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UFO Crashes from Around the World

Copyright © Joe McKenzie 2011

In a previous and related article I enumerated many notable UFO crashes reported within the United States – with one case from Canada. By no means was this list all-inclusive, as only those cases which I personally believed were worth repeating were included. Many were left out for various reasons – not enough background information, too much evidence of a hoax, etc. Conversely, some cases were included that were undoubtedly dubious. These were included simply because they have become a permanent part of UFO lore and legend. And so it is with this listing. Additional cases reported in the United States have been included that were not included in the initial Crashes article. The reader is asked to read these accounts with an open mind and to take the time to do some personal research on those cases of particular interest.

There are many who espouse interest in the phenomena but who are uninformed as to the large number of reports that exist that relate to strange UFO crashes. Though many of the cases listed here may have more mundane explanations, there still exists a core of reports that have survived through the years without any cogent explanation. Included among these cases are some reports that go back many years. And although many would argue that early cultures were uninformed about natural phenomena as we are today, still the facts of many of those cases resist any rational explanation.

All of these reports are given in a summarized version. Most of the cases presented herein possess much more information for those interested in performing additional research. Those interested in doing further investigations into any of these reports are heartily encouraged to perform their own research and present their findings to the public.

The Indian Ocean, September 1862

The May 2, 1897 issue of The Houston Daily Post related a story passed on by a Dutch sailor aboard the brig Christine while on a voyage in the Indian Ocean. According to the witness, the ship foundered in a storm and the sailors were forced to find safety on a small crag of an island that was devoid of any plant life. While on this island, the survivors spotted an airship that plummeted from the sky and crashed into a cliff. The ship sported 4 huge wings and was as large as a battleship. Upon investigation, the bodies of several large (12 feet tall) men were found in strange clothes and sporting silky beards with skin the color of bronze. Several men were reported to have gone mad from the incident, and only a few men, rescued by a Russian trawler, were able to survive the voyage back to civilization to report the incident.

Dundy County, Nebraska, 1884

On June the 8th of 1884, The Nebraska State Journal reported that a strange object, resembling a meteor, fell from the sky.. A local rancher, John Ellis, and other men happened to be in the area and rode their horses to investigate where this object had crashed. The ranchers reported finding superheated objects so bright and hot that one could not look at them for long nor approach too close. Indeed, one rancher was severely burned after approaching too close to one of the objects. The next day, the ranchers returned, and after finding the objects sufficiently cool to approach, reported the existence of cogs, wheel shapes, and what appeared to be propeller blades. The objects were metallic, very light, and extremely strong and durable. After this report, nothing more was learned as to the status of the strange remains or its whereabouts.

Burlington, Vermont, 1907

This story is condensed from a report given in The Burlington Free Press for June 3rd, 1907. According to the story, several witnesses spied a strange ball of fire enter the town amidst a loud explosion, pause and hover, then speed away, careening into a horse and momentarily stunning it. The object then disappeared into the sky. The object was described by one witness as being torpedo-shaped, six feet in length, and about eight inches in diameter. It had a burnished copper appearance and was reported to issue tongues of fire from several spots on its body. No explanation was given for the event.

Tunguska, Siberia, 1908

On the 30th of June, a loud explosion very similar to a nuclear explosion was witnessed by the sparsely populated inhabitants of Siberia. This case has been very well documented and has enjoyed the benefit of scientific research. Expeditions were mounted to investigate the area of the explosion. However, due to the terrain, it was difficult to accurately assess the cause of the explosion as the terrain may have been responsible for absorbing much of the trace particles that would have remained following the blast. In later years, the most popular theory revolving around this explosion seems to be that an asteroid or a comet exploded in the atmosphere above Tunguska, thereby simulating the nuclear-explosion type effects that were seen in the area. Others have postulated that an alien ship crashed as it attempted re-entry into our atmosphere, but evidence to support this theory is extremely scant.

North Carolina and vicinity, 1941 and 1942

The noted UFO researcher Leo Stringfield relates the story of a possible UFO crash that occurred in either North Carolina or in some state that is, in Stringfield's words, “north of Georgia”. According to his research for a story discussed in his book, UFO Crash/Retrievals: Search for Truth in a Hall of Mirrors, Stringfield posits that a UFO may have crashed and been recovered by members of the military. Stringfield relates how the mother of a son in the military had reported that he had been involved in an exercise involving the recovery of a round, metallic object that had crashed and had included dead extraterrestrial beings. The craft, stashed at a nearby Army post, was 15 feet wide and 10 feet high with a control room, 4 seats and markings on the inside and outside of the silvery craft. The beings recovered were described as small with large black eyes like a bug's. All the beings were reported to have died. Sadly, no corroborating evidence for this story was ever provided other than the accounts from second-hand witnesses.

The Scandinavian “Ghost Rocket” Wave of 1946

Between July and October of 1946, many observers in and around the countries of Northern Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway reported what could best be described as rocket ships similar to German V2s, expelling gouts of flame and smoke from their rear assemblies, flying in and around the skies of Scandinavia. In some cases, these objects were said to have crashed in and around the vicinity of the observers in the deep fjords and seas surrounding the area. American and British observers were sent to the area to investigate these reports, but they were unable to fully explain the phenomena. However, they theorized that the Soviet Union may have been conducting secret rocket tests in the area. Witnesses claim that they observed these strange craft crash into the ground and surrounding waters in at least 4 separate places in Sweden and 1 place in Norway. Strangely enough, no report of crash remains has ever been reported from these areas.

However, some recent events (June-July 2011) have surfaced indicating that anomalous submerged objects have been found in the waters off Sweden (between Finland and Sweden in the Baltic Sea) that have defied rational explanations. Whether these remains are related to the reported ghost rockets remains to be seen.

Samalayuca Mountains, Mexico, October, 1947

A flaming object was observed by many witnesses flying over the Texas-Mexico border on the 12th of October, 1947. This object was reported to have crashed in the mountains south of Juarez, Mexico approximately 10 miles from where a V2 rocket had crashed in May earlier in the year that had been launched from the White Sands Missile Range. However, no records exist reporting any launch of any type of rocket from any of the nearby missile ranges within range of the crash. A search was mounted by both the US and Mexican militaries, but no records exist that record any recovery of any remains. This case still remains a mystery.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1950

A farmer, by the name of Christian Anderson, and his wife watched as two discs appeared over their farm. One landed in a field while the other hovered nearby. The landed disc then exploded in a shower of sparks while the other flew away. No other information concerning this case exists.

Newfoundland, Canada, 1950

Several witnesses in and around the St John's–Pepperrell Air Force Base reported that an object, trailing sparks, flashed across the sky. Pieces of the craft showered down upon the ground onto the base and surrounding areas, though no report of remains recovery were publicly submitted. Indications suggest that it may have been a bolide, but conflicting reports according to the object's size, shape, and speed make this case highly suspect. Not much information survives concerning this case.

Mexico City, Mexico, 1950

A second-hand report from a Ray Dimmick describes the crash of a saucer in the vicinity of Mexico City. A small (23 inches tall) being had been recovered who did not survive the crash. The Mexican authorities sealed the crash site and recovered the remains. Dimmick claims to have viewed a 6-foot long strip of metal that supposedly came from the crash.

Columbus, Ohio, 1952

An apparent saucer recovery occurred in an area north of Columbus. Vivian Walton, who worked for the Army Signal Corps, deciphered a top secret message that described this saucer's recovery by the military. She later claimed to have viewed a picture of the saucer which was amazingly intact, but unoccupied, and approximately 30 feet in diameter. The saucer was supposedly taken to Wright-Patterson for analysis.

Spitsbergen Island, Norway, 1952

One of the better documented UFO Crash stories centers around a recovery that occurred on the island of Spitsbergen. The military forces of Norway reportedly recovered a UFO in very good condition after spying a glittering, bluish disc approximately 50 meters in diameter resting on the ice and snow of the island. Among the conflicting stories given by those involved in the investigation into this case are stories that this craft was a V7 prototype Nazi craft and there were even reports stating that Russian Cyrillic letters were found within the craft. There exist also claims of hoax that go with this sighting, though many reporters and investigators of high repute have contributed their opinions as to the veracity of those who claim to have witnessed the object.

Heligoland, Germany, 1952

A rather dubious case concerns the recovery of a saucer in the area of Heligoland in Germany. Investigators reportedly found several bodies burned beyond recognition around the object, yet the object had not been damaged. Many have claimed that this report is a confusion of the Spitsbergen crash mentioned above at best and an outright hoax at worst.

Ontario, Canada, 1952

An ovoid UFO reportedly exploded in the skies above Ontario followed by a bluish rain that fell down upon the ground. Among the witnesses was a police constable by the name of Florian Giabowski. Investigators from the Defence Research Board reportedly found abnormally high levels of radiation in the area that came in contact with the strange bluish rain.

Peru, 1957

Peruvian and Chilean investigators reported the discovery of a 3000-foot long translucent object at the base of a volcano near the border of Bolivia. This report was covered by the Peruvian newspaper Las Prensa. With the exception of this article, no other information exists concerning this sighting.

Ubatuba, Brazil, 1957

Fisherman near the city of São Paulo watched in amazement as a disc-shaped object flew close to the ocean, climbed into the sky, and exploded in a shower of sparks. Several fragments were secured by the surprised fisherman, and these fragments eventually found their way to analysts in Brazil and the US. Much of the samples disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but those that survived reportedly were high in pure magnesium. Debates swirled around the fragments as to whether these metals could be found naturally or whether they could be produced using metallurgic processes currently employed by several countries. However, no conclusion as to the true nature of the fragments has ever come to light.

Gdynia, Poland, 1959

This case occurred behind the Iron Curtain and only has recently come to light. Observers watched as a UFO fell into the nearby harbor. Divers were dispatched and eventually recovered a shiny piece of metal that was eventually analyzed by the Polytechnic Institute of the Polish Navy. A strange body later washed up on the beach and its remains were reported to have been sent to the USSR for examination.

São Paulo, Brazil, 1963

A resident of the area, Ruth de Souza, was startled by a loud roar. Looking up, she watched as a disc-shaped object flew low over the trees, clipped a tall tree and started to rock violently. It then crashed into the nearby river. After she reported the incident divers investigated the river but were unable to land any remains. No remains were ever recovered.

Nepal, 1968

Four objects fell from the sky and were recovered and delivered to the US embassy in Kathmandu. Three of the objects were delivered to the United States. The fourth object, reportedly shaped like a nose cone, remained in Nepal. No information was ever given as to the origins of these objects.

St Geniez, France, 1972

40 acres of brush were burnt after what witnesses described as a “disc-shaped object” crashed into the rocky slopes of some nearby hills. The report remains classified by the French military, but fragments were reportedly recovered and sent to Paris for examination. This event is documented in Leo Stringfield's work, Status Reports.

Tarija, Bolivia, 1978

A small oval object crashed into the side of some nearby hills in front of several Indians and some Engineers from a nearby technical institute. The authorities sealed off the area due to some public safety concerns. Theories suggest that it may have been a man-made satellite, but, after perusing over the known trajectories of all satellites in orbit over the reported dates, no correlation could be made with any known man-made objects in orbit. No reports of recovered remains have ever been reported and this case remains a mystery.

Argentina, 1981

Witnesses watched a disc-shaped object fly close to the ground and stop. It then exploded in a rain of debris. Military jets were then seen to fly over the area. Metallic debris was seen at the crash site, but the area was soon cordoned off by the military. Two badly burned bodies were said to have been recovered and sent away. No other information survives concerning this incident.

Puerto Rico, 1984

UFO researchers Leo Stringfield and Jorge Martin reported on the occurrence of a crashed UFO in the El Yunque Rain Forest. The craft was reported as a white circular object that flew erratically before falling into the forest. Several residents reported military and NASA investigators casing the area of the crash and that sealed wooden crates were later sent away from the crash site. A cover story was supposedly hatched to cover the true nature of the incident. The case remains unsolved.

Dainegorsk, Siberia, 1986

Observers watched as an object fell onto the top of a hill. It reportedly tried to lift off 6 times before exploding. It then started to burn. A team led by Valeir Dvushilny traveled to the crash site and reportedly found damage to the surrounding area as well as conventional materials to include iron, mesh and glass. The crash site was reportedly visited by 2 yellow globes that circled the area, a week after the crash. Over a year later the area would witness the presence of 33 UFOs in a second visit to the area. No reports of bodies followed this event.

Kalahari Desert, Botswana, 1989

An unregistered object was detected by South African radar and fighter jets were scrambled to intercept and investigate. Conflicting reports include the claim that the object was engaged by the fighters. In any case, the pilots reported that the object emitted blinding flashes of light before diving into the ground. Investigators to the crash site reported a crater 150 meters in diameter and 12 meters in depth that emitted large amounts of radioactivity, and electromagnetic energy that caused havoc with the measuring equipment brought by the team. The bulk of information regarding this case seems to have been either intentionally hidden, reconstructed, or a fabrication. Some theorize that the South African government purposely misdirected outside investigative agencies for purposes of concealing the technology used to shoot down the craft. Debate still rages around this incident, however, and corroborating evidence remains conflicting at best or non-existent at worst.

Megas Platanos, Greece, 1990

Greek shepherds observed a group of UFOs appear over the fields at about 3 in the morning. They appeared to be escorting one that had difficulty remaining in the air. The stricken UFO then fell to the ground and started a fire. Two of the other UFOs appeared to land nearby and to assist the fallen craft. Soon after, all of the UFOs took off. The shepherds investigated the area and reported a burned oval circle in the ground and they recovered various pieces of metal. The Greek Air Force later responded by saying that the shepherds probably saw a Soviet satellite or crashed aircraft. However, pieces of the recovered metal were sent to Brussels for analysis. The final report on the metal indicated that the metal was from space but declined to mention if that meant it was of normal origin or artificially manufactured.

Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, 2004

Reporter Scott Corrales reported that a UFO had crashed near the Raul Leoni Hydroelectric Station about 90 miles south of the Orinoco River. The military quickly cordoned off the area and black helicopters as well as Americans were seen to be in and around the cordoned area. The weather was reportedly bad and affected any recovery efforts. Subsequent information has been hard to obtain – probably due to the hostile political environment towards the United States at the time of this incident.

Port Shepstone, South Africa, 2006

Something caused onlookers to believe that an unidentified object had crashed into the ocean adjacent to this town. A South African online news service, News24.com, reported that whatever had happened, local police and the National Sea Rescue Institute had conducted a search in the immediate area but no debris or other objects had been found. The report generated a lot of local publicity.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2009

The Welland Tribune reported that an object, seen by dozens of people, flashed across the sky, changed course a number of times, and eventually crashed into the nearby river. The resulting explosion was described as thunderous. Because many thought that the object may have been a conventional aircraft, emergency search and rescue teams began to search the river with sonar and underwater cameras. A strange object was found about 30 feet under the water, but it did not appear to be any type of conventional aircraft, and a strong current prevented divers from examining the object. Video footage of the craft disappeared and some claim that this was a deliberate act by the government to keep the information secret. The case continues to baffle investigators and no new evidence has been forthcoming.

Siberia, March 2011

Hundreds of villagers in the Irkutsk region of Siberia watched as a UFO, glowing pink and blue, hurtled towards the ground in a nearby forest amid a thunderous explosion. A very large team composed of government officials, the military, and scientists was immediately dispatched to the site for investigation. A news blackout was enforced, but a curious video of a dead alien creature, found by curious villagers, has leaked out into the internet. The creature was found close to the impact site before the investigative team arrived. The event occurred in the Republic of Buryatia and no new information has been forthcoming in this case.


There currently exist dozens of other cases of strange objects falling from the skies, and these cases stretch as far back as the ancient period. However, most of these cases involve information that are outright hoaxes or that possess strong indications of debris that were undoubtedly man-made or meteoric in origin. Still others have little to no background data to support the suspicion that the case may be little more than purely fictitious in origin. However, as time goes on, new cases will undoubtedly be added to the growing list of UFO crashes and old cases may be added, deleted, or updated as new evidence appears over time. The reader is invited to do personal research to extend and update this list as time will eventually answer the question that many of us have always wondered:

"Are we being visited by an intelligence that is not of this Earth?

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