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Reports of Anomalous Aerial Devices
Strange Lights and Noises
Southern Ontario Region

Tuesday, 09-Apr-2024 14:07:16 EDT

2012 and Earlier

Ontario Reports 2013-2014

Ontario Reports 2015-2020

PLEASE NOTE that any links to MUFON's reports are now defunct
due to MUFON changing their database access.


PAISLEY, Ontario - January 1978 (missing time?)

I was driving to Paisley, Ontario late at night during a snow storm. While I was driving I was conversing with a woman on my CB radio. The trip I was taking was about 35 miles and with the snow, I estimate that I was driving at about 25 to 30 miles an hour. When I was a few miles away from Paisley, I noticed an orangish ball of light in the air on the north side of the road. My thoughts were that it was the moon, as it looked like a large moon rise but the snow was steady and heavy and in after thought it was in the wrong location. The next thing I remember was a sudden change in the road conditions where I thought the snow was a lot deeper than it had been and the jeep was pushing harder to get through it. I went onto the CB radio and called to the woman who I had been talking to. She responded with a comment about me being back on line and that I had been gone for a while. I suggested that maybe I had been in a blanked-out area because there was a bit of a valley on the road that I was traveling on. She replied that I was away for a lot longer than it would take to go through that valley. When I got to Paisley I realized that it had taken me about two and a half hours to travel that 35 miles. Even with the storm conditions, that was excessive.

Full Report on MUFON

18th December 2012 - Whitby

Time of event: 02:45 UTC
Travelling west on Conlin Road toward Thickson Road, Brooklin, object appeared to be descending at a very high rate. It passed in front of us approximately 500 feet flying from the North to the South. After crossing Conlin the craft banked and turned to the south west crossing Thickson Road at the same rate of descent and appeared if an airplane would have crashed into a horse pasture to the south.

The object stopped descending hovered over a stand of trees south of Conlin, and to descend into the stand of trees and within the next few seconds ascended from the stand of trees vertically and continued to travel to the southwest at tree level where it appeared to disappear.

This craft we thought initially was a military plane akin to C-130 though it was much thinner and longer then this type of aircraft. It was also peculiar in that it had no markings, no windows or lighted becons. It became further clear that it was not a conventional aircraft when it made the banking turn to the south west. At that time it clearly had small semi circular wings attached at the base of the aircraft and had no visible engines on the wings.

It was very clear we saw something that was not identifiable as a known aircraft. We were mystified and did not know what to think. We where totally mesmerized by it and have spent hours looking at pictures of aircraft attempting to identify it without success. My husband who was with me is an Airport designer and very familiar with aircraft silhouettes and has never seen anything like it.


Sketch later produced by MUFON

This aircraft passed right in front of us,initially we thought it was a plane crashing because of it's rapid loss of altitude. Are inability to explain this event otherwise motivated us to contact Mufon. There were two of us that witnessed this, however there was light traffic in the area that could have witnessed this. What was extremely strange was there were long tubular elements one on each side of the craft.


The witnesses also contacted us directly to report their encounter with the curious looking craft. They informed us that the case was "investigated" not by MUFON in Canada but by an investigator from Texas, and over the 'phone!

We met up personally with the witnesses at their home to get a better understanding of the location in which the event occurred, as well as take photographs of the area.

The witnesses also provided us with their sketch of the craft and an artist's impression of the craft. The artist's impression also appears above, ©MUFON.

Full Report on MUFON

8th December 2012 - Oakville

On December 8, 2012 at approximately 6:30 p.m., my husband and I were travelling east on Dundas St., between 6th line and Trafalgar in Oakville, Ontario. I was the car passenger and was watching all of the plane activity in the sky because it was a clear night and there were lots of planes.

One passed over our car high in the sky, but not as high as the other planes. As a matter of fact it caught my attention because it was a lot lower than the rest of the planes. As it passed over, I could see under it and it seemed to be solid and triangular shaped.
It had 4 lights underneath and I had to do a double take, but I could not see through the object, for example: between the wing and the body, because it was one mass.

I yelled to my husband who did not slow down because he was anxious to get to a dinner party in Toronto and the object was moving further west out of sight.
The roads were busy and we were near the parking lot of the SuperCentre plaza which was also busy. I am curious if anyone else saw this. If someone weren't paying attention they would see the lights and assume it was a plane.

Full Report on Canada UFO 'Blogspot

5th December 2012 - Whitby and Courtice

I received a report from a witness who was driving east along Highway 401 in Whitby, Ontario. Date and time were not provided, so I can only guess that this event occurred the day previous to my receiving the report on the 6th December 2012. If the witness would like to contact us again providing those details that would help to narrow this event down somewhat. Also please confirm the two locations

Witness reported:
"Was driving east on the 401, stop and go traffic, through Whitby. Saw three white lights like landing gear on an airplane with one red light near the back. Hovered over General Motors, then moved east. Then as I drove through Courtice it hovered over the power plant. As I got close to it over the power plant I noticed it looked like a black stealth bomber."

Note: The map (click on image for full-size version) below shows the two sightings (if I have the GM location correct and the power plant as being Darlington nuclear generating station correct) occurring approximately 10 miles apart. It would also be helpful to have the timings of the two sightings.
Thanks to the witness.

23rd November 2012 - Richmond Hill

Last night, my husband and I were travelling north on Leslie towards Stouffville Sideroad, north of Elgin Mills at approx 6:30pm. I first noticed the object (I was driving) directly north. It looked as though it was very close, enough to clearly see that it was triangular. The distance from the left and right points on the triangle were much farther apart than the top point to the bottom. There were lights at each point, in different colours. It was hard to tell the colour of the lights because it looked like the colours kept changing. There were 2 spotlights shining on what appeared to be the underside (or side) of the object. These spotlights were on the far left and far right of the object - near the points, and pointing toward the middle of the object.

It was between 500 and 750ft away. I pointed it out to my husband, and he watched it travel southeast (toward Markham). He commented that he had no clue what it was. It was very clear, yet hard to make out at the same time (if that makes sense). He also said that if it was an airplane/jet, it was odd that it was heading to Buttonville Airport - it was much larger than what would land there (biplanes). My husband is a huge skeptic of everything unknown, and he was shocked and taken aback. It definitely did not look like a commercial aircraft. My husband lost track of it when we started heading east on Stouffville Sideroad.

(Editor's note: Buttonville Aiport handles MUCH more than "biplanes." Toronto Airways)

Full Report on MUFON

18th November 2012 - Lakefield

I live in the Lakefield, ON area and came home last night, parked my car and ran upstairs to use the washroom. There is a skylight at the top of my stairs and as I got closer I could see what I thought were extremely bright stars.
As I got closer I realized that the lights were not stars and there was some sort of aircraft just above the house. The lights in the middle of it formed a triangular shape and I can remember seeing blue and red lights to the left and right of that.

It was flying really low. I ran downstairs and outside and watched it go across the front field and over the field across the road at a slow pace in the direction of Peterborough.
I called the OPP and airport authority today and no one has any answers for me at all.

Full Report on Canada UFO 'Blogspot

3rd November 2012 - Milton

21:40h Near Appleby line, 3 bright white rapidly blinking lights; VANISHED, only to reappear further away moments later.

Travelling north-west on Appleby Line, towards downtown Milton. Off to the right (East) was something in the sky. It was dark out. The object was about 5 kilometres away and perhaps a thousand to fifteen hundred feet up (perhaps at 20 degrees rise from the horizon). There were three bright white lights, each on for about a third of a second. They took turns turning on in rapid succession. The object had one pale white light on the whole time, about centered.

Other airplanes were flying in the area, at least three were preparing to land at Toronto Pearson airport, 30 km to the East (they had their headlights on in the clouds as they approached overhead). This was NOT an airplane. It seemed not to travel in any direction. Two of us saw this. It then vanished. A few moments later it appeared further away, maybe 8km? and at ten degrees to the horizon (just a hair above the faraway trees). We were driving this whole time, then lost sight of the object. about 2 minutes elapsed.

P.S. Never have I seen questionable objects in our skies, but three times now it has occurred in the past four weeks! And this time I was not alone!!

NOTE: Two events that were reported in 1999 regarding a strange object in that area may be read at Incident/s on the Escarpment in Milton

Full Report on NUFORC

16th October 2012 - Vineland

23:30h Triangle of 3 very bright white lights hovering over Victoria ave and south service road

Bright light (not moving?) visible from the QEW, Hamilton bound from St Catharines. Visible from just past 7th street until actual point of craft. It was stationary directly above Victoria Ave and south service road. Triangle with a bright white light at tip of each corner pointed west. Two paler lights, also white, flashing simultaneously mid craft but not frequently. No sound noticed... but I was driving on the Highway. Turned around, came back (5 mins later) but it was gone.

Full Report on NUFORC

12th October 2012 - Oshawa

21:25h Large silent metallic craft,very fast and no lights

I was enjoying a quite night with my family on our hot tub in our backyard, we turned off the tub lights to admire the beautiful night sky and watch the glimmering stars when out of the north west came this beautiful V shaped craft, no noise and no lights,yet she was gliding fast, light metallic grey and it must have been very close, we could make out 7 large metallic spheres 3 on each wing and one near the tip of the nose, we could notice the separation on the different parts of the wings.

It came fast and at first glance I thought it was one of those stealth fighters but not until suddenly and very graciously the craft made a 90 degree turn and accelerated to a never to be seen again incredible speed!

Full Report on NUFORC

10th October 2012 - Mount Albert

On Wednesday October 10 2012 at 8:17 pm in Mount Albert Ontario I saw a triangle shaped UFO. It had a single light on each point and it stayed slowly hovering in place over the corner of the small town. I was driving in my car when I saw this and I wasn’t sure what it could be so I turned towards it. After slowing down to a stop directly underneath it I was able to see the solid black body. This was 150 m off of Mount Albert road and highway 48.

I was on the phone with my dad at the time and was shocked in what I saw. I immediately let him go but was unable to get a picture with my phone. The triangle began to move away slowly, I had my window down and it made no noise and no sound at all. I began to follow it but it increased in speed and then just disappeared.

I watched this for roughly about 30 seconds one thing I know for sure is that it was NOT an airplane and it was NOT a helicopter.

Full Report on NUFORC

9th October 2012 - Caledon

Silent triangular craft moved slowly east with steady white lights on each point

On Tuesday morning the 9th of October 2012 at 5:25am, in Caledon, ON, Canada, the youngest boy (2yo) woke up crying in the room where he slept and I went in to lay down with him in the room next to let our oldest boy sleep. We laid down in bed but he wouldn’t be comforted so I sat up with him facing the window. It was dark outside and there I saw a craft flying slowly, what seemed like just beyond and above the treetops. The trees are about 20-25 meters high and the craft was at about 30 degree angle off the ground. I would estimate it to have been at an altitude of about 50-250 meters depending on the distance which was about 200-500 meters away.

It was hard to see but I think the physical craft was triangular in shape, solid body, having a single steady white light on each point in the triangle. One flashing light was in the middle, don’t remember the color, and yet another flashing light. The craft flew eastward and I viewed it south of me.

It’s hard to estimate the size of the craft as I’m not sure exactly how far away it was, if it indeed was 200 meters away then I would say about 5-10 meters on each triangle side. If it was 500 meters away then it would be much bigger of course. The sighting duration was about 3-5 seconds after which it was behind trees and out of sight.

The 2 yo was still crying so it was hard to hear if there was any sound, I couldn’t hear any, even as the boy took new breaths during which he wasn’t crying.

Full Report on NUFORC

6th October 2012 - Brockville

21:40h Ontario country road October 2012, large spotlight over home, and triangular object with green & white lights across road over treeline

On the evening of October 6 2012, I was driving east on the 6th concession in Elizabeth township. It was approximately 9:40 p.m. I noticed a large, still, white spotlight about 20 feet over a farmhouse which has a barn with cattle beside it. It was about the same size as a large water search spotlight. I watched it for about 5 seconds as I drove down the road towards it. There is an outside streetlamp on this property attached to a hydro pole; the light above the house was a much, much brighter light. I glanced down at the road and then back up to see something directly on the other side. (The spotlight was not over the house anymore.)

Just above the tree line almost directly on the other side of the road was a triangular shape hovering at the top of the tree line. I had four lights only on the left side. The first light was green. The next three were white. They were in a straight line. The light’s colours looked man made, and not otherworldly.! I watched the triangular, soundless, shape lower down into the tree line for about 5 seconds. Not wanting to know what exactly it was, I sped up and high-tailed it around the corner to my home. The last thing I was about to do was stop and take a picture, so sorry about that.

Full Report on NUFORC

7th September 2012 - Toronto
(Indeterminate shape - seen only with night vision setting)

2nd September 2012 - Toronto

08:16h UTC At the above date, time, and location, the writer was at work when he noticed a large object hovering in the sky. It appeared to be black in colour, and looked to be triangular in shape, with multi coloured lights on the underbelly. I called my fellow colleague over to take a look, he was convinced, as was I, it was a UFO! Before long there were over 20 people watching this object hover in the sky, many people were taking pictures, and recording video of this unknown object. The object would move when planes were flying by, but stayed stationary for about 20 minutes, then it flew away slowly heading south towards lake Ontario. Nothing further to report at this time.

Full Report on MUFON

30th August 2012 - Woodbridge

Report from Witness
Been going crazy for the last 2 days....2 nights ago on Thursday, Aug. 30th 2012 at approx 11:12PM I was travelling home from a buddies house. I was travelling west on Rutherford (in Woodbridge, Ont) from Weston Road and noticed an extremely bright light from the distance...as I kept driving I realized it couldnt be a star because it looked too close...as I approached the stoplight at Rutherford and Islington Road to the right of me just over the Harry Putter golfing range i saw 3 distinct lights in a triangle shape...I tried to get a closer look and it appeared to look exactly like the triangle ufo diagram that has been reported as seen all across Southern Ontario

It wasn't even that high in the air..it was still and completely quiet...I couldnt figure out what I was looking at...I ruled out planes and helicopters and realized I was looking at something very bizarre...I looked at the cars beside me..to the left the girl was on her phone and not paying attention and to my right the guy in his car saw what I saw..however the light turned from red to green and everyone just drove off..I wish I stopped..I wish I took a picture but I was freaked out..when I passed the intersection of Rutherford and Clarence I looked behind me and the lights appeared to have vanished in thin air....I've been trying to see if there were any other reports and so far none from the same night...would love to know your thoughts on this or if you heard anything similar from the same night...similar story to the one found 2 years ago around Major Mack and Islington...not far from there at all

(Note: I went to the above location on the following Sunday and then to the Kortright Centrewhich is just north of the Harry Putter driving range. I spoke with the young man in the car park and asked if he had seen or heard anything about a triangle in the area. I asked him to contact us if something does occur. - ed.)

14th July 2012 - St. Catharines

1st July 2012 - Newmarket

Report from witness
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Canada Day

Witnessed by hundreds of people who were waiting on the soccer fields to watch the town fireworks.

9:55PM EDT to 10:10PM EDT Three orange objects in orbit trajectory, moving NW through NE, each in 5 minutes succession of one another. I have tracked the ISS before, and these were equally MAGnitude -1 to -2. Strangely, they did not “pick up speed” as they left the horizon and approached the highest point like the ISS or other satellites, instead their speed remained constant. Disappeared once crossed terminator. No mention of such a bright object in my satellite tracking sites (heavens above.)
Light was orange, and very distinctly triangular shaped hull.
Looking for possible launches, can not find any.
End of report

If anyone else witnessed these events please contact us with information.
Thank you.

1st or 2nd July 2012 - Exeter (SW Ontario)

17th June 2012 - Belleville

Four triangular craft, three in formation, forth trying some stunts
Two craft traveled east to west, entered my view from behind. Seconds after the first passed, two more craft joined into a formation.
Three of the craft continued formation, the forth looped and zagged then returned to its place. The craft appeared to be typical airplane shape - the triangular shape of a planes wings; without the body of the plane.
Maybe like a stealth? The craft were bottom lit, the lights outlined the outside diameter, rather than one light on the tip, like the usual airplane. The lights were a soft amber.
None of us were able to hear engine noise.
During this sighting, we were able to look away from the craft, verify that each other were seeing the same thing, then find the craft on route.
Note, there is an air-force base to our north west, and to the west, a smaller airport.
However, these craft appeared to be too high to land at a strip so close by.

Full Report on NUFORC

20th May 2012 - Stouffville

26th April 2012 - Orangeville

This all happened on April 26th on my way to a friends house.

Basically, I was driving Northbound on Highway 10 from Orangeville, when I noticed an Amber flickering circular light ahead... It was stationary and appeared to be just watching the cars. At first, it thought it was just an extremely bright star with the sunset. It wasn't much higher than the tree tops... probably only by about 100 feet. I pulled down 15th Sideroad of Mono, and stopped to try and get some pictures of it. It was still stationary. My iPhone's space was full, so I couldn't take any pictures. So I was trying to delete stuff, and that's when it began to move.

It started to slowly come towards me, and crossed the road in front of me, by probably only 20 feet ahead. I could make out the shape and everything. It was almost like a triangle, or pyramid of some sorts, but I could kind of see through it. There were some pulsating lights on the back of it, and it had that amber aura to it, which appeared to be weaker the closer it got. I tried flicking my car headlights in sync with the pulsating lights, to see if it would gauge a reaction... it didn't. Not to mention, there was absolutely NO SOUND from it. I've lived here all my life, and would always look to the skies, and you can always tell the difference from a plane and anything else.

Anyway, it crossed the road and continued to go south, very slowly, below the clouds. That's when a second one appeared out of the clouds and began following it relatively close behind. I didn't think that Planes would do that, considering how slow they were going, how low they were, as well as how dangerous turbulence is.

As they continued on, and they were about a kilometer or so away, I saw another light begin to ascend from the tree line south east of where I was stopped. It looked as if it was coming out of Hockley Valley. Anyway, it rose up above the tree line, and then dipped back down, and eventually rose again and continued to move south east.

I didn't have any space on my iphone because it's chalk full of music and over 150 photos. I tried deleting a bunch, but this all sort of happened so fast, and I was so captivated that I just couldn't take my eyes away. I spent an hour and a half at least watching this all unravel.

Full Report on MUFON

20th March 2012 - Niagara Falls

4th March 2012 - Erin

Group of lights on what may have been a disc or similar (not triangular craft.) Seen over a farmer's field near Highway 24 at approximately 22.00h. This occurred about 11 miles south of the 23rd February 2012 Orangeville event.

23rd February 2012 - Orangeville

18.45h Triangular craft witnessed close to Caledon Lake Conservation Area. 3 witnesses. Silent, slow-moving craft seen above their vehicle. White, non-blinking lights were seen on the points and a red-orange light in the centre. Altitude estimated at less than 1000 feet. Craft then turned without banking and accelerated into the distance over the conservation area.

This location is where the same three witnesses experienced:

The Curious Case of the Disappearing Aircraft


5th November 2011 - Niagara Falls

30th January 2011 - Paisley


20th October 2010 - Unknown

9th October 2010 - St. Catharines

7th October 2010 - Unknown

22nd September 2010 - Cambridge

2nd September 2010 - Cambridge

6th August 2010 - Toronto

2nd August 2010 - Barrie

1st August 2010 - Vaughan

16th July 2010 - Hamilton

28th June 2010 - Midhurst/Barrie

24th June 2010 - Port Stanley, Lake Erie

20th June 2010 - Toronto

images from above report:
image one     image two

14th June 2010 - St. Catharines

30th April 2010 - Erin

16th March 2010 - London


19th October 2009 - Oshawa

25th September 2009 - Courtice
(Lights followed witness + sighting independently verified)

30th August 2009 - Woodbridge

18th July 2009 - between Kingston and Ottawa

16th July 2009 - Mississauga

It was a warm summer evening when 2 friends and I,a couple I lived with at that address, were looking up and west watching a KLM747 climbing south over Lake Ontario. That location is directly south of Pearson International Airport about a half mile north of Lake Ontario.

At this time I noticed two white balls of light between us and the jet, that gave some perspective, flying from west to east. I pointed it out to Lorainne and Andrew and the three of us watched the two craft make aerial maneuvres like they were two dogs chasing one another in a playful manner. At first sight they could not have been much higher than half a mile because they were between us and the 747 and slightly lower. If the pilots were looking east, they had to see them. It was like two people with laser pens casting the beams on a wall chasing each other.

No man made aircraft that I know of can turn and climb like that. My father was in the RCAF, helped build the five Arrows and ended his working career building and then inspecting guidance systems for Cruise Missles so I have had decent exposure to the aircraft industry and I would bet the farm that an intelligent life source was influencing the flight path of these two vehicles.

They flew almost entirely from west to east with the exception of the circular like loopdy-loo flight paths. They ended up being east of us when they stopped travelling horizontally and went vertical climbing higher. They both seemed to pick a spot near each other, climb higher then dim from single bright white lights to three, dimmer, blue lights in an equidistant triangular pattern. That is to say that the both of them seemed to stop travelling east and went up and both turned into their own triangle. The three lights that comprised each craft were blue and kept dimming until they could no longer be seen.

The funny thing was that all three of us said Hey, that looks like a couple of alien spacecraft. Nobody freaked out and it is only now, roughly five years later, that I felt compelled to add our experience to the MUFON files. We saw something not of this earth.

Full Report on MUFON

9th July 2009 - Oshawa
(Independent verification of previous report)

9th July 2009 - Oshawa

16th January 2009 - St. Catharines (Niagara Region)


30th December 2008 - Niagara Parkway
(circle of lights)

10th November 2008 - Fort Erie (Niagara Region)

2nd November 2008 - Between Fort Erie and Niagara Falls

29th October 2008 - Niagara Falls
(same witness as previous report)

14th October 2008 - Niagara Falls

12th October 2008 - Willow Beach, Lake Simcoe

1st October 2008 - Fort Erie (Niagara Region)

18th September 2008 - Ottawa

1st September 2008 - Burlington

1st September 2008 - Toronto

6th April 2008 - Oakville

2nd January 2008 - Scarborough


23rd September 2007 - Along Niagara River at Fort Erie
(B-2 appearance but silent - detailed report)

17th September 2007 - Midland

31st August 2007 - Belleville

1st July 2007 - Etobicoke

8th May 2007 - Oshawa

26th April 2007 - Oshawa

21st April 2007 - Orangeville

28th March 2007 - Mississauga

20th March 2007 - Whitby
(Witness had 3 subsequent nights'
sightings in same location)

13th March 2007 - Whitby

13th March 2007 - Ancaster


28th May 2006 - London

11th March 2006 - Hamilton


Various dates and locations - Ontario
(same witness)

(Diagrams included)

20th November 2005 - Brechin

11th November 2005 - Toronto

27th July 2005 - London

18th July 2005 - Oakville

14th July 2005 - Scarborough
(Very detailed description)

7th July 2005 - Scarborough

21st April 2005 - Jackson's Point

14th April 2005 - Guelph

14th March 2005 - Peterborough

12th March 2005 - Ottawa

4th March 2005 - Woodstock

24th February 2005 - Whitby


5th December 2004 - Strathroy

21st October 2004 - St. Catharines (Niagara Region)

26th September 2004 - London

29th July 2004 - Toronto

5th July 2004 - Peterborough
(With diagrams and map)

6th May 2004 - Gravenhurst


6th May 2004 - Gravenhurst

5th October 2003 - Beamsville (Niagara Region)

21st September 2003 - Toronto

September 2003 - Toronto

26th August 2003 - Fonthill (Niagara Region)

25th July 2003 - Ottawa

24th July 2003 - NE of Kingston

27th June 2003 - Toronto

24th April 2003 - Guelph

24th April 2003 - Kitchener
(15 minutes after previous sighting report.
Kitchener is 13.5 miles from Guelph)

24th April 2003 - Flying Triangle Case Report
(From Darryl Barker's Site)

24th January 2003 - Kingston


October 2002 - Brockville

I observed an object in the sky. It had 3 sets of lights. The top set of lights was rotating clockwise, the middle set of lights was stationary and the bottom lights was rotating counter clockwise.
The object was silent and slowly drifted over the tree line somewhere over the St. Lawrence after about 10 minutes.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

22nd October 2002 - London

27th August 2002 - Toronto (beaches)

11th August 2002 - Ancaster

9th August 2002 - Mississauga

Summer 2002 - Flamborough

22nd July 2002 - Mississauga

28th May 2002 - Windsor

1st April 2002 - Orangeville
(rectangular object - detailed account)

13th February 2002 - King City

27th January 2002 - Cambridge


8th December 2001 - Brantford

13th September 2001 - Toronto (during lock-down)

10th September 2001 - Stoney Creek

29th August 2001 - Newmarket

14th August 2001 - London

26th July 2001 - Collingwood

10th May 2001 - Newcastle

7th May 2001 - Peterborough

2nd April 2001 - Roslin

11th March 2001 - Fort Erie


November 2000 - Hiawatha First Nation - Peterborough

21st November 2000 - Toronto

26th October 2000 - Thornhill

18th June 2000 - Hamilton

10th February 2000 - Toronto


St. Catharines - exact date unknown

I just wanted to share my story. In 1999 my mother, sister and I all lived in an apartment in St. Catharines, Ontario. We all had our separate bedrooms. My story takes place over the course of three days. At 2:17am I woke up and something drew me to my sister's bedroom window. When I exited my room my mother was oddly also awake and my sister was peering out her window. We saw three bright lights in the sky in the shape of a triangle, kind of slanted to the sky. These lights stayed in formation and hovered in a zig-zag direction then seconds later disappeared.

The next night I awoke, again at 2:17am to find my mother and sister and we saw these lights again, this time closer, and brighter then they disappeared.

On the third night at 2:17am we all woke up again and witnessed the same light formation. This time my mother contacted the air force and airports who had no records of any air crafts flying through the sky; It was then we knew it was ufo space crafts. Years later I tried to find some sort of video, proof of what I saw and there is tons. That is how I came across your page with coincidentally the exact same lights.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

30th November 1999 - Markham

17th November 1999 - Oakville

14th November 1999 - Milton
This event can be found in my article regarding
evaluating witness reports

15th October 1999 - Mississauga

6th July 1999 - St. Catharines

17th June 1999 - Hamilton

13th April 1999 - Beaverton

8th February 1999 - Guelph


1st May 1997 - Kitchener

1st April 1997 - Scarborough

12th February 1997 - Chatham

1996 and earlier

Summer 1996 - Toronto

24th May 1996 - Toronto

24th September 1994 - Burlington

June 1993 - Oshawa

Summer 1992 or 1993 - Kincardine

June 1992 - Brampton

15th June 1990 - Cambridge

January 1990 - Deseronto

September 1989 - Pickering

September 1983 - Owen Sound

July 1977 - North of Toronto

Winter 1975 - Elora

It was a very cold clear winter evening. The snow was very crunchy and there was no wind. I believe I was in 2nd year university, so around 21 yrs old and probably 1975. I was out cross country skiing with my mother on her 100 acre farm near Elora Ontario. We were skiing towards the back of the farm thru the open field with our two dogs. It was full dark, but probably not much later than nine or so as my mom went to bed fairly early.

About 3/4 of the way back there was a fence that ran at right angles to our direction. A single row of 20 year old or so trees and bushes grew along this fence. Our attention was at first drawn to flickering light in these trees. We thought it might be hunters with flashlights out raccoon hunting and were immediately concerned as our dogs had run on ahead.

As we got closer we saw a round light float up just above this single row of trees and seem to bob along parallel to the fence for a ways before sinking slowly back down to almost ground level. Probably around 30 feet rise / fall. We soon realized that what we thought was flashlights was actually a number of round orbs in amongst the trees. Some either on or near the ground, some three or so feet up, and some higher in the trees. They all moved slowly, with slight bobbing motions. It was difficult to estimate how many there were, but our best guess was around twenty. All of the trees were bare, and the lights thru the branches created weird moving shadows on the snow.

As we got closer we called for the dogs, as we didn't know what we were looking at. I had never heard of orbs, nor do I think anyone was reporting seeing them back then. Honestly I can't remember what the reaction of the dogs was - whether they were barking at, ignoring, or exhibiting any other odd behaviour towards the orbs.

We got within 20 yards of the fence. The objects seemed totally oblivious to us. They kept on gently rising up, sinking down, bobbing along just above the tree tops or amongst the branches, and just sitting at various heights. The light they gave off was very bright - almost as bright as a full moon on a clear winter night. It was obvious that the orbs were intelligently controlled as they managed to avoid all contact with the tree branches and each other. I would estimate that they were within an area of a couple of hundred feet along the fence line. None ever came closer to us or seemed to stray too far back from this thin tree line. The field beyond was clearly visible thru the fence / trees.

Two orbs started to rise faster than usual from opposite ends of the fence line. As they passed tree height they suddenly accelerated to a tremendous rate of speed on what looked like a collision course. From our perspective it looked like they barely missed each other. Where their paths crossed the light momentarily flashed much brighter than just double the light. They continued on their individual trajectories until they disappeared from view.

The remainder of the orbs continued to float about. It almost seemed like a ballet with two or three coming close together and then floating apart, others circling each other, etc... Very elegant and controlled. Beautiful to watch. Nothing like balloons caught in the branches. Slow, deliberate movement both horizontal and vertical. Individual orbs would cover the whole 200 feet horizontally and then return to their starting point.

We eventually decided that they must be some type of ufos, but they were all around two to three feet in diameter ( as best as we could tell based on the fence height ), and not the flying discs that we had read about. How could there be anyone / anything small enough to pilot them?

Although my mother and I didn't find the orbs themselves scary, I had read one of the classic ufo books, which talked about flying saucers sucking up animals and taking off. I became concerned that our two dogs were going to be carried off. Looking back, how these 3 foot balls were going to lift an Irish setter and a yellow lab I don't know. Silly.

In total, we watched for around 10 minutes. Occasionally another orb would rise up and quickly disappear. Quickly as in so fast that they created a continuous blur of light. I don't remember any of these high fliers returning.

As we made our way back to the farmhouse we could still see the orbs floating about ( the orbs were behind us ). The dogs must have followed without a fuss or I would remember that.
Once back in the house it sort of sunk in. We weren't freaked out as much as intrigued. Odd I know. We often talked about how oddly calm we were.

We were freezing cold, and not willing to put our skis back on and retrace our steps. Since our farm is on the corner of two roads, we decided to get in our car and see if we could get back close to the location. Unfortunately the sideroad had not been plowed more than a hundred feet or so past the intersection. We never saw the orbs again.

We told the immediate family about what we'd seen over the next few days. None were particularly interested. Over the years I've told a few friends, but beyond that nothing. My mother died at 91 last spring. We compared notes about what we remembered sometime during her last year. Our memories matched almost identically except for one odd point. She remembered the orbs as giving off red light and I remembered the orbs as giving off pure white light.

It's probably possible to tie down exactly when this happened. Later that same week the Guelph newspaper had a picture of what was supposed to have been the clearest ufo picture to date. Shot locally. As I remember the picture, it was of a classic saucer shaped craft - not matching at all what we had seen. The coincidence is what stuck with me.

Thanks to John Hayes at UFOINFO for letting us know about this event and connecting us up with the witness who submitted the report.

September 1974 - Elmira

1973 - Hwy 401 Between London and Tillsonburg

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