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Reports of Anomalous Aerial Devices - Southern Ontario Region
Reports of Anomalous Aerial Devices
Strange Lights, Noises and More
Southern Ontario Region
2013 and 2014

Tuesday, 09-Apr-2024 14:07:16 EDT

Ontario Reports 2015-2020

Ontario Reports 1973-2012

Here we include an article by David Haisell from his 1979 JOURNAL UFO VOL 1 ISSUE 3 on the subject of UFOs over Western Lake Ontario.

Western Lake Ontario

Mr. Haisell's article from 35 years ago provides evidence indicating that the anomalous activity that we at Project Orbwatch have been observing and documenting over Lake Ontario has been going on for many decades.


30th December 2014 - Windsor

I was going to Walmart one day, looking out the car window, when something caught my eye. It was 2 metallic orbs hovering in the sky. They had a chrome finish look to them, and they were reflecting light, but the thing that really surprised me was that the 2 ships were casting a shadow on each other. It didn't look like they were one object or docked. They were just VERY close together.

I couldn't think of anything man-made that fit the description. I watched the objects, and it disappeared when the car passed by a building, obscuring the view of the objects. This wasn't the first time I saw a UFO. On October 31st (Halloween) I saw a large (in terms of flashing light in the sky), slow flashing red light, and a smaller, faster flashing white light.

Full Report on MUFON

This event is from 14th February 1974
and was submitted to MUFON on 25th November 2014.

14th February 1974 - Brantford

Click on image to see full size version on MUFON

On February 14, 1974 at approximately 6:15 AM, E.S.T. I was preparing to get ready for school, when my mother and I spotted 3 slow moving objects travelling together from west to east in the sky.

The objects appeared to be "egg shaped", and were flying at about 20 degrees above the horizon. Our hearts started pounding, as we had never seen anything like this before. The objects appeared to be quite large and were travelling in a fairly tight formation as they headed toward Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

I yelled for my mother to get the camera, which was a Polaroid model. We both ran outside, taking the camera with her. The objects were headed towards a thick cloud bank. I pleaded with her to shoot the picture. She was working on the focus. The first object flew into the cloud bank. She did however, get a beautiful shot of the third object. In the photo, you can faintly see the second object, glowing red in the very top right-hand corner of the picture.

The third object is fantastic to see! I will be including the photo in this report. I would like to add that these objects made NO sound. There were NO flashing lights. This sighting changed my life and has made me a solid believer that there is something more out there. I am quite well educated, and can say with certainty that this sighting was not anything man-made.

The photo is now 40 years old. It has a blemish on it, however, the object itself, is in perfect viewing condition. I have kept this picture all this time, and have decided that it must now be shared with others.

Full Report on MUFON

(no image is indicated on MUFON's UFO Stalker)


23rd November 2014 - Orangeville

Summary: 9.15 pm EST, Bright object emitting a spot light/ disappeared as if someone flipped a switch/ spot light facing West turned 90 degrees to the North

I was driving northeast on highway 89, about 5 kms outside Mount Forest, and I noticed a white light in the sky East northeast of me. I just assumed it was an airplane at first. Then it started shining what looked like a spot light from the west side of the object.

At first I thought it was an airplane`s landing lights. Then I realized the spot light was parallel to the ground not on a downward angle like all aircraft landing lights I have ever seen. This is when I started to get curious to what I was looking at. From my perspective the object didn't appear to be moving but I was moving at about 90km/h that may have skewed my perspective.

It remained like this for about two minutes then the spot light quickly and smoothly turned about 90 degrees left from my perspective and was facing North. About 5 seconds later the bright object and the spot light it was emitting were just gone. As if someone flipped a switch.

I was admittedly startled at this point. Then my GPS unit began to act up trying to re-route me North adding a long detour to my trip I tried to reset it a couple of times and ended up shutting it off. I knew where I was going and I knew the route and I just had it on to track my arrival time.

(NOTE: Could this have been a helicopter? - Ed.)

Full Report on NUFORC

4th October 2014 - Orillia

I'm not sure of the time last night maybe 9:30, I stepped out the back of my home for a smoke. Shortly I noticed about a dozen red lights spread out in no particular order flying west to the east. Usually the OPP helicopter has flown over near by and on many occasions over the years I would usually hear it before seeing it of course.

Sound travels however I mention this again it was still last night with no wind, I thought it strange I never heard a single thing. This could be debated of course. I thought these lights to be helicopters at first, Base Borden, however I thought they were moving too fast and secondly last night was such a still night.

(I wrote to the witness to request a few more details.)

Last night the air was still and many occasions if I we're happen to be outside and the OPP helicopter were flying or planes most people's instinct is to look no matter how briefly.

These red lights were solid with no strobing or any other coloured lights. The moon was out and the sky was partly cloudy. My guess would be 9:00 to 9:30, while enjoying my smoke and taking in the night sky I noticed several red lights flying through the sky coming from the west. While observing these lights I thought it strange the speed also it being so still I listened for any noise, nothing.

Many occasions if a helicopter were flying, OPP or what have you, judging distance is difficult. However where I am located I believe these lights were over Lake Simcoe close to the shore line. The duration of this stream of lights was perhaps 2 to 3 minutes, a dozen or so.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report. If anyone saw similar lights on the night in question please contact us. (No personal information will be published.) Thank you

28th September 2014 - 401 near Brockville

Driving from Toronto to Ottawa last night, September 28th, 2014, at around 10:30 pm, on the 401 after Kingston, very close to Brockville. I never believed in unidentified objects before...but the aircraft was so impressive & up-close, and it was so big and very close to us that we saw all the details and there is no doubt now for me that humans are developing technology that are beyond what we ever imagined, because I've seen all types of aircrafts and this was nothing normal or ordinary...its not a plane, or a helicopter, or just a light flying around. It was a space ship out of a starwars movie. Like wth...

This aircraft was large size, approx. the size of a soccer field, very silent and triangular-shaped, hovering very low about only 100 to 200 meters of the ground, triangle but half moon-shaped a bit, dark (black & grey) spaceship with four very bright white lights in one straight line in front of the ship; first light of the line is big, two small lights in the middle and the last light is big too like the first one.

I've seen the four huge lights flashing on the left side of the road, it caught my attention because it was so bright in our windshield and very close to the road, it was just standing still in the air, first it was not moving at all, it was staying still & silent over the trees a couple meters away from the road, suddenly I saw the whole aircraft tilt and move very quickly towards us over the road, that's when me and my bf panicked in the car.

It was so impressive because we could see it clearly in front of us and it was big and looked like movie-like high technology, moving at a fast speed only to come over the road and stay still over us, we drove right under it and saw the whole under of the craft which looked like dark grey deep ridges (that look like veins) under the craft, nothing normal. Then it was advancing straight and very low over the 401 and passed right above our car! The under of that craft cant even be described, it has a lot of ridges and its just out of this world.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

If any other witnesses to the event see this report, please get in touch with us via our contact/report form. Thank you.

27th September 2014 - St Catharines

4:45 pm Eastern. Clear sunny day
Was on Local Highway 406 Southbound just south of Glendale Rd on ramp.St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
Appeared to be a Canadian Air force Hercules Propped plane
200 ft off ground and only 300 yards due East
Plane was headed very slowly South to North towards Toronto Ontario, Canada
Plane was loud but as slowed down and stopped was whisper quiet lasted over a minute, hovered for at least 30 seconds before restarting props and accelerated away

The way it slowed down. Stopped for 30 seconds then sped up may have been a time slip as it came to a very smooth stop.
Then when leaving left very slowly. Then blasted away. And my 20 yr old son was with me and witnessed the whole event also
Thank you

I posted this to my Facebook when I arrived home

So.... 20 minutes ago my son and I were coming home via our local hwy 406. We noticed a large military airplane that looked like a Hercules. It was propelled and not a jet. Okay. I had my son so I didn't lose my mind. We noticed it was flying over the trees quite low only a couple hundred feet up. It freaking stopped dead and sat in one position over the trees for about 30 seconds.

We were not moving as I had pulled over when we realized in fact it was NOT moving. There was no noise at all. It just hovered and didn't even sway at all. There was absolutely no sign of any device below the belly of the plane to hold it up. Even a harrier jets engines move into place to create force to hold it up. I went to get my cell to video and it started moving again. Within 10 seconds there was a blast of smoke from the propelled engines and it took off like a bat outta hell towards Toronto.
The future is here!!!!"

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

11th September 2014 - Milton

Having a cigarette at work 8pm, Steeles and Martin in Milton Ontario. The sky was turning reddish dusky, scattered clouds. Im an aviation buff so was looking at an aircraft flying south of my position, west to east when I noticed an aircraft moving from East to West below the clouds.

I thought it strange because it seemed quite close because the three or four brilliant white pulsating lights were moving as one but occupied 2/5ths of the quadrant of viewable sky(trees on either side).

As it was reaching the middle if my view I payed close attention to ascertain a shape but could make none out. Just a row of lights. I could hear nothing. Without a doubt, the aircraft should be enormous and it must have been the size(based on distance between the first and last blinking lights) that aroused my curiousity because it was too close and too low. It took a few seconds before I was confident enough that this was not a typical aircraft then I yelled out to a colleague. He came running.

We saw only white lights(typical only of approach lights). The aircraft seemed to get smaller, rapidly. The white lights pulsating in no order. It was now flying away from us, southwards towards Burlington Sort of weaving right to left until, in the space of 20 seconds, it was as far away as 50-60kilometres. (only an estimation based on the initial proximity and apparent length)

We both agreed the speed must have been phenomenal. I am willing to describe if contacted but not comfortable giving contact details. All my distances are only guesses. The order in my description as scattered as my present frame of mind. We are directly below a point where large commercial aircraft begin approach to Pearson airport and a few kilometres from Burlington Skypark where small aircraft also fly.

Two of my colleagues are private pilots and we are always planespotting. As a background, my family are aviation employees. I fly simulators as a hobby and have flown CAE's airbus and shortly the crj. I also fly RC planes. In short, unless this were a squadron of military aircraft, I would be stumped to come up with an explanation.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an interesting case to me as other odd craft have been seen in that area of Steeles Avenue and slightly west towards Tremaine Road.
For example see Milton 1999

Full Report on MUFON

17th and 18th August 2014 - Orillia/Warminster
(Link kindly provided by Pararesearchers.org)

17th August 2014 - Ajax
(Link kindly provided by Pararesearchers.org)

15th August 2014 - Barrie

Walking with my wife in South Barrie, Ontario, at 9.10pm stunned to see this. It was a very clear night. Was large orange-ish ball moving quickly in sky, then suddenly disappeared. Never saw anything like it. Weird

It was round, orange-ish, and also looked to have some small frayed edges around the sides. It was not high up in sky at all, fairly low.
It was the N/E direction of south Barrie. Movement wasn't too fast, however, once I got shock out of me and reached for camera, it totally just disappeared.

It appeared to have small noise like humming of some kind of engine sound. A ways behind it was clearly an airplane, and moved faster than that. In comparison, the airplane was very tiny.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

15th August 2014 - Barrie
(Link kindly provided by Pararesearchers.org)

13th August 2014 - Maidstone
(Link submitted by a visitor to our site)

11th August 2014 - Whitby

I live in Whitby, Ontario. The weather was clear and it was just before sunset on August 11th 2014 at 8:25pm when I looked straight up in the sky and saw a boomerang type craft with 3 red lights.

It was still light so I could see that the 3 lights were connected with some sort of long metal looking bars. I saw no engines. I saw no propellers. It was just bars and lights. There was nowhere to sit in it.

The object was travelling from the north east going south west, it was large. I watched it for about 3 minutes till it flew out of sight.

I know what I saw and I could draw it if needed

(I wrote to the witness to ask for more details)

Hi. The vehicle was coming from the north east travelling at no more than 100kph and it crossed over Anderson and Rossland Road.
It wasn't flying as fast as a plane. Its size was bigger than a Cessna and a helicopter. I got a good look at it, It wasn't a plane or a helicopter or a drone. To tell you the truth I don't know how it could even fly. It had no wings or engines.

(I responded and directed the witness to the Burlington sighting that included an illustration.)

The craft from Burlington is very similar to what I saw. The craft I saw also had red and white lights. The red lights looked like they were sandwiched in between the white lights.
I saw the craft in daylight. I know what it looks like but it's hard to explain because I have never seen anything like this before.

3 lights attached together in a V shape - it had no body just some sort of long metal beams joining the lights together.

(I asked the witness if there was any sound from the object)

I couldn't really tell.

Many thanks to the witness for sending us this report and answering the follow-up questions.

11th August 2014 - Hillsdale

Unidentified red ball in sky in Hillsdale, Ontario on Monday August 11, 2014 at 9:33pm.

My husband, myself and my son were sitting watching TV when I caught in the corner of my eye from the window what I first thought to be a flare, but quickly realized it was "flying".

We all ran out to the back deck to get a better look. It was traveling from the south east heading west at a steady speed (I'm a poor estimator at speed).
It was flying fairly close (a small crop duster type plane flew as close a few weeks prior and it was loud) no noise was heard and no navigation lights visible.
The object seemed to jet a bit and almost hover at one point, and no visible tail or vapor trail.

(I wrote to the witness to ask for some more details of the incident.)

This occurred between Highway 93 and Old Barrie Road in Hillsdale, Ontario Canada.
It is a rural community (about 900) and the object/light appeared to be heading toward farm land on Old Barrie Road

This is my first sighting of anything like this. I thought it could be a drone bit no navigation lights - it seemed to blaze the red colour- no blinking or flashing lights- hard to explain. Think of a flare that flies in the air like an aircraft.

There are no airfields in immediate area and in direction it was headed. Barrie is south east of us and has a small airfield. Base Borden is the closest military base to us but is over 50km away.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

No date provided - Scarborough

A report came into our site late last night (11th August 2014) from a "ruth" who did not want to provide a real email address.

We ask for email addresses in order to follow up with witnesses on what they have experienced.
There is little point in sending in a report if no follow up is desired!

Due to the fact that "ruth" said that her email address was faked, then it is quite possible that her name and account are fabricated also, and because of this, we see no value in publishing the tale.

We never publish people's personal details, and will never do so.

10th August 2014 - Caledon

Date: August 10, 2014
Time: approx 10:30pm
Weather: clear sky
Moon: full moon, very bright

Three glowing orange lights flying in a triangular formation from west to east. A fourth orange glowing light flew in towards the three flying in triangular formaton from south/west direction. The three in formation then suddenly blinked out and the single orange globe continued flying north west for about an additional 30 seconds and then blinked out suddenly.

This event was witnessed by myself, my husband and my 16 year old son. No sound at all came from the objects.
They were travelling at a steady rate of speed across the sky and seemed to be at an altitude of 200m ??? (I am a very poor judge of heights and speeds). The whole event happened in about 2 minutes and we were on our back porch which is facing north.

Important to mention that my husband and I, as well as our kids, are not prone to flights of fancy and definitely not UFO fanatics, but this event took our breath away and is nothing that we can explain.

We saw a similar glowing orange ball of light about a month ago flying north to south, very fast, no sound, also on a clear night.
What are these things?

(I wrote to the witness to get obtain more details on this event.)

The closest intersection would be Highway 50 and Highway 9, in Caledon, Ontario. It is a low residential, mainly agricultural area. There are no nuclear power plants in the area or anything like that, but Camp Borden (a military base is located directly north of our location).

But the orbs were travelling SW to NE and not directly towards Base Borden that I could tell....

It was a very weird experience! I hope this information is helpful and if you ever figure out what these things are, I would love it if you could let me know!

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

10th August 2014 - Burlington

Time of event as submitted to MUFON: 9.40pm
Location: Guelph Line, according to MUFON submission
Duration: 10 minutes according to MUFON submission

1. Driving to my friend's house.
2. Bright red and white lights.
3. I thought it was a structure's lights, until it started moving and I stopped my car.

4. It was a wide/long V-shaped object with 2 lights at each point, 2 on the outer wings and one in the middle. Each light was red with a smaller white light atop.

5. Initially I thought it was a building, until it started moving. I observed the distance and realized just how gigantic it was, I tried to then take pictures with my cellphone after pulling the car over.
I then followed it to get more pictures. Was pretty excited, not scared or anything negative.

6. It went past a tree-line and I couldn't find a way past that.

Click on image to see illustration submitted to MUFON

Full Report and 2 Images on MUFON

10th August 2014 - Ajax

Seen outside my bedroom window at about 9:25pm Sunday evening August 10 2014.

Large triangle shaped object, completely flat on the bottom, with 3 orange/red lights, with white lights in the middle on each corner. It had no wings or tail and made a strange shushing sound. as it went slowly past our house, from east to west.

Not sure of the color, due to the twilight. It looked VERY large to me. It appeared to be close enough to our house to touch! I have never seen anything like this in my 72 years,

I am 100% sane and not on medication that would cause hallucinations, nor have I read/watched or had any interest in UFOs, but what I saw is very similar to pictures my son (the one typing this report) has shown me online of 'black triangle' objects!!

Our thanks to Pararesearchers for sharing this incident report with us.

Full Report at Pararesearchers

10th August 2014 - Oshawa

Wife and I were sitting out back it was about 9:15pm on August 10 2014 and she told me to look up and there was a huge triangle object

There were three lights, solid red on all three corners, flying slowly over Oshawa around Park Road and Highway 2. There was a quiet hovering sound. Very cool but very weird. Would love to know what it is.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

I wrote back to the witness asking for a few more details if possible, and will update this report on receipt of that information.

9th August 2014 - Astorville

With regard to the orange lights being seen on 08/09/14, my wife and three children saw the same 4 orange/red lights at approx 10:30pm August 9 2014.

They had a flame like appearance. Travelled SW-NE. Saw objects from horizon and crossed over our heads. We could not hear any sound. I am an astronomer and am accustomed to the normal lights in the sky. These objects completely surprised me as I have never witnessed such a sight. Would like to know what they are. If requiring more info do not hesitate to contact me.

(I wrote to the witness to obtain more information.)

No chance they were sky lanterns. These moved fairly quickly. The whole event lasted approx 3-4 minutes. Because they were so bright I assumed it was the ISS, until we saw three others. Then I thought maybe fighter jets but as they passed over head they got dimmer, no sound could be heard.

We saw them at the intersection of Highway 11 and Astorville Road. They were traveling SW-NE. Cannot imagine sky lanterns as there is a lot of forest around.

Was checking internet for explanation or other people who have seen them. Cannot possibly give height, but higher than normal aircraft. They traveled in a straight line, one after the other.

As I said earlier in my other email, I am an amateur astronomer and have spend hundreds of hours under the nights sky, logged hundreds of objects, seen lots of phenomena, this was the strangest.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

9th August 2014 - Barrie

9:15 PM Clear sky with full moon rising.
I was standing at my patio doors facing South.
The object was maybe 50 feet to 75 feet long?
Altitude estimated at 2000 feet,
Speed estimated at 160 KPH
Direction of flight: East to West
No sound
Red pulsating Light
Duration of event: 40 seconds
I looked at the object through binoculars and could clearly see an object with a Black Triangular shape and a red pulsating light underneath its center.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

The witness was located less than 10 miles from Canadian Forces Base Borden, so this is rather an interesting report. If more details are provided I will add them to this submission.

Additional information from the witnesses:

The back of my house faces south, so no, not facing Base Borden.
Me and my wife both saw the object, only me through the binoculars.
The object was black and Delta shaped with a red pulsating light directly underneath its center. It moved across the sky from East to West rather slowly, then slowing to a almost complete stop , the nose of the object started to turn South while at the same time pitching its nose down.

In that position I was able to make out the entire bottom shape of the object and the red pulsating light. Then it pitched its nose up towards the sky, the Red pulsating light disappeared from view.

I then turned to my wife and said "Have a look through the binoculars" and when I turned back my head the object was gone.!!!!

I have been an avid backyard Astronomer for many years. I know conventional aircraft that fly during night hours,

"No person shall operate an aircraft unless it has lighted position lights".
These are referred to as Navigation Lights or commonly known as Position Lights.
This object had none, except the red pulsating light underneath it.
Me and my wife were awe struck for a while, truly amazing.

23rd July 2014 - Oakville

So I did not see anything. But I felt it. I live in Oakville ON in the Glen Abbey/West Oaks area. Last night, around 2am July 23rd, I felt my house shake and I heard a terrible tumbling sound.

See I could not sleep so I was on my computer. I was very scared and ran to my room. The shaking lasted up to a good two minutes.
At first I thought it was a tornado, considering we were having a thunder storm, but when I looked out my window, the sky was clear, only rain.
It woke everyone in my house, and from contacting my friends they all felt and heard it too.

It kind of sounded like an aircraft. But I can't be sure. Do you think it could have been a UFO? Or something more explainable? I would like to know so if you have any answers, please share.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

22nd July 2014 - Stratford

At about 1:40-1:45 AM July 22, 2014 I heard a loud object overhead. Due to many trees I couldn't see it. It seemed to be travelling South to North. It was much louder than any aircraft in recent memory. The sound waxed and then waned for at least four minutes. It seemed to have a gurgeling sound rather than a seamless monotone. What the heck was that?

(I wrote to the witness asking for some more details if possible.)

I wasn't excited or upset at the sound I heard. I'm 51 years old and not given to panic.
This area is in the country and generally quiet at night. I can hear vehicle sounds from the highway a half mile away and the occasional coyote howling.

The sound I heard gradually increased until it was overhead, and then decreased until I could hear it no more. Very similar to an airplane's passing over but much louder and more rumbly. I'm happy to provide any other information I can.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

20th July 2014

Boomerang craft report + sketch from 9th August 2013 added below

12th July 2014 - St. Joseph, Bluewater

My brother and two friends and I were sitting on the west facing deck at our cottage just north of St. Joseph, Ontario (Municipality of Bluewater) on Saturday evening July the 12th.

At 9:38 p.m. (I immediately asked the guys what time it was when it happened) we all saw a small object with a bright light travelling at approximately 100 km per hour from south to north parallel to the Lake Huron shoreline. We estimated it was a few hundred feet in the air and a few hundred feet off the shore. It was a quiet night with little wind or wave action at the beach. Yet we could hear no noise from the object. Its speed seemed constant and it disappeared to the north in a few seconds.

As we discussed for ten minutes or so what the hell it was, another one, same light, same size moving in the same direction and at the same speed went by. Unfortunately none of us could get a camera in time for a picture. One of us thought the shape was cylindrical, about one to two metres across, but it was hard to tell as the sun had gone down and the pale evening light over the lake wasn't bright enough.

The lights were the same on both and were a fairly bright incandescent yellowish light bulb colour.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

12th July 2014 - Wasaga Beach

I was coming home from work. Traveling north in hwy 26. I saw about 5 to 8 bright red glowing balls that seemed to be only about 100 feet off the ground moving at a fault rapid pace from east to west.

I immediately pulled over and tried to record them on my iPhone. As I was trying to record them they started to disappear but I noticed three more in a straight line traveling almost overhead. They were so bright they cast light onto the highway overpass that was about 200 feet away.

They moved at a constant pace, never deviating in direction or pace. They made absolutely no noise. They travelled east to west but the wind was barely noticeable but the wind was blowing from the south. I was amazed that none of the passing cars seemed interested at all.

I tried to video the events but playing back the video it only recorded 3 seconds even though I was positive I was recording the whole time.
Then as quickly as I saw then they faded out if sight. They seemed to be about the size if a beach ball and the light never flickered.

Full Report on MUFON

12th July 2014 - Stoney Creek

Saturday night July 12, 2014 at 10:20 and 10:30 P.M. My wife and I saw a silent orange glow traveling across the Hamilton sky from our home in Stoney Creek. As it traveled from west to east, my guess is over Lake Ontario about the Oakville area it burst into a 5 point starburst, like a fire work. However the original glow continued out of sight. I did not think much of it, until I saw a second. I'm guessing over the Grimsby area. I tried to get a video but street lights and trees did not allow.... Any thoughts?

I'm confused,....

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

1st July 2014 - Bolton

This happened on Canada Day 2014 at around 10:15 pm in Bolton, Ontario. This object was a bright orange ball of light and flew West to East; it was pretty low in the sky and it made no sound or flickering of lights whatsoever.
The duration of the time of flight was about 20 seconds when we first observed it, and when I took out my phone to take pictures it disappeared completely.

The weather was very warm and a very clear sky. The object was circular and had a set projectile path; it was moving too fast to be a plane. It was about the size of a holepunch in a paper when we looked at it in the sky.

Last year on Victoria Day, we saw two of them in the sky around the same time, both flying in the same path; they were five minutes apart and were bigger and more of a vibrant orange and were moving South to North.
Both lights flew over top of us exactly where we were standing both years.

(We contacted the witness with some further questions and the response was as follows:)

Thank you for your reply, we have considered lanterns as a possibility, but we are not quite convinced. These bulbs that we saw in the air, both last year and last night, had the same altitude and speed, which was really low in the air and moving too fast to be a lantern.
As they both moved farther away, they just disappeared completely; there was no transition of the object getting smaller. It just disappeared. The instant I took out my phone to take a video of it this year, the light vanished.

Also, both years the light travelled right over top us; last year we were standing in front of our house and it was right above us, this year we were in a field and it was above us again, both at the same times at night. I'm not sure what else to think, do you have any other suggestions? That'd be great!

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

1st July 2014 - Ottawa

On July 1 2014. I witnessed 7 sikent red/orange lights in the sky in Ottawa, Canada going the same direction. After 9pm the weather was nice, not too hot and the objects were flying from north direction to south direction. Not a sound coming from them and nothing I've ever seen before. A couple of days later we saw 1 again. I'm very curious as to what this is.

They were pretty high flying 1 after another I would say as high as a plane in the sky they were all going the same direction. At first I saw 5 then 2 more followed. It did change altitude and I didn't see a flickering light.
I didn't think at all that it could be a lantern. I at first thought it could be the snow birds but they didn't have any sound. I did see 1 on July 3 going the same direction at around the same time. Since then I've been watching in hopes I may see something again.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

27th and 28th June 2014 - London

Date of event: Friday, June 27, 2014
Time of event: 8:00-8:30 pm
Weather conditions: clear with a few clouds, approaching sunset, 25-30 degrees C approximately
Location: At the intersection of Egerton Rd and Hamilton Rd in London Ontario, driving west by north-west toward the downtown area, and the object was visible through my windshield, in more of a north-west direction
Estimated size of object: roughly the size of a hot air balloon, perhaps larger
Estimated altitude of object: approximately 200-250 meters above ground level
Estimated speed of object's flight: about the speed of a commercial plane - not incredibly fast, but not particularly slow either, constant in speed
Direction of object's flight on approach and departure: continuously headed west, with a slightly descending projection
Sound? None
Colour? Orange - like a giant ball of fire
Duration of event: 2-3 minutes. Then the direction I was driving veered slightly to the left, more westwards, and the object was no longer visible through my windshield, nor did I attempt to find it through my other car windows.

Other details:
As I was driving and saw this ball of orange fire through my windshield, I actively thought about how low it was in altitude, and that it was heading in the direction of Harris Park at the forks of the Thames river near the downtown core of London.

I dismissed the object as being a meteorite due to it looking like it was clearly on fire. It did not have any tail, nor was it going particularly fast, and so upon retrospect it was unlike any meteorite I have ever seen, but as I was only half concentrating on it at the time, it was easily dismissed as such.

I briefly contemplated following its direction in order to see where it would land, but continued on my way. (Reasons for continuing to drive omitted - Ed.)

Date of event: Saturday, June 28, 2014
Time of event: approximately 11:00 pm, it could have been as late as midnight or slightly after (in which case Sunday, June 29, 2014)
Weather conditions: clear, cloudless, 20 degrees C approximately
Location: I was in my backyard in the eastern end of London, nearest major intersection being Clarke Rd and Trafalgar St. It could be seen facing directly east, towards the town of Ingersoll, but was not that far away.
Estimated size of object: looked a bit larger or similar to the size of a hot air balloon
Estimated altitude of object: much higher in altitude, perhaps 500-800 m. It was a consistent altitude with no variation in height whatsoever
Estimated speed of object's flight: slower than a commercial plane, constant in speed
Direction of object's flight on approach and departure: appeared to be travelling north with no descent or ascent in projection
Sound? None
Colour? Orange - like a giant ball of fire
Duration of event : 10-15 minutes

Other details:
I was initially facing away from its direction, looking instead towards the fire my boyfriend and I were having in my fire pit as we relaxed and drank a glass of champagne after the long day's move. I then was talking about something to do with the house, and glanced back in its direction (east).

Just to the right of my house, over the other house tops and trees, the strange fiery orange orb was visible again, looking exactly like the one I has seen the night before and dismissed as a meteorite. It was travelling northward, and was maybe as far out of London as the town of Dorchester, or somewhere in between the two as it did not appear to be quite that far.

I stopped mid sentence while I tried to reprocess what I was seeing, and realized that it was definitely not a meteorite because it had no tail, was not descending towards the earth in any means, and was travelling much too slowly. I turned to my boyfriend and pointed it out to him, asking him if he thought it was a plane on fire - that was the next thing my mind came up with to try to explain this object, as now the flames of the orb were clearly visible as being flames, kind of dancing and flickering, but without losing any intensity.

My boyfriend said he had no idea, and I mentioned it was the same looking as the thing the night before that I told him had been a meteorite. We continued to watch it, extremely puzzled and amazed, until it moved out of sight due to buildings and trees, as it slowly made its way across the sky. We both realized while we were seeing it that it was unlike any aircraft we'd ever seen before, and that it was definitely not a natural phenomenon. It literally looked like a big orange ball of fire

Many thanks to the witness for sending us these report.

We would be interested to hear from anyone else who saw a similar object around the same dates in June 2014.

Late June 2014 - Niagara Falls

It was a couple of weeks ago, so the end of June. It was around 3 in the afternoon. Clear skies. I was in Niagara Falls, Ontario, in my backyard, facing east. The object was so high up that I have no idea of its size. I imagine it was bigger than a jet, as I see them go by all the time. There was no sound because it was so high up...barely visible, but I saw what I saw. It lasted around 2 minutes?

Here is my attempt at a description of what I saw. This was so strange because I saw this only by chance. It was a fairly clear, sunny day in Niagara and I was out cutting my back lawn. I often pause during the mowing to do a back stretch. I have excellent sight and as I was looking rather blankly at the blue sky my eyes focussed in on a small oblong object high in the sky. I figured it must be the reflection of the sun off a metal plane.

As I watched, my eyes focussed in on small orbs of light following the oblong object. They were headed west at a terrific speed. I turned off the mower without looking and moved from behind a tree to get a better view. The small orbs seemed to be chasing the object, sometimes approaching it and then coming back.

It was amazing. It held me spellbound until I couldn't see anything anymore. They were so high that you would have to be looking exactly where I was looking in order to see the oblong object, which was actually very small and didn't seem to change shape as it kept its course. It might mean something to someone, so I decided to look for a place to post this. Thanks.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

29th June 2014 - Guelph

Triangular craft report submitted to Pararesearchers

23rd June 2014 - Lake Ontario, Toronto

Large triangle-shaped, pitch black silhouette, silent running
craft seen gliding over Lake Ontario near the Toronto Islands

June 23rd, 2014, just past midnight of a very beautiful clear night, I was sitting out on the terrace of my 13th floor waterfront condo enjoying the night sky out over Lake Ontario.
It was near 1:00 am when three round disk shaped objects floating through the sky caught my attention. The disks were dark grey in colour, but visible enough to be seen in contrast to the black sky beyond.

While startled by the objects, I was able to quickly focus and observed the 3-disks were located at the vertices of a very large triangle-shaped pitch black silhouette craft, silent running and gliding over Lake Ontario near the Toronto Islands and the Eastern Channel.

I observed the craft for only about 5 seconds as it moved west to east parallel to the waterfront in a relatively slow gradual descent from a position of about 15-20 degrees above the horizon covering approximately 200m or so before disappearing into the night sky.

I would like to know if anyone else had a similar sighting on this night or any other.

Full Report on NUFORC

27th May 2014 - Sault Ste. Marie

(Note: Sault Ste. Marie is in Northern Ontario, but the unusual nature of this submission prompted us to include it.)

On Tuesday May 27 at anywhere from 4:45 to 5PM in the city of Sault Ste. Marie I observed four anomalous flying disks. Distance approx. 2km away.

I was returning from a friends house riding my mountain bike in a southerly direction when I glanced up and noticed the four disk shaped objects. The objects were flying/maneuvering in a SE direction. Three were a bright metallic silver and one was a metallic red/maroon color.
The objects had no mechanical features that would have distinguished them as conventional craft. They were approx. 3m in size and were at and elevation of approx. 200m. The cluster was flying/hovering in formation. The bright red object would occasionally emit a pulsing or series of pulsing lights from it's sides.

At first I thought that they may be airplanes, or some other man made objects but as I observed the craft they were non conventional.
At the time of the observation I was moving but then I stopped and looked at the objects for a further 10 seconds. The red disk was flashing and hovering. I then continued on my bike a few meters further to see if I could get a better unobstructed view and all four objects had disappeared.

Called city police to find out if anyone was flying model airplanes, or if anything else was flying in the sky but they indicated in the negative. I don't do drugs, am 51 years old and have no mental issues. The observation is nagging me and hope someone can tell me what these things were. Sincerely.

Full Report on MUFON

25th May 2014 - Palgrave

I was at a horse show, Sunday, May 25th at Palgrave Ontario.
Sorry I am not sure which direction I was looking at. It was approx. 10:30 to 11:00 am.
I observed a white object appear and disappear. It lasted over a half hour. It also moved in a forty five degree angle.
It was at the height of the clouds. It would appear to fade in and out. It definitely was white, not a plane, more rotund. It was far away, so I am not sure what it was.

I then asked the witness for any more details which were provided as follows:

It would be more ovoid. It remained pure bright white the entire time, although it would quickly fade in and out. Sometimes with a shiny flash (sun hitting metallic surface?)
It did move horizontal back and forth, in and out, fading in and out. Sometimes flying at a 45 degree angle. The diameter of its range fairly small. It was from a great distance.
It seemed slower than an aircraft, but it was at a great distance. But it would fade out so fast.
There was never any shade or colour, except a bright white.
I had never seen this before, could it have been an aircraft? I did not take a video with my iPhone as I thought it was too far. I think it would have been North West of Palgrave

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

24th May 2014 - Brantford

May 24, 2014, Brantford, Ontario about 11:35 pm.
2 circular objects, bright orange brown colour gliding and chasing each other.
Duration about 8-10 seconds, direction N-S-N.
No sound. Weather: no clouds, clear sky.
Speed about 80-100 mph. Then disappears. Height, not as high as an airplane but high enough to see. Four witnesses.

Note I wrote to the witness asking for any more details and the response was as follows:

‎Yes right in Brantford. Took 30 minute drive from Kitchener.
All four of us saw it last night. We were having a camp fire and saw the objects. I found it pretty neat, but scary at the same time.
My friend noticed them first, she thought they were shooting stars but disappeared. Then they came back.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

23rd May 2014 - London

On Friday May 23rd, 2014, at 10:25 pm, I was standing outside of my work with a co-worker on the south side of the building. I had just finished telling my co-worker about a meteor shower occuring that evening and was looking up at the sky in hopes of seeing the shower. The night was totally quiet at that moment. Not a single bird, cricket, or any normal night-time noise. And my initial reaction of "What The F@*% !!" was clearly heard by a person in a nearby backyard.

As I was looking up, I observed eight lights in a V formation approaching from the south in a northerly direction. When they travelled over my head, I could see that the object blocked out stars, and it was soundless. The object was approximately one hundred feet above me, and I could see clearly that the lights were "pot-light" and unblinking. I could see that the lights were outlined as if they were indented inside of an object.

My first thought was that this object might be a Stealth plane, but it was too quiet, given the altitude and speed. As the formation travelled over the building, I ran away from the building to continue to observe, and as I got a clear view, they lights spilt apart into four separate groups of two, that started a spiraling aerial manouvers in different directions for approximately five seconds. Then in unison, the four sets of lights, streaked north in a very, very fast speed, then out of my vision, or line of sight.

After forty seconds, I then observed two planes that seemed as though they were flying in the same direction that the objects were traveling. These planes were about fifty feet of altitude apart and about one hundred feet away from each other longitudinal. The planes had normal plane characteristics, such as a straight flight path, blinking lights, etc. This is the second time I have observed this particular object, at approximately the same time, three weeks prior, so I was pleased to see it re-appear and have at least my co-worker observe the last set of lights spiral then streak off. This sighting did scare me a lot, as it was closer than the first sighting, and it does defy what I "know to exist". No plane or any object that I have seen EVER in my life has acted in such a way that this object/s did.

Full Report on MUFON

20th May 2014 - Etobicoke,Toronto

May 20th, 2014, 4:30 pm & 6:45 pm
Partly cloudy.
North parking lot at Woodbine Racetrack (Rexdale Blvd & Hwy 27)
I did not see anything.
I heard a super sonic sound that resembled something out of a movie such as when superman hits turbo during a flight scene, followed by a sky scraping sound. It was a clear sound but not loud.
Lasted about 3-4 seconds.
It was a neat sound. Another person heard the 4:30 sound when I did and commented "that was weird" since neither of us saw what caused it.
The second one at 6:45 I heard in the exact same spot I was when I heard the first one, but no one else was around. And again, nothing in the sky.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

18th May 2014 - Guelph

Sunday May 18th 2014 I was outside on my deck watching the fireworks in the night sky. It was approximately 9:25 in the evening and I live in an area where there is very little light pollution and have witnessed several anomalies since moving in here a year and a half ago, but nothing quite like this.
Having seen several UFO's down here I tend to sit and watch the night sky often hoping to see others appear. Looking up into the sky that evening, I witnessed an orb shaped UFO moving towards my house in the sky. Most people were done letting off fireworks by this time, thus there was the occasional boom. but not much to speak of.

What I witnessed was an orb shaped UFO orange and yellow in color, but was more orange than yellow. I was watching as it was drawing nearer to my home when in the distance there appeared a bright red glowing orb following fairly close behind. If the first orb moved left the red orb followed and it the orb moved right the red followed again. It seemed as if they were playing some form of sky tag, but the red orb stayed quite close behind the orange yellow orb. I just stood there watching in the dark, in absolute awe.

The red orb looked similar to a Japanese Lantern in shape and they were not moving fast when heading in a straight vertical line towards me.
I attempted to shoot video footage of the event with a video camera that I keep on my glass encased mud porch and due to the many siteings I have witnessed here, but my camera would not work even though it had a nearly fully charged battery pack in it.
I was able to watch this from both inside the mud porch and outside on my deck for approximately 4 or 5 minutes.

Suddenly the orange orb paused and then raced to the left of me in the sky and was followed by the red orb, and within an what seemed amazingly fast split second, both had vanished from my sight. I was in absolute shock and I just stood there watching feeling somewhat stunned by this event, but also in awe having been so fortunate to have witnessed such a thing.

I called a close friend in hopes that she too had been outside and had perhaps witnessed this as well but was unable to reach her at that time. I am still watching nightly hoping to see them again. If not, I am however certain there will be more vents to come as I have now witnessed at least four UFO visitations to date. This event however remains the most thrilling and amazing to date.

Full Report on MUFON

16th May 2014 - Brantford

On Friday May 16, 2014 I was outside around 10:30 I believe and saw 5 lights circling around the Brantford area in the direction of Lake Erie.

The weather conditions I believe were fairly calm this evening. The lights seemed to be following the very first one and they formed almost like a circular round ferris wheel like design in the sky. They lights seemed to be about an inch apart from my view although I know that is not the case in the air.

A friend was with me who also witnessed the lights. I could not hear any sounds coming from these lights either which I found interesting although I was not right under them so I cannot confirm if there was in fact sounds coming from them but I personally did not hear anything.

The lights again formed a slow circular motion and the one light in the front all of a sudden changed direction and went sideways. It appeared to have wings but looked more like a drone. They all of a sudden seemed to disappear. The entire incident lasted about 10 min. or so.

I was wondering if anyone else has reported this in the Brantford, Ontario area last Friday night?

A friend told me today that they could have been military drones so I was wondering if this is true? Until today I had no idea what they were and I have been researching this all week wondering what exactly they were. Do drones move slow and then all of a sudden change direction and also would it be common to see 5 or 6 drones following one another?

Any information you can provide would be very much appreciated as this has been puzzling me all week? Thanks so much.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

9th May 2014 - Ottawa

I was at my apartment in downtown Ottawa on May 9th 2014 and at around 9:30 the city had a fire works display at Dow's Lake for the national day of Honor for Afghanistan veterans.
At first my roommates and I didn't know what the sound was (it was probably echoing off the tall apartment buildings) but we were scared at first, because it sounded as if there was a fire fight in the streets.
The sound was so loud it was shaking our window frames all around the apartment. Our two cats hid for the majority which personally scared me as they don't usually freak at the sound of fireworks, seeing as we live downtown and there are frequent loud noises, cars, trucks and fireworks for festivals. Not to mention that I live close to blues fest and can usually hear the entire three day event clearly and they have never freaked out as they did then.

So I decided to shut off all the lights in the apartment for fear of the building being shelled (it was that scary/loud.) I then proceeded to go see what the sound was from my porch around 9:45, and as I was standing there listening to the sound I could see the entire block starting to wake up. A ton of people started turning their lights on and I started watching how other people were reacting to the sound.

As I was doing that I looked at the far away buildings as a very large number of people were turning on their lights to the sounds, then a bolt of lightning lite up the sky and right above the apartment building in front of my porch I saw the lightning strike something VERY large hovering over one of the buildings.

At first I couldn't believe what I just saw, but I didn't really get a good look at it. This object was MASSIVE in comparison to ANYTHING I have seen in the sky before. It also seemed to be extremely close to one of the radio towers that was on top of one of the apartment buildings. As the light from the lightning dimmed I was hit with a wave of shock as I couldn't see it against the dark cloudy sky.
I started to panic as I couldn't believe what I just saw. During this the sound of the fire works was still going on and rumbling my chest as if I was in a IMAX theatre.

I waited about ten minutes; frantically searching the sky for what I saw. Then another bolt of lightning stuck the SAME object in the SAME place, but this time I got a very good look at it and saw that it was saucer shaped and spinning. I just stood there staring at the sky as the light dimmed, and then I never saw it again.
I then went inside when the fireworks ended at 10:30, and sat in my living room look at the sky for most of the night.

Full Report on MUFON

4th May 2014 - Beaverton

Let my dog out around 11pm. Looked up above my roof as I do nightly, even more so when its clear out. Corner of my eye from the East I see 5 bright white lights flying at extreme speeds no sound in a boomerang shape like geese fly. The 2 behind the lead one were swerving side to side almost like switching spots. They disappeared over Lake Simcoe heading West.

I have seen some crazy things while living here looking at the sky over Lake Simcoe. Few years ago a bright white light that was hovering and the light was turning light police lights. Changed from white to red and then took off no sound. I find it to be quite strange that a meteor just came down the same day yesterday in the eastern part of Ontario, and that night reports of UFO's. maybe there is a link to this.

Full Report on MUFON

4th May 2014 - Brampton

I was going out for my nightly cig, at the side of the house on May 4 2014 at 10:30pm EST. As I looked to my right or the back of the house, facing North West something caught my eye?? Just North East of the moon I see a glowing pluse object in the distance moving at incredible speeds then stop on a dime!! Then it took off again at very very high speeds. This went-on for about 10 mins.

Without warning a 2nd object appeared out of nowhere and started to fly together with the first object!! It was like they were communicating?? flying at very high speeds. They were flying all over the North east and western sky with in seconds!!! I can't express how fast they were going "It was crazy!"

At this point 3 to 5 more UFOs appeared and were flying with the other objects. It was like a random crazy dance in the sky zig zagging, going fast slowing down "It was very impressive." I have been to many air shows in the past, and I know my aircraft well. What I seen on May 4 2014 was something not of this world and no aircraft that we have can do what these UFO's were doing, not by a long shot.

The whole experience lasted about 40 mins when they disappeared they were traveling in a southern direction. My reactions to this event were disbelief and shocked that it happened so close to home. The last UFO I seen was at "Long Point Lake Erie in 2011." The UFOs were very much the same thing. This was a life changing experience for me because I have seen more than 1 UFO and they seem to be consistent in their nature. Makes me believe in UFO's more than ever. There is something amazing happening to our world and I hope We the people will learn the truth some day.

Full Report on MUFON

24th April 2014 - Hamilton

On Thursday April 24th, 2014 at approximately 22:35hrs I was driving westbound (actually South/West) on Hwy 403 in Hamilton, ON. I was east of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway just starting up the escarpment.
It was a very clear night, I looked to the south and observed 4 bright white lights that I initially thought were landing lights for an aircraft, in this sort of pattern "o oo o"

I have lived in the area for over 40 years, I am well aware of the aircraft in the area, not only was this flight path odd but the lights appeared only about 250' off of the ground. The lights appeared to be pointing in a Northern direction. I opened my sunroof and realized as I got closer that there was no engine noise from this aircraft.

As I passed under the lights I observed the body to be a silver/grey colour and I could see some body structure. However, there was no tail. The structure had some linear parallel ridges, hard to describe.

Other cars were slowing and looking also, I planned on exiting at the top of the escarpment and trying to record the aircraft as it was travelling extremely slowly if moving at all. Unfortunately, 30 seconds later when I was off of the highway I could no longer locate the aircraft.

When I returned to work the following day I was extremely surprised to learn that a colleague had witnessed similar lights approximately 10-15 minutes earlier that same night. It was seen 1-2 kilometres further west. There are no high rise buildings in the area, there was some road construction but it was further east, in the E/B lanes only. I am certain that more than the two of us observed this UFO.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

The witness - who is in law enforcement - would be interested to know if anyone else saw similar that night in the Hamilton area.

18th April 2014 - Oshawa

Green Lights

"At approximately 10pm on April 18th 2014 I saw from my apartment on the 10th floor facing west in Oshawa, Ontario, 3 solid green lights in this formation 'ooo' flying very fast and high back and forth then up and down and then became one blob hovering and dropped to the ground slowly into a field near Arena Street West.
It is a clear night, almost no clouds and other people were out on their balconies yelling about what they saw. I can't explain what I saw, it was awe inspiring. If it was a prank it was high tech and well executed."

I asked the witness for more details especially regarding estimated altitude and distance from their location etc.

"It was about two football fields away. It could be a remote plane maybe for a prank but it's so weird how smoothly it moved and the lights splitting into three was weird. To be honest I don't know what it was and I have never seen anything like it before.
I would never have even thought to report it but my friend who I called when I was scared said to report it to you guys.
If you can figure out what I saw I would love to know and if I find out I will let you guys know."

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

9th April 2014 - Port Hope


I saw a brightly lit object hovering near Lake Ontario in Port Hope, Canada, and suddenly it vanished - in a split second.

My husband and I were driving home along Lakeshore Road in Port Hope, Ontario, (from Cobourg). We live in a new subdivision built by Mason Homes; the subdivision is now called Lakeside Village (Phase 2 of Penryn Village). Before we were to turn onto our street, I happened to look at the sky.

I saw a few stars, but then noticed one large, brightly lit object – which at first I thought must be a star or planet. But I quickly realized that it was far too large and long and bright for it to be that kind of object. Next, I assumed it must be a plane. I pointed it out to my husband, who was driving. Then I said, ‘Is that thing moving at all? It seems to be staying in the same place.’ My husband wasn’t sure, either.

Just to clarify: We aren’t SURE of the shape of the object. If we were seeing a side view of it, we would say it was cigar-shaped.

We stopped the car for less than a minute just to see if we could tell whether or not the object was moving. It didn’t appear to be – but of course we told ourselves that planes often don’t seem to be moving IF they are flying AWAY from you. We both commented on how big the item was – far larger than ANY plane we’d ever seen near Port Hope.

Port Hope is about 60 miles ENE from Toronto – and the only big planes we ever see are jets that are very high up and, therefore, don’t appear large. This particular object was very bright, as I mentioned – a lot more well lit than any plane I have ever seen in the sky. It was either a huge thing or very close and low.

We began driving again. We decided to stop once more. We really wanted to find out IF the object was moving, as it seemed to stay in the exact spot we’d first seen it in – getting neither larger nor smaller. I also wanted to open the window to find out if I could HEAR anything; we hadn’t heard any sound at this point.

When we stopped the car for the second time, I began to press the button to lower the window – and suddenly my husband said (just as I looked up to see the object), ‘It’s gone!’ We couldn’t believe it. It had disappeared in the SPLIT second that I took to reach for the window button. We looked and looked, and drove around our housing development site to see if we could find the object somewhere else. We never saw it again.

The lights looked yellow to me, but my husband felt they were yellowy-white. In either case, they were extremely bright. It was the stationery aspect of the object that caught my attention first, after I’d seen the object in front of me.

We couldn’t tell if the thing was out over Lake Ontario or just over the land. Our development is just off the shores of Lake Ontario, and the land swoops out a bit. It was night and we couldn’t see precisely where this object was. NOW we are at our cottage; when we go home next Thursday the 17th, we will drive along and look in an attempt to ascertain where the object was situated – if we can figure that out!

Full Report on NUFORC

5th April 2014 - Collingwood

Triangular light pattern
I am writing from Collingwood ON. My husband and I went out to walk the dog just after 9:35 pm on the evening of April 5, 2014.
I pointed out the beautiful clear sky and crescent moon and as my husband looked up we were both instantly distracted by 3 points of light in a perfect equilateral triangle.
The triangle rotated and then separated. one light stayed put while the other 2 took off in opposite directions.
My first instinct was that my mind was playing tricks on me until I realized that my husband had the same shocked look on his face. He then described exactly what I had just seen.
We followed the path of one that flew directly overhead in a slightly erratic, not smooth line until it disappeared out of sight.
It was very high in the sky, more like where you'd see a satellite than an airplane and was completely silent on a quiet night.
Is there a simple explanation for what we saw?

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

2nd April 2014 - Oshawa

On April 2nd 2014 in the Adelaide and Ritson area of Oshawa. Facing west in my backyard. Approx. 9:00pm. Clear skies and very little wind. Looking up in the sky, 2 orange balls/orbs flew side by side at incredible speed from NE heading SW. They were across the sky within approx 5 seconds. Silent and without any trail. Completely stunned me.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.
We hope that there will be a repeat performance and maybe the objects will be caught on camera as we have done in Project Orbwatch in the past.

17th March 2014 - Innisfil

My husband was in the backyard and saw one red orange glowing orb moving fast across the sky: from 30 degrees above the horizon SSE to NNW. I was doing dishes and he called me outside.
I saw a glowing orb following that same path, ran inside to get binoculars, got outside again within seconds and then 2 more followed. It took each one about 20 seconds to travel across the sky. They appeared low in the sky from the southwest and passed by us at about 70 degrees from the horizon going towards the north west. They made no sound. There was no trail behind them.
We both thought they were nothing we had seen before: not the space station or satellites, which we've seen before, nor shooting stars. We though UFO. It was very exciting.
They all stopped glowing when they reached about 45 degrees from the north west horizon but were still seen as black objects following the same trajectory but disappearing from view at about 30 degrees from the horizon.
The sky was clear and it was still fairly light outside with constellations visible. It was not windy at all. Then a plane went from the north to the south in the direction they came from. The sound of the plane was behind the sight of the plane so it must have been going quite fast.

NOTE: We thought at first that this could have been sky lanterns but normally the lanterns do not continue to be airborne after their flame has been extinguished.

Full Report on MUFON

28th February 2014 - Orillia

Click on above thumbnail to view larger version of map

About 8:30pm (last night this is Morning of Mar 1) while driving north on Highway 11 from Orillia Ontario, Canada I saw a bright white light low in the sky. As I came closer I saw it as about 3 lights, blue on the left white in the middle and red on the right and they were flickering or flashing, although I do not recall the white one flashing. It wasn't going anywhere and I soon realized we were all going to be passing underneath it but we were curving to the left so it then was on our right. Then I realized that all the cars had slowed down from around 100 km to 80 as I had and most were in the slow lane now as if everyone was watching as long as they could while driving.

(I then emailed the witness to ask if any more details came to mind regarding exact location, elevation, direction, etc.)

I came onto Highway 11 from Highway 12 on my way to Washago, so hard to remember but I have vague memory of not driving very long before I saw it as a bright white light in front of us too low to be a star or a plane. The highway turns but I did not see it move although the traffic did. It was probably somewhere just passed Laclie but it was more around Menoke Beach Road before we drove under it with it now being on the right, Lake Couchiching side. The flashing colored lights appeared as we drove closer. I didn't see much of where I was as I was constantly looking from car in front of me up to it.

I am kicking myself for not getting off the highway and recording it. I know how much activity there is up there and that they are probably mostly human military ufos but still so blatant! If we all looked up more often I bet everyone would see them?

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

Note: The witness would be interested to know if any other people saw similar.
Please get in touch with us via our contact/report page.

3rd February 2014 - Hamilton

20:15h EST
East end (Rosedale area)
I live in Hamilton and have been in this house for approximately 6 years. We are surrounded by airports from multiple diections so I enjoy sky watching every time I step out for a smoke. On the night in question, my wife and I were out on the back deck having a smoke around 8:15 pm.

I just happened to be looking upwards towards the West when 4 dimly lit objects came into view. I nudged my wife and pointed to what I was looking at.
We both watched in absolute amazement as these 4 objects, flying completely silent, in formation and at an unfathomable rate of speed. They crossed almost directly over our heads. The flight path was from S to NE taking the lit objects over Lake Ontario towards Oakville.

I've witnessed thousands of aircrafts from this exact vantage point from every different direction and height but these objects were unlike anything I had ever seen before. If this was one object with four dim, hazy lights, the size would have had to have been gigantic because that would really change the height ratio.

I'm not certain what they were but I'm 100% certain what they were not.

Our thanks to the witness for sending us this report.
The witness would be interested to know if any other people in the area saw similar on the evening of the 3rd February 2014. If so, please get in touch with us via the reporting form which may be accessed from the nav bar to the left.

20th January 2014 - Mississauga

Approx 9.10 pm EST
Location: nearest intersection - Cawthra Road and Atwater Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
Approx 1km from Lake Ontario.
Weather: Overcast, but suburban lights bright enough to clearly see a UFO flying over my backyard, flying low, silent, very slow.
Could clearly see one each, blue and white flashing light.
Facing S.W. the craft had multiple, very bright white lights but were not necessarily spot lights.
On the West side were the same configuration. Approx 3 rows of 4 lights.
Using binoculars, the lights appeared to be prism-shaped lights.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this unusual report

7th January 2014 - Erin

Erin Ontario. 7th January 2014, 3:30 am. I'm in the area of Wellington Road 50 and 5th Line in the country.
A bluish greenish orb with a flashing red light staying steady for about a half hour. My dogs were freaked out and the most fearful kept looking out the window and up. My cell phone tells me it was 232 south west.

My first thought was I never saw a star so large and bright but saw faint colour. I then viewed through binoculars which allowed me to see a bit better.
Size and height - hard to say. It was not very low. I knew from naked eye it was not star or plane because of colour and flicker
When I blurred the binoculars, it seemed like many circles making a perfectly large circle with red light on upper left hand around 11 o'clock mark. Each smaller circle varied slightly with the blue/ green but again that was me just trying to see the thing blurred but larger.

I thought the dogs saw a raccoon outside but they were not in prey mode, they were scared and weirdly unsettled. After about half hour it got smaller as if it started to travel further away from me going north.

I also heard noises that at first thought was the ice quakes but the noise was more internal but I think it was not related. I'm guessing it was about a mile away.

This is the second one I saw. Other was in summer and a white light that stayed still for long time then slowly moved closer then gone. The next day the news mentioned others seeing it. That was also about the same time of night .

I am not a thrill seeker and do not look for such oddities so I'm surprised .
My one dog in particular is the one that pointed me in sky direction. She seemed so sensitive to it. It clearly was not a plane or bright star. That I am sure of. Thank you for response.

Note: I wrote back to the witness to ask about the size of the object.

Maybe 1/2 quarter (held at arm's length - ed.) It was stationary and remained same size for about 20 minutes then slowly got smaller which I believe was moving further away. My one dog kept looking out and up and pacing for about 10 minutes prior to me finally looking at what she was looking at. She was fixated on it when she looked at it and then stiffened and paced but kept going back to look at it. So it may have been there then as well?

I don't look for things like this. But if it happens again I'll know better how to manage to describe it. I am also learning to step outside and listen for sounds which I didn't think to do. When discussion of sightings comes up with a friend my response is "I don't want to know." I suppose that has just changed for me

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report


25th December 2013 - Georgetown

Approximately 12 orange orbs moving slowing and without sound

On December 25, 2013 at 19:15, I was at friend's house when he screamed get outside now. While letting his dog out, he saw glowing orbs in the sky. We observed 5 orbs in a 'V' formation moving slowly from north to southwest low on the horizon with no sound. They appeared in our view over a high privacy fence and after the first 5 passed at about a mile away, more appeared following the formation. They were single file at the same altitude, not evenly spaced, some closer to each other and some further apart.

I ran into the house to get my phone to take pictures. All that appeared on my screen was a tiny white spot which I will download and have someone more experienced look at. We both knew that we were viewing something unnatural and were yelling and hoping neighbours would come outside as well.

There was no sound and no exhaust or blinking lights like a plane has. We are situated 20 miles from Pearson International Airport and these orbs were not going in that direction. We both stood in the snow without shoes to watch until the last orb appeared, then disappeared from our view into the low level clouds and this observation lasted about 4 minutes from the first formation to the last orb moving out of view. It was the most amazing experience, unlike anything else and I want to see them again.

My friend worked at the GTAA and immediately checked Flight Tracker 24 on the internet and radar only showed two commercial aircraft in completely different locations at that exact time. My friend has always laughed at the thought of UFOs, but after witnessing those orbs, he has completed changed his outlook. On my mother's grave, this event happened as I have described.

Full Report on MUFON

25th December 2013 - Bolton

Loud Noise and Lights in the Sky

At approx. 2:00 am., Christmas Day a very loud noise was heard directly overhead of our home in Bolton. The sound was accompanied by a brief shaking of the home. I thought frankly that something had fallen onto our roof. I got up and checked internally and externally and there was no visible damage.

I thought maybe ice had fallen from an aircraft, I looked out our second-storey window that faces north and saw what I thought was a low-flying aircraft which had 3 lights, 2 very strong lights on what I concluded were on the wings and one at the front which was less intense. There was no noise from what one could expect from an aircraft.

I have no idea as to what I had just observed but can definitely say that there was a very loud bang/noise at 2:00 am., Christmas morning.

A neighbour also heard the same noise at the same time and reported others in Vaughan and Maple had heard very loud noises at around the same time. One of my grandsons also heard it and his family lives approx. 2 miles from my home.

I would appreciate hearing from you/others as to their experiences or observations related to this incident.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

25th December 2013 - Hwy 7
(exact location unknown)
Colored flashing lightning type bursts

Driving East on hwy #7, at 11:00pm Christmas, a long flash of what we thought was lightning occurred. Mentioning to my family that it was weird, another long flash (about 2-3 miles wide with the appearance of long lasting lightning) occurred but this time it was blue and green. This continued for about 7-10 minutes with colours changing and the addition of orange and purple. Would love to hear if anybody else saw this.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

24th December 2013 - Oshawa

At 10:20 on December 24 located at Taunton Rd/Harmony Rd I witnessed a very bright light with a very small orange/sparking tail. It only appeared for 1-2 seconds. It look to be directly above Uxbridge traveling from south to north/east.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

13th December 2013 - Hwy 403/Hwy 6

Few minutes ago (at approximately 6pm - ed) driving 403 west bound before hwy 6. I was facing west. Saw faded lights. Either three or four. They go out then come together as one. I googled to see if anyone is seeing what I see. Tried to Video but it was too dark.

(Witness was then asked if the lights resembled the searchlight-type beams seen at some promotional events.)

I know promotional lights. They have a beam of light leading to the lights. This didn't have that. In fact I've seen them before too in Burlington. This wasn't that.
I would be curious to know if anyone else saw it. We were in traffic. I wouldn't be surprised if more people saw it.

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

21st November 2013 - Hwy 400/Hwy 9

Sighting of Triangular Light in the Sky

At approximately 6pm on the evening of Nov. 21, 2013 we were driving on the 400 towards Toronto when I noticed a bright light in the sky to the left quite a bit ahead of us. My daughter was in the back with the baby so she couldn't see it when I said what the **** is that!
It was very dark and the highway was busy so I only glanced over but I couldn't get over how bright it was. I think I noticed it just past the Hwy 9 cutoff. I kept talking about the light to my daughter and finally It was right to the left and up in the sky. She thought it was a tower at first but said no it's too high for that but too low for a plane.
The lights were very bright and in a triangular pattern. This really freaked me out but we both were already stressed out just going to Toronto as my grandson needed surgery the next day at Sick Kids so even though it was a huge deal to me to see this I put it out of my mind till just now and wondered if anyone else saw this too?

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report

19th November 2013 - Aurora

Dark triangle travelling from North to South

Awoke from sleeping about 1:30am. Went downstairs to get a drink of water. Sometimes I will look out the window at the stars. Around 2:10am I noticed a dim set of unblinking/unchanging lights coming from the North and heading due south. As the craft approached I noticed it was triangular in shape and heard a low humming noise. It was travelling about twice the speed of an airplane at a low altitude. Definitely not a plane or shooting star. Noticeable shape and dark grey/black in colour. The craft passed out of view from the window and was gone.

Full Report on MUFON

17th November 2013 - Burlington

Two amber lights appearing intermittently; one moving left to
right disappearing and reappearing, the other falling in an arc

I was smoking a cigarette on my 8th floor balcony two nights ago and saw some strange amber lights out over the lake. At the range I was standing it was impossible to tell what I was looking at or how far away it actually was, but I was certain it was over the lake.

It was raining and visibility across the lake was poor, the lights on the other side being completely obscured. I looked at the weather network website that evening and noticed the wind was blowing 50kmh with gusts of over 70kmh. When I saw the first amber light I thought it was an aircraft turning on its landing lights and circling in the storm. I thought it was crazy for someone to be out flying in that weather. The object moved left to right and disappeared as though the lights went out. It then reappeared in roughly the same position it initially appeared and repeated what seemed like the same left to right pattern, at the same altitude before abruptly reversing left and descending on what seemed like roughly a 45 degree angle before disappearing again. The way in which it abruptly went from moving right to moving left and the rate of descent was unnerving and suggested some sort of crash. All this elapsed over approximately 2-3 minutes.

I felt unsettled by how the light had behaved in it's movements seeming unaircraft like, there were no flashing lights of any kind through out. I called my Father to the balcony to witness should the light reappear and it did approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes later. It reappeared at approximately the same altitude and both my father and I saw it move left to right disappear and reappear in the same initial and repeat the left right pattern.

A second light, the same colour and intensity as the first, appeared falling from the sky what seemed like a fair distance to the right of the first leaving what I thought could have been a smoke trail but was impossible to tell given darkness and poor weather. This light appeared at roughly the same height as the other object, perhaps higher and fell in an arc from right to left disappearing low to the lake.

I was so enthralled by strangeness of all this that I can't be sure when the first light disappeared, if it was before or after t! he second. I asked my Dad, a retired detective, if he thought the second light was a flare. He didn't think so.

Given the indeterminate range of the encounter and the poor conditions it was hard to say how high off the ground these objects were. My instinct was that it was above the tallest buildings in town, but not very high in the sky.

The whole event did not take 10 minutes to elapse. The amber colour was less orange than the street lights and looked more like fire.

Full Report on NUFORC

30th October 2013 - Bolton

Large red flashing lights flaying just above tree level

While sleeping that night, my dog started to bark loud and move frantically around the bed at about 2:30am. I assumed my brother was home from work, as she usually barks when she hears the front door open accompanied by the chime of our home alarm system. I told her to be quiet it was just my brother coming home, but she continued to bark and got louder. I listened to hear the usual sounds of him entering the house (door closing, walking around, etc.) but heard none as didn’t come home, and ended up spending the night at a friend’s house.

The dog continued to bark as she does when someone is there, and she is unsure of who it is. Again, I told the dog to stop barking. I then heard the sound of what an airplane sounds like when it passes over our house, and thought maybe it was just the furnace turning on that startled her. But the sound gradually got louder and closer to my home, sounding more like a plane landing. It was as though the aircraft was right over our roof, and it felt like the whole house was shaking. We don’t live near enough to Pearson Intl Airport for an aircraft to be flying that low in our area, and it did not have the distinct sound of a helicopter.

I got out of bed and looked out the window to see a long cylinder shaped aircraft flying just above tree level. It did not have wings, propellers or visible landing gear. For about 30 seconds I watched the slow moving object with two large circular lights fly over our subdivision. The lights were bright red, and looked to each be 4ft in diameter (one in front of the other), flashing one after the other until it was too far me to continue to watch it.

When I realized what I could potentially be witnessing, I tried to get a picture with my phone but the aircraft was then too far beyond trees.

This is not the first time I have seen something questionable in our area.

Full Report on NUFORC

22nd October 2013 - Minden

This maybe something or nothing. This picture was taken by my cellphone camera. Late afternoon. The view is looking east south east from the back deck of our cottage. The setting sun is behind me and it was illuminating the sky and clouds which I thought was a nice picture.

I did not look at the picture immediately but about one month later. I did not notice the lights (shown in photo) over the horizon at the time. Nor did I observe any aircraft in the area or passing over my position. Our lake consists of mostly seasonal cottages and as a result is very quiet at that time of year, late October.

I did not hear any sounds such as aircraft. There is a Canadian forces base about 150 km south east of our cottage. I was quite surprised when I looked at the picture as I didn't notice anything abnormal at the time the photo was taken.

There are six sets of lights in formation all about the same elevation and the appear to be parallel with each other. When the picture is enlarged the lights are dual, like headlights.
End of Report

Note by Xpose UFO Truth: At first glance we thought that this was possibly reflections from a light fixture, but the witness does not mention whether the deck was enclosed in glass or not. The image was taken on a Blackberry Q10 and the dimensions of the image were 2448px x 2448px - a square - which is unusual for a raw image. However, it does seem that the Q10 is capable of taking square images.

Update - 10th March 2014 I passed the image on to a colleague who does image analysis and he came back with initial comments this evening. It appears that the photo was taken from behind glass so these lights do seem to be reflections. Details to follow when time permits.

Click on the cropped image below to see the full size version on MUFON:

Full Report on MUFON

Mid October 2013 - Huntingford

05:30 EST
It was roughly mid October. I was driving along highway 59 towards Tavistock from Woodstock, Ontario. It was 5.30 am. I bent over my steering wheel and looked directly above me out my front windshield. I saw something over head in the sky. It looked like 3 triangles of white light only instead of it being an exact triangle. There was no point, but a flat surface that the two ends joined, there were 3 of these triangle-ish things. The lights of 3 were attached forming one object.

When I saw it, it was making a turn flying necessarily straight almost like how a sting ray moves in water. I was pretty upset by the sighting to be honest, but stumbled upon this site.

No one else much on the road. It flew at right near or below cloud level. The groups of 3 lights formed one unit. It turned almost like an accordion or a centipede movement as it was turning. As I said moving like a stingray. I was scared. It was directly above me but didn't stay with me. It seemed to hover as well as turn. I saw it for a minute while driving and I kept looking at it until it was no longer in view but I did see it turn in like almost a full circle. Unlike a plane that keeps moving. It could stay still. I only could see it as white lights forming the same triangular pattern.

Another mention, it seemed flexible upon the turn like the three sets of lights were all aligned like shaped like a U with a flat bottom rather than a rounded U shape with the light coming out shaped like a V. So like a U and a V together, stacked one behind the other, like wings.
It was one unit, but turned with precise flexibility, like as if it had bendable areas like the light formation is all attached but had been sectioned between each U shaped V. Hope this makes sense. It was close to the town of Huntingford. That highway was pitch black. I seemed alone and upset that why did I have to see that. It still doesn't sit well with me.

Our thanks to the witness for the initial report plus the follow-up emails with further information and thoughts.

28th September 2013 - Port Hope

Slow moving disc

On September 28th 2013 at approximately 7:40pm, I was standing in my backyard having a bonfire with my two children, my husband went inside our house to change his clothes after spending the day working on building a deck with a friend. Our friend had left but came back when he realized he forgot something, as he walked back into the yard he yelled to me "SARAH! LOOK AT THE SKY! DO YOU SEE THAT? WHAT IS IT?

As I looked up the "UFO" was right above me, I saw a very round, disk like, object that was moving very slowly,it appeared as though there was fire coming out of the bottom. I called to my husband to come out and see, then the three of us watched for approximately two minutes as it slowly moved across the sky. As we attempted to understand what we were witnessing at that moment, the best we could come up with was that an airplane one fire, that idea quickly faded when we noticed how slow it was going, the disk like shape, the redness of it, what appeared to be fire and the ominous glow projecting from it as well as the fact that we went inside checked the internet, TV and radio for the next hour to see if we heard anything about it.

The object continued on a straight path North West, moving away from all major military bases and airports in the area,very slowly until we lost sight of it. Both my husband and I well as our friend were in disbelief at first as we tried to make sense of what we had just witnessed, our first thoughts were to go inside and see if we could find out any information, after doing some research and finding out nothing we have become convinced beyond a doubt that we witnessed a U.F.O. Thank-you.

Full Report on MUFON

24th September 2013 - Milton

3 triangular flying objects

Live in Milton Ontario and just saw 3 triangular "things' flying over... no sound... They had a slight glow to them and were flying in a triangular formation... One veered to the right and vanished and the other 2 went straight and vanished... September 24, 2013 9:45pm

We were facing south
They were flying from west to east
Not sure how fast or high
There was no sound
A soft glow
We were in the Steeles and Ontario area (Dorset Park)
There were 3. Was around 9:45pm. And they vanished behind the trees.
Hope that helps

Thanks to the witness for sending us the report and subsequent information

14th September 2013 - Haliburton

I was up north over the weekend, September 13 – 16 2013 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. Saturday I decided to try out my new binoculars, Celestron Skymaster 15 x 70.

I spotted what I think was a plane, but am not entirely sure. It was around 9 pm, the sky was perfectly clear, the object was going from northeast to southwest, moving about what a jet would be doing.

There was no sound. All I could see were the lights, two white spot lights in the back and one in the front. There was also a red blinking light in the middle, but it was hard to tell as the binoculars were making the image jittery.

It is hard to say how big it was, but as a comparison as to where the lights were, if the two white lights in the back were about 10 feet apart, then the front light was forty feet from them.

The red light was somewhere in the middle. I could not see any shape whatsoever. The reason I’m questioning if it was a plane is that I’ve never seen a plane with spotlights on in the rear. Usually it's one white light up front and the red and green wing lights. Do you know of any drawings of plane/jet navigation light patterns? I would like to look it up and see if any are near what I saw.

(Witness name removed) Brampton, Ontario

Full Report on UFO Casebook

14th September 2013 - Thorold

1pm - 2pm: Viewed from Thorold looking towards Skylon tower, Niagara Falls.
Clear blue sky. Observed circular bright white object.
Estimate at 10 - 15000 feet.
200 - 300 feet diameter.
Think 1/4" pearl held up at arm's length.
Duration approx. 30 seconds start to finish.
Distance traveled approx. 5 kilometers at plus or minus 7 o'clock south west from 12 north.
Speed constant.
Object simply vanishes midair.
5 seconds after object disappearing, passenger jet due roughly southeast at 35,000 feet, leaving vapour trail, with flight pattern crossing objects flight path, appears from behind neighbour's tree.
First personal, plausible sighting after 40 years of birds, planes, copters, sats, space junk, meteors etc.

Follow up:
Over the forty years I've been watching the skies, I've always been able to debunk what I've seen through "practiced", keen observational skills and analysis.
From the time that I read about Barney & Betty Hill, ( around 1972 ) the possibility? and the science? of U.F.O phenomenon caused a couple of brain cells to collide in my head. I believe that true science is the bridge to conclusive possibilities.(Think Nikola Tesla )

What I witnessed was a series of events, all linked together, to construct a single event.
(Event = Sighting)
The pattern went like this:

Looked up, saw pearl in the sky, ? Unfamiliar?
Follow flight path, instant non-cataclysmic disappearance, bewilderment, glanced away momentarily to describe event, appearance of jet, comparison, verbally acknowledge difference to a person, continue surveying visible skyline, appearance of high altitude bird (seagull), realize the clear cloudless blue of the sky
Conclusion: For the very first time: Unknown.

What I do know is that there was a distinguishable event pattern that appeared to play out, in order to create some type of diversion or questionable belief at what I had witnessed. I noticed this pattern almost directly after the event occurred. This thought struck me as being odd, given the circumstances.
Anyway, this is what lead me to your site. Observation is a powerful tool!

Thanks to the witness for sending us this very detailed report and further thoughts.

8th September 2013 - Pickering

"Driving North bound along Sandy Beach road in Pickering, Ont. at 7:30am on Sept 8, 2013. Looked up in the sky and saw a stationary metallic disk hovering approximately 600 feet up in the air, East of the Pickering Town Centre, near to where HWY 2 and Valley Farm roads would intersect. Thought it was a kite or balloon at first. Was in my view for about 15 seconds but then vanished into thin air after I passed under a set of trees. Estimate its size as approximately 20 feet in diameter and maybe 8 feet in height. Pissed at myself for not stopping sooner to take a picture as I had my camera with me. "

Thanks to Pararesearchers for sending us this report.

1st September 2013 - Ajax

We were driving south on Finley avenue in Ajax Ontario when we noticed a triangular object in the sky off to our right hand side at about 9:50pm. It was hard to tell how far away it was but it was low enough that we had to stop and back up to get a good look at it because houses and trees were blocking our view.

After telling our son about the incident he said the craft may have been hovering over the Pickering nuclear station. He listens to coast to coast and says the experts on that show say these crafts are sometimes attracted to these places.

After watching it for about one minute each light on the craft faded one at a time starting with the front point. After that we could not see the craft anymore.

We apologize but this is our first time ever seeing or reporting an event such as this, we want to stay anonymous so we will not be filling out contact information.

Full Report on NUFORC

21st August 2013

I was returning home from work on the evening of August 21, 2013. I remember the date because I had heard on the radio that day President Obama was visiting Buffalo NY. The time was approximately 9:00pm. The sky was just darkening. I had just come onto the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) and was preparing to merge into the traffic flow. I was travelling Eastbound from the Kipling Ave. access lane. Traffic was fairly light this evening. My driver's side window was fully open. I checked over my left shoulder for traffic prior to beginning my merge.

As I turned to regain a full view of the road, a glowing green/white orb passed in front of the car with tremendous speed. The object came from the south and headed to the north gaining elevation. It's direction appeared to be taking it towards a plane flying east. The plane may have been at 5000ft at this point. The airport is only a few miles away and so I assumed it must have just left the airport. The plane was far from the highway. There was no traffic in front of me so I was able to observe it for about a minute. It appeared that the object might get very close to the plane, but it flew into some clouds and "winked out". That was the last I saw of it. The entire duration of the observation I believe was less than a minute.

The object itself, when it passed in front of my vehicle, appeared to be the size of a beach ball. It was close to my vehicle but I don't know how close it actually was. Everything happened too quickly. The object startled me as it passed, but I don't recall being fearful of it. It was moving at a tremendous speed and it was absolutely silent. The glow from the object was not blinding. Rather, it was a soft glow. After the object disappeared, I recall my first reaction was to laugh.

I thought to myself, if it was looking for Buffalo and the President, it was lost. Far off course! I was also filled with a sense of marvel at the speed and beauty of the object. It was absolutely beautiful. I checked the newspapers and listened to the radio the next day in hope of hearing some report. I find it difficult to believe I was the only person that saw this object cross the expressway. I saw and heard nothing from the media. I have made the assumption, that because the President was in the area, so was this object. I would be curious to learn if there was any activity reported in the area between Buffalo and Toronto.

Full Report on MUFON

20th August 2013 - Kitchener

August 20th, 2013, in the area of Old Carriage Drive and Homer Watson Blvd. in Kitchener Ontario. It was approximately 21:45, and I was driving home Northwest on Homer Watson Blvd. coming from Cambridge. After passing the traffic lights at Doon South Drive I noticed what looked like a very slow moving glowing orange/yellow light ahead of me passing over Homer Watson, coming from Old Carriage Drive.

My apartment is on Old Carriage Drive, so I have used my address in the fields above to note the location as it was extremely close by. It was barely moving at all. Really just a very slow drift. It's position was roughly 30 to 35 feet above the utility poles and the object itself was also round/spherical and 30 feet in diameter. At first when I saw it I immediately thought it was a Chinese lantern because of the soft glow and slow movement that you see in them, but I quickly realized the size of it and the shape was spherical. Also, it did not flicker as it would from a flame.

The glow was solid and did not pulsate or change at all. The object itself appeared to be solid with no features visible. I was in the left lane with a vehicle in front of me who quickly braked and I braked as well. The three vehicles in the lane to my right also braked and we all came to a stop on the road to observe this object. I did not take note of the lanes on the other side to see if anyone had stopped as I was watching the object intensely.

I exited my car, along with the person in front and the person in the car to my right. I took out my cell phone to get a video as did the person in the vehicle beside mine. I could not access the camera or any other function of my phone. The person beside me said his phone was now dead and would not come back on, even though it was working just a moment ago.

We observed the object for another 30 to 45 seconds. In that time it came to a brief stop (5-6 seconds) over the wooded area that lies between Homer Watson and Mill Park Drive. It just hung in the air, completely motionless, the treetops were illuminated very softly. Then the object resumed it's very slow pace continuing in the same direction heading North. The object's movement was slow, deliberate and did not waver or indicate that it was affected by wind. It appeared to be controlled and very smooth in its motion.

The person in the vehicle ahead of mine said he wanted to leave and was going to call the police when he got home. The person beside me said he wanted to leave now and got into his car and left, the vehicle ahead of him had already left. We did not communicate during the event except to say that our phones were not functioning. The traffic behind us had started to accumulate and cars were honking so I left and turned onto Old Carriage Drive to head home. I turned my vehicle around to face the wooded area to see if I could still see the object but it was out of sight at this point.

I called the police when I got into my apartment who said no one had reported any such thing and the dispatch operator didn't seem interested in my call. I called the Breslau airport later that night and the person who took my call got the information from me and said that there were other calls about the same object but closer to the airport. They wouldn't provide me any other information so I ended the call.

I can't say with any certainty what I saw, but I'll sum up the characteristics below; - orange/yellow soft glowing light approx. 30 feet in diameter - very slow moving, able to stop briefly then resume its course, indicating it was a controlled object and not a natural phenomenon - completely silent - no blinking lights or any other signals to indicate it was an airplane or helicopter - was approximately 70 to 90 feet above the ground That's what I saw and I'm still puzzled today. I wasn't frightened by the event, but I did feel unsettled and still do today. It just left me feeling very strange. Please feel free to contact me if you require any other details.

Full Report on MUFON

9th August 2013 - Varney

(Editor's note: The witness is aware of the issues regarding the safe use of laser pointers.)

I see things on a regular basis south of Owen Sound. I've seen weird blue-ish boomerang shaped craft with red glowing windows. Really close. Within 200-500 feet. Small orbs that seem to fly down and check me out after I shoot them with a green laser. I also seen two plane shaped objects traveling in unison from west to east. I need a camera that can pick up the sky at night and I could show you some amazing things.

(Editor's note: I wrote to the witness to obtain some more details regarding these various incidents.)

The aircraft I had seen might have been drones. They sort of reflected the pinkish glow of the light pollution. The laser is just a 5mw green laser. I had read a report online of the UFO interacting when hit so decided to try myself. Just got a Chinese one off of ebay.

August 9, 2013 11:55pm EST
Clear sky lots of stars.
Was outside having a cigarette, playing around with a 5mw green laser when from the corner of my eye I caught movement.
To my surprise there was a rounded boomerang shaped object with a hazy aura, almost like the heat coming off of a hot barbeque in the summer.
Object roughly 100-300 feet off the ground and about 100 - 300 feet away travelling roughly 25-30 kph.

It was blue in colour with a dark reddish interior glow emanating from three rectangular windows. I tried shining the laser to show my girlfriend where it but as I did it swerved up and down out of the laser's way. It was almost hard to see it against the dark blue of night sky.
It flew south out of sight over the tall pine trees across the street and out of my view. So now sometimes when I'm out at night with a clear sky, I might shine the laser at a solid passing object and see if it will swing by and tip its wing!

Thanks to the witness for sending us this report.

20th July 2013 - Beachville

Approximately 10.00 pm. Clear night. We are in Beachville, Ontario, between Woodstock and Ingersoll, about 20 miles east of London.
Traveling east to west just below the clouds. Two following each other about half a mile apart. Bright orange pulsating light on rear, no noise going about 3 times faster than any plane, going over front of object a V shape.

This object was below the clouds about the height a propeller aircraft would fly. It was travelling much faster than an airplane and a second one was following in the exact path It was a bright orange glow I describe it as a pulsating.

My wife describes it as like fire in the back of a large triangular object, dark in colour. I describe it as a bright orange pulsating light. I did see something dark in colour in front.

It went straight came from east going west till it disappeared in the distance second one following exactly the same. No noise - silent. Unmistakable. I have never seen anything like this

When I first seen it I thought it was a helicopter with a search light or something or an airplane with landing light on but no noise and going way too fast. As it came closer then we saw the orange glow kind of pulsating. My wife says It was like fire in the back of a large triangular object.

It was traveling at a constant speed with second one behind about a half a mile or so

Thanks to the witnesses for sending us this report via email

12th July 2013 - Hamilton

I live in a marina. We were out on the terrace enjoying the evening coolness. Mostly clear sky with some clouds. Quarter Moon in the West. My wife was facing south, looking out into the harbour. I was facing her and looking into the harbour. All of a sudden she shrieked my name and said look up. Thankfully she pointed directly up but slightly left. Thankfully I looked up over my left shoulder into the sky above.

And I saw it as it flew over our roof and flew across the harbour and across Lake Ontario. It was a huge oval, very brightly lit...whitelight. For want of a better description the light pattern within the oval looked snowflake like. It was travelling at a great rate of speed. Hard to judge, but I would say faster than our fastest jet. As it crossed the lake towards the City of Toronto it just vanished. We were stupefied at first. Then we looked out at the other terraces. We only saw two other couples having dinner but from their angle and the fact they were in strong conversation it was obvious they missed it.

Several of the boats were occupied but again people were drinking and conversing and looking down. I saw no sign of commotion. So I had to assume we were the only ones who witnessed the event. Unsettling because other people would have added to confirm what we saw. My wife and I quickly went over the facts and we both were in total agreement with what we saw, in terms of height, angle, size, color of lights, rate of speed. We stood out on the terrace for the next half an hour.

We stared out at the lights of Toronto. Which is about 25 miles away as the crow flies. Approx distance. There was a cloudy skyline. Twice we saw a huge oval light pop up and seem to hover and pulsate. It was a mixture of color in terms of light. White and orange. It seemed way too large to be a plane going to or coming from the city airport. I could observe a few planes in the sky during this time in and around Toronto and they were small pinpoint white lights that you usually associate with a passenger jet.

What the two appearances were I cannot speculate. They appeared for ten seconds and disappeared. Perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me. But the original sighting of the huge oval is definitive to me. I know that was something I was seeing as it was and that it was something I have never seen before. All I can say about the appearance of the two quick hovering light events over Toronto within 15 minutes of the incident is that we sit on our terrace all the time at night and look out at Toronto and I've never seen those two light events before. So it seems attached to the flying object that I did clearly see. Thank you for taking my report.

Full Report on MUFON

A second witness then submitted a report to MUFON

I was driving down Main and had just made a left onto Spadina Avenue. As I was pulling up to the first set of stop signs at the first intersection on Spadina and Dunsmure Road, there was a car going to park in his/her driveway and another one coming through the intersection. The roads are relatively narrow so I pulled to the right and just waited for these vehicles to pass.

To preoccupy myself I was just staring up into the night sky where the trees weren't blocking my view when all of a sudden this oval-ish circle shaped glowing orb - the colour was basically a pearl white - "flew" by towards the North East. It was moving as a considerably fast pace in a straight line and I'm 100% confident it wasn't a plane.

I've been on the road many times and there is no reason a plane would be that low (or at least shine THAT brightly) and move that smoothly. Not to mention it was essentially an orb. This was around 9:46pm. I managed to watch it for maybe 5 seconds before it got shrouded by the overseeing trees.

I was astonished - I'm an avid 'fan' of the prospect of UFO sightings, the mystery behind them etc. and this was something any person who is interested in this stuff would die for, even if it was for a measly few seconds. The fact that there was another person that sighted this and reported it at relatively the same time gave me the motivation to come on here and report it as well."

Full Report on MUFON

12th July 2013 - St. Catharines

I believe I may have encountered a UFO on July 12th 2013 at 9:45 in the evening. In fact my wife and I both seen this and were and still are freaked out. We were bringing in the groceries in north St. Catharines when my wife told me to look up. I was amazed to see this bright pink object coming towards us maybe a mile away and a mile up. It was completely silent.

As my eyes focused in I could clearly see that it was in the shape of an old 3 stage collapsible telescope. It was up and down and not sideways with the thinner end at the bottom. From the bottom were 3 bright pink triangles that did not move or change in intensity or color. The body of the object seemed to be translucent with 2 black rings separating the 3 sections.

Now the pink light inside this seemed to move. Kind of like the Northern Lights were squeezed into this tube. The light changed intensities and seemed to flow around in the tube. So for about 15 seconds this object is slowly coming towards us then stops. Hangs for a couple of seconds then takes a 90 degree turn and starts moving away from us.

I dropped my grocery bags and hurried towards my neighbor’s yard so I didn’t loose it behind my tree. I watched it as it quickly and silently floated across the sky and about 2 miles away it appeared to stop. Then it dropped below the horizon. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Full Report on NUFORC

6th July 2013 - Cornwall

A wonderful aircraft but spooky

Saw aircraft, seem like it was gliding above me, small lighting around it, no sound at all. LIKE A CITY FLYING ABOVE ME. Thats all, freek me out, but cool.

Full Report on NUFORC

Canada Day
1st July 2013 - Hamilton

This witness has written to us before with his orb sightings over Hamilton.
This particular event is interesting in that it occurred on a night when firework displays were happening all around the country. For some reason it seems that firework displays attract the attention of these objects.

The witness stated in email to us:
"It was 10:30 pm across from the corner of Mountain Park Ave and Concession Street facing downtown Hamilton, at the edge of the mountain we captured a red orb that came from the sky and was heading towards the ground at tremendous speed, approximately 120 km/hr. A friend of mine thinks it was 200 km/hr, maybe it was? It was low as street lights."

Thanks to the witness for sending us the report.

NOTE: We received a report from Hamilton of four events from the previous night, 30th June 2013, also during a fireworks display. We are awaiting further details on this, but the witness informed us that the red orb seen and recorded on the 1st July 2013 was very similar to what they saw.

20th June 2013 - North Augusta (north of Brockville)

Very large triangular aircraft

Was very low about 500 feet triangular and almost silent moved very slow and was very large had a few lights It was seen twice once by me then by my dad about a month later about the same flight path
(NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date is approximate. PD)

Full Report on NUFORC

16th June 2013 - Scarborough

Fiery Triangular Craft Spotted Over Lake Ontario
From Atop the Scarborough Bluffs

I was standing on the back porch having a cigarette with my boyfriend and his mother. We don't smoke in the house. My boyfriend pointed to an orange/amber moving light in the sky out over Lake Ontario to the south of us. When he first pointed it out, he said he had thought it was an amber streetlight through the trees. Then he noticed it was moving and that it was much larger and further away than he had first assumed.
We all stared as the orange light, in absolute silence, steadily moved across the southern sky. Unfortunately, our vision was at times obscured by foliage from the many old and lush trees in our neighbourhood.

Full Report on NUFORC

15th June 2013 - Kitchener

At approximately 9:15 PM on Saturday, June 15, 2013, my fiance and I were in an apartment on Heritage Street in Kitchener, Ontario when I looked out my southeast-facing balcony to see two bright, red-orange balls of light - one slightly in front of the other - moving from the treeline at the horizon to 15-20 degrees from us.

The first thing I noticed was their speed and silence. Then, they rotated slightly counter-clockwise and wavered towards each other, so close that their lights almost appeared to touch. They seperated again slightly, and hovered in place. By this time my partner and I were both on the balcony, watching, and then we saw 2 more of the same lights coming from south (rather than southeast), heading towards the first two.

It was at this time the first two objects dimmed their lights (or perhaps, rotated the beam away from us) and we clearly saw them as being pitch black, perfectly spherical orbs. We did not see any details like wings, propellers, a tail, etc. They did not leave any trail of light nor did they have a corona. They moved more quickly than airplanes, and occasionally seemed to 'zig-zag' very quickly instead of flying in a perfectly straight line.

Their movement was especially fast when the first two orbs adjusted their position before hovering. In formation, the orbs abruptly stopped hovering in place and ascended straight up, to be quickly lost in the cloud cover. I would guess the orbs to be about the size of a helicopter, but it is hard to judge.

We called the Waterloo Regional Airport (close by, southeast of us as well) and asked them if they knew anything about the aircraft, and after holding for a short time, the answer we got was a big no.

Full Report on MUFON

14th June 2013 - Seeley's Bay

On the evening of June 14,2013, my fiance, sister, and later another guest at the wedding confirmed my sighting in the seeley's Bay Area over a ball diamond, and then a body of water. For some reason I felt the need to look into the sky, only to see what looked to be a very bright yellow/orange light which then dimmed and gave way to a silver/grey looking craft the shape of an oval (length ways).

It appeared as though there was a reflection from the sun on its top side, as it was bright and had an odd reflective look along the upper half. It moved quickly east, while periodically emitting short exhaust trails, approximately 80ft long, and in about 50ft intervals. After blowing out exhaust 3 times, the bright light once again engulfed the object, and it reappeared seconds later looking like a dull black object that looked like a stick.

As the craft continued to cruise, still in the east direction, it seemed to spiral in place as it moved forward. The object in question looked to be at least 100ft long, but from the sky, about basketball size. While over the baseball diamond, appeared to be about 300-500 ft in altitude. After it changed shape, the craft dissipated. It might be important to add that as quickly as the exhaust was emitted, it vanished. When the craft was no longer visible, neither were any trails

Full Report on MUFON

13th June 2013 - London

While watching my son playing on his trampoline in the backyard on June 13 2013 at 8:15 pm in London Ontario, my son noticed a strange object flying toward us and ask me what it was so I looked up and saw a probe like flying object coming straight from the north as it passed over us silently at slow speed, low altitude, about 200' or 300', it looked like a black 20' in diameter dark egg shape object on it side with a solid black orb rotating intermittently around it front lower end and a yellow round flame like at the bottom of the bigger rear end just like a propulsion system.

It flew north-south in a very straight line without losing or getting any altitude at a steady speed until we loss it sight 20 seconds later. The sky was very clear so we witnessed something truly amazing! It look like a probe coming out a movie.

Full Report on MUFON

8th June 2013 - London

Report received 9th June 2013 at 01:07h EST

Triangle shaped aircraft?

Today, June 8th 2013 around 4:30pm I heard a very loud noise while in my backyard. At first I could not identify the sound or where it was coming from. As it came closer I though it was a low plane or a helicopter about to crash. It is not uncommon to see planes from the airport (NE) or helicopters on the way to the hospital (S) here in London, Ontario.

I looked up and it was a white triangular shaped aircraft flying under the clouds. I did NOT see any lights, nor any markings. It was coming from NE heading SW.

I did not think anything of it and figured it was a stealth from the air show in St Thomas, Ontario. I asked my boyfriend tonight if he heard it fly over today while he was out front of the house. He answered, no. Which I thought was very odd because of how loud it was. Then I looked up the St Thomas air show, which is not till June 29/30 2013.

I have searched the internet for something that looks like what I saw. The closes thing was the A-12 Avenger II Experimental Stealth Bomber OR the Boeing 797. I can NOT say for certain what I saw but thought it was interesting and wanted to share. Please let me know if you have any insight.

NOTE: Thanks to the witness for this report, and if anyone has seen similar in the area, please contact us so that we can share the information with the witness.

5th June 2013 - Mississauga

Observed an object in the sky moving at a rapid pace West to East. Looked like a satellite, single dim light Object stopped in one spot, looked to turn, and 3 bright lights were facing me. Felt eerie. Lights were bigger/brighter then all the stars around, haven't seen anything like that in the sky ever. And I constantly gaze into the stars from my balcony while smoking.

. . . <- How the lights looked like. Duration of lights looking at me, 10 seconds. Then all of a sudden, it looked like it did a 180, and just ascended quickly into the sky.

Full Report on MUFON

25th May 2013 - Lake Ontario

This occurred on May 25, 2013, at approximately 11:30 eastern.
Our flight was headed east, we took off from Pearson, we passed over Toronto perhaps 15-30 km's North of downtown. We continued travelling almost parallel to the edge of the lake at about 10 km's north of the shore (although the distance varied with the cut of the lake) and were likely getting close to our cruising altitude of 23000 feet when the sighting occurred.

The moon was glowing bright on the North shore so I was watching out that way (I was looking south). I was remarking to myself about all the regular lights (probably homes/cottages) along the shoreline. When it appeared as though we were getting to the extreme Eastern side of the lake I looked out way across the lake (either a local southern or eastern shore or the real southern/eastern shore I couldn't tell) to where there were almost no home/cottage lights along the shoreline which is when I noticed the orange orbs at that location.

The colour intensity of the objects changed just a little bit from time to time as I watched them. Like I was saying the one on the right shot up maybe 500-1000 feet at a very quick speed. They were probably only a 100 feet off the ground to start with but they were very far away which made it hard to tell. That's when I said to myself wow that's a super helicopter...

Full Report on Orbwatch

Earlier that day, the 25th May 2013, S and R exercises were conducted over Lake Ontario at the western end. The exercises involved a C-130 (307) out of CFB Trenton (8 Wing) which has been circling around the Whitby area recently. I had also seen and photographed 307 back in April 2009 from St. Catharines as it was circling over the intersection of the QEW and Glendale Avenue.

This video gives some idea of the area where we have observed UAP since 1997 and shows the lake on a calm day.

Images and Video from Search and Rescue Exercises
Lake Ontario, Oakville, Ontario, 25th May 2013

Project Orbwatch Research - Lake Ontario

16th May 2013 - Kanata

At around 9:15pm, my wife and I were watching some evening television before going to bed, when we suddenly heard a distinct noise coming from our open window. My wife asked, "What is that noise?" To which I replied thinking it was a street sweeper (We live near a suburb construction site where street sweepers clean up the debris left on the civilian roads). When we realized it was "not" a street sweeper, we went on our front porch, where the distinct sound was getting "louder." I told my wife I thought it was a helicopter, but could not see anything right away.

Right at that moment, an object appeared approx. about a mile (terrible with distance; could've been closer/farther - it was dark out being 9:15pm at night)from where we were standing. We were also not the only witnesses, as at least 3-5 of my neighbours stepped out of their homes asking what the noise was. The object was flying EXTREMELY low; lower than an aircraft.....it was then followed by at least "6" other object similar in appearance, all heading in a parallel formation, coming from Northeast, headed Westbound towards Arnprior/Almonte, ON. When all of the object were clearly viewed, it sounded like a "fleet of helicopters" but clearly it was not helicopters.

The night sky made it very difficult to view the shape of the objects, but what was distinct was the multi-coloured blinking lights surrounding the objects as they flew by....the most distinct feature though was the "noise" I cannot stress how loud it was, and how it sounded like a fleet of helicopters.

I got on the phone with the local City/311 asking if there were any reports.....they gave me a number for the local police. The local police operator heard what I witnessed and put me on hold....they then returned saying "I am not crazy" and that there was a "Counter Terrorist Drill" being conducted by members of the RCMP and MP......funny how I don't recall the RCMP having access to aircrafts.....and why would they conduct the drill so late (9:15pm the event lasted about 5min.) and why in a residential area with (some) farmland? They did not appear to be "airplanes" nor "helicopters" and I also cannot stress how "low" they were flying.....and though I am a terible judge of distance, I will say they looked to be flying only about 1 mile above our houses.

Coincidentally, an earthquake occurred here today in Ottawa, ON where it originated west of here in Arnprior, ON (the direction the aircraft were flying). I recall when Japan, Chile and Haiti had their earthquakes occur from 09-10', there was active UFO sightings occurring before the Quake(s) hit.....the Quake registered about 4.8 on the Richter scale here in Ottawa....

I updated and inquired if anyone else heard/saw anything that night on my social networking outlets, and have received little-to-no feedback......Aside from my wife, and 4-5 neighbours who witnessed/heard this event, there has been nothing else to claim other than the slightly "fishy" report from the local police I received when I made the phone call.

I am not one to fabricate a story like this, as I am not an "avid" UFO believer (though I do not think we are "alone" in the Universe) but I can honestly say I have N-E-V-E-R encountered soemthing like this, and am looking for answers....

Again event occurrence:

Date: THUR MAY 16, 2013
Time: Approx. 9:15pm
Area: Kanata/Ottawa, ON Canada
6-8 aircrafts flying "extremely" low coming from NE headed Westbound towards Almonte/Arnprior, ON area. Noise was very distinct sounding like fleet of helicopters or a "train" with blinking flashing lights flying parralel. Shape could not be verified as the evening was very dark. Approx. street areas where the objects were flying - Huntmar/Palladium Dr. Kanata, ON & HWY 417 - Westbound.

This is not a joke, I have not seen anyhting like this and it was very bizarre, especially with the Earthquake occurring the following day almost "12hrs" after the initial occurence.

(NOTE: Is it possible that these were ultralights? This incident is reminiscent of the famous Hudson Valley incident where ultralights out of Stormville were used to explain away the huge boomerang craft that had been sighted there in the 1980s. However, there was no noise heard during that incident. - ed.)

Full Report on MUFON

8th May 2013 - Near Pearson International Airport

1.On May 8, 2013, at 7:45pm Toronto time, West Jet flight 629, the plane was descending to Toronto Pearson airport for landing, and traveling at 361mph and 5500 feet according to the information/entertainment display screen behind the seat.

2.My window seat number was 3F. When I was looking out the window and saw an object went from the front to the back. I couldn't tell the object was stationary or was moving. A boy (about 7 years old) sat behind me was looking out the window, at the same time, and he was saying "What is that?"

3.The object was in clear view and around 1000 feet below the right side of the plane. It was square, had no wings, beige in color, and relatively big. By comparing the object with the jet engine view, the cross section of the object is about 10% of the jet engine air intake diameter.

4.The whole event lasted for 1 second. It was an amazing sighting and a second seemed quite a long time.

5.A drawing is attached.

Full Report on MUFON

6th May 2013 - Sault St. Marie

The night of May 6th around 10:30 PM. Was outside in the back yard looking up at the clear night sky talking on the phone when I saw what appeared at first to be the V-shape of Canada Geese. I waited to hear the familiar sound of their honking then noticed that the shape did not change as it would normally.

As it came closer I realized that it appeared to be a triangular shaped craft with dim lighting on the leading edge (hence the appearance of geese flying in v formation). This flight path was from south to north and I didn't hear a thing as it passed overhead. The altitude was hard to judge (not knowing the actual size) but it looked to be 3-4 thousand feet up. Hard to tell, just a wild guess.

Mentioned the sighting to my girlfriend, whom I was talking to, because I had not responded to her during the sighting. The triangle disappeared behind the tree in the back yard. Glad I'm not the only one that has seen the same thing. See other N. Ontario sighting.

Full Report on MUFON

5th May 2013 - Ontario (location unknown)

Went outside to get some fresh air just after 10 pm yesterday (May 5th). First thing I've noticed was a "shooting star", I thought that was pretty cool, first one this year :). Then I have noticed two airplanes far in the distance (me facing West). Then I look up to admire the clear and beautiful night sky, full of stars.

All of a sudden, I notice a series of dimmed lights flying in formation. The formation was similar to a shevron, I could also notice a fairly distinct boundary (or the edge) of the object the lights where part of. The object resembled a flying wing like Northrop YB-49 but it almost looked transparent.

It flew in a straight line from South to North, at about 80deg up from where I was standing. It was completely silent! I couldn't tell how high (altitude) it was from the ground but in relation to the tree that it flew by, the wingspan was about 1.5 to 2 meters (the tree is about 12 meters tall). The object disappeared behind the tree.

Full Report on MUFON

5th May 2013 - Ottawa

Witness Report
Hey. I'm in Ottawa. It's hard to put down in writing what I saw. I wasn't alone in the sighting either.

It was around 10:30 EST, West Ottawa. I was just out back from work at the time with a friend I used to work with, talking about stars when I saw a bunch of seagulls flying away. I sort of thought that was odd. I turn the corner of the building and I see, what i thought to be at first, 3 seagulls flying in a circle, kinda like vultures.

But it was too perfectly timed, and it sort of got smaller and then I could see it blocking out stars, and then he saw it too. I was too in shock to act. I'm devastated I didn't get it on film.

Anyway, I saw it fly by, through the night - I can send a picture of my view, it was very clear, no buildings. But there were 50ft power lines, and it seemed to go right through them. That or over, I couldn't tell. I had tried to get others outside but when I got back it was gone.

Me and my friend know what we saw. I believe what I saw is that of what was spotted in Southern Ontario. If you'd like to map it, I was at 1 Roydon Place, a Kelseys restaurant. It flew through the sky, moving in only what I can explain as extra dimensional movements. Saw it for about 20-25 seconds. I can confirm 10:30 now.

Thanks to the witness for the illustrations

NOTE: If anyone saw similar in the Ottawa area recently please get in touch with us as the witness would be interested to know if there were other sightings.

1st May 2013 - Blenheim

We received this report late last night of an event that occurred in Blenheim, Ontario and involving what appeared to be a rectangular shaped object.

Witness Report
"I need to know if anyone else saw or heard what I did.
About 9:30 tonight my dogs started barking in the backyard. I went to let them in and there was a very loud motorized sound that almost sounded like what an air compressor sounds like. When I looked up there was a huge dark rectangular shaped object flying Eastward over my house with red and blue lights on it. I live in Blenheim Ontario Canada. I called the Chatham Municipal Airport as well as the police and they hadn’t heard or seen anything. My call was the first to both places."

I then asked the witness if she could provide any further information and she replied:

"It was flying fairly low and headed Eastward. It was large, black and rectangular in shape with red and blue lights on the bottom. I wish I could give you more detail but it scared me so I put my dogs to bed quickly and woke my husband up who was sick in bed to come see it but by the time he got to the front door it was too far away to make out and not nearly as loud. I first saw it out the back door and when I got to the front door it was out there but by the time he got there it wasn’t. It didn’t seem to be moving any faster than an airplane would, perhaps even a little slower."

I asked the witness what feelings she had about the event.

"Just a feeling of fear and my heart was pounding. I have no idea what it was. It was nothing I’d ever seen before. Yes you may include it on your page, I just wish I knew what it was."

Thanks to the witness for this information.
If anyone has seen/experienced something anomalous in that area please do contact us as the witness would really appreciate it.

22nd April 2013 - Whitby

While outside to view meteor showers observed object directly above. Immediately thought it was a triangle shaped object. Object drifted slowly S.E. over the horizon. I watched it for at least 3 minutes. Went back inside, told my wife about the object and drew a sketch along with some notes. Than you, TWT

Full Report on MUFON

23rd March 2013 - Whitby

Was awakened by a very strange noise and the bedroom seemed to vibrate. Went to the window in our bedroom on the second floor and noted this huge darkish grey massive object over our homes. It was so strange I wondered what it was. The sky was blacked out but the edges were not. It occupied the space of almost the block of our homes. It was between one am and one thirty in the morning.

There was this strange feeling. You just knew it was there. It hovered so low it scared me and then was gone in seconds. Something so large and yet so fast. The sound was not a rumble but like vibration with a extremely high pitched sound but not a wining noise.

I knew it was a UFO immediately. I wasn't afraid at all in fact I attempted to see markings on the bottom surface of the object and looked at the points and sides. It just ascended and was gone. Not even a noise . It was huge! I didn't want to tell anyone.

It was just right there over us. Amazing. Not my first experience. Wondered why it was here. We live near Lake Ontario and a marshy area. I have seen things out in the lake near here as well.

Full Report on MUFON

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