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©Scott L. Felton

February 2015

See also: Berwyns Evidence 5 - Tony Dodd

Video presentation published on 9th February 2015

In part 1 of this grouping of videos on the Operation Photoflash UFO Hoax, I mentioned that in the forthcoming part 2, I'd be publishing all the documentation that shows this event to be that hoax. This is delayed, as the Maritime & Coastguard Agency has for the second time now, informed me that it requires more time to prepare the response to my FOI review request.

However, as a gap filler until that info' arrives - currently about February 20th 2015 - I've made this upload which may prove of interest.

In this video, I attempt to show how the original naval exercise event in the Irish Sea allegedly on the 23rd of January 1974 leading up to the UFO 'crashing' on Cader Berwyn, was defended by the hoaxers after it started to emerge by 1999 in Tony Dodd's book, Alien Investigator that the Berwyn crash was in fact a landing.

Those familiar with the Berwyn Mountain UFO case will know that a disinformation thread was originally started to account for the UFO which everyone believed crashed on Cader Berwyn in North East Wales. However, I realised myself as early as 2006 that there was no crash, but a landing. It turns out that Tony Dodd suspected this as early as 1996 and confirmed it somewhat in Alien Investigator which was published in 1999.

Now commonsense dictates that if there was no crash, then there could be no UFO recovery of craft or aliens as one informant claimed to Tony Dodd. It also meant that the naval event in the Irish Sea would also be untenable.

Also, in 1997 when John Williams was trying to feed Margaret Fry and others with this bizarre naval engagement story, the location of the crashed UFO near Llandrillo village. In 1999, it changed to accommodate a new crash site location and indeed a new 'crash', in order to keep the story active.

Margaret Fry and others saw through the story and were having nothing to do with it by 1999 and had disassociated themselves completely with this John Williams by 2002. However, researcher Russ Kellett believed the hoax and the faked documentation provided to support it and he has promoted it ever since.

In April 2000, he even received a letter from Holyhead Coastguard stating as fact, that the naval event - Operation Photoflash - really took place. This seems to fly in the face of all other evidence thus far obtained which suggests no such event occurred.

The original UFO crash site (which became a landing) was portrayed as being close to Llandrillo. This location was then changed to another village along the same route taken by the group of men alleged to have discovered the UFO recovery operation, Llandderfel.

This information came from Dodd's book. His military informant who claimed he'd been involved in the recovery operation on the Cader Berwyn UFO told the author, he collected two dead aliens from Llandderfel and transported them to Porton Down research facility. And so, the crash site of the UFO was moved to that new location.

Russ Kellett knows full well he was the bottom of the pile and accepted the hoax in defiance of everyone else who dumped it before him. He portrays himself as being the ONE given the info' and hides the fact that others before him were approached. He also knows, that the crash location changed but ignored this crucial evidence that the whole thing was a sham.

Russ has far as is known never used the word Llandderfel even though the crashed UFO he refers to crashed just a few hundred yards outside that village. What he has done to try and accommodate the 'change' in locations, is use various pronunciations of Llandrillo to demonstrate two villages and then tries to lead viewers/listeners, that somehow a mispronounced 'Llandderfel' is near Llandrillo in order to merge the discrepancy.

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