The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident - 23rd January 1974

An ongoing investigation into a hoax built up around a real UFO event

Ten - The Gloucestershire Meteorite

On Sunday 28th February 2021, a meteorite was observed burning up by residents primarily in the county of Gloucestershire in the UK. The fireball noted around 10pm attracted a lot of interest and was covered by most mainstream newspapers each pushing the idea of a hunt being on to find the actual meteorite which apparently came to earth in the county.

BBC's The One Show - 2nd March 2021

This may have just been another meteor story in the press except that two days later on March 2nd 2021, the BBCs evening magazine programme 'The One Show' covered the story only, using it as a backdrop to bring up the Berwyn UFO incident which is rarely covered these days. This in itself was unusual and attracted my attention. As the news story progressed, so did my curiousity and suspicion.

It was well nigh impossible for the reporter sent to Llandrillo to avoid the issue of a possible UFO presence in the mountain range but interestingly reference to the concept of a UFO was side-stepped as much as possible. Even secondary witness Huw Lloyd who appeared in the news story avoided mention of a UFO.

Now, in view of the fact the Gloucestershire meteor only turned up circa 10pm on Sunday 28th Feb', it would not be unreasonable for the BBC One Show producers to look for a related story of other meteors in UK skies and as a meteor shower did occur on the 23rd of January 1974, the night of the Berwyn UFO event, there is no reason to think anything would be amiss by linking the two to obtain a news story. However, as the story progressed, it started to look very contrived.

Enter "Expert" Andy Roberts

The first cause for suspicion is that the BBC would even mention the Berwyn event however steering away from the idea of a UFO. Yes, one could be extra- cautious and claim the story centrepiece was about meteors, but when the story showed arch-Berwyn UFO debunker Andy Roberts (who had seemingly travelled to Llandrillo for the interview though this wasn't 100% clear as well as being seemingly during the Coronavirus lockdown), who spent years denigrating the concept of an alien vehicle visiting the Berwyn range, it was all too clear this was in fact an anti-UFO stitch up. The Gloucestershire meteor not even a full two days earlier had provided an opportunity to further denigrate that extraterrestrial visitation idea.

He too concentrated on the meteor aspect but was described as an expert on the event. He is an expert of course in deception. I've been able to show many times his published lies about what allegedly happened that night in 1974.

Berwyn witness Huw Lloyd

As the programme moved along, Huw Lloyd interestingly floundered a little. The first time I ever interviewed him, he related his story pretty much as it was in this One Show slot. In the first mention, Huw stated that the neighbour Enoch Davies who was babysitting him and his siblings that night drove the commandeered Landrover along the half mile stretch of public road passing the Lloyd farm, Garthiaen, to where it ended and became a steep track on private land. Huw then took over and though only 14 years old, drove the vehicle as he knew the land above Llandrillo village well, his family farming it.

At later dates when talking with me and indeed once directly to Richard D. Hall, he stated that the vehicle drove in a crude circle and that was that. No one left the vehicle, but on one occasion, he did say to me that they stopped for a short time and one Police officer got out of the Landrover very briefly. In this news piece, he seemed to suggest all got out. This may be just a fuzzy memory after 40 odd years?

Berwyn witness Mrs Pat Evans

Interestingly, Andy Roberts has been at pains to play down some of his lies relating to Police officers conducting a search on foot. He mentioned district nurse Pat Evans witnessing an illuminated object on the hillside but didn't mention her location when she and her two daughters first sighted the Object. This has been a constant feature of the debunking plan. By not accurately placing her on the B 4391 road and erasing the daughters from the story to create just one and therefore less reliable witness, almost any rubbish could be built up around that and passed off as genuine.

The "Lamping" Poachers

In the early days, Andy Roberts actually blamed the light on the hillside as being a tent illuminated from within as a group of hunters often described in text as poachers had claimed in a Police interview they were camping. When it emerged the lads lied to the Police, he changed his story to the light being the hunting lamp used by said poachers. Completely ignorant of fieldsports, Andy Roberts failed to note that 'lamping' as it is called is a highly mobile activity and there is nothing static about it. He still tried to create a fixed light to account for the Object the Evans women had observed.

He also totally fabricated the idea of a Police foot search. He did this to suggest the lights seen zig-zagging towards the Object by the Evans' were in fact Police officers closing in on the poachers. That was for both tent and hunting light.

He claimed and published this in the full knowledge that at no time did the Police conduct a foot search anywhere on the range and that he knew that the poachers or hunters had finished their lamping expedition a good hour before Pat Evans & Co came across the Object.

Moving the Events

The most outrageous claim of all by Andy Roberts was that Police and Huw Lloyd guiding them were on the same mountain as the light. The Police search in the Landrover was on the slopes of Cader Bronwen above Llandrillo village. The Object was a few miles away on a neighbouring mountain called Cader Berwyn. Andy Roberts deliberately moved events from one mountain several miles just to try and rubbish the testimony of the Evans'.

So, he lied about the Police foot search and he lied about that lie by moving it to Cader Berwyn just to account for the so-called 'fairy lights' as described by the Evans'.

Going back to the programme, another interesting thing occurred.

The reporter stated that a FOI had been submitted to North Wales Police asking about events on the 23rd of January 1974. It was unclear who exactly had filed this and when. What was suspicious in absence of evidence to the contrary is that the Gloucestershire meteor appeared less than two full days before the news report but if the news people themselves had filed the FOI request, then North Wales Police responded within 24 hours which would be a staggering result in itself especially now as virtually all public bodies are frustrating FOI requests by blaming Covid 19.

It is possible of course the reporter was holding a copy of a FOI response filed previously by someone else but the content was curious. North Wales Police had responded regardless, claiming it held no information whatsoever about events that night. That of course is absolute rubbish as my own and others' previous requests contained much useful information about the Police involvement in that night's events, It seems that North Wales Police has decided to quell interest in the event by simply claiming it holds no information.

Interestingly, of information supplied to me by North Wales Police, it was not a lot and even that had been tampered with, but it was just enough to create the illusion it was cooperating with requests and that was all it held. Just enough to add substance to the official narrative.

Holyhead Coastguard - FOIA requests

I saw exactly the same in communications with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency where corrupt employees based at Holyhead Coastguard Station on the Isle of Anglesey claimed it held nothing other than a vague log book entry seemingly supporting a planned military photoflash training operation on the offshore bombing range near Jurby in the Isle of Man. In this case, the MCA lied as it did hold other information which showed the official narrative about a photoflash exercise taking place close up to the north Wales coast was false. Employees at Holyhead coastguard conspiring with external persons even fabricated a letter with faked content about such an exercise taking place and used it in Freedom of Information requests. The duff info' given was just enough to uphold a particular version of events.

(Please refer to: Holyhead Coastguard FOIA Response)

The question is, why did the BBC choose to run this particular story at this time?

It is now at the time of writing, 2nd of March 2021 so almost two full months after the Berwyn event date of 23rd of January. Berwyn enthusiasts are used to the media running debunking stories around that date, but this is different.

The impression I got rightly or wrongly is this was an attempt to lay to rest the Berwyn event being an extra terrestrial visit. But why? The only thing which springs to mind for me is that we are due another wave of sightings, possibly global but I feel more local. I've always considered a return of ET to the Berwyns in 2021/22.

Taking 1974 as a start point just as an example, there was a lot of activity in 1997/1998. That is about 24 years max'. Double that and we arrive at 2022. If I'm correct, there should be an increase in sightings across the globe over the next 12 to 18 months or so.

Wikipedia Entries

The Wikipedia page relating to the Berwyn event and which has a history of deletions of all pro-UFO information to leave only references to the official narrative was updated within hours of the One Show programme mentioning and linking the Gloucestershire meteor and the idea of the Berwyn event being a possible meteor.

It seems no excuse is too poor to continue to pour scorn on the idea of a vehicle of extra terrestrial origin visiting the Berwyn range. One would think it would be easier to not draw attention to the event and let it just slide into obscurity and that seems to have been the more modern tactic so when this linking suddenly appeared it looked well out of place and this Wiki update suggests nothing but an attempt to entrench the idea in the public psyche that what occurred was anything but a UFO visit.

Scott L. Felton

02 March 2021

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