The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident - 23rd January 1974

An ongoing investigation into a hoax built up around a real UFO event

Three - Mrs Pat Evans

Mrs. Pat Evans in Richard D. Hall's The Berwyn UFO Coverup Pt.1

Mrs Pat Evans who at the time was a district nurse was for a long time accredited with discovering the UFO on the mountainside. In truth, she discovered what she did through Police incompetence and corruption.

She also experienced the earth tremor in her village of Llandderfel, three miles from Llandrillo and heard the apparent explosion sound. She concluded that an aircraft had crashed somewhere on the mountains. Because of the tremor, people across the affected area (it was a large area - up to 60 miles radius) jammed the Police phone lines and it wasn't until just after 9.30pm before Mrs Evans got through to Police headquarters. She explained who she was and the Police accepted her offer of medical expertise, but incredibly, didn't direct her to the location of a suspected plane crash site on Cader Bronwen above Llandrillo, despite being fully aware that at that time, a commandeered vehicle was on the mountain, looking for the crashed plane and a major incident log had been opened.

It was evident that the Authorities wanted as few Public as possible anywhere near the mountains.

Mrs Evans took the intiative and left her village, turned left at the village War Memorial onto the B4401 and travelled the 600 yards to the Bryntirion Inn, before turning right along an unclassified road which eventually met the B4391 road which crosses the Range. She knew at its highest point, she'd have a commanding view of the Range.

(For maps of the area please see Appendix Two - Ed.)

Now at this point, I mention the exit from Llandderfel as this is very important. I mention Llandrillo too as that is also equally important in this hoax story.

When Mrs Evans reached the highest point on the road, she was confronted with a large glowing object seemingly sat on the mountainside. She could see small flickering lights zig-zagging towards the object. There was no way she could reach it on foot; it was literally in the middle of nowhere, at least a mile from the road.

After watching it for a few minutes, she continued on for a few hundred yards more in order to turn her car around, passing another important feature in this story, the so-called hidden car park. This is a short track off the main road which is surrounded by high banks and can accomodate quite a few cars. She returned to her original spot on the road and watched for a few minutes more. She could do nothing and as she saw what she intepreted as rescuers approaching the object, she left.

On her return home, she met with an oncoming army vehicle which stopped. She spoke with the driver for a few seconds. All civil. Later, this was twisted by over-zealous UFO enthusiasts that she was threatened at gun point and told to leave the area. That is all rubbish.

Mrs Evans was also accompanied by two teenage daughters who also saw the object.

Diane and Tina Evans in Richard D. Hall's The Berwyn UFO Coverup Pt.1

As kids are, in school, the talk over the following days turned to Flying Saucers and Little Green Men. This however didn't stop arch Berwyn UFO debunker Andy Roberts claiming that the case was dormant for years and that there was no talk of UFOs until the UFO community got its hands on the case. But that's another story.

Four - John Williams