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The above image is a still from a BBC3 production from 2012.


The Hoaxer is still up to his impersonating and hoaxing, continuing with his falsifying of information about others.
Impersonation is bad enough, but Defamation is a very serious matter.

"Cyber-libel is a term used when someone has posted or emailed something that is untrue and damaging about someone else on the Internet, including in message boards, bulletin boards, blogs, chat rooms, personal websites, social media, social networking sites, or other published articles."

This earlier example of fakery dates to 2015 where the hoaxer impersonated animal mutilation and UFO investigator Phil Hoyle. Phil Hoyle has been a regular target of this hoaxer since 2012. This post on an Anglesey website was NOT made by Phil Hoyle and Phil has NOT changed his email address.

The hoaxer was impersonating Phil here to syphon off any reports/submissions to himself.

The image below is a clickable link to the fake Phil Hoyle post:

This individual had also been impersonating Scott Felton again on other media articles and websites. In the comments' section of an article in the Daily Post about the Berwyn UFO case. The real Scott Felton's screen name is ConwyUFOGroup and Perks has been posting as ScottLFelton no doubt hoping to discredit Scott in some way.

Please click on the image below to see a full size version of the fake Scott Felton post of 6th May 2018:


The fake Scott Felton 'blog - that might appear to the uninitiated to be written by Scott L. Felton - also appears to have been authored by this individual with the usual tell-tale errors ever-present. The main content of this fake 'blog was lifted from our main Berwyn site. However, the copying and pasting was done rather poorly with many glaring errors showing in the fake 'blog.

This is some of the drivel that appears on the fake Scott Felton 'blog page, allegedly Scott disassociating himself from this site, XPOSE UFO TRUTH, but that is far from the truth as can be seen from our continued collaboration.

Please click on the image below to see a full size version of the fake Scott Felton 'blog post:


Additionally, more fake reports were submitted to MUFON between September 2016 and February 2017.

According to messages that we had received from several people, this individual also claimed to be working in a Very Important Place in London. However, information received more recently tends to contradict the above claim, unless, of course, he is doing more than just the waste management.

Also another Perks alias has surfaced on the Above Top Secret forum site.

Read about our investigations into how Darren Perks submitted hoaxes to MUFON and UK UFO SIGHTNGS websites.

Read about our investigations into Perks using many aliases to defame our friend and colleague Mr. Phil Hoyle.

Read about our investigations into how Perks impersonated people such as Nick Pope, Linda Moulton-Howe, Timothy Beckley and even myself!

The impersonations of Nick Pope and Linda Moullton-Howe were used to add weight to Perks' own research and articles.

Many of these deeds were done on a computer network where Perks worked in Shrewsbury, but his work IP address gave the game away!

These deeds included threatening emails and "foul-mouthed" messages sent to a number of researchers.


Our investigation into how an IP address exposed
the habitual hoaxer and impersonator

A "doctored" photo is submitted to MUFON

Blatant use of another person's photograph to create a hoax.
An exercise in comparing an original image with a "doctored" image

Was Perks really a witness to a triangular craft over Shrewsbury?

Darren Perks uses unauthorised
copyrighted material on BBC3 Road Trip

Another study of Perks' copyright violation
This incident involved PlanetX Live radio

Click on the image below to read about how Perks' "photo account" was hacked by two passersby in a Los Angeles "web cafe" whilst he was called away to answer his mobile!

In the above we learn of how Darren Perks tried to cover up his Alamo Hoax submitted to MUFON.

We learn of how Darren Perks pretended to be a sheep farmer and submit a fake report to Richard D. Hall, David Cayton and Gary Heseltine.

We also meet the "local booby," a "fats jet" and other odd stuff!

Latest discussion on Perks' hoaxing and impersonations on Above Top Secret forums:

A note to XPOSE UFO TRUTH visitors

It would seem from a communication that I received from a one Mr. Darren Perks on 14th March 2013 that he appears somewhat confused as to why we are so persistent in bringing all the hoaxes, fakery and copyright infringements to light.

The "saga," as Mr. Perks terms it, dates back to 12th June 2012, when my friend and colleague Phil Hoyle received a strange missive via his APFU website online contact form regarding a "cow attack." This was not the first strange missive that he had received.

Phil Hoyle had received a previous message on 6th June 2012 from a "Mrs. Mary Hay" of HMRC in Cardiff again via Mr. Hoyle's website online contact form. Both the 12th June and 6th June messages were laced with similar spelling and typographical errors displaying a now very familiar style.

Phil Hoyle had been extremely suspicious of this "cow attack" missive and forwarded it to me for perusal. I was rather shocked to see that my Hotmail address had been used in conjunction with another person's name to send the fake animal mutilation report to Phil.

Mr. Hoyle had not realised that it was my Hotmail address (only used on 4 occasions up to that date) that had been used for this fake submission until I pointed this out to him.

I succeeded in contacting the other person implicated in this hoax and discovered that both of us had been registered members of Mr. Perks' "UFO Shropshire" website. I had personally subscribed to his site on 16th May 2012 (when he was in the U.S. recording the "Conspiracy Road Trip, UFOs" show with a BBC3 film crew) in order to have access to materials that were apparently not available to "Joe Public."

Registration was approved on 18th May 2012.

We never did discover what the Members' section might have been. I wrote to Mr. Perks on this matter and was told that the Members' Section had been closed down.

From that moment forth I was determined to discover who had used my Hotmail email address (only used on 4 occasions by that date) to create a fake mutilation report and send it to my friend Phil Hoyle.

There appears to be a far larger ongoing campaign that has been put in motion to discredit a sincere and hard working investigator who has been in this "field" for more than 30 years. We believe that there are many facets to this campaign and that it involves more than just one fame-seeking individual trying to break into TV, radio and movies.

Previously it had been brought to our attention that a person using the pseudonym "xutlady" had been making unauthorised postings and representations in the name of our site.
This individual had been fraudulently advertising the function and purpose of Project Orbwatch and its sub-site Xpose UFO Truth

"xutlady" just happens to be the handle/email ID of one of our directors.

This is a screenshot of a comment on Above Top Secret forums which gives an example of the type of malicious, defamatory and libelous comments posted by this individual using the "xutlady" handle.

Phil Hoyle, mentioned in this defamatory comment, is a friend and colleague of ours and continues to actively investigate animal mutilation cases in the U.K.

Please note that the content of this posting below is not based on any fact whatsoever. Also please note that this comment and others similar have been removed from the forums.

We challenged the author of the comment below to provide substantiation for the claims made.


The individual who was impersonating our director by using the "xutlady" handle was subsequently banned from the Above Top Secret forums. Please see the screenshots below.

This is what the posting looked like before being removed. Perks as "xutlady" (me) corroborating the Perksian story about his photo account being hacked. Laughable!

"xutlady" profile on ATS:

The following screenshot was taken of a thread on the Above Top Secret forums that was started by this "xutlady." This fabrication was obviously an attempt to discredit my work (spanning 15 years) and myself. Whoever the person is that was using the "xutlady" handle appears to have some grudge against myself. If this person using "xutlady" is who we think it is, then exposing his hoaxes is most likely the reason for this ongoing campaign.

This same individual then posted another comment in the same thread one hour and nineteen minutes later.

The handle/email ID "E.J. Thomas" (one of our directors) has also been used in various forum postings discrediting our websites.

It is obvious that someone (we know who this individual is, and what all his IP addresses are/were) had a "problem" with our uncovering of his hoaxes.

When we are involved in exposing hoaxes we have to expect this type of vitriolic yet cowardly attack. These attacks are almost invariably carried out by the hoaxer after having been exposed, or by a party close to the hoaxer.


Lest there be any shadow of doubt that "xutlady" was anyone other than Darren Perks - and this issue is mentioned in various places on our site - only three people knew of that "handle" that was part of my Hotmail address. Two of those people can be completely ruled out of the picture.

That left just one person - Darren Perks - and I had registered with the "xutlady" Hotmail address for membership of Perks' website UFO SHROPSHIRE on 16th May 2012. I was approved on 18th May 2012 when Perks was still away in the United States on his free holiday with BBC3.

Rather damning evidence, is it not?

We were very grateful to Mark W. Allin, Chief Operations Officer at The Above Network, for rapidly dealing with the unpleasant situation regarding defamatory posts made about us and our colleague Mr. Phil Hoyle - using my Hotmail "name" - in January 2013.

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