The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident - 23rd January 1974

An ongoing investigation into a hoax built up around a real UFO event

Six - Russ Kellett

image ©Russ Kellett

Now, by some remarkable coincidence, Russ Kellett appeared on the scene. He too was genuinely interested in UFOs and UFO research, but before long, perhaps frustrated at the lack of cooperation from Mrs Fry and others, JW was happy that Russ became a willing supporter of the naval engagement/Berwyn crash scenario and took the case as his own. JW took Russ on board.

If one studies what little Russ has shared with the world, you will very quickly see that he has portrayed this facet of the whole case as his own. He never acknowledges the fact that he was just the last one in a line of people John Williams (JW) had tried to sell this hoax to. But that is part of Russ's character.

Then this is where things become strange.

The story from JW as related to Russ Kellett, fundamentally changed from what had been stated to those who came before him.
The story changed to accommodate not only a UFO on Cader Berwyn, but another UFO which had crashed. Not only that, the route the Five Professional Gentlemen took in order to 'discover' the crashed UFO also changed.

It is my contention, that once Tony Dodd's Alien Investigator had been published and this may have been in tentative consideration since 1996, three years earlier, a plan B had to be drawn up to claim there was still a UFO crash in order to support the naval altercation claim and, maintain this diversionary disinformation thread. Some of that revised plan was without doubt based on what Tony Dodd had published.

Without a crash, there could be no hoax.

Looking at what was known from Margaret Fry's version of events as related to her by John Williams and comparing that with the version this JW gave to Russ, there are incredibly large changes in the story.

The most obvious is that the UFO discovered by the Five Professional Men at Llandrillo had now been found by them in Llandderfel. The story leading up to this 'crash' remained the same.

(For maps of the area please see Appendix Two - Ed.)

The naval engagement forced two UFOs out of the sea near Puffin Island. One vanished, the other was shot up, crossed North Wales, was hit again by air to air missiles over or near Capel Curig and then crashed on Cader Berwyn. Only this time aside the B4401 a few hundred yards outside Llandderfel.

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Then, the Five Men, returning from a meeting in Bala, discovered the UFO.

The story was almost identical except, now there were two UFOs, a possible landed one on Cader Berwyn and a crashed one on the same route taken by the men, but at a different location, chosen to fit in with the claim made to Tony Dodd.

The hoax claim had been altered to side step the landing scenario on Cader Berwyn as before 1999, everyone believed a UFO had crashed on Cader Berwyn and only one UFO at that.

It seems someone looked at the evidence and claims in great detail and noted that Dodd's soldier informant (possibly part of the same debunking/disinfo' outfit?) had mentioned collecting boxes from Llandderfel, that the Berwyn UFO had in fact flown off and that Dodd suggested that there may have been a second stricken UFO somewhere nearby.

What wasn't properly considered was that the Llandderfel crash site was several miles from the Berwyn landing site, which seems to preclude the idea of an attempted rescue of alien crew. Of course at that time (1999), Dodd could not know of any alternative crash site as it technically hadn't been invented at that point.

An anonymous witness had also told Margaret Fry that four soldiers were seen carrying two wooden boxes off Cader Berwyn and loading them into a lorry at the hidden car park on the B4391.

The claim was very vague and for that claim to have happened, the witness must have watched this for quite some time in order to claim the soldiers were actually coming off Cader Berwyn having negotiated a mile of open country, then carried the boxes over the embankment that surrounds the car park. Also, vehicles within the car park are hidden from view of passing cars etc. So if this witness was simply driving past, most of what was claimed could not be. It seems this bogus witness had no personal idea of the locale and built the claim on information gleaned from elsewhere, but if nothing else, the location was accurate.

There is however no dispute that location was geographically relevant to the UFO crash site and the story is left wide open for speculation on how the boxes got from Cader Berwyn to be collected from Llandderfel a few miles away.

The "Affidavit"

That however didn't alter the fact that the story had changed to accommodate a 'new' crash' and this was the version now being sold to Russ Kellett. Even Russ cannot be so naive as to ignore the story change. In fact, part of the documentation he holds is an alleged 'affidavit' from the five men testifying to what they saw.

Russ Kellett and "Affidavit" - photograph by Win Keech

Margaret Fry was never given the opportunity to examine the documents in 1997 allegedly given to JW by the Five Professional Gentlemen so, there is no way of (as yet), knowing if that documentation existed before 1999 or was written or re-written by 1999 to be then given to Russ Kellett.

The term affidavit has been used as has the word statement but the definition of both is very different. The former is a legal and crucially, a public document which must be verified by a suitably qualified person.

To falsely make a claim in such is perjury. So, Russ should make up his mind which type of document it is. To suggest it is a legal document when it isn't just to give it credibility is at the least dishonest and at the most criminal.

It is possible of course that the document still refers to the Five Men discovering the UFO at Llandrillo if it was part of the whole documentation shown to Mrs Fry in 1997. There is ample evidence from interviews Russ has given on radio shows for instance that he confuses the crash sites between Llandrillo and Llandderfel, giving the two villages totally incorrect pronunciations but which sound similar. This makes me suspect that his 'statement/affidavit' still refers to the UFO being found by the five men at Llandrillo. So he has sort of merged the two villages. a bit like suggesting Llandderfel near Llandrillo.

To my knowledge, he has never once mentioned the word Llandderfel where his UFO was but has appeared to merge two poor mis-pronunciations of Llandrillo to suggest a difference between the two villages but has in fact attempted to avoid using the correct crashed UFO location at Llandderfel.

Of course, the concept of a naval engagement at sea was still unproven. All the claim had to support it, was some documentation that JW told Russ Kellett was real. There needed to be something juicy to prove to Russ and the world, that the naval engagement really happened.

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