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Debunking The Berwyn Debunkers

Copyright 2011 Scott L. Felton

I've spent forty odd years involved with the countryside with a deep interest in natural history, science and field sports. By trade I'm a game and water keeper but this is tempered with my more academic interest in native languages of the British Isles particularly Welsh. This combined knowledge started alarm bells ringing when I first read Andy Roberts' account of the 1974 Berwyn Mountain UFO event,
The Berwyn Mountain UFO Crash - A British Roswell.

Upon reading his account of why the incident was a non-event, I immediately knew his claim that District Nurse Pat Evans and two accompanying daughters had seen a poacher's lamp rather than a landed (or crashed) UFO was completely wrong. It was that single point which set me off investigating his claims within the event as a whole. I was familiar with not only the Berwyn Range, but its game and wildlife too and I knew that even the most stupid poachers would not be hunting that terrain at that altitude at that time of year. Also, that the makeshift lamps of that era used to illuminate nocturnal quarry, were too heavy and cumbersome to move far over even perfect terrain.

The fact was ignored that such lamps, made from car batteries and headlamps, with a simple on/off switch had a drain time of less than one hour. Also, lamping is a highly mobile activity, which sees hunters walking into the wind, sweeping the ground ahead to illuminate quarry. In between, lamps are switched off. There is also the matter of the poachers just sitting there wasting their precious battery resource, advertising themselves to the world on game preserved land. Every aspect of the claim was ludicrous.

For those unfamiliar with the case, Andy claims that Pat Evans simply saw a poacher's lamp, and approaching 'fairy lights' were in fact Police torches. He even claims Police Officers spoke with the poachers. This is a fabrication to debunk Mrs Evans' sighting. There is little doubt that everything I include here is known to Andy, but for his own agenda, he has chosen to ignore or amend such. The criminal 'poacher' title is unfair, as the Llandrillo lads were on that occasion, operating a lamp on the fields of the lower slope of Cader Bronwen Mountain with consent. The reference evolved from Huw Lloyd's comment to Police that they were such. The fields are over a ridge called Cefn Pen Llety above Llandrillo. Andy knows this and has refused thus far to publish it as it would instantly undermine his claim of poachers on Cader Berwyn Mountain over four miles from where they were operating.

A prejudiced Media has always refused to publish this fact too. Maps which he and I both have, clearly show the location of poachers on Cader Bronwen Mountain in support of their own testimony. Andy has persisted in trying to relocate events on Cader Bronwen Mountain in the Berwyn chain miles to Cader Berwyn Mountain, to discredit and debunk whatever it was Mrs. Evans observed.

Equally unpublished but well known to the debunkers, is that the hunters were sat in bushes just feet from Police Officers who were inspecting their vehicle at 9.20 pm, after they found it partially blocking their way up onto Cader Bronwen. The officers were in a vehicle owned by the parents of Huw Lloyd (who Andy wrongly but deliberately calls Huw Thomas). Huw was a teenager at the time. His neighbour Enoch Davies drove the short stretch of public road, before Huw took over to drive the farm tracks looking for a suspected plane crash.

In the back were several Police officers, none of who were local and one told Huw he'd been drafted in from Barmouth. Quite impossible of course for a man to get from Barmouth following an earth tremor forty minutes earlier. He and his stranger colleagues were already stationed in the village!

Again what appear to be inaccuracies occur. He refers to Mrs Evans as 'Llandrillo district nurse'. She held no such title and was from Llandderfel. Andy inflates the total of British Geological Survey investigators who stayed in one Bala Hotel. There were four including team leader Dr Blowitt. He states six and refers to hotels (plural) to further account for locals' claims.

Huw Lloyd like Pat Evans, had never read Andy's British Roswell until I arranged that and Huw immediately told me that his name had been changed to avoid being sued for the untruths therein. Giving enquirers honest testimony is one thing. Having it portrayed thereafter in the way it has is quite another. In fact it seems that virtually everyone quoted in the British Roswell tome was denied the simple courtesy of a copy - one wonders why?

At 8.38pm a large earth tremor was officially recorded with an epicentre over 5000 metres below Bala, which is eight miles from Llandrillo. Three miles towards Bala is Llandderfel, where Pat Evans lived. She like everyone across the affected area left her house. Many had heard an accompanying explosion sound along with the rumblings. Locally, many thought a plane had crashed somewhere on the Berwyn Range. Mrs Evans thought this too and immediately set about contacting Gwynedd Constabulary, now North Wales Police. She did not get through immediately as the lines were busy. In Llandrillo, the residents leaving their homes noted the coincidental lamp beam above the ridge and by 9pm, they and Police thought a plane had crashed onto the slopes of Cader Bronwen above the village.

By 9.10pm non-local officers were in Garthiaen Farm commandeering Huw Lloyd's parents' Land Rover and at 9.20pm were inspecting and moving the hunter's vehicle on route up the mountain near a property titled Blaen y Dre Isaf. The road beyond that point was as it is now, impassable to ordinary vehicles and that is why in fact the hunters themselves parked where they did. That didn't stop Andy stating a second Police vehicle followed the Lloyd vehicle to the mountain gate.

That was to simply inflate the numbers of persons present to accommodate Mrs Evans' fairy lights. Huw thought it staggering that in an emergency, local officers who intimately knew the route and tracks to the 'plane crash' area were not sent instead of strangers who wasted time through their unfamiliarity with the area. One local Bobby would have been enough as a guide, but they were ignored. Likewise, he found it incredible that a local mountain rescue team (MRT) hadn't been brought in as had always been the case previously.

Andy wrote that 'about' 9.20pm, Huw 'Thomas' opened his front door to Police. It was 9.10pm. That first Police car remained in Garthiaen farmyard. He also suggests that the route taken goes onto Cader Berwyn Mountain. It does not.
It goes directly from Huw's yard gateway onto Cader Bronwen. It is an extension of Berwyn Street in Llandrillo. Where it becomes a rutted track, it is still a public if almost un-useable road to the mountain gate and is known to some locals as the Council Dirt Track.

The second Police car was between Huw's home and the end of the driveable road at Blaen y Dre when the returning Lloyd vehicle met it. Andy claims it followed the first vehicle (but dodged the exact time this happened), suggesting it was right behind. It was not and could not possibly follow the Lloyd 'off-road' vehicle if it tried. The occupants, again non- local, turned their vehicle around and returned to the village.

When Mrs Evans got through to Police just before 9.30pm, she offered her medical assistance and this was accepted by Headquarters at Colwyn Bay. Incredibly (though not surprisingly), the Police did not direct her to Llandrillo and up onto Cader Bronwen. In fact, they told her nothing of the location despite knowing of officers already searching the suspected location. Of her own volition, she took the Llangynog road (B4391) which crosses the range west to east and at its highest point she stumbled upon the object at about 10pm, having departed from home mid way through the situation comedy Till Death Us Do Part. That episode interestingly was titled Strikes and Blackouts.

She had heard the explosion sounding noise and concluded a plane crash somewhere on the Range. Andy Roberts claims the explosion was only heard in the Bala area, but this is again incorrect. Many in Llandrillo as an example heard the sound and coupled it with the lamp beam to originate the idea of a plane crash above the village. Even Llandrillo Police heard it as I describe here, reported in Welsh to superiors with my translation below.

"21.00 PC 723 ar ddyletswydd ym mhentref Llandrillo yn ffonio i adrodd iddo glywed ffrwydrad anferthol, a bod golau yn fflachio ar lethrau Cadair Bronwen. Ofnai fod awyren wedi cwympo".

"21.00 PC 723 on duty in Llandrillo village phoning to report hearing a huge explosion, and that lights are flashing on the slopes of Cader Bronwen. I fear that an aeroplane has crashed".

Interestingly, an extract from the incident log set up by the Police in response to the apparent plane crash shows an altered entry which makes reference to the explosion sound. A call to Police from the telephone box by a Mr Brown states he could see also, a large fire on the mountainside. This is untrue. He was the only person to mention this fire despite the hillside being visible to almost all residents. The only part of the mountainside visible to him was Cefn Pen Llety above Llandrillo, which of course is a lower slope of Cader Bronwen and where the hunters were returning to their vehicle. He allegedly telephoned from the coin box which is still located adjacent to the road bridge in the village. It is still today, kiosk 221.

One might ask why he chose not to visit the Police Station directly, just fifty yards away?

The Major Incident Log records some (but not all) telephone calls, but does not record any of the physical visits to the Police. And there were quite a few. In fact it is a feature of the so-called Log that house names and personal names have been recorded incorrectly!!!!

Andy claims the Police met the poachers on Cader Berwyn the next mountain southwards in the Berwyn chain and in the same small area of mountainside.
This is completely wrong.
No Police Officer met any poacher anywhere on the Berwyn Range that night; that is a total and utter fabrication.

What Police were present, searched the fields above Llandrillo, four miles from the UFO and five miles from the Evans'. The 'poachers' had concluded their hunt at 9pm because their battery was about dead! Mrs Evans didn't even leave home until 9.40pm. So whatever she saw at 10pm, it was not a poacher's lamp.

In fact an extract from Dr Blowitt's notebook clearly shows a scribbled line indicating 3+ miles from Pat Evans' position on the B4391. I checked that out with the British Geological Survey (BGS) during an official complaint I filed and that is what it is and it is the estimated distance between her and the Police search area.

Dr Blowitt (long since retired) was consulted on this and other points. Andy omitted this fact and claimed everything happened in a concentrated area of mountainside for no other reason than everything was squeezed on to two sheets of an A5 size notebook page. Had the 'poachers' met Police where Andy claimed they were, they would have been arrested without question for armed trespass and trespassing in pursuit of game at night.

As it happens, their testimony tome about why they hid watching the Police inspect and move the vehicle out of the way was simply that the youngest had a gun which he wasn't licensed to possess. The Police took the tax disc from the vehicle though the lads didn't notice this until the Police came knocking the next day. As soon as the Police search party proceeded up onto Cader Bronwen, they jumped in their vehicle and left the scene.
Police documents, hunter and Huw Lloyd's testimony confirm this, which severely contradicts Andy's claims of location, timings and meetings. It was during that interview when the lads simply said they were camping out to avoid telling the Police why they were really present.

I understand some years ago, Andy claimed that the UFO was a tent illuminated from within. Right or wrong, it was still on the wrong mountain. No opportunity has been missed to relocate events elsewhere to Cader Berwyn to debunk Mrs Evans' object.
It is sad really, because had the hunters stayed on Cader Bronwen, or their vehicle had not delayed the Police, both parties would have seen the UFO approach and land. I say land, because there is not a single shred of concrete evidence for a crash, and myself and Margaret Fry have secured corroborating testimony from unconnected witnesses that the craft landed in a controlled manner just after 9pm and it departed about 10.20pm seemingly spooked by the torches of an approaching military unit.

It took me two years to get copies of the maps from the BGS, obstructed throughout by Andy's fellow Fortean mate Dr Roger Musson. I had to file an official complaint against him and the BGS as he persistently refused to acknowledge the existence of the documents despite Andy openly referring to them.

On one map I forced out of the organisation, is clearly shown the 'poacher's' position at the gateway onto Cader Bronwen ref' C64. Yet Andy managed to 'not mention this' then relocated these lads some four miles to undermine the UFO.
He also published that only 200 people were given questionnaires by the BGS team. BGS documents show over 400 were distributed and almost all suspiciously concentrated around the Berwyn Range. The epicentre was eight miles distant and thousands were affected over a huge area.

When I pointed this discrepancy out to locals, everyone immediately concluded it was an attempt to discover what the people around the Berwyn area had seen and/or heard.
It seems the BGS at the time were not interested in people's experience of the earth tremor elsewhere within a sixty mile radius of the epicentre. A very scientific approach to seismological data collection???

I'm still being refused access to documents, more so since establishing collaboration between BGS and North Wales Police on document content. I discovered identical reference numbers on BGS maps outlining locations and person's homes etc. I found the very same system and identical references in Police documentation. A most remarkable coincidence!!

In one document a mysterious Police Constable known only as Chris questioned Pat Evans about her sighting. She does not recall this Chris, so his notes may be fake, nor does she recall ever being interviewed by a BGS representative or indeed Andy himself.
She can't remember completing a BGS questionnaire and the BGS (unsurprisingly) now refuses to hand over any recorded contribution by her to events that night. On one Police document reference point C100 is used 'before' the BGS allegedly ever saw such notes. Yet C100 is the location of Mrs Evans on the B4391 and is part of the reference system used on BGS mapping. Her home in Llandderfel is C78. This curiously isn't marked on the maps supplied to me by the BGS, though I have it from an alternative source. So incredibly, the Gwynedd Constabulary at the time seemed to be using not only an identical reference system, but identical references recording identical locations.

Now my map has the references C100, C64 and Mrs Evans' home is I know C78. There is a C31, C34 and C37 on the eastern face of the Range. I asked BGS Director Richard Hughes who handled my complaint against Dr Musson and other obstructive BGS staff to confirm the references on the maps and account for the missing C's, after all, if there is a C31 and numbers towards C100, it is logical that other maps exist with those missing numbers from 1 upwards.

Mr Hughes refused to confirm the references, supply further details or comment on other maps. In view of the fact that I have another map obtained from another source which does show C78 on it indicating Mrs Evans' home, it appears that the photocopied maps I received from the BGS had been altered. In fact the one showing C100 was enhanced with yellow highlight ink 'after' it was photocopied!!! I received it in that condition.

Another map I received from the BGS had several location entries written upside down?? Reference is made to astronomers from Keele University searching the Berwyn Range for a suspected meteorite impact. I concur with the science that a meteorite large enough to impact the Berwyn Range would need to be massive indeed to provoke a seismic event as some misguided Ufologists believe.
The crater would be enormous.

It should be pointed out however that on January 24th 1974, a three man team brought in from RAF Valley late the previous evening, conducted a daylight search along with Police on the very land covered by Huw Lloyd and officers the previous night. Any missing plane would have been missed after twelve hours, so we had a search team looking for something not reported missing.
Huw himself bunked off school and accompanied Ron Madison, but that search only covered a small area on foot and did not encroach on Cader Berwyn Mountain.

There is also the issue of inbound meteors. All reports suggest an east to west trajectory. That being the case, any impact would have been on the east flank of the Berwyn Range, and not the west. Any and all searches official or denied were on the west flank.

Again, more clandestine stuff.
The Authorities had already demonstrated a lax interest in rushing experienced local officers to the location of a suspected plane crash. It was serious enough to warrant a major incident log being opened, yet they engaged the services of a three man search and rescue team from Anglesey hours away, and ignored the local mountain rescue team, which knew the Berwyn Range intimately and who had assisted in previous crashes both military and civilian.

So, local medical help was subverted as was local rescue facilities for a suspected air crash catastrophe. Again, Andy was happy to write in only paragraph three of his tome, that mountain rescue teams were frequently hailed to search for the lost and injured.
Not in this case!
Team members of the Rhinog Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) which covered the Berwyn Range had noted and were disturbed by the reluctance to involve them in this particular operation where before they'd be called upon to assist in any civilian or military rescue especially at night.

The British Roswell account discredits locals and blames the passing of years for confusing of events. Andy suggests at one point that a misfired missile from nearby Aberporth, Aberaeron may have been what Mrs Evans saw and that the military cleaned that up. Aberaeron of course is 75 miles from Berwyn.
Hardly nearby.

More fantastic is the use of military plane crashes to discredit locals.
In Feb' 1982, a Harrier jet crashed into the Berwyn Range. This saw a clean up operation lasting a week with many military personnel present. An exclusion zone was set up and three farmers were excluded from their own land. Via a FOI request, I was supplied with compensation payment details for damage to land and inconvenience totalling 400.
This plane according to Andy was carrying top secret technology and thus justified the large military presence. The locals were confused and after some thirty odd years, they mixed this event with the Berwyn UFO case eight years previously.

The crash was of a trainer jet which was 'so classified' it didn't even have a flight recorder in it. It was piloted by a student on a solo sortie out of RAF Wittering who was attached to the Harrier Operational Conversion Unit.
It took off at 11.39 hrs. Overdue action was taken at 12.45 hrs.
The wreckage was discovered the next day the 13th at 11.07 hrs.
The OS map reference for the crash site is SJ058327. There was nothing top secret about it at all. It was a bog standard plane, number XZ973.

Huw Lloyd's own father escorted the dead pilot's parents to the crash site at a later date. The clean up was text book. A helicopter recovered the plane piece by piece and relocated it to a field in Corwen where after it was taken away by vehicle. The pilot's body was taken away to Maelor Hospital in Wrexham.

It was claimed also to add fuel to this debunking exercise, that a further Berwyn military plane crash occurred in 1972. No such crash seemingly existed.
The MoD was more than happy to supply me with details of all 1972 military crashes in North Wales and surrounding years. In '72, one plane was lost near Llanbedr on the West coast. Two collided near Holyhead on Anglesey and a helicopter ditched in Holyhead Harbour. Just to be sure, the Civil Aviation Authority supplied me with the accident report of every civilian crash in North Wales. The last previous Berwyn incident was in 1968 when a pilot and three passengers perished.

Unless Andy knows something I don't, the 1972 crash is a figment of his imagination. Indeed, Andy has repeated this crash claim incessantly, yet has never once offered a single shred of supporting evidence; no crash point map reference, plane type, origin or destination, date or even month. Nothing.

Stories of roadblocks manned by Police and Army persist. In my early investigations, I found precious little evidence, but over time, many people have claimed such, though few can substantiate. Of those who could back up their claims, a chef from a Corwen hotel was stopped before being allowed to proceed home.

A reporter from Bala had his camera confiscated by the military and two students returning from a course in Dolgellau noted many Police in Llandrillo on the 23rd of January 1974 upon arriving there just after 9.30pm. Pat Evans showed three people in an interview at her Llandderfel home in 1995, a scrap of paper on which she'd noted being stopped by a military vehicle as she proceeded home after seeing the Object on Cader Berwyn. There was nothing untoward about it. A brief chat saying who she was etc.

Andy claims just the opposite and that on that (or another) piece of paper noted she didn't see anyone - why would someone note that they hadn't seen anyone? I'm not sure if Andy actually saw such a piece of paper, but Margaret Fry, Dave Stewart and Rachel Davies certainly did and each noted its content.

On 11th November 1991, Mrs Evans had responded to a letter in local Welsh Language paper Y Cyfnod (The Epoch), wherein she pointed out that hers was the only vehicle on the road.
On 28th October 1995, she changed her story, confiding in the above and by 1997, was again publicly protesting she'd not seen another soul on the mountain road. Also, it is claimed that the UFO story didn't surface until years after the event.
Pat Evans and two of her daughters who accompanied her were being ridiculed the very next day about flying saucers and 'dynion bach gwyrdd' little green men: in their native Welsh of course.

A very close relative of Mrs Evans contacted me late in 2009 and related that she'd spoken within the family often over the years about being stopped by an army vehicle, and that in 1997 she'd come into a huge sum of money enough to purchase new vehicles and a holiday home in Tenerife. As far as this particular relative was concerned, Pat Evans and family had been paid off to change their story in 1997.

Andy Roberts claims his investigation is comprehensive and more recently, that little else can be added to the story, determined to bring closure to an event on His terms. That is simply not the case. He has totally ignored the plethora of info' available in Welsh which is astounding, considering his boasts as a thorough researcher.

He and with one exception that I'm aware of, every other investigator has ignored the most fundamental fact that in 1974, almost all Llandrillo residents were first language Welsh speakers. Everything was said and done in Welsh.
He missed the several Cyhoeddiadau Cymraeg (Welsh Language Publications) across the affected region which documented or mentioned the seismic and UFO event. Private letters written in Welsh by individuals to relatives about their experiences survive as do circulars and even chapel literature.
And things are lost in translation.
Though bilingual, few people describe things in equal clarity, but the most clear is always in the first tongue of the speaker. It is totally ludicrous to ignore evidence recorded in Welsh and then claim an investigation to be comprehensive. It is negligent to the point of criminality and simply advertises his contempt for such indigenous people.

Jenny Randles is referred to as a frequent visitor to the 'region', staying at Llandrillo for weeks at a time. This is a play on words, region being more encompassing than area. I understand that she didn't hear locals speaking of military activity to fuel her interest as claimed.
In fact Margaret Fry had informed her of the case in the first instance and she took it as her own.
Jenny grips doggedly to the earth lights theory and strangely to the Moel Ty Uchaf stone circle area of Cader Bronwen, writing off the Evans' testimony because they were over 5 miles away and they must have been mistaken, because the Police and RAF Mountain Rescue Team (who couldn't be wrong) searched and re -searched Cader Bronwen.

As for the UFO itself, it landed quite happily on the slopes of Cader Berwyn mountain.

When one witness Mike Saville left his elevated Llandderfel home seconds after the tremor, he was greeted by the sight of a large light hovering about four miles distant. He called out his wife and kids, then he went to a nearby farm to get other witnesses who returned to his yard. At 9.10pm, the light started to descend until it left their view sinking behind a hill named Cefn Coch.

As far as they were concerned it was gone.

In fact, it had landed.

The British Roswell write up claims Mrs Evans had no points of reference to determine how far away the Object was from her in the dark.
Yet again, that's false.
The B4391 road goes up and over the Range. The Object came into her view at a specific point on the road. It left her view at another specific point further on. She had two points of reference forming a corridor of vision within which sat the Object.

Mike Saville's corridor of vision was formed conveniently by his rectangular yard walled by outbuildings, which crossed Mrs Evans' line of vision, giving a perfect bisected location for the touch down point.

This was enhanced too by the parameters of Cefn Coch ridge behind and below which the UFO settled.
He also testified that a black out propeller plane flew back and forth along the Range late into the night.
The CAA gave me upon request, everything I asked for except one answer: it refused to confirm or deny if civil air traffic had been advised by the Military to steer clear of the area that night.

To further justify a poacher's lamp, Andy claimed what Mrs Evans saw was a two dimensional object as a lamp light would be. The fact that this UFO was seen by other witnesses at a 90+ degree angle to her disputes this greatly.

Returning to the earlier mentioned Police search on Cader Bronwen above Llandrillo, Huw Lloyd did state to me that the officer in charge (he had pips on his uniform), saw along with all present, a ten second long brilliant white glow which grew then subsided to darkness in the direction of the UFO and Mrs Evans some four miles plus distant. These were directly behind the UFO in Mrs Evans' line of sight, again further suggesting that this was not a two dimensional object.
Police records show this to be a green light, but Huw said it was white and the Police deliberately changed the colour.

For clarification, I offer the following OS Bala and Lake Vyrnwy map references, Sheet 125.

The track used to access the search area commences in Llandrillo village and follows the river passing Garthiaen farm (Huw Lloyd's home in '74), becoming a rough track a few hundred yards further on.
The track finishes as it enters open country at a gate SJ044353.
The party took a circular journey lasting some 30 minutes from 9.30pm, around the reference point SJ041351.

At no point did any officer leave the vehicle and conduct a torch light foot search. In fact, unless someone can show me an official, untainted document testifying otherwise, his claim of a Police foot search anywhere is a lie.

The search area was four miles from where the UFO (or Andy's poacher lamp) was, and a further mile to Mrs Evans' position on the B4391 at ref' SJ014020.
The point where the mountain gate is above Llandrillo is indisputable, as is the Police/Huw Lloyd search area and the operating area of the poachers. The map references prove it. There were miles between the reference points.

Mrs Evans arrived at her location just before 10pm and in the distance saw two vehicle headlights. These were facing in her direction for a short time before turning westwards, and belonged to Huw Lloyd's vehicle returning home.

Andy has claimed that the search party arrived off the 'mountain' at 2330 hrs as mentioned in the Major Incident Log.
This again is untrue.

What is actually recorded is the time the entry was made, not when the search concluded.
The search ended at 10.10pm, when they again passed through the mountain gate. The party spoke to another oncoming Police laden vehicle (again full with unknown, non-local officers, near Blaen y Dre at 10.20pm and did not leave Huw's yard in their own vehicle until 10.40pm.

Without question, a UFO landed on Cader Berwyn on the night of January 23rd 1974.

Whether it was a vehicle of extra terrestrial origin is another matter.
I believe it was because further testimony in my possession suggests that the UFO was present on previous nights and that is why the fairy lights seen by Pat Evans, were not Police torches, but the lights of a military unit approaching the UFO.
No one could predict a landing let alone a crash anywhere in advance unless the UFO was coming down regularly and was thus statistically expected on any particular date and time.

A military unit was billeted just 1 mile away for two months after the event for which the owner of the property was paid a rental by the MoD, its remit seemingly to guard the landing site and assist in the removal of surface evidence of the landing.

Interestingly in the Police major incident log there is an entry at 2215 hrs where the Police are requesting via Oswestry in Shropshire if there are any soldiers from Park Wall camp.
I looked into this, as why would someone request such unless he'd become aware of soldiers in the area? I've always maintained that the increased Police presence in Llandrillo was only exposed because of the earth tremor and in turn coincidental hunting lights on Cader Bronwen.
The Police officers present probably had no real idea why they were drafted in to Llandrillo in advance of anything, but their remit was one of public control should operations elsewhere - on Cader Berwyn - be discovered.

As it happened, the earth tremor occurred bringing out people at the worst possible time.
The hunter's lights proved to be useful in the end, the air crash story diverting people's attention from events several miles away.
The Police enquired about a military presence because they were told such by a member of the public and then enquired further.

Public became aware of soldiers in the Ceidiog river valley area shortly after the tremor and that is where the Police knowledge of soldiers in the locale originated. It was also in that area that a unit of soldiers entered a certain farmyard and asked the occupier if they could make a telephone call as all their radios were down. That was at a little before 9.30pm and just 20 minutes uphill walk to where the UFO landed.
Their torches were seen by Pat Evans (her fairy lights) approaching the Object just before 10pm upon her arrival.

Readers and other researchers should note that the Ceidiog river flows off the western side of the Berwyn Range and passes through Llandrillo and that the Ceiriog Valley and river flows off the eastern flank of the range and that officialdom and malicious debunkers have deliberately tried to confuse the two similar sounding locations to divert attention away from the Llandrillo area.

So what of my own personal conclusions?

As more and more evidence comes forward and as more of that can be confirmed as fact rather than fiction, it is easier to draw a conclusion and a more concise one as time moves on.
Even as I type this, I'm pondering an email I opened just minutes earlier suggesting the existence of two seismological reports from the time each suggesting an epicentre for the earth tremor that night. An event which must be coincidental as no one could have predicted it - with the possible exception of the UFO or its occupants.

I personally believe the UFO presence was linked to the forthcoming tremor.
My understanding is that the UFO had landed in the area on several occasions over the days prior to Jan' 23rd 1974, and that is how the military and other interested parties were able to mount an operation to approach the landed craft for whatever reason. The 23rd was chosen as the night because of a known forthcoming meteor display; a perfect cover story should the Public see more than they should have.
And to a point this has been used.

The UFO I believe still continued to visit the Cader Berwyn area for up to three weeks later.

The Police Officers drafted in to Llandrillo probably had no idea why they were there, though very senior officers in the Constabulary most certainly did. They were there purely to interfere with the Public should they become aware of the UFO/military operation.

Again, the hunter's lamp above Llandrillo was coincidental. It was only discovered when Llandrillo residents left their homes in the aftermath of the rumblings and shakings. Without that tremor, the UFO would have gone undiscovered and no one would have noticed the hunting lamp.

It was senior Police Officers at the Colwyn Bay Headquarters who made the decisions not to involve the local mountain rescue team and who deliberately withheld directional information from district nurse Pat Evans, to stop her reaching the area of a suspected plane crash.

Senior officers knew nothing of the hunters, but did know of events on the Range and assumed reports of a crash plane in fact were something to do with the military.

The hunter's lamp was a useful decoy for the Military and it seems Gwynedd Constabulary (now North Wales Police) contacted RAF Valley at the behest of those actually in charge of the UFO operation, to divert attention to Cader Bronwen Mountain and away from the UFO location. It allowed a full blown search the following day to take place, concentrating everyone's attention and away from real events a few miles away.
There was no rush to attend a non-existent crash emergency. Those in charge knew that.

A unit of soldiers was billeted in an outbuilding rented from the property owner by the MoD and only one mile or so as the crow flies from the UFO landing site.

The UFO landed at 9.25pm.

At 9.30pm a unit of soldiers was in the yard of a certain farmer (now deceased). One spoke with his daughter (who informed me of this unit) and she let him use the house telephone because all their radios were down.
After a few minutes they left and headed up the mountain slope towards Cader Berwyn and the UFO. It was this unit which was approaching the craft and it was its torch lights which Pat Evans noted near the craft as she arrived just before 10pm.
This same unit or replacements over the two month rental period were covertly guarding the touch down site while it was cleared of physical landing evidence, while deterring it from re- landing on subsequent nights.
It would have been virtually impossible to stop subsequent landings being noted by the Public so as denial is uppermost in the minds of those who would deny us the truth, far better to chase off the intruder and concoct a plethora of lies aided and abetted by a network of corrupt debunkers.

Despite Mrs Evans' personal denials even when confronted with evidence supplied to me by her own relatives and that of other witnesses who physically read her notes while interviewing in her own home, she was stopped on her return from witnessing the landed craft by a military vehicle. There was nothing nasty about it. Inquisitive military, civility all around, and she on her way after a couple of minutes.

And let's not forget the debunking claim that no talk of UFOs occurred for two decades after.
Mrs Evans' daughters Diane and Tina who also witnessed the craft were savaged as only school kids know how to, by their peers only the very next day, about flying saucers and little green men. Debunkers will even try and discredit youngsters just to promote their twisted denials.

With the exception of the witnesses who observed the craft land, I doubt there is anything written here by myself which is unknown to Andy Roberts.
The question is, why has he chosen not to publish certain information?

Why has he chosen to include information which can be nothing but false or erroneous?

There is much more, but space is a premium, so I've covered the basics.
I'll let readers draw their own conclusions.

Scott L. Felton

Transcription (authorised by Scott L. Felton)
from his article originally published in
February 2011

The Berwyn UFO Coverup Exposed - Richard D. Hall.