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Jon King

Hodder and Stoughton
London 1998
469 pages

ISBN: 0 340 70821 2


Cosmic Top Secret
Eyes only Copy One of One

Classified (Part 2)

Crash Landing

File 31
UK UFO Crash

It is claimed that in 1947 a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. The next day high-ranking US air force officials openly admitted that indeed a craft of unknown origin had come down at the site, and this unprecedented official government statement was published in the US national press. The day after that, however, the US government changed its story, claiming that in fact the unknown craft was a weather balloon and its radar reflector. Since then the US authorities have changed their story again. They now claim that the unknown craft was a Top Secret Project Mogul spy balloon, and that the "alien bodies" recovered from the crash site were in fact "dummies" used in "high-altitude parachute tests." The snag here, of course, is that parachute tests are not undertaken from Top Secret spy balloons (see Document 03, file 14.)

There were hundreds of eyewitnesses to the Roswell Incident, many of whom claimed that they were threatened by US government officials. Some said they were told that if they spoke openly about the crash their families would be murdered. Even so, many of the witnesses continued to tell their stories that, as we have seen, included reports of wreckage material unlike anything found on Earth and alien bodies being seen at the crash site before being transported to supersecret US military facilities. The problem is, of course, when Authority tells the nation its side of the story only a small number of people are willing to listen to those who claim otherwise. This, it seems, is human nature.

Despite this sad fact, however, in the summer of 1996 information came my way that pointed to the possibility of a similar incident having occurred in England in 1987. The information further suggested that, like the Roswell incident before it, the UK UFO crash had been cleverly covered up by the military. Although the incident remains "unsolved" to this day, my own investigations tend to support the fact that indeed an object of unknown origin crashed on the night of 12th/13th of October 1987 in Nottinghamshire, England. And whatever it was, it was not – as the local press claimed – a "freak thunderbolt."

Whatever happened on the night of the 12th/13th October 1987, just south of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, remains a mystery – but it was reported in the local press as being the result of a "freak thunderbolt."

On investigation, however, it soon became apparent that this incident had not been caused by a "freak thunderbolt," nor by any other type of natural phenomenon. Indeed, many people reported seeing at least one UFO (some claimed three) while many more in Mansfield were woken up at 1:30 a.m. by what they described as "the sound of an explosion." Somewhat ironically, many of those still awake were watching an old war movie on TV, The Battle of Britain. Even more ironic is the fact that, as the "explosion" resounded, the film had just reached the point where German bombers had started to unleash their payload on a British aerodrome! Even so, not even the Luftwaffe could be blamed for this mystery.

According to personal reports, immediately prior to the explosion household lights came on all by themselves. Other lights (which were already on) exploded, while TV aerials were split in two. As might be expected, insurance companies were inundated with claims for video players and TVs damaged by the so-called "thunderbolt." In one street alone forty claims were made, although I have since discovered that a number of these property damage claims, though investigated, were never met. The reason given was that the government's official Meteorological Office at Bracknell in Berkshire, affirmed that there was "no weather" that night – no cloud, no wind, no rain, no lightning. And no thunderbolts. Indeed, other witnesses told me that they remember the night being still and cloudless, thus ruling out the possibility that the damage was caused by a thunderbolt. This fact, it seems, was seized upon by the insurance companies as a convenient loophole – "UFO damage" was of course not included in any of the policies, not even in the small print! Thus they refused to cough up.

As local insurance sales man Mike West, who dealt with many of the insurance claims, revealed: "it just doesn't make any sense. Every claim that I've dealt with in the last twenty-six years has been logical and reasonable but this defies reason. It (the object) zigzagged across the sky. I spoke to one old lady who was petrified. She saw it flying straight towards her house. It looped and double-looped and was doing other manoeuvres in the sky. Another man saw it from a distance and described the sky as "suddenly becoming bright red."

Mr West added that, prior to this incident, he had dealt with numerous insurance claims that had come about as a result of damage caused by lightning and/or thunderbolts. He had never witnessed a case such as this one. On some streets, he said, windows imploded and exploded in alternate houses, a fact seized upon by one local journalist at the time who wrote: "That was some thunderbolt!"
Some thunderbolt indeed.

Mr West concluded: "It's as if the whole area was blanketed with electromagnetic radiation.”

To add to this, a local TV and video repair man (whom I will call Bob) told me that all of the sudden the "lights started to dim and light bulbs fused and started to pop" in his house. The following day he was flooded with calls from people whose video and TV equipment had been damaged by the "thunderbolt." When I spoke to Bob, a former military man, he certainly came across as a down-to-earth, level-headed person – "I’m the type of person who needs to see and measure something before I believe it," were his precise words. Bob told me that on the night in question, just minutes before the impact, his front door bell started to ring all by itself. Immediately following this, he said, six light bulbs fused simultaneously and the electrical trip-switch blew. Suspecting a poltergeist – or something of that nature – he began to wonder what on earth would happen next.

"Suddenly I heard this incredible explosion," he said, still trying to come to terms with the events that followed. "My immediate reaction was to race upstairs and make sure my family were okay. I've never heard anything like it. I honestly expected to open my front door and find corpses in the street."

Bob went on to say that although, during his military days, he had seen "one or two things he could not explain," the possible existence of extraterrestrial intelligence had never really crossed his mind until he began seriously to investigate this particular case some years later. Even so, he is still not convinced of ET's existence, and thus is still not certain whether or not the crashed object was "an alien one." But he is convinced that something crashed just south of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, on the night of the 12th/13th of October 1987, that the facts surrounding the crash have been deliberately obscured by government agencies, and that what happened that night has thus far escaped any rational and/or satisfactory explanation. Indeed, Bob is of the opinion that the "freak thunderbolt" theory is even more ludicrous than the Roswell "weather balloon" story of 1947. And I have to say I concur.

File 31: Appendix 01
Case Report: Cosmic Top-X39 Eyes Only
Local Investigations

In an effort to gain more information about this incident I contacted local UFO researchers Andrew Emerson and Dominic Beglin. A decade after the event both Andrew and Dominic remain convinced that the incident provoked one of Britain's biggest ever military UFO cover-ups. Their story follows.

On the night of 12th/13th October 1987, residents reported seeing an object travelling very slowly in a zigzag manner over Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. It was said to be making a "strange whiny noise, as though it was in some sort of trouble." Some short while later two more objects were observed coming from the direction of Blidworth, near Sherwood Forest. This was confirmed by some of the insurance claims, which reported objects coming from three different directions and "colliding in midair" just south of Mansfield.

According to several witness reports, the objects were seen heading towards Kirkby-in-Ashfield when one of them seemed to encounter some kind of difficulty. The UFO then lost power and came down in a large wood near Blidworth. The downed craft appeared to "bounce" on impact, it was said, creating a violent shock wave that virtually destroyed an entire wood. One report even said that, of the three UFOs, one resembled some kind of craft in difficulty while the other two "could have been missiles."

Indeed, further investigation found that several eyewitnesses observed a number of "balls of white light" converging on the UFO as it came down, reminding one of similar eyewitness statements concerning the fate of the TWA 800 transatlantic flight that "blew up” in midair off Long Island, USA in 1996. And then again of the film footage shot from the STS-48 NASA Space Shuttle of a UFO inside Earth's orbit forced to take evasive action against what appears to have been a missile fired at it from Earth. (In this respect one has to ask: Could these "balls of white light” have been "missiles?" And if so: Who fired them? )

The unidentified craft then "disappeared into the wood," "exploded" on impact, and seemingly "bounced” to a second site where the wreckage finally came to rest at a place known as The Warren, a large wooded area near the privately owned Annesley Hall in Nottinghamshire. Within hours the entire area had been sealed off by police and the military.

At 2:15 a.m shortly after the "explosion," seven military helicopters came on the scene. A number of eyewitnesses then watched "a troop-carrying helicopter [probably a Chinook] surrounded by Gazelles and Lynxes, flying at low speed and scanning the area with powerful searchlights." These were spotted flying over Normanton, Sutton-in-Ashfield and Kirkby-in-Ashfield. Soon after this, police cordoned off the first site (where the craft had first impacted and "bounced") erecting road blocks which remained in place for a number of days. It was reported that the Army remained at the second site (the wreckage site) for three to four days.

Where the UFO had first impacted – and seemingly "bounced" – an intense fire ensued, and the local fire brigade were called in to deal with the blaze. Many trees were burnt down, while others turned to carbon; many remaining trees are still badly burnt to this day. Indeed, even the local Fire Chief was bemused by the nature and intensity of the fire; he commented that he was "quite surprised to find that the trees facing the fire did not have a mark on them, yet the backs of the trees were smouldering." This was certainly odd. Especially when added to the further fact that pine cones were found that had seemingly been burnt from the inside out! Could this indicate the presence of some form of intense microwave activity

When Andrew and Dominic finally investigated the crash site – along with a number of science colleagues – they contended that microwaves might indeed have been the cause of such intense burning, and suggested that the unknown craft had perhaps been powered by some form of electromagnetic propulsion. The team further calculated that, from the damage left in the wood, the craft would have had a diameter of about sixty feet (this was later confirmed by one eyewitness in particular, who saw the UFO flying low over his house and then coming down in the wood.) They also noticed a curious bend in many of the trees left standing – the trees seems to be bent from the base up to a height of approximately six feet, sometimes a little more, as though they had been "melted" in the intense heat. A rational explanation for this phenomenon has yet to be offered.

The day after the incident it was reported that "Army jeeps" and "heavy military lorries" arrived at the crash site, as Andrew said, "probably to clear up the wreckage." To add to this, armed guards were posted to prevent access to the area, while mysterious dark-suited government officials began asking questions of eyewitnesses, in some instances issuing threats and warning them not to say anything about the incident in public. The man who owned the house that had been "virtually demolished," for example, found a covering of "metallic dust" on the trees in his garden following the incident. The dust remained for up to three weeks.

Two days after announcing his find, two government officials from the DScI (Department of Scientific Intelligence) made themselves known. "The government officials came up from the DScI," Andrew said, "and they took samples of this substance and also threatened this gentleman, telling him to keep quiet about what he knew. This chap has since suffered further threats from an unknown source, mainly by telephone."

Clearly angered by this whole affair, this man (name on file) attempted to drive to the crash site in order to ask a few questions for himself. As he parked his car in a neighbouring lay-by, however, he was converged on by four police patrol cars and arrested. He was then taken to the local police station where he was told in no uncertain terms to keep away from the area. He was also told not to talk to anyone about what had happened or he would be prosecuted for "making obscene phone calls." This man has since refused to talk to anybody about the incident. Indeed, when I attempted to contact him he refused to confirm or deny any of the above information. Which is a shame. It is alleged that he took colour photographs of the UFO as it approached his house, only seconds before it crashed, and word has since come my way that these photographs are now the possession of the Defence Intelligence Staff.

Andrew further told me that a number of other eyewitnesses had suffered similar threats (certainly I can confirm an irrational reluctance on the part of many witnesses to come forward with information regarding this case.) Like others who have investigated the incident Andrew now suspects that some invisible arm of the government/military was responsible for what he considers to be the biggest UFO cover-up this country has ever known. Evidence to this effect can certainly be seen at the crash site today. Over the decade since this incident occurred, topsoil and earth has been removed from the crash site down to a level of about nine inches; it has been replaced with clay and covered with fresh topsoil in which new pines and silver birch have been planted. Restoration of the site is now virtually complete.

Which leaves one to ponder the fact that, whoever was responsible for the site’s restoration, and whatever their reasons, it is certainly clear that somebody wanted the truth regarding this incident covered up. And then recycled along with the trees

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