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The Shifnal, Shropshire Case


Note: Details have been added to the Shifnal triangle testimony regarding the red orb that was travelling with the triangular craft. Also more details on the apex lights, and speed of the craft.

Xpose UFO Truth is frequently contacted by people reporting their experiences involving sightings of unusual and mostly inexplicable aerial devices.
Our researchers/writers are based in Canada, United States, Spain, Germany, UK and Australia, and we are interested in receiving sighting reports from anywhere around the world as these will just add to the "bigger picture" as it were.

We did establish a page on Facebook back in December 2010 which was, essentially, just a link to our research website. It was through Facebook that we were contacted regarding an interesting event that had been experienced by a person in Shifnal, Shropshire (U.K.) in the very early hours of 31st March 1993.

This witness had also been reading the material on our site regarding the hoaxing and other activities of the self-proclaimed UFO investigator/researcher Darren Perks.
He had some tales to tell about his own interactions with Perks.

Apparently Perks had accused the Shifnal witness of fabricating his story.
This from someone who is a well-known hoaxer!

What we found very curious was that, after these interactions with the Shifnal witness in the Spring of 2009, Darren Perks' Cosford Incident story about his sighting of a triangular craft at approximately 23:00 on the 30th March 1993 over Shrewsbury actually changed from the original version sent to Mr. Phil Hoyle in July 2008.

The "very low humming sound that was irritating to hear" had been added to Perks' story!

There was no mention of sound in the original email to Phil Hoyle that was sent on 23rd July 2008. In fact, Perks said three times that the craft made no sound.

We are developing a separate page regarding the evolution of the Perks' story, comparing the versions that were published from July 2008 until March 2013. Some of the exchanges between the Shifnal witness and Perks will be included.

And now...The Shifnal Triangle....

The Shifnal Triangle
31st March 1993

This sighting was never reported to the MoD at the time and so Nick Pope would not have included the information in his reports and book, Open Skies, Closed Minds.
The MoD Files on the "Cosford Incident" may be viewed at:


Our contact provided us with detailed sketches of the event itself as well as maps derived from Google. The maps show the path taken by the witness from where he first was aware of the craft until it finally disappeared from view in the direction of R.A.F. Cosford, to the south-east of where he lived at the time.

He has superimposed symbols on the Google-derived maps which will be explained in the description of the event.

In the first image we see the path that the witness was taking after leaving his place of employment and starting to walk home. The blue stars indicate the path that the witness was taking before being aware of the craft's presence. The star symbols change to red at the point where the witness was aware of the craft overhead.

Click on the image to view the full size version

In this next image derived from Google maps, the witness indicates the reactions that he experienced in the presence of this craft. Note how he mentions a smell of ozone and how the hairs on his body stood on end!

Click on the image to view the full size version

So, now let us go to the description of the event that was sent to us from this witness who lived in Shifnal at the time. The details of the event that follow comprise snippets/comments sent to us via Facebook messaging and email.

First sighting approx 1am / 1.05am I legged it to my home then continued to watch it from the upstairs back bedroom windows moving across fields as if searching for something with a very blue white solid beam of light almost as if it were a laser (the beam was so precise)

It then gradually worked its way off towards Cosford at which point I lost sight of the object due to the placement of the windows (no matter how far you hang out of them.)

Here is the Google-derived map that was provided to us showing the progression of the triangular craft as it wended its way from close to where the witness was observing and onwards to R.A.F. Cosford. Please note that the witness, in creating this map image, has essentially turned the map upside down, so North appears to be South.

Click on the image to view the full size version

Xpose UFO Truth has produced a diagram from Google Earth with modified orientation to show how the craft travelled out over the fields away from the witness's house and made its way SE to RAF Cosford.

Click on the image to view the full size version

The witness continues:
Judging by the height of the railway bridge I would estimate the height of the craft to be approx 1000ft-1200ft. The size of the craft approx 1.5X the size of a 747 that I can say with relative comfort as, at the time, I used to be a long distance flier quite regularly, due to job/hol breaks at the end of job contacts to Thailand/Malaysia/Japan and weekly for a number of years to Germany.

I've ALWAYS wished I'd a camera to hand back then! It'd have been worth a fortune and the shot of the decade it was that spectacular! But digital cameras were practically unheard of in '93 or bloody expensive! Only 20yrs too late !!

The witness sent us further comments on 4th August 2013.

1st noticing UFO as I approached the houses on my left as per map/diagram.
I first smelt ozone, quickly followed by static on my arms under my suit jacket! (shirt sleeves rolled up!) along with my head, chest and legs. This was extremely strong!
It was only then I looked up to see past of this shape slowly moving forward at slow walking pace, blocking out the stars. I actually started walking in the road for a much better view!
As this object was massive the colour initially reminded me of a midnight blue/deep, deep purple almost organic whilst close up ironically it almost reminded me of crushed velvet curtains.
It was only when it turned and slowly sped up I realised it was going in the general direction of my then home!
So I decided to leg it! I'd realised that IF it was going in that general direction I could watch it from the front and rear of the house across all the fields etc.

We now present the sketches (much reduced in size) that the witness provided showing details of the craft that was seen by him on that night in March 1993. It is interesting to note that there was a red "orb" apparently in attendance with this anomalous aerial device. We contacted the witness to ask if he could elaborate somewhat on the attendant red object that he saw.

28th/29th April 2014

The witness has written back to us with the following detail regarding the red orb/light:

It wasn't massive - about the size of a basketball maybe a little bigger. But very bright red! Always trailing behind the craft at a distance of approx 25m.
It also appeared to be positioned centrally as if invisibly fixed at a set point from the rear of the craft

We also asked the witness if he recalled any further details regarding the apex lights and speed of the craft:

The apex lights were quite dim, almost dull, until the front lit up like a search light. Then it was a very bright white/blue!

It wasn't travelling very fast across the fields as I watched it search at walking pace. As the beam went out it quickened slightly to a running pace maybe 10 mph. Then I lost sight and have no idea if it continued to speed up.

Many thanks to our contact in Shropshire for providing this information