiences as mine.

Thanks for listening.

(Name withheld for privacy)

Some comments from a person who lives on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

Um I thought my experiences were one of a kind but not so. I found your link at NUFORC.

I have personally witnessed the orbs on two occasions from the north shore of Lake Ontario, Scarborough to be exact.

I think that I and three others witnessed the 4th September '97 events. We watched for fifteen minutes or so and we were really spooked and nobody believes us.

Thanks for answering my request.

I have lived in and around Toronto all my life (26 yrs) and I have witnessed all sorts of aircraft and marine craft. I can definitely distinguish between the two at night or in the day time.

I have been enjoying the beauty of the lake-front for a long time and did not see anything unusual until one hazy, humid summer night. Me and my girlfriend (of twelve years now) and two of my good friends were sitting on a park bench facing south. The park sits up on the Scarbourough Bluffs about 100 metres above lake level.

My attention was caught by a faint orange star. Well it looked like a star to me. The "star" seemed to be dancing in the sky. It did this for a while but I did not say anything until it started to disappear, then appear, great distances away, numerous times. I asked if anyone else saw it and they said that I was "NUTS." Anyway, I dismissed it as I thought I might be nuts, right.

That "sighting" happened, to the best of my recollection, in '94 or maybe '95.

Then in September, must have been '97, I was with a separate group of friends at a different park. There is a water works plant on the beach. There was not a cloud in the sky. The moon was 3/4 full and it was chilly but no wind on the north shore.

I was gathering firewood for the five of us and they started screaming at me to hurry back. I was about 200 metres from them so I ran. I got back to where everybody was standing.

This time lake level, that's when I saw it. It was about 5 times brighter and bigger than the biggest star in the sky. It was a brilliant, steady orange. Very ball-like, and it was dancing in the heavens, so to speak, with not a sound or a trail.

At one point it approached what, to me, was not a very large plane, and did circles around it. Also, it was submerging and re-emerging many times. I watched for about fifteen minutes, but got spooked and left. I have not really talked about it to anyone other than a select group of friends.

Sorry I just had to give you the gist. Next time you are in my neck of the woods for some orb watching or if you need another spotter please do not hesitate to call or email.

(Name withheld for privacy)