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Alien Invasion Wales

A Review of the ebook

Well, what can I say?
The Oxford English Dictionary would struggle to provide adjectives to suitably describe how appallingly bad this book is.

I purchased this book and read it on my Kindle. I knew not to expect much, but even I was caught out. The author Russ Kellett proclaims himself Britain's top UFO investigator, when in fact 99.99% of all researchers into this subject see Mr Kellett as a pariah and stain on the subject. Anyone taking the slightest care to scratch the Ufology surface will see the contempt other researchers have for this author.

A long-standing hoax

It might not be so bad if Mr Kellett didn't persist in pushing what the entire Ufology world accepts is a sophisticated hoax which was exposed and debunked some twenty years ago. In fact the hoax was initiated and pushed after evidence unearthed by Tony Dodd in the mid-90s that there was never a crash, and this prompted the sudden appearance in 1996 of 'John Williams' who pushed that hoax.

Russ Kellett made the hoax his own and has persistently portrayed himself as the first researcher of this bizarre claim, totally ignoring and writing out of the story that other researchers were approached by 'John Williams' long before he came onto the scene. He needs to explain why he did this.

'John Williams' aka 'JW' or 'JW Conway', approached veteran UFO researcher Margaret Fry in 1996 and tried to get her to accept the hoax scenario of what was then believed to be a crashed UFO linked to the village of Llandrillo. She and others approached rejected the claims of a single UFO crashing near the village after an altercation with a warship in the Irish Sea of the south east coast of Anglesey.

Russ Kellett takes up the gauntlet

By 1999, Mr Kellett was on the scene taking up the hoax gauntlet. However, by then, there was no question about the true location of the UFO on the mid-slopes of Cader Berwyn mountain, a good 4 miles from Llandrillo as the crow flies. After all, a string of witnesses had seen the UFO land, not crash. So Mr Kellett then was fed the same story, but with significant changes to accommodate the new information. If there was no crash then it was a hoax. So to keep the hoax alive, there needed to be one and Mr Kellett sure got that.

The ever-changing tale

Disinformation goon 'John Williams' altered the story and now two UFOs appeared to accommodate the one indisputably on Cader Berwyn. Incredibly, he changed the location of the crashed UFO from Llandrillo to the next village three miles away, Llandderfel. Same story of five men discovering the crash but a different venue.

Mr Kellett knew this as he had communicated with Margaret Fry and she had shared information with him about the Llandrillo version yet, he cared not to challenge the changes. In fact his abuse of the information given to him by Mrs Fry upset her so much, she requested its return. Mr Kellett responded by threatening her with violence. This is well documented online. He even once threatened to come to Wales and sort me out for daring to question footage he'd presented at a conference in Lytham St Anne's.

Dragon Lights - the DVD

Circa 2005/6, the author made a DVD called Dragon Lights. I was able to acquire a copy. Therein is clear confirmation of the supposed revised crash site at Llandderfel.

The author is even in John Williams' house discussing the [fake] and altered documentation supporting the crash.

Over time, the story has become more and more embellished and what is in this book contradicts over and over other previous stuff Mr Kellett has claimed.

The tale continues to evolve

The 5 seemingly fictitious men who originally discovered the crashed UFO aside the road at Llandrillo, now found it in a field just outside Llandderfel. The field is impossible for a flatbed truck to enter and extract a crashed UFO. Nonetheless, depending on who Russ Kellett is talking to, the five men witnessed a saucer shaped craft, then it was a cylinder. It was on fire coming down, then it was not. When the five men discovered it, the military was already there. In another version, the military arrived and chased off the men. In this book, there are five very much alive aliens, though two appeared injured. Previously, Mr Kellett has been more than happy to claim some were dead and some were alive.

The author in this version claims one of the five men, after being told to leave the area by the military personnel present, took his camera and made his way around the back of the river. Not only does this put that man at least 150 yards from the scene, but the River Dee is yet again in the way. Despite these difficulties the man snapped pictures in the dark, so clearly, one could see what attire the aliens wore, insignia and what looked like side arms (perhaps 10 minutes after their detention???). This must have been an exceptionally good camera for 1974 and one which didn't flash.

No surprise then that the author does say he's never seen any such image. Probably because it was difficult to fake! No surprise either that he has previously claimed when the UFO was in a neighbouring field across the river from the Llandderfel war memorial, the man with the camera sneaked to an elevated position above that field to get his photographs. Of course this was another nail in his hoax coffin as the field is not overlooked by higher ground at all.

The crashed craft

Mr Kellett the author, claims a soldier managed to fly the damaged craft onto a truck in both his latest scenarios. Interesting, as the broken UFO clearly doesn't seem to be wider than the vehicle width for the purposes of easy movement along the road system, yet five aliens who he gives physical dimensions for which rival most humans would be crammed into a space smaller than the smallest family car. And this craft was hit by gunfire at sea and at least one air to air missile near Capel Curig.

This tiny craft (maybe it was TARDIS-like in the inside), melted the hull of a warship in the earliest Llandrillo version killing naval crew, then went on to down the jet which fired upon it.

Yet another air crash which no one noticed being cleaned up despite, in earlier interviews, the author claiming witnesses saw the air to air engagement close enough, in the dark of night, to see molten metal dripping from the UFO and which was recovered and ended up as the blob the author is sometimes seen with in newspaper pictures.

Of course these mysterious witnesses didn't see the pursuing jet get shot down and crash.

Mr Kellett knew full well the impossibility of that crash site field in Llandderfel but persisted with it regardless, even going so far as to use camera angles to remove the very obvious River Dee circling 80% of the field just to suggest the grass came up to the side of the road as in his Dragon Lights film.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Scott Felton paid another visit to Llandderfel on 10 January 2022 and made the following video recording of his findings regarding the changing of the location of the alleged crashed/landed UFO as described by Russ Kellett.)

Google Street View image (above) of the intersection
where Kellett stood in Dragon Lights Part 1

Please click on the images below to see full-size versions:

Image above shows Russ Kellett in Dragon Lights part 1
indicating the field where the UFO crashed.
The River Dee is carefully obscured by the camera angle.

Image above was taken by Scott Felton on 10 January 2022 showing the signpost
and Kellett's UFO crash field on the far side of the River Dee.
The river is visible due to lack of Summer foliage as seen in Dragon Lights.

To access the field as described, the men would have to wade the Dee or drop down a 10 ft high wall. Instead of thinking 'Hang on, this doesn't tally', nope, he simply altered the facts to fit the scenario fed to him. In fact throughout, Mr Kellett has never accepted a single negative thing relating to his hoax scenario belief. He has simply created excuses to keep alive the claims in the documentation given to him by the five men via 'John Williams'.

Steven Lumley's book

Mr Kellett might choose to forget that he collaborated with author Steven Lumley in 2014 who published a book The Berwyn Mountains Incident: Revealed on Amazon relating the same story given to him by this very author but with significant differences to this current version.

Mr Lumley was duped and his book was a disaster; he came to realise he'd been had. Russ clearly doesn't want anyone to recall this unsavoury event anymore than he wants anyone to know of the existence of his Dragon Lights film as both offer up exactly the same story but with seriously altered claims.

The field is moved

Criticism of his claims has forced him to alter the Llandderfel crash site, as the impossibility of this location gained traction. He cannot now change the village (Llandderfel), but to accommodate the outrageous claim of a lorry taking away a crashed UFO, other vehicles to remove the arrested entities, he has moved the location to a neighbouring field in this version, which of course is not what he claimed to Steven Lumley.

The grid reference of the field Mr Kellett has pushed for 20 years and has published in his Dragon Lights film and in Steven Lumley's now out of print e-book is SH981365. He has moved the crash location in this book to SH981367.

Please click on image below to see full-size version

The grid reference to where he is standing 1.7 miles away claiming he's looking/pointing towards the revised crash site is SH997385.

Please click on images below to see full-size versions:

Image taken by Scott Felton showing the spot where Kellett was
standing and pointing towards a crash site 1.7 miles distant.

Coastguard log books

I and others have a full set of coastguard log books for 1974 and surrounding years which along with information from National Archive sources clearly show the photoflash events at Jurby, Isle of Man, were not unique.

The photoflash event on the 23rd of January 1974 at Jurby in the Isle of Man appears not to have actually happened. There was a handful of bombing runs in Jan' '74 but seemingly not that night. This is evidenced perhaps because the scheduled start and finish times were never logged by the coastguard, only the planned target practice event. It would be imperative to log start and finish times so the likes of distress flares could not be mixed up with the brief photoflash lights.

MCA letters and Holyhead Coastguard log book shenanigans

When bent staff at Holyhead Coastguard station were busy concocting fake letters and fabricated details, logs were available but Mr Kellett was simply told in a letter containing false information that no logs existed and he just accepted this, preferring to get excited about a phoney Hollywood-esque claim which if he had persisted would have revealed the truth. In the end he so wanted to believe this, he made it the truth!

Please click on image below to see full-size version of
the MCA letter sent to Russ Kellett and dated 2 April 2000:

Russ Kellett did eventually obtain a copy of the photoflash exercise log entry seemingly in July 2019, but he took this as some sort of additional Holy Grail to the fabricated letters he received in April 2000 etc. He has portrayed this as unique.

Please click on images below to see full-size versions:


It isn't of course as myself and others have recovered extensive logs from surrounding years which Mr Kellett was told didn't exist and other photoflash exercises at Jurby are logged.

The letters he got in 2000 were all fabricated. I linked 'JW' to Holyhead Coastguard Agency and this in part prompted head of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency Sir Alan Massey to get involved with me personally in his attempts to stop adverse publicity and protect the integrity of the agency.

I discovered the letter claiming a naval operation was in fact faked and this was illegally sent out to FOI enquirers to help uphold the hoax. Even if real, that info' would have been subject to the Official Secrets Act and would never have been made available. Even the letterheads were tampered with insofar as they were correct but laid out incorrectly and were devoid of file reference numbers. This alone suggests they were never intended to be in official files. All these have now been quietly withdrawn.

The lack of reference numbers ensured they'd never be found in any official place and were in fact hidden in a scrapbook 'for interest' I was told on 2nd December 2014 but this didn't stop them being quietly copied and sent out on request as official responses.

Please click on image below to see the full FOIA response from manager Raymond Carson at Holyhead Coastguard:

Russ Kellett knows all of this but has deliberately ignored it to keep his absurd claim about UFO investigator status alive. He has commended a reporter in the The Leader newspaper (Wrexham) in his book but strangely omits all the others who published his drivel over the years. Perhaps due to the discrepancies in this latest version? It just would not do to go digging and uncover the 20+ years of story changes and evermore outrageous claims.

If The Leader reporter cared to get off his backside and look, he'd see the issues flashing like neon lights. He only has to read up on the subject and compare today's claims with yesterday's to realise there are serious problems with Mr Kellett's claims. In the past, the author claimed a warship was depth charging just off Bangor Pier in the Menai Strait and no one in the City Of Bangor or across on the Anglesey side noticed this.

There are more false claims in this book than full stops.

In conclusion

The book is illiterate, full of spelling mistakes despite his claim it was proof read. The cover picture is a mock up of the latest revised crash field on the lane into Llandderfel village and the concluding pages have a well circulated image of the author pointing at the UFO crash site.

Please click on the image to see full-size version:

I tracked both locations down in a few minutes and discovered the book image of him pointing is a lie; I visited and filmed the locations just to be doubly sure. He is in fact 1.7 miles from Llandderfel regardless of which field he wanted a crash and he's pointing in the wrong direction anyway.

To add insult to injury, he not only passed Pat Evans' house en route to that finger pointing location, but he also passed the home of witnesses to the UFO landing on Cader Berwyn who appeared in Richard D. Hall's documentary on the Berwyn UFO Event.

Mrs Evans of course is credited with being the first to see the UFO on the mountainside along with her two accompanying daughters.

Scott L. Felton

19th February 2022

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