The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident - 23rd January 1974

More evidence that the Photoflash scenario linking to the Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident was fabricated



LET IT BE KNOWN that this site contains my most up-to-date statements as of January 2021 on the Berwyn UFO case.

If anyone comes across statements apparently made by me, Scott L. Felton, retracting former statements made by me regarding the Berwyn UFO incident/s, these are entirely false and were not written/published by myself.

Impersonation of myself, Scott L. Felton, had been occurring in a Daily Post article's comments' section regarding the Berwyns case:


North Wales X-File Special.

In the comment (now all removed) section of the above-referenced Daily Post article my screen name was ConwyUFOGroup and the impersonator was posting comments using the screen name "ScottLFelton".

However, screenshots were made of all 31 comments and are archived for reference should the need arise.

The impersonator/hoaxer is well-known to us and more of this individual's online foolishness may be found at Hoaxer Xposed.

The hoaxer/impersonator has also produced a fake 'blog pretending that it is written by Scott Felton. The content of the fake 'blog was actually lifted from this Berwyn website.
However, the copying/pasting was poorly executed and exposed a number of the hoaxer's usual errors, thus revealing his identity.

Scott had the following to say about the fake 'blog:

"The blog isn't mine. I'm aware of it and others. The [deleted} behind it is Darren Perks who appeared some years ago, latching himself onto animal mutilation expert Phil Hoyle. There is no one in the UK who knows more about the A M subject than Phil Hoyle. Phil's research went beyond the livestock/wild animal/human abuse with which most are familiar. There is a wider and deeper military involvement and exploitation of a real subject. Perks turns up and in due course starts to covertly steal Phil Hoyle's research. Perks has established dozens of fake profiles across social media. He has set up fake email addresses in Phil's name and others and he tried to use these to extract information from research colleagues. When he was rumbled, he turned nasty and started sending out abusive fake emails to researchers across the Globe. Anyone who has upset him, like I have, has been targeted. Unfortunately for Darren Perks, he's a total idiot who doesn't join all the dots and he has made multiple mistakes which identify him quite quickly whenever he pops up.

I will put it on record here, that if anyone sees anything anywhere where I Scott Felton or Phil Hoyle has retracted anything, then it will be fake and please do draw my attention to it."

The above is a quote by Scott Felton from his post on the Above Top Secret website.

....... and now, on to the Berwyn case.....


One - Introduction

Because of circumstances revolving around a UFO hoax, created seemingly by the British State in the early 1990s, to confuse research & investigation into the Berwyn Mountains UFO case of 23rd January 1974, I have had no option but to attempt to expose this outrage against the UFO community and the wider Public.

Quite a few UFO enthusiasts contacted me after a book was published by author Steven Lumley purporting to show investigation into the Berwyn Mountains UFO incident. It transpired that it was nothing but an account of a scenario which first appeared in 1997 and which I had known for many years, was a hoax. I had to respond as such a huge and complex hoax had to be countered as the book appeared to be nothing more than an attempt to get this disinformation out into the Public domain.

Scott L. Felton

(NOTE: The pages of this website are written to be read in order starting with the information on Mrs. Margaret Fry's early investigations into the Berwyn Mountains incidents. The appendices provide supplementary material. The full site menu is at the bottom of the page.)

Two - Mrs Margaret Fry