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23rd January 1974


Please also see: Berwyns Evidence 1

Legend has it that something crashed or landed near the village of Llandderfel on the night of 23rd January 1974. This tale has been promoted by UFO researcher Russ Kellett and appears to be based on information given to him by a number of people including mystery man "J.W. Conway"

However, there appear to be some discrepancies between the original story as told in a video production (circa 2006-2007) by "J.W. Conway" to Russ Kellett, and the 2014 version of the story told to Dave Schrader, host of Coast To Coast AM on the night of 10th/11th August 2014.

The event was also highlighted in a recently published book by Steven Lumley - The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed.


As the reader will see, in the images taken on location by Scott Felton on 23rd August 2014, there is water between the road (B4401) and the field in which the craft ("flying saucer" or "cylinder" - depending on which version one reads) allegedly landed/crashed.

And that water happens to be the River Dee.

Saucer or cylinder? It all depends on which version of the story one reads!

Maybe the craft crashed/landed on the narrow margin between the road and river but then the saucer or cylinder would have been very small as would the occupants!

However, the stories told on this page mention a field.

At the foot of this page there is a list of questions that we feel need to be answered!

But first we present here for comparison:

1) Russ Kellett describing the landing of a flying saucer.

2) Steven Lumley telling the story of the fiery descent and landing of a UFO.

3) "JW" relating to Russ Kellett the story of a downed cylinder-shaped craft.

4) Russ Kellett telling Winston Keech about the "five occupants"


As Russ Kellett seems a tad confused as to pronunciation we have had to write the names of any villages as he says them and not as they might/should be spelt (spelled - U.S.)

Bridge over the the River Dee near Llandderfel

COAST TO COAST AM - 10th/11th August 2014

On 10th/11th August 2014, Russ Kellett and Steven Lumley were guests on Coast To Coast AM with Dave Schrader as the host for that night.

This section of the "blurb" on the Coast To Coast website describes the event that allegedly occurred at the side of the road near Llandderfel.

Note that in this version of the tale, the five men were watching the entities exit their downed craft when the military arrived on the scene and told the men to leave.

Not quite what we hear from Kellett's friend "J. W. Conway" in the mystery video circa 2006!

The third UFO, Kellett said, was spotted by five men who saw it land by the side of the road in a nearby town. From this craft, they claimed, five entities emerged, including two that appeared to be in some kind of distress.

As the witnesses were watching this unfold, they were swarmed by heavily armed British military forces who ordered them out of the area immediately. Before leaving the scene, they saw the ETs being ushered into a vehicle to be taken to an unknown destination as well as one soldier getting inside the UFO.

From there, Kellett marveled, other soldiers maneuvered the floating craft onto a flatbed truck. In light of the ease and precision with which they accomplished this task, he theorized that it was not their first recovery of a downed flying saucer.


This is the transcript of audio in which Kellett described the UFO landing/crash to Dave Schrader, host of the 10th/11th August 2014 Coast To Coast AM broadcast.

Kellett states:

So, the third one .. now the third one lands in the next village ...err..ummm ummm...Clandrithlow... next to Clandrillow ...umm.. which is the next village to the Berwyn Moun'ns.

Now the thing is ... so we've got three craft 'ere.. We've got the Berwyn Moun'ns. We've got the Bala Lake....and we've got the Clandrithlow at the side.. now this one.... was at the side of the road.

Now ... wha' 'appened... the men was actually driving down that road when they saw the flyin' sau....well it was....a flyin' saucer at the side... and only just at the side of the road. Righ' yeah?

And... you know.. this is with ... they got out to look and then these five creatures ..errr.... got out.... of this craft...and two of them looked like they were in.. they were in trouble and looked like they'd been hurt and injured.

Not long after they pulled up and what they were looking at what was this sort of takin' place in front of their eyes - the military was straight on them. And they were told to get out of the area...and you know.. sort of....like these men ...you know, there was.. uhhh....the the the troops....the soldiers.... 'ad rifles... and and and the officer that came up you know he 'ad a belt kit as well...ummm... which errr.. ummmm... a pistol.

Now the thing is ...what...what...they.. they said...was that also ..which is.. and I've never 'eard this before, but these alien-type creatures ..right yeah eh?... also.... was wearing what they called a "belt kit" right yeah? Umm Ummm which looked like some kind of weapon.

They had insignia on them and on the uniforms and there was insignia on the craft....too. And they actually left a....a.....drawin' with me.... of the craft and the insignia and... the belt kit.

The River Dee flows between the B4401 and the field where the UFO crashed/landed.


Russ Kellett stands near the signpost by the bridge over the River Dee

Russ Kellett faces the field where the UFO crashed/landed by the side of the B4401
What cannot be seen in this shot is the River Dee between the road and the field!
Note the familiar upright stones by the side of the road.
These are also seen in Scott Felton's images further down this page

Russ Kellett indicates the field where the UFO landed or crashed
Note the familiar upright stones by the side of the road.
These are also seen in Scott Felton's images further down this page

During the broadcast on the night of 10th/11th August 2014 Kellett talked about the third UFO - a "flying saucer." which landed near "Clandrillow."

Note that he stated that the craft was "just at the side of the road"
Also, not long after the men stopped, "the military was straight on them."

Still frame from video showing the field on the other side of the River Dee

In the C2C audio Dave Schrader asked Kellett whether there were any bodies retrieved from the alleged crash/landing in the field at the side of the road.

Kellett describes the aliens that were seen at the side of the road. He also talks of the moving of the aliens' craft on to a transporter by military personnel.


In the eBook, The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed (published 24th April 2014,) based on the research of Russ Kellett, Steven Lumley writes that the "five professional men" saw the craft on fire as it was coming down ahead of them.

The craft was in a field when the five professional men pulled up, and the men were already in the field when the military arrived on the scene. Lumley later describes the occupants of the downed craft.

Lumley writes:

The UFO landing/crash field as viewed from the bridge over the River Dee
The B4401 is to the right of the image and obscured by the trees

In the mystery video, recorded in 2006, the "five professional men" came across the cylinder-shaped craft "on the side of the road," and the military were already present at the scene.

The military then moved the craft on to a transporter vehicle. JW mentioned that we did not have the technology even in 2006.

In Part Two of the mystery video Kellett stated:

Ummm.. these gentlemen were coming home. They were..er..mmm..professional men.

They were coming home. They were coming home from Bala. They were heading towards ..er..mmm.. Corwen...took a short cut which goes down through Llandrillo I believe....some of them actually lived within the.. round, in and around Llandrillo.

Er, um....and they came upon this UFO on the side of the road. But the funny thing is of course that when they came on...on to this UFO the UFO was not alone because the military were there.

Now they stopped them on the road...err...mm...took their car number and er... umm.. turned them around.

Of course, there's not much you can hide in Wales. (indistinct) .. driving up another road ...driving to the top of a hill over a fence and you have a ringside view of anything that's going on. Far better view than they had on the road to start with!

And there they saw the UFO. The UFO was basically cylindri...cylinder-shaped...it shone like water ...as if water was running over it. The...ummmm...the..............whole area was crawling with ummm all sorts of military personnel .... err...mm.. and there were transporters there....and errr... as far as we can ascertain at..at.. this point the UFO was loaded on to a transporter.

NOTE: In his introduction to Part One of the mystery video, Winston Keech stated that the men actually exited their vehicle and were then challenged by the miltary.

On the other hand, in the mystery video J.W. Conway said that the military stopped the men "on the road....and turned them around"

Small differences, but differences in the story, nonetheless.

Winston Keech narrates:

Meanwhile, in the nearby town of Bala, five men were making their way home by car from a function, when a bright object at the side of the road caught their attention.

They stopped their car and climbed out to look but were immediately challenged by English soldiers who told them, in no uncertain terms, that they could go no further.

An altercation occurred and these five men thereafter resolved to find out exactly what this object was and what had occurred.

They pursued the truth of this incident for nearly twenty years before finally passing their findings to Yorkshire UFO researcher Russ Kellett, handing him the baton so to speak.

This is the story of what really happened that night and Russ Kellett's ten year fight to get to the truth of this matter. What he has uncovered is simply astonishing and, if correct, then the implications from what happened that night more than thirty years ago cast a worrying shadow over us all today.

When we hear Kellett relate the event where "a craft" was depth-charged, forced from the sea, and fired upon by RAF fighters, he speaks of "five occupants"

(Occupants are not mentioned by "J.W." in Part Two of the mystery video. Could it be that he just forgot to mention the occupants?)

In Part One of the mystery video, Russ Kellett relates the incident to Winston Keech and states:

Eyewitnesses state that the craft at the side of the road was there, intact, with its occupants. Five in all, two appeared to be injured.

Another view of the UFO landing/crash field across the River Dee.


In the images further up this page we see Russ Kellett standing across from the field where the alleged UFO incident had occurred. Those images are screenshots from a video recorded circa 2006-2008 with videography and photography by Winston Keech.

Scott Felton has been to the spot featured in the video and investigated the terrain.
His investigations show it to be highly improbable that what is described in the stories could have occurred. The reason for this is that the River Dee runs between the B4401 and the field.

This river would cause some issues regarding access to the field by

1) the "Five Professional Men" (in the Steven Lumley version)
2) the military vehicles that were alleged to have gone into the field (in both versions.)

The UFO was either cylinder-shaped (in the mystery video version,) or a saucer (in the Lumley version,) but, either way, it was manoeuvred on to a transporter by military personnel who, it seemed, had done this before.

Scott Felton observed that there were no places where military vehicles - "transporters" - could have entered the field, floated a cylinder-shaped UFO (or saucer-shaped UFO) on to a transporter/lorry/truck, the whole convoy moved out, and all this with no-one ever noticing such a massive amount of activity.

Scott Felton remarked:

The first field is directly in front of the Bryntirion Inn and junction for the road to Palé Hall and onto the B4391.
Mrs Evans turned up by the Bryntirion, leaving her house about 21.40h.
She would have crossed the bridge and turned by the pub on her journey up to the UFO site on Cader Berwyn. She certainly wasn't obstructed or reported anything amiss by her village.

Looking down from the gate, the field drops away steeply once through the gate and a sharp 90 deg turn is needed.

I don't think there would be anywhere near enough clearance to swing a lorry and of course it would have a load when doing the return trip out of the field.

Also, the lorry would have to approach the roadside track gate from the Llandrillo way or if from the Llandderfel way, pass the gate and turn at the Bryntirion Inn.

The Bryntirion Inn, by the way, would have had drinkers therein who would have been returning by car or foot to Llandderfel. If the road had been blocked, they'd have been cut off from their village.

During this very thorough inspection of the area in question by Scott Felton he also discovered that, if one crosses just over the bridge in the Llandrillo direction, the road is at least ten feet above the water meadow below and it would not be easy for five men to jump down in the darkness on a cold January night. That section of the road was checked just to see if the field was more easily accessible from there.

Still frame from video showing the UFO landing/crash field well below the level of the road


Let us not forget those other small details.

In Part Two of the version told in the mystery video by "J.W.," the "five professional men" were driving back from Bala when they happened upon the downed UFO at the side of the road.

The military stopped the "five professional men" in their vehicle, took their details, and told them to turn around and leave. The five men then found a secluded high spot (undisclosed) from which to watch all the goings-on. No mention is made of occupants of the craft.

But in Part One of the mystery video Kellett states that there were occupants of the craft that was intact at the side of the road.

Maybe the "five professional men" were able to see the occupants from their secluded high spot because they possessed either very good eyesight or had appropriate optical equipment on board their vehicle that night?

And just maybe "J.W." forgot to mention the detail about the occupants in his description of the event in Part Two of the mystery video.

In the version we read in Steven Lumley's book, and that told on the C2C show, the "five professional men" arrived at the crash/landing site first, pulled over on to the side of the road and went into the field.

Shortly afterwards, the military pulled up and told them to leave. But the five men were still able to see aliens with insignia on their outfits as well as insignia on the "saucer." And the aliens were apparently carrying weapons.

Do we detect some conflicting story lines here?


Kellett told Dave Schrader, the host of Coast To Coast AM (10th/11th August 2014,) that the "five professional men" came across the flying saucer and it was "just at the side of the road." (No mention of a fiery descent as in the Lumley book.)

The "five professional men" then got out of their vehicle and saw that "alien creatures" were getting out of their crashed (or landed) craft. Finally the military appeared on the scene and order the five men to leave.

Lumley's book appears to be based on Kellett's version as told to Dave Schrader in Coast To Coast AM on 10th/11th August 2014.
But in the book Lumley states that the "five professional men" were driving back from a function when they saw the craft, on fire, and coming down in front of them.

(This UFO was supposedly hit by an air-to-air missile near Betwys-y-Coed, according to Lumley's book, although he spelt it "Betys-y-Coed.")

The "five professional men" then arrived at the scene, got out of their vehicle and went into the field to take a look. As they were going into the field a lorry (truck) pulled up, a corporal jumped out and ordered the five men to leave.

In both of the above, the "five professional men" arrived at the crash/landing site before the military.

The mystery video recorded circa 2006-2007 tells a different version altogether.

In Part Two of the mystery video, "J.W." states that the "five professional men" were driving back from Bala and came across the UFO "on the side of the road." (There is no mention there of the fiery descent as in Lumley's book.)

The men were stopped by the military, their car registration details taken, and told to turn around and leave.

No mention is made of the men getting out of their car, entering the field or seeing any "alien creatures" as Kellett described to Dave Schrader in the Coast To Coast AM production on 10th/11th August 2014, and also described to Winston Keech in Part One of the mystery video.

In 2006-2008 (dates based on content of the video and credits at the end) the story of the event as told by "J.W. Conway" had the "five professional men" arrive at the crash/landing site after the military.
The five men were stopped on the road, their vehicle details taken, and told to leave the scene.

In 2014 (date of publication of Lumley's book and also the Coast To Coast AM broadcast) the "five professional men" arrived at the crash/landing site, went into the field, saw five "alien creatures" but then the military appeared and the five men were then told to leave the scene.

The UFO landing/crash field as viewed from the bridge over the River Dee.


How is it that the "five professional men" succeeded in entering the field, having just pulled off the side of the road?
Did they happen to have special equipment with them in their vehicle to enable them to cross the river and reach the UFO?
Or did they walk along the road and drop down the ten or so feet into the water meadow below, again in the dark January night?

Of course, we have to remember that the five men only went into the field according to the version told in the 2014 book authored by Steven Lumley.

In the mystery video (ca 2006-2007) the "five professional men" certainly did not enter the field as they were stopped and turned away by the military that were already present on the scene!

So, depending on which version of the story we want to believe (if any,) the following questions need also to be answered:

How did the military and their vehicles access the field on the other side of the river?

Did the "five professional men" arrive at the crash site before or after the military?

Did the "five professional men" get out of their vehicle and go into the field or did they not?

Did the "five professional men" see five "alien creatures," two of which were injured, or did they not?

If the five men indeed saw alien creatures did they happen to have specialist optical equipment with them?

And finally! Two rather important questions for the author of the book "The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed"

Did Steven Lumley know about this earlier (2006-2008) version of the tale when writing his book which was published in April 2014?

And if so, how would he reconcile the differences between the two versions of the tale?

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