Research and Investigation into Anomalous Light Phenomena
on and over Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada

Sad news today, 7th August 2018.
T. Roy Dutton has passed away.

Whilst T. Roy Dutton was not directly involved in the operations of Orbwatch, we do utilize his ground breaking Sighting Prediction Charts.

Here we introduce T. Roy Dutton to those of you unfamiliar with his work.

Whilst the ultimate decision on the validity of Roy's work remains up to the individual to assess, we at Orbwatch have had considerable success in implementing the discoveries and charts produced by Roy. This has been tested in a number of countries including Canada and Australia.


Biographical Note

T. Roy Dutton was a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He spent all of his working life in the British aerospace industry working on many engineering projects commencing with rocketry and advanced space vehicle studies.

In 1967, sightings of strange aerial objects began to be reported by many credible witnesses in the Greater Manchester area as well as in other parts of the United Kingdom, and Roy decided to apply his expertise to try to analyze these reports, looking for any possible patterns or commonalities. The study became global and a life long quest.

Since retiring in 1991, Roy devoted much of his time to bringing together all the elements of his study and this has culminated in profound discoveries well beyond his expectations.

He gave numerous lectures on the subject and appeared on Television in both Britain and the United States. His work is also known in other countries including Germany and Japan.


Roy's years of research have produced a computer programme which can generate timing charts for any given location on the Earth's surface.

These charts utilise a double 24-hour time scale, and show the most likely times for UFO Close Encounters and Crop Circle formation.

There are two sets of lines on the graphs - one is wavy and the other is straight/sloping. The wavy lines relate (navigationally) to sunset and sunrise, respectively. The two sets of sloping lines are navigationally-linked to two sets of fixed points in the heavens.

In Roy's words:

"The times given by the lines appear to be the times of DELIVERY FROM SPACE - or, DEPARTURE from the SURFACE of the EARTH - of the exploration ("scout") craft. The timings model discovered by me indicates that those "scout" vehicles are deposited from space - and retrieved, later - by large spacecraft in short-term SUPER ORBITS. It would seem that the large space-cruisers TEMPORARILY circulate at altitudes of only a few hundred miles. This tactic would minimise the chances of detection and "lock-on" by our radars. So - my scenario assumes that the big ones remain close to the Earth just long enough to deliver and retrieve the small "scouts."

I have noticed that, during the period since the 1950's, prolonged Close Encounters often appear to have involved a delivery from an orbit which is, say, sun-linked (wavy timing line) coupled with a retrieval by an orbiter in a star-linked orbit (sloping timing line.) - or VICE VERSA. But, I've also noticed that prolonged CE events only rarely exceed ONE HOUR in duration. So, that's why the crossovers between sun and star orientated track timings are so significant.

If the same rules continue to be followed, the date periods on both sides of those cross-overs, wherein the gap between the lines is ONE HOUR or LESS, are indicators to prolonged CE activity. (i.e. abductions and crop-circle creation, etc.) At all other times indicated by the lines, the activity can be expected to be usually only short term, flyover or surveillance activity.

(It seems logical to me that, as our technology improved, the ET's found it necessary to introduce new evasive tactics.)


My current technique recognises any track having up to ONE DEGREE of longitude displacement at the same latitude as the target location. Sometimes, if the location has more than SEVEN such TRACKS, the number of tracks is limited to the seven NEAREST TRACKS."

T. Roy Dutton
December 2nd, 1995.


I gathered a large number sightings reports from various websites on the internet. I forwarded this information to Roy, and he processed this data, with the following resulting comments:


T.Roy Dutton. C.Eng.

"Internet information received from a UFO researcher from Southern Ontario, Canada, has been processed by computer.

Of the varied selection of UFO reports from many places in the world, FORTY SEVEN of the reports gave sufficient details to enable them to be processed - the purpose being to check the TIMINGS of the events against the predictions of my ASTRONAUTICAL THEORY FOR UFO CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.

The processed data were generally from within the period NOVEMBER 1996 to 9th FEBRUARY 1997, but there were also three cases from October and one from July 1996.

During November and December 1996, the reports (generally NOT of Close Encounters) came mainly from the U.S.A., Canada, France and Australia. The U.S.A. and Italy featured in January 1997. From 1st - 9th February 1997, TWELVE processed reports were generated from the U.S.A., France and Chile.

(As this analysis was being drawn to a close, a second batch of INTERNET reports was received from the same Canadian source. The reports covered the period 1st - 19th February 1997 and stemmed mainly from Australia. These will be the subject of another Summary when processing of them is complete.)

Some very interesting correlations were obtained from the processing of the first batch. It is hoped that, besides the general corroboration of the THEORY which was evident, some insight has also been gained into the operational methods being followed by the perpetrators of the activity.

The THEORY identifies fixed navigational markers on the Earth's equator, which may be regarded as being used and, perhaps, overflown, by the visiting spacecraft. The spacecraft's function is conceived to be the programmed delivery and retrieval of the exploration craft (UFO's) seen within the atmosphere.

There are apparently 101 key markers on the Equator which have been used by the visiting spacecraft for more than a century. These options are written into the programming.

It seems to be significant that this exercise has shown that only a small number (16) of those 101 markers have featured frequently during the processing of these worldwide events.

In other words, those track-options identified by my programming as corroborating the timing predictions for specified locations (viz. where the UFO events have occurred) have frequently been related to the same equatorial markers. This observation might be indicative of either, a desire by the perpetrators to minimise the number of markers used in the navigational programming for visits to the targeted locations or, alternatively, the choice of those markers has determined the locations visited during the past few months.

T. Roy Dutton, C.Eng.,
March 1997


I sent a number of my sightings reports to Roy. I included dates, times, duration of each sighting, compass bearings and location of research site. He processed the information and made the following observations:


"Several interesting observations have been made about the way that the E.T.s seem to operate during "wave" periods. For example, some of those key navigation points on the Equator which have been found to link the sightings in recent months, are in very interesting places - such as just east of the MOUTH of the AMAZON RIVER, the west and east coasts of AFRICA (with Lake Victoria and Mount Kenya being key locations between these) and the mountainous centre of Borneo.

All these represent excellent visual aiming points for craft approaching from space. It will be interesting to see if they are particularly favoured as the year progresses. I will also be trying to find out whether the E.T.s favour the sunlit side of the Earth to facilitate visual line-ups with these markers.

I have examined your map of Ontario and guessed where the UFOs you have seen might have been located. When I looked up my graph of horizon distances, I realised that your horizon from the shores of the lake would have been only about four miles away.

Anyway, the UFO location, I guessed, might be about x miles out from Burlington . I ran off the graphs for that location and found that the tracks that served it included some which were outside the catchment area.

T. Roy Dutton
26th March, 1997.

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