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UFO Crashes in the United States
Including one case from Canada

Copyright Joe McKenzie 2010

See also Crashes from Around the World

Many UFO enthusiasts have heard of the famous "Roswell UFO Incident" that has received much publicity and air time on radio and television. Some have even heard or read about the famous Kecksburg, Pennsylvania and Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada UFO crashes. However, most UFO researchers are painfully unaware of just how many UFO crashes have purportedly occurred in the Western Hemisphere (above the equator). This paper will highlight alleged reports of "the other" UFO crashes that have occurred in and around the United States. This report does not provide an all-inclusive list - there may be more cases of crashed UFOs that have failed to appear in this report. Also, some reports have deliberately been left off due to an appalling lack of evidence to support the claims. However, at least 20 of the "more sensational" cases will be highlighted.

Most of the reports given exist only in anecdotal form while others possess absolutely little to no evidence to support the claims of a crashed alien craft. It is interesting to note that though this report does not address all of the reported UFO crashes occurring across the world (which is in itself, another extensive list), it still provides an extensive list of possible UFO crashes that have been covered up by either the government, or some other shadowy agency. Finally, this report focuses only on cases where actual hardware and/or alien bodies were recovered, and not on the many cases where alien contact (including those regarding armed resistance and firefights between aliens and the military) were reported to have been made by individuals.

Aurora, Texas, 1897

On the 17th of April, 1897, residents of the tiny community of Aurora, Texas, watched as a strange, dirigible-shaped flying machine crashed into a windmill owned by Judge Proctor. The wreckage was thrown into a nearby well, but an alien being was recovered from the crash site and buried in a nearby cemetery. Several investigations have been made to either refute or support this story as well as the newspaper claims concerning this incident. To date, no evidence of wreckage or alien remains have been made to support this story. Many believe the story was invented to lure business and commerce back into the town of Aurora. Recently, a UFO Hunters television program hosted a special on the area. Some claims concerning the details of the story were verified, though any absolute evidence remained sketchy at best.

There exists a similar story that involved another dirigible-shaped UFO that flew across the US and was seen by thousands in 1909. The story made headlines in several top papers. The airship reportedly crashed west of Chicago, but no wreckage was ever found.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 1941

This little-known case is surprisingly well-supported by witness interviews conducted by UFO researcher, Leo Stringfield. A Ms. Charlette Mann received a deathbed confession concerning a UFO crash in this area from her Grandmother. She relates that her Grandfather, a local Reverend, was asked to perform last rites for a group of aliens (number not known) having the appearance of "Greys" (small, large heads, big eyes, small features). When her Grandfather approached the scene, it was already occupied by police, firemen, and medical personnel. A member of the congregation later gave the Reverend a photo of one dead alien being held up by two men. Though later sworn to secrecy by military personnel who confiscated all evidence, Mann's Grandfather was unable to keep the secret from his wife and his two sons, though little bits of information concerning the incident leaked out in the following years about this "family secret". It would not be known fully until Charlette's Grandmother would tell the full story on her deathbed in 1984.

Roswell, New Mexico, 1947

Perhaps accepted as the flagship story on all crashed UFO cases, a UFO reportedly suffered catastrophic damage from a storm while flying over Mr. Brazel's land in New Mexico. The next day, Mr. Brazel found a large wreckage field comprising a strange, lightweight metal that could not be cut or burnt. Additionally, small I-beams found in the wreckage contained strange hieroglyphics that could not be interpreted. Furthermore, downrange from Mr. Brazel's debris field, a crashed disk was sighted by several witnesses. Later on, this site was cordoned off by the military, and Mr Brazel was taken into custody by the military and ordered not to talk to anyone about the event. The Roswell paper published a dramatic story claiming that the military had retrieved an alien spacecraft.

Witnesses reportedly suggested the presence of 4 alien bodies around the crash site as well as a "living alien" being-all of whom were taken to a local mortuary from this crash site for investigation. Other witnesses would eventually come forth in the ensuing 40 years to confirm this story. Many believe that the crashed UFO as well as the bodies were taken away by the military for secret study. It has also been suggested that this incident was the motive force behind the formation of a secret government cabal charged with recovering, investigating and reverse-engineering downed alien craft and recovered alien beings.

There currently exists numerous books, reports, and other supporting evidence to support this incident. Lately, witnesses have "come out of the woodwork" after years of frightful silence (some on their deathbeds) to speak about their connections to this case. The government has since listed 4 unsatisfactory and separate explanations for this event.

Paradise Valley and Cave Creek, Arizona, 1948

Reports vary, but a UFO either crashed in the Dreamy Draw area or 10 miles away in the Cave Creek area. Witnesses on the scene recovered 2 alien bodies which they held until they were taken away by the military. Conspiracy theorists posit that the nearby Dreamy Draw dam was built to hide the crashed alien spacecraft from which the alien bodies were recovered.

Aztec, New Mexico, 1948

This story involves the actions of two men who claim to have seen a disk with the curious dimensions of 99.99 feet in diameter crash near a hillside near Aztec, New Mexico. Later claims involve up to 16 dead bodies being recovered by the military. Although this story was largely discounted as a very elaborate hoax, the story continues to be aired on late-night radio talk shows with a lot of people still believing in the veracity of the story.

Laredo, Texas, 1948

After tracking a fast-moving object on radar across the US, 2 fighter jets were sent to intercept. The jets located the object over the southwestern US and reported that it had slowed down and began to wobble. When the UFO disappeared from radar screens, a search was conducted and the crash site of a UFO was located about 30 miles south of Laredo, Texas. A recovery team was dispatched, photos were taken, and the wreckage as well as 1 alien body was taken away to an undisclosed location.

Death Valley California, 1949

The Bakersfield Californian newspaper recounted on page 13 that two prospectors, Buck Fitzgerald and Mace Garney, saw a UFO measuring approximately 24 feet in diameter speed by them at approximately 300 mph and crash in the desert. They then observed 2 little humanoid creatures extricate themselves from the wreckage and run across the desert. The hot temperature (138 F) prevented them from giving chase for very long. In any case, the men claim that they lost them after the creatures ran around a sand dune. The men described the creatures as "dwarf-like". No attempt to rebuke this story has been known to have been made. Additionally, there has been no indication that the wreckage or the creatures have ever been located or removed. Later attempts to visit the area have proven fruitless, as no evidence of a crash was ever observed.

Birmingham, Alabama, 1955?

Not much detail is forthcoming in this report of a UFO crash that supposedly took place in Alabama sometime in the mid-1950's. According to an unnamed helicopter pilot that supposedly delivered alien bodies from the crash site to Maxwell AFB, the area around the crash site was quarantined and closed to the public. No other information is forthcoming on this report, making it sketchy at best.

Various Other New Mexico UFO Crashes, 1950-1974

New Mexico appears to have attracted a host of other UFO crashes in addition to the ones formerly discussed. All of these cases have little to no supporting data other than anecdotal evidence.

a)  3 alien bodies were reportedly recovered from a crash near Albuquerque on September 10, 1950.
b)  Around Carlsbad, an alien craft in near-perfect condition was retrieved along with 4 dead alien bodies on July 7, 1957.
c)  2 alien corpses were supposedly delivered to Holloman AFB on June 12, 1962.
d)  An Air Force recovery team reportedly removed a large metallic alien craft (60-foot diameter) from a crash site near the town of Chili and delivered it to Kirtland AFB sometime around May of 1974.
e)  A crashed disk along with3 alien bodies were supposedly taken from a location close to Albuquerque in 1963 (A more detailed description of this encounter is listed later on in this report).

Ely, Nevada, 1952

This report is one that repeatedly shows up in various listings about UFO crashes, but has the least amount of evidence to back up the claim. However, enough anecdotal evidence remains to prevent it from disappearing entirely from UFO crash lore. Sometime in the summer of 1952, A Mr. Claude House, the Sheriff and his deputy, along with several other observers, watched as a bright object emitting a low hum lit up the area around the neighborhood. The next day, reports of a UFO crash began to make the rounds around the neighborhood, and a few of the witnesses went to an area around Kennecott, Nevada, to investigate reports of a possible UFO crash that happened the previous day. When they arrived, the area was cordoned off and they were told that a light plane had crashed in the area. No records of a crashed plane have ever been found to match up with the date and location around Ely and Kennecott, Nevada.

Another local resident, Mary Sorenson, related that a close friend working as a security guard at the time at a local copper mine, stated that he had witnessed a UFO crash in the same vicinity at the time of the UFO sighting by House but was sworn to secrecy by the government. The guard has since died and no other account concerning the incident was ever forthcoming from him.

Other sources list the exact date of the crash as August 14, 1952, as well as the claim that 16 alien bodies were recovered from the crash.

Southwest Arizona, 1953

Several accounts exist as to the possibility of a UFO crash in this region on April 18th, 1953. No bodies were allegedly recovered. However, there exists no supporting data to verify this story and its veracity is dubious at best.

Fort Polk, Louisiana, 1953

UFO Researcher Len Stringfield relates in his book, UFO Crash Retrievals: Amassing the Evidence, Status Report III, that a sergeant with the initials "HJ" recalled while on maneuvers that during dusk one summer, an egg-shaped craft crashed into the sandy soil close to where they were deployed. He further states that high-ranking officers and medics pulled 4 alien bodies from the wreckage-1 dead and the rest alive. However, sometime after being taken off, they all soon died in isolation.

Kingman, Arizona, 1953

On May20, 1953, an alleged UFO crash occurred south of Kingman, Arizona. Several anecdotal accounts supporting the existence of this case date back to as early as 1964, but the best information regarding this event was published by an April 1976 issue of UFO Magazine.

Arthur G. Stancil worked as a mechanical engineer for the military and in a signed affidavit, related an amazing story that was released by Ray Fowler of UFO Magazine. Stancil stated that he and 15 other subject-matter experts were taken by ground transport in blacked-out windows in a 4-hour drive to a location south of Kingman. When he arrived, he was asked to determine how fast a crashed disc-shaped object was traveling when it impacted into the ground. Stencil relates that during his investigation, he was able to see inside the vehicle's cockpit. He states that he saw chairs and a control panel of sorts. Most surprisingly, Stencil claims to have seen at least two alien bodies with overlarge heads, brown skin, and tight-fitting silver suits.

Other witnesses involved with this incident claim to have seen at least 3 alien bodies with brown skin from this crash delivered to Wright-Patterson AFB packed in dry ice. Other witnesses have since come forth to offer anecdotal support for this incident-some of them relating their stories only on their deathbed.

Western Utah, 1953

In an area approximately 170 miles south of Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah is a peculiar land form that appears to have been made by an extremely large object crashing to Earth at a shallow angle and at high speed. The land form is triangular in shape and shows what appears to be an extremely large mound of dirt that was bulldozed ahead of what may have been an object crashing into the desert and sliding forward. Researchers believe that a craft measuring a few hundred feet in diameter crashed into this site, clipping a nearby hill as it closed with the ground. Since the object was reportedly very large, it apparently defied efforts at recovery for the assets of the time period in question, and that the alien craft would rest buried beneath this strange earthen anomaly until 1958 (see Utah Desert, 1958). Reports have been made by researchers that alien beings not only survived the crash, but took refuge in the nearby area until they were supposedly taken by the military in a program that may have been linked to the Kingman episode above. The area is in a highly restricted area and no one is allowed access to investigate the area.

Laredo, Texas, 1953

No crashed UFO list would be complete without this strange report of a UFO crash on June, 19, 1953 near Laredo, Texas where 4 alien bodies were supposedly recovered. Strangely, there appears no evidence, either solid or anecdotal, to support this report. Whether this event actually took place is highly suspect and one wonders if this report was the result of mixing it up with the earlier Laredo, Texas sighting of 1948, mistakenly re-copying it, and then having the report republished through the plethora of UFO crash lists that are so numerous on the internet.

Brady and Dutton, Montana, 1953

There exists only one anecdotal report to verify the story of a crashed UFO near Brady, Montana, sometime in 1953. A Mr. Tienney was driving to Conrad from Great Falls when he noticed a bright oval object with white balls of fire falling from it following his car. Later that day he received a call from a high-ranking officer at Malmstrom AFB asking him to come to the base the next day. When he arrived, he was asked to sign a statement of secrecy. While doing this, he observed two men carrying bundled up alien bodies.

There is no evidence to support the story of a Dutton Montana crash that supposedly happened on October 13th, 1953, where 4 alien bodies may have been recovered. Similar to the 1953 Laredo, Texas, story above, this story may have been combined with the Brady, Montana, incident only to later on receive a life of its own. This is another report that appears on every crash list without any type of evidence-anecdotal or otherwise-to back it up.

Mattydale, New York, 1954

Mattydale is a suburb of Syracuse. At around 3 in the morning, a local resident and his wife saw a 20-foot wide object being examined on the ground by several men who were making measurements and taking pictures. When they inquired about the event later that day, they were told by the police that it was a military secret. Even later that week, the police changed their story and denied that the event ever took place.

Carlsbad, New Mexico, 1957

A report exists that somewhere near Carlsbad on the 18th of July, an alien spacecraft crashed without seriously damaging the vehicle. Even more curious than the remarkably good shape of the craft, 4 alien bodies were supposedly taken by a removal team to be stored and studied. Though extremely prolific among the numerous UFO crash lists posted on the web, there exists little to no evidence to support this case.

Utah Desert, 1958

This report would seem to dovetail nicely with the 1953 Western Utah report cited previously in this report. Though a craft was not recovered from the earlier report because of its reported size, there appears to be reports of a craft finally recovered that was in remarkably good shape from the area. This craft was taken for study and was found to contain technology that could not be understood. Reports vary, but some state that funds from Project Snowbird (allegedly begun to attempt to fly captured alien craft) were allocated to help fund a more extensive study of the craft. When initially found, no reports of alien beings were included, however, in a more recent update from the 4th of December, 2002, researchers claim that 4 alien bodies were later recovered that were supposedly linked to the craft.

This case seems to be linked to the Western Utah case and evidence exists to assume that they are one and the same-only separated by 5 years until the requisite technology could be made available to unearth the alien craft. Interestingly enough, this case provided the inspiration for an X-Files movie where a building was situated over the craft to hide it until it could be recovered.

This case also received publicity from an alleged MJ-12 Aquarius Briefing prepared for incoming President Jimmy Carter in 1977.

New Paltz, New York, 1960

Local police conducting patrol in this small New York township reportedly apprehended an alien being while 2 other aliens escaped capture. The alien was captured near his craft. No report has surfaced regarding the status of the alien craft, but it can be assumed that if this case is genuine, then the craft was recovered and stored for study. The captured alien being was reportedly handed over to the CIA where it supposedly died 28 days later. Only anecdotal evidence exists to support this case.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1960

Authorities are said to have retrieved 3 alien bodies and an alien spacecraft from this area. The bodies were subjected to close scrutiny by local medical workers. Witnesses to this event include the State Police, hospital, and ambulance personnel. Soon after this sighting, the Air Force confiscated all evidence and swore all of the witnesses to secrecy. Budd Hopkins, a noted UFO researcher, later hosted a program with videotaped interviews from many of the witnesses involved to support this incident.

Las Vegas, Nevada, 1962

On the 18th of April 1962, an object was tracked from New York to Nevada on radar. Military jets were reported to have been scrambled to intercept and reports describing the object tell of a cylinder-shaped craft with windows and leaving a fiery trail. The object reportedly landed close to Eureka, Nevada, before taking off again. Afterwards, the craft is said to have exploded after passing over Las Vegas. This craft was witnessed by hundreds of viewers and reportedly tracked on radar. No account exists mentioning the possibility of debris recovery. But this account made it into a Frank Edwards book, Strange World. It has also appeared on several newspapers from the era.

Fort Riley, Kansas, 1964

This case is included solely for its relationship with a military base, as little supporting evidence can be found to support this report. This incident shows up on nearly all UFO crash lists and 9 alien bodies are said to have been retrieved from a crash site. Only the initials "AK for Aaron Kaback" show up as the only witness of note. Reportedly, Mr. Kaback was a guard on duty when he was asked to take a ride out in a jeep to help guard a strange object. Upon arriving, he noted a large oval object being guarded by a hovering helicopter which was shining a light on it. The object appeared completely without power and Mr. Kaback helped guard it for two and a half hours. No mention is made as to the subsequent whereabouts of the alien craft.

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, 1965

This incident has enjoyed nearly as much publicity and documentation as the Roswell incident, showing up in numerous television documentaries and UFO books. On the 4th of December, 1965, numerous witnesses saw a blazing fireball fall from the sky, reportedly make correctional turns, and finally crash in a nearby forest-covered valley. Witnesses later reported a large military presence and a convoy of military vehicles leaving the area carrying a large covered object on a flatbed trailer. Some of the witnesses reported seeing an "acorn-shaped" object giving off a blue, pulsating glow. A local radio announcer reportedly snapped a picture of the object, only to have it confiscated. He was further sworn to secrecy or face "severe consequences". To this day, the community continues to be divided about the incidents of that night and this case continues to be one of the best documented UFO crash incidents in existence.

Whitewater Lake, Indiana, 1965

Only rough anecdotal evidence exists to support this claim. A person known only by the initials "RM" met with a Colonel at Wright AFB and was told of a UFO crash in Indiana where a small, 2-man craft was recovered with the aliens being held in an artificial environment. He stated that the craft was damaged by an electrical storm.

NW Arizona, 1966

Nothing exists but sketchy anecdotal claims to support the existence of a UFO crash in this region where 1 alien body was supposedly recovered. Like many other reports of this type, this claim appears on many lists, though none of the lists include any supporting evidence to verify this crash. However, a Marine PFC with a Alpha Red Top Secret Crypto Clearance was said to report that while on duty at Camp Pendleton, California, he and his canine unit was air transported to this site to aid in guarding the area. He reported the presence of a 30-foot metallic disk with a domed top and no windows. He observed the presence of a large, walk-in refrigerator with empty body bags as well as the activity of a group of men taking readings with several different instruments.

Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, 1966-1968

Numerous unsupported accounts exist that report up to 5 separate crashes that reportedly occurred in this 3-state region during the years spanning from 1966 to 1968. In all, 1 alien craft was supposedly recovered intact along with the debris from the others with 1 alien being recovered. However, these reports contain no verifying evidence despite the numerous accounts existing that report of these crashes.

Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1967

Though no wreckage or alien bodies were ever recovered from this case, this report is included based solely on its merit as a well-documented UFO crash case. On October 4th, 1967, witnesses called the RCMP to investigate a light floating in the harbor. Later, the Coast Guard was called in to investigate, only to find a curious film on the surface of the water. Later research would uncover the presence of a Russian submarine observing the area as well as the presence of an unidentified submerged craft that was supposedly joined by another similar craft. The 2 craft would later evade nearby US Navy ships (as well as the shadowing Russian submarine) and speed off underwater before breaking the surface and flying away. Many believe that an alien craft had had mechanical difficulties and was "helped" by another craft under the cover of deep water so that it could fly away. Similar to the Roswell and Kecksburg cases, this report has received a lot of media attention, showing up on several television documentaries.

Maritime UFO Files

The Shag Harbour Incident

NW Arizona, 1973

There is little to support this report other than its presence on numerous crash lists. Supposedly on July 10th, 1973, 5 alien bodies were recovered from a UFO crash site in a desolate part of Arizona.

Great Lakes Naval Base, Illinois, 1973

This case involves the recovery of an alien craft reportedly shot down from a missile delivered by a US Navy ship. The craft landed in 350 feet of water and was recovered by the Glomar Explorer before being transferred by rail to Chicago and then to the Naval Base. An Intelligence Officer pulling duty at the base delivered a sealed message to the Commander of the base (who was in a highly restricted area of the base at the time). Because of the absence of the Officer of the Guard at the highly restricted area, the Intelligence Officer entered the building and saw a teardrop shaped craft with a bluish tint to it. It was resting on wooden beams and the craft tapered back to razor-thin edges. Later, the officer claimed to have talked to the personnel on the ship claiming to have shot down the craft after the ship had arrived in San Diego from Hawaii. Other reports claim that the individual viewing the craft was only a Gunnery School enlisted man with the rank of E-4. However, both accounts match concerning the alien craft.

Carbondale, New Jersey, 1974

Three teenagers watched as a glowing object fell from the night sky and landed in a small lake on the outskirts of town. Before the police arrived to place the boys in a police cruiser, they watched as the object-emitting a yellow-white glow-move underwater to a point about 25 feet away from the shoreline. During the 3 hours that the boys were kept in the car, they observed a number of vehicles arrive at the scene. While spotlights illuminated the lake, a crane lifted a disk-shaped object from the water and placed it in a covered vehicle. The following Monday, officials recovered a railroad lantern and a battery from the lake. Officially, the incident was deemed a hoax. However, many believe the objects were placed to conceal what really happened at the lake.

NW Arizona and SW Ohio, 1977

These two reports for 1977 are prevalent on many UFO crash lists. First, 11 alien corpses were reportedly recovered from a site in southwestern Ohio. On July 6th, 1977, 5 alien bodies were reportedly recovered from a crash site in northwestern Arizona. The veracity of these two reports exists only in the number of times they have been reported by independent researchers. However, no substantial proof exists to validate these reports.

Fort Dix, New Jersey, 1978

Noted UFO Researcher Len Stringfield wrote on September 16th, 1980, that a sergeant serving duty at McGuire AFB in New Jersey told him that a Military Policeman on guard duty at nearby Fort Dix, shot and killed an alien being attempting to enter the Air Force grounds on the 18th of January, 1978. No mention was made on the fate of the dead alien being.

Dayton, Texas, 1980

A multi-service group made up of members from all the armed services (Code-named "BLUEBOYS") is said to be responsible for piloting helicopters that guard, recover, escort, and accompany flights of unidentified flying objects. On December 29th, 1980, a low-flying UFO was escorted by a group of 23 Chinook heavy-lift and Huey light transport helicopters from the BLUEBOYS detachment. Researchers speculate that the group was headed towards a Top Secret underground facility at Gray Army Air Field in Fort Hood, Texas. Researchers also report that select members from the Texas Department of Safety work closely with Gray Army Airfield on all Texas-based UFO recovery and test flight cases. Many have also speculated that the recent flap in UFO activity in Texas can be traced to this facility.

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, 1989

A live alien reportedly taken from a crash in May of 1989 (where 2 live aliens were supposedly taken) were supposedly delivered via C5A Galaxy heavy transport jets from South Africa to Wright-Patterson AFB for study. Only sketchy details exist to support this story.

Moriches Bay, Long Island, New York, 1989

On September 28th, 1989, witnesses observed 4 military helicopters and 2 Suffolk County Police helicopters attempt to isolate and recover what appeared to be a disk-shaped object which had apparently landed in the dunes near Smith's Point Beach. While this was going on, a very large UFO estimated to be around 1000 feet in diameter hovered close by. The helicopters were observed surrounding the larger UFO and then illuminating the landed UFO in turns. Reportedly, 48 pictures were taken of the incident and handed over to the Long Island UFO Network for study. Nothing is known of the fate of the landed UFO or even if it had been recovered. Taped interviews of the witnesses were taken only after issuing false identities to the people who witnessed the event.

Shirley, New York, 1992

On the 24th of November at around 7:00 PM, witnesses reported seeing a brightly-lit object crash into a remote area of Southhaven Park. Immediately thereafter, the whole park was closed off by County and Park police. Residents living nearby reported strange lights and rumbling sounds just prior to the crash, and they would later complain of strange power outages and surges as well as strange phone calls immediately after the event. John Ford, Chairman of the Long Island UFO Network later visited the area and reported the presence of a burned out area as well as trees that had bent over. He also received a videotape and photographs of what appear to be a reddish object approximately 4 feet in diameter emitting a white gas and giving off a hissing sound. For days following the event before the park would be reopened, residents reported many helicopters flying around the park area. Nothing is known of the whereabouts of the crash debris and witnesses to the event continue to ask for anonymity.

Buffalo, New York, 1992

An unknown professor working at Temple University related a story concerning a UFO that crashed into an area near Campbell Boulevard, a part of Route 270, four miles west of Lockport and ten miles north of Buffalo. The UFO apparently flew out of Lake Ontario and started wobbling. It then began to zigzag through cars on the highway before crashing. Motorists stopped to give aid before police, military, and medical workers arrived. No alien bodies were reported and nothing is known about the whereabouts of the UFO. The witnesses were reportedly asked to keep quiet about the incident. There currently exists only anecdotal evidence to substantiate this crash report.

Pinedale, Arizona, 1996

On June 23rd, 1996, numerous witnesses from Pinedale observed a white light fall from the sky, break into three pieces, and crash into a nearby forest. A forest fire ensued, coming to within a half mile of a local neighborhood. Police and firefighters were quickly dispatched. Some witnesses recall seeing an oil truck as well as many cement trucks and flatbeds with tarps being dispatched to the area. A reporter (Roger Bollinger) later learned that oil was used to clean up after nuclear toxic spills. Though whether a nuclear accident occurred is only speculative. Due to the expediency of the response, many believe that the authorities had been warned in advance. In any case, the area was sealed off to public scrutiny-even reporters and news personnel were banned from the scene. Residents who lived next to the site were escorted directly to and from their homes by security personnel during the fire. Interestingly enough, no reports of a military presence have been received.

Needles, California, 2008

On the night of the 14th of March, 2008, witnesses reported a brightly-lit, turquoise-colored object fly overhead and crash next to a nearby river. It emitted a trail and crashed with a loud noise. Immediately thereafter, helicopters with searchlights and grappling hooks came and recovered the object, which was still glowing. Residents from a nearby town recall seeing many black SUV's with government license plates going to and from the crash site. Others involved in the reporting of this incident reported being "watched" by men in black vehicles. This event made national news and is highlighted on many UFO web sites.


The reader is invited to research the above listed events on his or her own. However, a great amount of evidence exists not on the internet, but in books written solely about the subject of crashed alien craft. If only a few of these reports are accurate, then the government is actively keeping the public from possessing the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe. This report does not list all of the reports of crashed alien craft worldwide-or even in the United States. But it does provide a glimpse of what has been happening under our very noses. The sheer weight of reports lends a quality that only quantity can achieve. Only an in-depth study of this subject can impart the sheer incredulity of the impact of what is happening in our skies. It's only a matter of time before continued cases of crashed alien craft will one day break the lid of secrecy and usher in Full Disclosure. Hopefully, the years of governmental secrecy and misdirection will not cause an undue destabilization of society when this knowledge eventually becomes open to the public.

July 2010

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