The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident - 23rd January 1974

An ongoing investigation into a hoax built up around a real UFO event

Two - Mrs Margaret Fry

On the 8th of August 2021, Margaret Fry passed away quietly at the grand age of 95. Please follow the link below to read a tribute to her.
In Memoriam - Mrs. Margaret Fry

It is now well known that a particular scenario promoted by Russ Kellett claiming that a UFO plus occupants was recovered by the UK Military is suspected of being a hoax masterminded by persons as yet unknown, but actively fed to Russ Kellett by John Williams (also known as JW) in a way that has led him to believe this was a real event.

New information is constantly emerging as this hoax is more deeply investigated. Here, I'd like to show how the UFO on Cader Berwyn was linked into this hoax scenario to create a disinformation thread presumably aimed at confusing research and investigation to divert such persons away from the real UFO which was discovered on Cader Berwyn in north east Wales on the night of January 23rd 1974.

In the early 1990s, UFO researcher Mrs Margaret Fry came across a case that was to become known as The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident. Just a few years previously in January 1974, an apparent UFO was discovered on Cader Berwyn about half way to its summit. Cader Berwyn is the highest of four peaks making up a chain of low mountains or high hills known as the Berwyn Range.

The event remained quiet until the early 1990s when some UFO enthusiasts took an interest in the story of the discovery. Margaret Fry soon picked up on this and started to investigate. Pretty soon, the UFO community had its teeth into the case and everything from basic truth to untrue wild speculation was soon spilling out.

At that early time, it seems persons unknown within Government and or the British Military had also become aware of the sudden and escalating interest in the case and seemingly, this didn't suit them.

Margaret Fry started to gather a considerable pile of information including witness testimony of events on that night in January 1974. As things progressed, it became obvious that a UFO (presumably a vehicle of extraterrestrial origin), had crashed on the mid-slope of Cader Berwyn, a little over a mile from the nearest main road.

(For maps of the area please see Appendix Two - Ed.)

At the time and until 1999, everyone who got involved in the case assumed there was a UFO crash onto the mountain. Evidence emerged of an earth tremor, an explosion sound amidst the rumblings, numbers of non-local Police officers in Llandrillo, the nearest geographically relevant village to the UFO crash site though, some 4 miles away, road blocks and military personnel on the Cader Berwyn mountain itself. This led to conclusions that a UFO had crashed on to Cader Berwyn and that the Authorities had covered up the event.

Certainly up to 1999, no one had a reason to believe there was any alternative to a crash. However, things started to turn sinister.

In the mid-90s, Margaret Fry received in the post, a sample of metal...

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(ref. Appendix Three)

...from a man in South Wales called Terry Hooper.  He claimed he'd received samples from an airman who stated he'd been involved in clearing up the debris from the Berwyn UFO crash. He decided to pass these on to persons involved in the UFO scene. There is no proof that other samples existed, only the word of Terry Hooper supported the assertion.

That however was just the start. As will become apparent, the supplying of the metal sample to Margaret Fry was an attempt to seed disinformation into the UFO community. Whether Terry Hooper targeted Mrs Fry as he was part of the plot or whether he was not part of the plot and approached Mrs Fry randomly isn't clear as this guy refuses to cooperate. He certainly wouldn't cooperate with me when I approached him. He did claim that he didn't believe the metal had come from a UFO crash, but that could be just him attempting to look innocent.

Of course the metal sample was claimed to come from the Berwyn UFO crash which by the mid 1990s, everyone believed to have happened.

It is crucial here to understand that at this mid 1990s point, there was only one UFO involved and only one UFO crash, that being on Cader Berwyn.

Mrs Fry alerted Jenny Randles to the UFO crash and she visited the area, but centred her investigation on the second highest peak in the Range, Cader Bronwen (sometimes written Cader Fronwen or Cader written as Cadair). It seems that Jenny Randles who was heavily involved with BUFORA at the time, chose Cader Bronwen for no other reason than it was the peak immediately above the village of Llandrillo and had attracted her because of the Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle and because on the night and the following day of the incident, the location was the site of a Police search, a renewed Police search plus a search by three RAF search and rescue guys.

They were searching for evidence of a suspected plane crash as the previous night, there had been an earth tremor in the locale which brought people in Llandrillo out of their homes and some of them having heard an explosion sound within the short period of shaking and rumblings and seeing flashing lights over Cefn Pen Llety, a ridge immediately above the village, made them conclude that a plane had crashed on that mountain. This series of events ultimately led to the discovery of non-local Police Officers being present in Llandrillo and again later to the discovery of a covert military operation to intercept the UFO on the neighbouring mountain of Cader Berwyn.

Of course, all this interest just snowballed and more and more were taking an interest in the event. It was at this point that the known events were starting to be manipulated to confuse enquirers. Rumours circulated that the UFO had been recovered and alien bodies had been recovered also.

Three - Mrs Pat Evans