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Reports of Anomalous Aerial Devices
Strange Lights, Noises and More
Ontario, Canada


Tuesday, 09-Apr-2024 14:07:16 EDT

PLEASE NOTE that any links to MUFON's reports are apparently
now defunct due to MUFON changing their database access.


Hundreds of UFO sightings in Southwestern Ontario since the 1990s

Ontario Reports 2013-2014

Ontario Reports 1973-2012


5th June 2018 (report submitted to MUFON on 26th April 2021) - Welland

Leaving my residence at 9:30 pm on my bicycle , I immediately noticed a bright light in the sky which was a glowing orbing orange colour . I stopped and jumped off bike and noticed it made a manoeuvre which it banked on an angle and turned towards the ground and started flying on a downward angle towards me and the ground. I shouted at the top of my lungs, “Is anybody seeing this !! LOOK !!

It then banked on a slight angle and levelled off flying approximately 250-300 feet over my head. I directly saw craft shape and complexity of the design, it looked like no craft I ever saw, I knew what I was looking at was NOT from earth. It made NO sound at all, was controlled by something or someone obviously by the manoeuvres it made and then the grand finale, a final manoeuvre in which it banked slightly upwards on an angle and did a speed burst which was right out of a movie, literally, it looked that amazing, no sounds, it just sped across entire sky in seconds, right out of sight. The g-force that was created by speed burst would have turned humans to mush, so I am sure it wasn’t one of “ours”

I must also mention that at the time I was going through serious financial problems, was riding bicycle for transportation and did not own a cell phone nor a smart phone. I mention this to clarify and explain why I did not film in any way, if I would have captured this on video, I WOULD BE THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON ON EARTH WITH A VIDEO MORE FAMOUS THAN ZAPRUDERS JFK FILM.

That is the truth, what I saw changed my life forever I will never be the same or look at the world we live in the same. The craft I seen was so advanced in appearance and capabilities that I had a hard time coming to grips as to what I saw. The implications of a race so advanced is scary, especially when looking at our history of how we treat other races and each other as well as species so below us.

I swear this statement absolutely true.

Full Report on MUFON


6th September 2020 - Vaughan

It was Sunday, Sep. 6, 2020, around 10 pm. I was sitting on the balcony of my condo apartment on 12th floor. My apartment is facing north. There are complex of townhomes bellow my building across a small park.

At one moment I saw a chopper hovering above the townhouses. When I turned my attention to the West, I noticed two lights far away approaching my area. Probably another commercial jet, I thought. The chopper has taken off. Immediately after that I noticed those two lights hovering above the townhouses.

My first thought was it's impossible for the commercial jet to get here from where it was when I noticed it first so fast. And also, why it's hovering? Probably it's two different objects and this one was a drone.

The object start moving slowly and approached the other building that was east of mine. It started going up vertically. After a few minutes it changed direction and flew in my direction.

I saw only two lights that were flashing. But it wasn't like electrical lights but rather like flames. Also, the flames were converging and not diverging.

When it started passing in front of my balcony, I still wasn't able to determine its shape or color as the object was flying in the mist. But I heard the roaring noise. The object kept slowly moving along my building at the height of about 14th floor.

When the object reached the edge of the building, it suddenly turned around its axis and I saw a triangle with lights in the corners. About the size of the object, to my evaluation, its side length was about 10 feet long. In a second or two it disappeared behind the building's edge.

I didn't have my cell with me on the balcony and didn't want to go get it. I didn't want to miss anything from what I saw.

Full Report on MUFON

1st January 2020 - Caesarea (Lake Scugog)

Lights in the forest next to my house had unexplained glowing, lights moving around through the trees very fast and erratically. changing bright colour

Around 5 am. Jan 1 I observed 3 -4 glowing lights moving through the trees in the forest beside my home. The lights were changing color from red to green to yellow with other colors. 1 of the lights seen seemed to be triangle in shape. I estimate they were around basketball size observed at 1 mile approx distance. There was a dull whitle light surrounding the more intense colored lights. 1 of the lights was more easily seen because it was clear, it had less tree obstruction. But several others could also be seen less clearly within a few hundred meters of the most visible. They were all moving very erratically and turned on all axis. They were approx. Mid level in full grown trees weiving and shooting in many directions a few times shooting straight to the ground and back up in a blink. I could see a whiteish light reflecting off the snow on the ground and near by trees when the light would get near the ground. I was able to watch them dance around the trees for nearly 2 hrs. I tried to record a video but my phone camera wouldnt pick up the lights at that distance in the dark.

Full Report on MUFON

27th October 2019 - Baldwin, near Lake Simcoe

Driving home in a bad rain storm my sister pointed out lights in the distance and asked what it was as we’ve never seen lights like this in this location. The lights would go out then turn back on. I said I didn’t know. My eyes were on the road as the weather was bad and as we passed out of the corner of my eye whatever this was lit up and my sister said omg that’s a UFO. I didn’t see it as again my eyes were on the road. So I said ok I’ll turn around and we’ll go back and have a look. So a little ways down the road I turned around and on our way back we could see 2 balls of light in the distance moving around and I said oh it’s over there now. I pulled into a gas station as this is where we had originally seen the UFO. Once I pulled in and stopped my car this massive ship lit up above my car, it was about 3-4 stories above us. I have read about people describing a ship to be as big as a football stadium and I would say this had to be in that size range, it was massive. I could see big lights on this thing, I could see the bottom of this craft. It was stationary and right above me. I was so scared that I reversed my car to get out of there. My sister in the mean time was trying to get her phone to work and telling me to wait so she can get a video of this thing but her phone wouldn’t turn on and I wasn’t waiting for her to figure it out. Looking back I wish I took an extra minute to watch this UFO as it was right there in front of my eyes but it was early morning with not another sole in sight and I was too terrified to stick around.

Full Report on MUFON

30th May 2019 - Bowmanville

Wedge shape object cruising about 500+ feet north easterly direction

May 30th 2019 returned home approx 11:30 pm.Let the dogs out for the last time before bed. noticed movement coming over the trees, at first i thought it was a flock of geese because of the wedge shape, then realized no sound whatsoever, then noticed what i assumed was lights but very very dim, one on the front and two on each side of the massive wedge underneath. i live approxametly 3 miles noth of darlington nuke plant. i must live under a flight path for commercial aircraft, light planes and helicopters, i am 61 years old and lived at this address for 36 years, and never seen anything like it. didn't have my phone on me and it would have gone before i could get it. please feel free to call or contact me for more info. thanks jim.

Full Report on MUFON

25th May 2019 - Oakville

Appeared approx 80 degrees to my right. large object, silent, 3 glowing orbs joined together in pyramidal shape surrounded by variable orange plasma like fire. moved silently and slowly west to east. i banged on the window alerting my wife who is a scientist. proceeded to end of driveway and watched the object continue on a horizontal path before turning south and being lost to line of site. managed to catch the obligatory out of focus cell phone image. it was not an aircraft, weather phenomenon or balloon. this was a distinct, large, silent and controlled craft that was to say the least a remarkable and undeniable experience

Full Report on MUFON

16th April 2019 - Delhi

Patterned surface. Cigar shape craft humming with a ghostly seem like orb going threw air.

Wording of report on UFOSTALKER:

"I dont no who to talk to about this. this was not normal. im found always looking to the sky now. cant sleep no more. i couldnt breath couldnt move."

Wording of report on the MUFON CMS:

"I do not want to talk to about this. This was not normal. Im found always looking to the sky now. Cant sleep no more. I couldnt breath couldnt move. Just letting you know."

Brief Report on MUFON

13th April 2019 - Etobicoke

Black Triangular Craft Low in the sky moving silently North West Clear Triangular Shape two lights on each side of Triangle.

Looking up at the moon, mainly clear sky; moon very bright. walking home from work. As I was looking up noticed outline of black object over head, moving in straight line no sound at all.

moving at a steady rate of speed, I would guess at approx. 100-200 mph. Lost sight of object after 10 seconds One minute later observed another craft exact same shape and speed moving in the exact same direction. Second craft had four lights, two on each side of Triangle. Lights were dim not bright, lost sight of craft after 10 seconds. One minute later observed another craft of exactly same shape and size moving in the same direction as the other two. Lights on the third craft were brighter more clearly seen.

Full Report on MUFON

23rd March 2019 - Sault Ste. Marie

Boomerang shaped UFO very huge

Me and my friend were shoveling the roof and we were watching the space station fly by..then a bright orb just as high as the iss. Going north . Very bright then faded and changed direction west hard. Was going faster then the iss then it just faded out. So we were like that’s cool. Then a big boomerang shaped ship came out of now where it had sharp shape to it with reddish orange lights. I swear it was at least a klm long. The lights were straight no blinking. No sound. Had a haze like heat wave around it. It was flying side ways then leveled out and went up and was gone. It was clear out not a cloud in the sky. The ship was clear as day. It was the most amazing UFO I have ever seen..100%. Iam still in shock I seen the ship for about 7 seconds.

Full Report on MUFON

9th(?) February 2019 - Cobourg

Observed very bright yellowish orange orbs over lake ontario .Watched as what appreared to be 4 orbs turn into one large bright orb in the evening sky. then all of a sudden it decended or dove int the lake.

It was on the evening of feb 5 2019 at approximately 8 pm.On my way home from work driving on county road 2 that travels along the shoreline of lake ontario. i noticed 4 bright lights in the sky in the shape of orbs, i was less than a kilometer away from them.

i observed the lights hovering and glowing bright orangish yellow in color over lake ontario. it seemed as though all four orbs turned into one large orb and all of a sudden the orb dived into the water and disappeared.The whole event lasted around a minute and a half to 2 minutes.

Full Report on MUFON

22nd September 2018 - Bracebridge

Was going to fishing spot in boat. Travelling 22 mph Object observed in the middle of the lake.
Upon closer inspection it was hovering a few feet off the lake as there was a gap between the reflection and the object and the scenery and landscape could be seen behind the gap.
I contemplated steering the boat towards the object, but did not think this was a good idea so kept my trajectory towards the fishing spot.
I also contemplated stopping and taking a video but was just staring at the object.
Suddenly the object disappeared. I can only describe it by saying it "pinched" itself out of existence. There was no where for the object to be obscured as it was in / near the middle of the lake.

Full Report on MUFON

16th September 2018 - Ajax

I feel obligated to get this reported. I was in my home in Ajax, Ontario watching the night sky with my binoculars at 8 PM. this evening. Looking west I noticed an object about 2000 ft high in the sky with pulsating red and green lights.
It was slowly moving from the north to the south and moved about a quarter miles distance when to stopped and hovered and moved away to the east slightly as it appeared to get a little smaller.
It then stopped again and moved directly up about another 500 ft at fairly fast rate and stopped again.

At this point it then descended to about 2000 ft and began moving from the east directly toward my position.
Still it was just the 2 pulsating red and green lights. It stopped about a mile from my position and then began to move to the north.

I lost site of it as it went behind the corner of our building, but I quickly moved from my back yard, through my home, and out the front door, where I was able to pick up still moving to the north but all the while coming a little to my position to the west of it. It then stopped again, and hovered.

The whole time there was no sound. to the best of my recollection the object then moved slightly to the south again, stopped and moved a little north west. By now i had moved east on my street to get a better vantage point so I wouldn't lose the object if and when it moved further north. ow looking due north at the object about a half mile from position and about 2000 ft in the air, the object then pivoted around its axis and slowing began to move west. At this point the pulsating red and green lights were a constant white on the anterior of the craft and it slowly began to move accelerating away to the west generally following the path of 401. at about 60 mph.

I could clearly see this craft was large, triangular in shape. As I watched the object move from its position north of me to the west, and lost sight of it. About 5 minutes later it returned again this time appearing in the NNE with green and red pulsating lights about five miles away moving slowly to the east. It stopped , hovered, and then moved again to the west where it went out of site. It then came back again and did its little dog an phone show.

I then went in the house for a minute and got my dog and brought him outside so I could continue watching this amazing site. Sure enough the object came back again but soon disappeared again off to the east. I continued watching for several more minutes when yet another object appeared as a bright large white light to my north east. it came closer to my position very slowly as it it got closer I could see that this object again was large but rectangular in shape with bright white lights that ran from the front to the back. Looking up at this craft I can only describe this craft as looking like a catamaran. All of this happened between roughly 8 PM and 8:25 PM this evening. I am stunned by what I have seen. My neighbour across the street can support some of what I saw. I have continued watching the sky this evening and there has been additional unusual air activity in the area and in space above Ajax this evening as I write this at 10:14 PM. Surely I can't be the only one to see have seen this ?

Full Report on MUFON

27th August 2018 - Toronto

Sitting outside my boat in toronto island with my brother the sky started flashing dimly, could have been lightning but it stopped abruptly after the incident and there was no thunder. i looked skyward and had a feeling of unease followed by a sudden recollection of the dyatlov pass incident, which i had read about several weeks earlier. didn't think anything of it really and returned to watching tv on my computer which we both were doing until my brother called to me and asked "what the fuck is that thing?". spending nights on our boat we see many planes flying in to the nearby airport at night and are familiar with their lights and speed. this one shared neither. it was moving at a relative speed faster than any plane i had seen besides fighter jets when they are flying low at air shows. if any vehicle were to fly that fast and low it would have to produce a sound but there was none. luckily there were no other planes in the sky at that moment to confuse it's lack of sound with. the light was round and red-orange and was the only light visible which is also unusual for planes.

Full Report on MUFON

13th August 2018 - Cobourg

I was driving my night run on hwy 401 going east. just east of cobourg i saw the clouds lit up orange thinking it might be the moon. as i drove closer i noticed a very bright orange light as the source. trees kept blocking view, but next viewing i saw a second object,also orange, but smaller. it went up over a cloud which was lit up from the larger light. it then dropped down into the clouds dimming in brightness, but i could see the pin point of light,even in the dense cloud, while the large light stayed stationary. 5 white lights in a row west of them looked like airplane lights, but the view was blocked.

next viewing i only saw the one big light, bright like a welders torch with orange.I could see the orange glow lighting up lake ontario and a large expanse of clouds. i saw 2 airplanes fly in front of the object,but the planes were close to me. this light was huge and no aviation light or military flare could light up so much space. i viewed it for 15 minutes while driving. couldn't pull over and had to watch road, but never have witnessed this before. mars was in a different part of the sky,more to the west and looked like a tiny dot in comparison.There were clouds lit up behind the object, so it was not in space.

other people would have seen this,as i can't accurately describe how bright it was,enough to distract me and keep me looking at it in awe. some other motorist were stopped on the highway where the view was good, couldn't pull my rig over, they might have been witnessing it as well

Full Report on MUFON

5th August 2018 - Deep Bay

On August 5th 2018, 7 boaters including us tied up our cruisers on Deep Bay off the Trent Severn in Ontario- we were there for a total of 3 nights tied up together swimming, cooking and enjoying a perfect weekend on the water.

On Sunday evening my 55 year old boyfriend and I decided to lay out a blanket on the bow of our boat and watch the stars before heading to bed. After about 20 minutes or so we noticed a large bright round object flashing red & white spinning lights across the lake and above the tree line in front of us facing North. We watched it for some time, confused why it wasnt moving and what would be flashing these types of lights.

We grabbed the binoculars and took turns watching it- able to observe the colors better and confirm that the colors were turning/spinning or alternately flashing. We ran through all possibilities we could think of to explain what it could possibly be- if it was a helicopter- it was the wrong shape, how could it hover in one spot for so long, why & how could it be spinning lights and why was there no sound, if it was a plane- how can it hover, ..clearly not a weather balloon, far far too large to be a drone.

We wanted to watch it all eve but had to get to sleep unfortunately. In the morning it was gone. I tried to take pictures but the object was to far and the surroundings were to pitch black to capture anything but darkness. This was the oddest thing we have ever seen. When we returned to the marina the next day and mentioned something to a friend there- he also said he saw something over the water that was flashing lights and very strange. We have not seen it since.

Report on MUFON

12th March 2018 - Toronto

Driving south on Don Mills Rd., between Eglinton Ave and O’Connor, at around 5:15 a.m. on March 12, 2018 when I noticed a small set of white lights in the distance over Don Mills Rd. I thought at first it might be a helicopter hovering there, but the lights did not conform to how I know helicopter lights to be, and it didn’t move at all. Then I wondered if they had set up a crane to do construction work, but there’s no way they could set up a crane at that location.

It was misty/foggy that morning, and still dark, and I couldn’t really make out too much until I came closer, and realized that the small set of lights was actually positioned at the very end of the right “wing” of an “aircraft” that was situated right next to the roadway. The wing was sticking out over the roadway, and the rest of the aircraft was hovering over the ravine/park on the west side of Don Mills Rd.

It was enormous, and it was so close to the ground that it was shocking. It was a boomerang shape, with rounded edges and tips, and no fuselage. The wings also tapered gradually so that they were narrower at the tips. I was driving right underneath it and lifting my head up to see out the front of my car window. It was a battleship grey colour and the first thing I thought was that it must be some kind of military transport aircraft or something. It was built like a tank, and left me with the impression of something military.

Next, I wondered how it could even be there, and so close to the road and apartment buildings, as it was incredibly huge. The underneath was mainly smooth with a circular ring-shaped object at the point where the two wings meet, and some other “nuts and bolts” kind of objects I can’t remember very well. I do remember one small, square-shaped object near the middle of the right wing. The whole aircraft was facing north/north-east, and I had the impression it was gliding very, very slowly in that direction, if it was moving at all.

There was absolutely no sound. It seemed to be just floating there. I don’t think I would’ve even noticed this thing if it hadn’t been for the small lights at the end of its wing sticking out over the roadway. If not for those small white lights, which seemed to be the size of normal airplane lights, the object was completely invisible until I was practically right underneath it, and looking up at it. I still can’t believe how large and silent it was, and how it could be just floating there so close to the road. I expected to read something in the news about this thing at some point, but there have not been any reports at all. It was still there as I drove past it, and I don’t know how long it remained there.

Full Report on MUFON

28th November 2017 - Cobourg

Observed an orange light in the sky that was quite bright. i was coming out of one room in my house and observed it through the window of the room opposite. i thought that at first it might be a plane but then realized the light itself was too large to be a plane and not in a location that i have ever seen a planes landing lights before.

from my position i estimated that the lights would have been over the city of port hope, or just slightly offshore over lake ontario. as to the height, i can only guestimate 500 to 1000 feet. port hope is 116 km from pearson airport in toronto. if these were landing lights, they would have been shining to the west instead of to the east (i was east of the lights). were they from a plan taking off, the landing gear would have been retracted long before reaching that distance.

as stated, the light was larger than an aircraft landing light. i observed it for about two minutes and it did not move. i put my face against the window and used a tree in my yard as a reference to determine that there was no movement. there appeared to be two orbs, one of the partially blocked by the other. that is, one appeared to be behind and slightly offset to the north. the lights did not pulse, blink, or appear to change until the light simply disappeared.

Full Report on MUFON

Military Flares seen over Lake Ontario - 23 May 2017

8th May 2017 (approx) - Kitchener

"i could see lights flashing in the sky and assumed it was a plane. (planes fly overhead all the time.) but it was more lights than a plane and only white. also not the standard flashing (timing) like plane lights, no red light. no sound of an airplane. whatever it was it was very quiet. i watched it come from the west, seemingly directly over my yard and past. i watched it until i couldn't see it anymore. i was looking really hard for a red light like a plane, particularly as it was moving away to the east. i only saw the white lights the whole time. they seemed to turn on and off in sequence, there seemed to be at least 3 lights on at all times. from the way the lights were flashing the object could have been circular, but i could see no shape or outline, only the lights against the night sky."

Full Report on MUFON

12th May 2017 - Walpole Island

"A fiery orange ball falling from the sky then stopped above treeline seemed under control then went sw straightline."

"The four of us were sitting in the hot tub and observed an unusual orange fireball fall from the nw sky. it was a clear starlit night. we all got out of the tub and walked on the lawn to watch this object. it looked like it was going to fall to the ground but stopped and leveled out. it had a very bright orange glow that was constant. it traveled slowly away from us towards walpole island and the american border."

Full Report on MUFON

28th April 2017 - Jordan, Ontario

"2 objects, like stars (brightness/shape), under cloud cover while raining over lake ontario right of qew to bound st. catharines-jordan, on, plane seen circling overhead before & after"

Full Report on MUFON

24th November 2016

Maybe the Porter Airlines pilots encountered something as described
in this analysis sent to me by Harry B. Picken in 1999:

Lake Ontario 8th April 1975

14th November 2016 Porter Airlines
Incident Over Lake Ontario - Update

Description of mystery object far from shore doesn't match any known drone, TSB says

14th November 2016 - East of Toronto

This incident has been widely covered in the press and the 'UFO' label has now been attached to it on some websites.

Transportation Safety Board investigating Incident Over Lake Ontario

TSB Deployment Notice

24th September 2016 - Bolton

1) it was a moonless night and i was in my backyard observatory in bolton, ontario, preparing to take a photograph of messier 16 - eagle nebula.

2) since i was looking in the general direction (sw), i noticed several bright amber moving lights (15-20), similar in shape to a small plane or a bright planet. they were no blinking lights or sound.

3) my first impressions were that this phenomena was not of this world or some secret military experiment.

4) i observed the phenomena for about a minute as they slowly moved across my neighbour's house and then the luminosity of the lights dimmed and disappeared in a sse direction over our conservation tree line.

5) i tried to take a photograph of the lights with my telescope camera. after i went into my house and called my wife to observe the phenomena. my wife observed the phenomena and took some cell phone video footage.

6) the lights slowly disappeared from view above the tree tops

Full Report on MUFON

10th June 2016 - Sharon

A large number of white lights were seen on the night of Friday, 10th June, 2016. The lights were travelling northwards at a steady speed followed by smaller groups shortly afterwards. If anyone else saw similar we would be pleased to hear from you with any details that you are able to provide.
Thank you.

3rd March 2016 - Toronto

Anomalous moving light over Lake Ontario - Pararesearchers report

9th December 2015 - Walpole Island

Reports on Pararesearchers:

11th December 2015 - Woodstock

3rd December 2015 - Mississauga

27th November 2015 - Milton

27th November 2015 - Mississauga

25th November 2015 - Caledon

"....I spotted a large black triangle immediately above the trees moving towards me at a slow rate of speed. My first reaction was that this was an ultralight aircraft. Then i thought that since it was getting late he is probably using the fence line for navagation referance and is running very late. The weather was very good for this time of year and may have been why he was out, so i thought. With almost no wind and about 16c. Since it was heading almost straight for me and just above the tree tops i decided not to walk directly under its path since i may scare the person with me holding a shotgun in complete comoflauge clothing.

I would instead stay put untill it passes by. As it began to peer through the trees and getting near i was amazed that it was not emmiting that loud roar of a small engine. It also was not revealling any type of wing span. The sky was still clear although the sun was setting quickly. The object had no lights and that was my next thought. Where was this thing heading and what the heck is it. I was still thinking that someone was at the controls in either a crouch position or a ski position and i was in complete disbelief when it finnaly broke out from the trees.

It apearred to be a human from a distance but then i saw no shoulders a elongated head that had the shape of a street light, it was about 6 ft. tall and very slender. The entire body was black but i could not make out any facial features accept that the face colour was grey....."

Full Report on MUFON

21st August 2015 - Welland

Triangular craft reported to Pararesearchers

28th July 2015 - Cobourg

We were at our friends just east of Cobourg last night July 28, 2015, at around 9h30 pm on their beautiful property talking over a fire while looking at an almost full moon on Lake Ontario on a peaceful and mild weather clear night.

Then the typical - look! What we first saw was an orange round-oval-ish light positioned slightly over the horizon line. It was giving a long and narrow shadow on the water. It was beautiful. Then another light lit slowly on its west side. Then a second one also lit faintingly a tad higher up from the horizon and east of it. Back to the west side , more up, one was almost flat on the horizon, and very faintly coloured. The lights always took a few second to acquire their full colour and eventually faded.

We noticed a ballet of three lights on and off, some staying lit for a good 5 min. We saw the three together, only two very bright at the same time.

Our binoculars allowed us to see a oval-ish bright orange shape. Its activity looked like a beehive where the top right side corner was fraying and coming back together (north-west side of the shape).

It was 9h30 until 10h30. Our hosts looked again later at 11h30 and said that the pattern reoccurred. As they were tired they went to bed.

Beautiful. Stunning. Strange.

Our thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

Pararesearchers have received a report of orange lights near Brighton also seen on the night of 28th July 2015.

Extract from the above referenced page on Pararesearchers:

We were camping @ Presquile Prov. Park, in the Brighton area, when we noticed a similar display at about 9:00pm on July 28th, 2015. It was a bit foggy, so all we could see were the lights and one or two ribbons of smoke just above and very close to the lights. The lights seemed to be about 3/4 mile off the shore. No noise. A pair of lights were silently circling high and much further out over the lake. The show lasted about 20 mins.

26th July 2015 - Toronto


....At approximately 10:15pm Sunday evening, July 26th my friend and I came up to my rooftop to have desert and watch the sky. As I sat down at the table placing the fruit bowl down, my friend was looking East and brought to my attention an unusually bright, red light. Flying from the eastern sky from my rooftop in a northerly direction were 2 objects with very large red lights. What was different about these two objects were the lights, initially. There was only one color and one light on the flying object unlike the airplanes passing overhead, which at that time the sky was very busy with air traffic compared to most evenings.

The red light was a much deeper, denser, fuller red than the airplanes passing by. It did not have a flash-like quality as I'd normally describe the airplane light flashing on and off, but was more like a slower turn-on, turn off characteristic to it, like a fade-up and down, rather than an abrupt flash on and off.

At the distance from me the larger size red light was bigger than the largest star (Jupiter), perhaps 4 to 6 times bigger than the plane lights overhead. The smaller red light was around the size of a plane's flashing light but at that distance I would guess it is larger, but only slightly. I could not determine if it was attached to a solid object or if it was just light. My guess was that it may be attached to something but I could not see it at night, though the airplanes above the city can be seen unless they are extremely high. I also should comment that there was a lot of energy in the air, as if there was a lot going on energetically in the city at that time whereas when the lights disappeared into the eastern sky, the buzz and activity overhead quieted down to a normal Sunday night feeling for 10:30pm.......

Click on image below for full report on MUFON:

28th May 2015 - Burlington

On May 28th 2015 at 11:20pm in the south west direction sitting on our porch we saw a huge bright orange light rising behind the tree which it lit up and saw what we can only describe to look like a floating sun...we thought maybe it was a plane on fire or an asteroid...but as it came closer to us it slowed down and started to lower and hovered above our house for about 6 minutes and it was absolutely enormous (200 to 300 feet) and dead silent...

We were frozen still looking at the flames (red, orange and yellow) shooting all around...the pulsating light it emitted was like a small sun hovering between 500 to 1000 feet above us...then we saw the back of it which was a light black diamond shape with lights on the side...then it started to ascend quickly and slightly turned north east and took off with such speed...we were absolutely in shock of what we saw.

Click on image to see full size illustration by witness

Full Report on MUFON

9th January 2015 - London

As I was walking home from my city bus stop I went through a public park called "Spring Bank." When I was on the road between a bridge and some washrooms I saw in the sky a large UFO: it had three lights, of which one was red and the others were probably about the same color. It was on the left side of the three stars that form a vertical line.

It sounded somewhat like an airplane but something was different about it (if I had just heard the sound I would have questioned whether it was an airplane or not.) It was flying north-east. I heard strange beeping-like noises by the trees on the park road and also by the washrooms. If I stopped, it was only briefly, as I wanted to go home after a Friday on my first week back to college after the Christmas break.

When I first saw it I wasn't sure what it was, but I did think it some type of jet that I hadn't seen before. When I saw it I was curious and somewhat filled with wonder. I lost sight of the object because I kept walking; I had to keep going: it was cold and I was walking.

I saw the UFO between 7:00 and 8:00 PM (Eastern time). For the record: I have never drunk an alcoholic beverage in my life and never used any street drugs, furthermore I was not taking any prescribed medicine at all. I also wanted to note that I saw two cars parked in a nearby parking lot at the far end of it. It looked like no one was in them.

Full Report on MUFON

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