Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

21st May 1997

North Shore, Lake Ontario

This set of images shows the strange phenomenon that occurred on the evening of 21st May 1997. I noticed a bright light source out over the water, behind where the sailing boats were to-ing and fro-ing in their regatta. I could hear myself on the videotape suggesting that the redness of the light could be the sun setting on the two ends of a large lake ship.

The camera I used was the Panasonic VHS format video camera at x12 optical zoom with a x5.5 teleconverter attached giving magnification of x66. The shoreline visible behind the lights is that of Hamilton, Stoney Creek and on to Grimsby, about 19 miles distant from the camera.

I left the camera running for about half an hour, and only on reviewing the tape with a friend the following morning did the images appear not to be a lake ship. However, it was many years later that I actually heard the sound track more clearly using a good head set.

These two enhanced images below are of one frame from the original video.

We are still not sure, and maybe never will be sure, of what actually transpired that evening.