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We provide details of the book, and some of the theories contained therein - that we are in the process of debunking - purely as a courtesy to the author and researcher.

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©Steven Lumley
Thistle Publishing
24th April 2014
ISBN-10: 1910198161
ISBN-13: 978-1910198162
100 pages

We noticed on 16th August 2014 that Dave Schrader, the host of the Coast to Coast AM show of 10th August 2014 featuring Steven Lumley and Russ Kellett, has submitted a review of the book to the Amazon.com website based on his verified Amazon book purchase:
"Interesting read. Strange story and set of circumstances."

Currently there are eight reviews of the book to be found on the Amazon U.K. site, five of which were submitted early on after the book was published.

The very first review by Steve Wills appeared to be mostly a list of questions!

Scott Felton purchased the Kindle version and wrote a lengthy, detailed review of the new book, the content of which we include here.
(With content on the internet one never knows what might disappear.)

I was happy to purchase the Kindle edition of this book, but already being familiar with the Berwyn Mountains UFO case and having debunked other disinformation on the event of the 23rd January 1974, I wasn't expecting much though I was intrigued by the claim it was a 'thorough examination of the available evidence'.

Which available evidence I thought? Then I learned it was the claims of Russ Kellett about a version of events he has clung to for over a decade. Effectively the book was not a thorough examination of the available evidence (unless one includes the evidence the author seems to have taken from others research - there seems to be a bit of mine in there too!), but is an account of a particular series of events which led to an alleged crash of an alien vehicle alongside a main road near the village of Llandderfel in North Wales, that night. The Berwyn UFO event is a massive case and would struggle to fit within 1000 pages, so the above claim is dishonest re: thorough.

The reality is, that all that is claimed within the book is a long standing hoax, a hoax that Mr Kellett has chosen to ignore as he clings doggedly to his evidence, evidence that has been drip fed to him for years by John Williams who he insisted on refering to clandestinely as 'JW'. It is no secret who this guy is. He is a known disinformation clown who advanced this disgraceful hoax to muddle up Berwyn UFO investigation and character assassinate the wider Ufology community.

One of those involved in the hoax confessed to UFO researcher Margaret Fry several years ago that he got out when it all went too far.

The book offers up no witnesses beyond those already in the public domain and publishes no documents which can be verified independently. It is all hearsay. Not one single person has managed to secure a copy of the letter which is mentioned seemingly confirming Operation Photoflash and FOI requests to the Coastguard & Maritime Agency sees total denial of any knowledge of that document.

Further to that, any researcher should be able to work out that the events described in the book re: warships flushing USOs near Puffin Island simply cannot be. No such ships can possibly access such shallow waters as any navigation chart will show. Also, at the time of the alleged shoot out incident, the tide was out.

Not only was the water shallow in the described area, but it was at its lowest - double proof it could not have been. Low tide was at 17.20 that night for Beaumaris/Penmon/Puffin Island and water for over five miles in every direction was only around 50 ft deep, yet naval destroyers near Puffin Island (which is almost dry at low water) managed to force USOs out of the water, engage them and later see one of them shot down coming to crash land at the foot of the Berwyns.

The tidal information alone exposes this hoax. It is impossible for the claims made to have happened at that point at that time in the Irish Sea/North Wales coast. Therefore, the whole is undermined.

The UFO which landed (not crashed) on Cader Berwyn mountain was the real event. The event in this book is a long standing hoax.

Digressing, the grammar is poor and the book is disrespectful to the Welsh language and the first language of virtually all involved in the real Jan' '74 UFO event as virtually all the Welsh place names are spelt incorrectly. Pity there wasn't a thorough attention to that detail!

Nick Pope gives an endorsement, but admitted he read drafts but not the final draft for publication. He endorsed it because he and the author share the same agent apparently.

All in all, useful insofar as it has publicised this version of events and thus helped publicise this hoax but otherwise, the writing is poor for an author who is a journalist.

Book Review by Scott L. Felton

Darren Perks (DA15), an expert on hoaxes, reviewed Lumley's book on 10th August 2014.

Please note that no spelling or typo corrections were made to the content of DA15's review.

This is just how the review appeared on Amazon, duplicated below just in case Perks changed his screen name again, removed the review or deleted his Amazon account, some or all of which did occur.

Nothing new here except same old story. If people actually do their research correctly the MoD clearly acknowledge the crash of an RAF Harrier GR3 that was on a night flying exercise in what is now known as LFA 7. Low Flying Area 7 has always been accessed by transisting aircraft from the Berwyn Mountain range. These days most low flying is done on the Mach Loop in that area. That evening a pair of harrier jets out based out of RAF WIttering were taking part in an excercise which involved chasing either each other or other aircraft at night. When one of the jets crashed the clean was quick due to the weapon load that jet was carrying,mainly for safety reasons. When an unexplored missile damaged in a crash is lying there, it could go off in any direction literally and in a very uncontrolled manner.

There was not a 'UFO crash' and no little green men. This was a military aircraft incident where an expensive fighter aircraft was lost. People who call themselves 'experts on the Berwyn UFO crash' can bleat on all they like about it. Fact remains that they are just creating a fantasy of silly made up facts and stories to try and make pele believe there was more to this crash than meets the eye. Respect to the author for writing this book and taking time to write one, but this was no UFO crash at all. Case closed.

Now Defunct Link - Book Review by DA15

Please click on image below to see full-sized version of DA15's book review:

Scott Felton then responded to Darren Perks by submitting the following comment under Perks' offering on Amazon:

Little green men and or crashed alien vehicle or otherwise, your info' there is incorrect. The crash you refer to was on February 12th 1982.

The plane was not a Harrier at all but a trainer plane with a solo trainee pilot. The aircraft was a simple craft with not even a black box flight recorder on board. It took off and was soon reported overdue. The wreckage was found next day and a recovery operation took place over several days.

Airmen guarding the site were billetted in a local farm outhouse which the MoD rented and when finished, presented the owners with a nice painting of a rescue helicopter. Three farmers were paid a total of 400 compensation for damage and inconvenience.

Debunkers of the UFO event have frequently tried to fuse this 1982 event with the 1974 event to pass it off as one and the same. One prolific debunker who you and I both know, DA15, even invented a 1972 crash on the Berwyns to confuse the issue even more. It was a complete and utter lie. The previous crash to that 1982 event and the 1974 UFO event was a civilian plane crash in 1968 which killed the pilot and three passengers.

The 1982 crash site OS reference is SJ 058327.

Your info' is wholly incorrect, but I suspect you know that anyway.

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