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Scott L. Felton, 14 January 2022

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Scott Felton's ongoing investigation.

Although this piece is written about "useful idiot" self-styled UFO researcher/investigator Russ Kellett, the write-up really must start with a completely different entity to Mr Kellett. I refer to Internet troll and hoaxer Darren Perks.

There is a vast amount of information online about Darren Perks who has tried most unsuccessfully to be a thorn in my side for some eight years now for daring to side with animal mutilation expert Phil Hoyle whom Perks has spent longer still harassing.

Full details are online about Darren Perks' twisted activities. He has created dozens of fake profiles online, a plethora of fake email addresses and has impersonated persons in the UFO field and others as diverse as HMRC tax officers in his attempts to troll anyone he takes a dislike to. I have made no secret of my personal claims about his mental state.

He has submitted many fake UFO reports to the likes of MUFON but again his distinctive markers show up glaringly. Certainly no normal person would even dream of doing an iota of the sick trolling perpetrated by Darren Perks.

At least because of his apparent psychopathy, he rejects all notion of being identified, but like all such people, every time he posts somewhere online using a fake name or email address, he, as I mentioned earlier, leaves several uniquely identifiable markers which flash up like neon lights. All psychopaths and sociopaths leave such markers. They can't see them because of their inflated confidence levels, but normal people see them with ease.

He has also created fake web pages to try making out they are produced by me and that I have retracted my research on the Berwyn Mountain's UFO event and that I have apologised to those I've apparently upset and deceived and or condemned. This of course isn't true at all.

Mr Perks forgets that I have an extensive contact list with the Ufology field and everything he has ever said or done has been made public. His name is well known in UFO circles but for all the wrong reasons. Each time a new fake profile appears, the name and posts and other information is circulated to ultimately (via sharing) thousands of UFO enthusiasts. Darren Perks actually believes his pathetic actions online somehow hurt or intimidate people. Nothing could be further from the truth. He's a laughing stock. I've genuinely cried tears of laughter at some of the stunts he's tried to pull.

Having said that, on occasion, I do get contacted by enthusiasts who have come across fake webpages created and authored by Perks who are naturally suspicious of the content especially if they have seen one of my many posts online stating that if anyone sees anything claiming I've retracted anything, then it is fake. The enquirer is put straight and that becomes another person at least who learns about warped-minded Mr Darren Perks.

The Fake "Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident" website

It is because of one web page created and published by Darren Perks in 2016 that leads into the hoaxing of Filey, Yorkshire, UK-based Russell Kellett.

The said page has lain there almost unread except by fleeting passers-by since 29 May 2016. Russ Kellett has only recently come across the page as Darren Perks seemingly sent him the information anonymously.

Clicking on the image below will take the reader to the fake Scott Felton "apology" page.

Because of Russ Kellett's unique tunnel vision in what he claims happened on the night of the Berwyn Mountains UFO event, he must have thought he'd hit the jackpot suddenly being confronted with a retraction from myself, so much so Mr Kellett didn't even stop to consider it was five years old or to ask me if it was true.

There were several other points of concern with the web page but not one was considered by him. Stunningly wreckless.

He wanted it to be real. He needed it to be real. To him without a second of alternative consideration, it was real. So much so, Russ Kellett started libellously sharing it across a range of social media pages without a second thought.

Hundreds already in the know are now laughing at Russ because of his blatant stupidity. This will almost without question seriously impact sales of his recent e-book promoting a hoax disinformation thread about a UFO crash scenario linked to the Berwyn Mountain UFO event.

Scott Felton and Russ Kellett

Myself and Russ Kellett have been at odds for some years over one particular version of events that night on the 23rd of January 1974. Despite the vast amount of evidence supporting a UFO visitation event of a single entity and even the vast amount of counter argument from debunkers, both sides have been rejected by Kellett in favour of one version which was proven over 20 years ago to be a hoax but which he has kept going and embellished over time.

It has been published elsewhere, but I have no qualms about reiterating the fact that Russ Kellett is quite an unstable character. He is prone to being bad tempered with outbursts of anger. He is quite the hard man on the keyboard at a distance. Some years ago he telephoned and threatened me because I dared challenge some of his sightings' claims. On this particular occasion he threated to come to North Wales and sort me out and anyone else who disagreed with him.

I had seen some footage he made of lights just offshore and recognised them instantly as mast lights on small boats. He didn't like that, told me I was wrong and they were a fleet of UFOs over the open sea. One of his favourite tricks was to call me out on private Facebook group pages to which I was not privy then because I didn't respond, he'd claim to his cult-like group members that I had nothing to say.

Officially I couldn't respond as I never saw the posts. How could I? But there were opportunities to be tipped off and see screenshots of what he'd posted privately. Of course in turn, he then took in his followers who didn't realise he'd excluded me from the pages he was criticising me on.

In one post on Amazon UK, where I had reviewed Steven Lumley's book that was published in 2014, Russ threatened me with Police action for "lying"

and in another threatened me with solicitors for challenging his claims.

Mrs. Margaret Fry and Russ Kellett

I was already familiar with his threats of violence from about 2003 when I started to cooperate with veteran UFO researcher Margaret Fry. In fact at one time, I drove her to a conference in Lytham where Russ Kellett was a speaker. It was the first and only time I'd met him.

I'd been told by Margaret previously, that Kellett had reduced her to tears in a phone call, threatening to come over to North Wales and "bash" her (Mrs Fry's word). She had accused him of misusing some information regarding what came to be Russ Kellett's version of events. When challenged and asking for her loaned info' to be returned, he became aggressive and told her she'd given him the info'.

One thing is absolutely certain. She did not give Mr Kellett anything with the intention of it being manipulated to create a false narrative.

It takes quite a man to threaten an old woman in her then 70s.

Enter John Williams (and the "Five Professional Gentlemen")

I will touch on this further in the near future elsewhere regarding Russ Kellett's latest attempt at writing a book on his version of events but essentially, from late 1996/early 1997, a man calling himself John Williams who effectively appeared out of the blue in 1996 had contacted Margaret Fry in an attempt to get her to accept a version of events based on the understanding at the time that there had been a UFO crash on Cader Berwyn, one of the mountains in the Berwyn range in North East Wales.

This whole version centred on an outageous claim that the Berwyn UFO had crashed after being forced out of the sea off the island of Anglesey, was damaged in an altercation with the warship doing the flushing before in retaliation it attacked the vessel, melting its hull and killing several "naval ratings". The UFO was then pursued by jets, one of them successfully firing a missile at the UFO further damaging it, before it crashed.

Five professional gentlemen returning home from a meeting in the town of Bala when near the town of Corwen experienced an earth tremor then bizarrely retraced their steps to find a UFO recovery operation in full swing aside the road in a field at the village of Llandrillo, a field they'd passed about 15 minutes earlier. They were then chased off by military personnel.

Mrs Fry accompanied by witnesses and her husband Ron visited John Williams on at least two occasions at his house in Ty Nant, a hamlet near Corwen. She saw and examined his documentation alluding to this version of events but he would not let her take them away for closer examination.

She was suspicious initially because a map purported to show the location of a UFO crash clear up in a field aside the B4401 road just outside Llandrillo village. At that point, there was only one UFO and that had (so the belief was at that time) crashed on the slopes of Cader Berwyn mountain.

She had previously been with district nurse Pat Evans to the location of the UFO visible from the B4391 road over the range and that was at least five miles from the UFO crash marked on the map. Because of all the activity centred on Llandrillo village itself, some thought the UFO was actually very near the village and this prompted John Williams to push a story the crashed UFO was recovered from just outside the village. This seemingly led John Williams to show phoney documentation to Mrs Fry indicating a crash site aside the main road going through Llandrillo.

John Williams and Russ Kellett

As it became obvious Mrs. Fry wasn't buying it and as John Williams couldn't change his story to her, he certainly could with a new target.
Russ Kellett put himself up like a centre spot in a rifle range.

Of course the idea of a UFO just outside Llandrillo was becoming untenable. John Williams came on the scene soon after UFO researcher and author Tony Dodd discovered evidence that there was a landing and departure rather than a crash. If true, the whole empire built up around seeding crash disinformation into the UFO community was at risk. The need to keep the crash scenario going became imperative to disinformation agent Williams. Of course he could no longer deny the existence of a UFO on Cader Berwyn where it should be and as seen by several witnesses. The story needed to change and Russ Kellett was the perfect subject for just that.

The Story Evolves

When Russ got involved as I've mentioned elsewhere, the story changed substantially to accommodate new information. He knew the Margaret Fry version, she freely sharing the information with him but despite this, he deliberately ignored it and latched onto a revised version given to him by John Williams without querying anything about the sudden change. He deliberately ignored the change of a roadside crash of one UFO at Llandrillo to another village three miles away at Llandderfel, but this became a second UFO so the original one on Cader Berwyn could be accounted for.

Even this revised version has been embellished. In several interviews Kellett has given, the details have changed frequently. Two UFOs became three. The five men saw it come down. In another version, it was already crashed. In another version given by Russ, it was a saucer. In another a cylinder. In another, soldiers were already in attendance at the roadside crash. In another the soldiers turned up and told the men to leave the area.

The single warship related to Margaret Fry became a fleet, depth charging to flush out UFOs. He initially claimed photoflash bombs were used to illuminate UFOs resting on the seabed. Wholly wrong of course. But this was disinfo' fed to him often anonymously and he simply never checked it out. Indeed, in one version he published, a warship depth charged just off Bangor Pier in the Menai Strait.

His fanciful idea of a fleet of warships hunting submerged UFOs clashed with simple enough fact that warship draughts, naturally shallow water and an ebb tide would preclude this anywhere around the Anglesey coast. The low tide of course didn't stop an anonymous guy called "Jacko" in a fishing boat with other unidentified crew witnessing the depth charging and shoot out with ET.

Russ Kellett the Reseacher and Investigator

As the story has become more untenable over the years so has Russ's claims to uphold it. He will not accept he's been scammed. He is the only person in the entire world hanging on to this story. The original crash story has been debunked since 2002/03 once its exact location on the mid slopes of Cader Berwyn was established. It was a controlled landing and departure. The evidence for a Berwyn mountain UFO crash evaporated two decades ago from a pool of disinformation.

Russ Kellett, when he got involved circa 1999, knew full well of the story fed to Mrs Fry. He also knew that John Williams had contacted a video production company at Conwy trying to get it to make a film of the event. Despite this, Mrs Fry's rejection of the scenario, the rejection by the video production company and the claim by the owner of that company the whole story was an elaborate hoax apparently concocted in a pub in Rhyl, Russ Kellett rejected all that and took the story on himself again knowing full well that the version now given to him by John Williams was totally different to that given to Margaret Fry.

Russ Kellett calls himself a researcher but he rejected all the evidence to take the revised story as his own. He today portrays it as if he was the first and only person to be contacted by John Williams presumably to deter others from finding the Margaret Fry connection. More disturbingly he has been prepared to call others liars and cover up potential responses to such calls to cover up threats to his delusion.

Rejection of evidence is nothing new with Mr Kellett. Nor is it new that he is regularly taken in by scammers. There is plenty online about his lust for Beatles paraphernalia and paying out thousands for fake paintings and clothing. He might claim he hasn't been scammed, but he cannot deny that he failed miserably as an investigator on the hoax retraction page which he didn't give a second's thought it might be fake. Nope, he took it hook, line and sinker.

Russ Kellett Hoaxed by Darren Perks

So, it would appear that Mr Kellett has become a victim of Internet troll and hoaxer Darren Perks.

Perks deliberately targeted Kellett to dupe him into believing a fake web page of me retracting and apologising is real. He relied on Russ Kellet's lack of discernment to pull off the stunt.

It is interesting to note that Darren Perks using one of his aliases (DA15) negatively commented on the book The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed by Steven Lumley on the 10th of August 2014.

Please click on image below for full-sized version of Perks' review which seems to have disappeared from the Amazon website:

This suggests heavily that Darren Perks has been following ("stalking" if one prefers) Russ Kellett closely for some years.

As previously mentioned, in 2016 Perks authored one particular webpage purporting to be authored by me and after 5 years, seemingly arranged for its existence to be delivered to Mr Kellett to coincide with his recent book, this one of course claiming I'd apologised to Russ Kellet et al and retracting my research. This was clearly done in the knowledge it was highly likely Russ Kellett would not check it out and in his excitement at this revelation, share the fakery far and wide.

That is indeed the case, with Mr Kellett losing no time sharing the fake page in multiple Facebook groups and his own website for example:

That's some seriously close and careful stalking of Russ by Perks knowing that result would be obtained.

It is abundantly clear that Perks has tried to kill two birds here with one stone; trying to needle me and damage Russ Kellett at the same time. Another certainty is, this will severely damage Russ's book sales and Darren Perks is 100% to blame for that.

I'm only exposing this whole absurd situation because Mr Kellett failed to check out the info' provided. Had he done so and noted the fact the fake web page was some 5 years old and had he had the common sense and common decency to ask me if what was written was authored by me, he'd have been put straight and he'd only be the author of a poorly written book rather than being an author of a book no one will now purchase because of Darren Perks.

In Conclusion

So, just for the record again. The whole scenario as portrayed by Russ Kellett is a hoax. It was a hoax 25 years ago in 1996. He believes it and will say and do anything to protect it. As for me, I have not and never will retract anything I've claimed or published about my research into the Berwyn Mountain UFO event or my condemnation of said hoax, nor will I apologise to anyone. There are Internet posts out there and fake web pages all created by Darren Perks. Anyone coming across any retraction or apology from me anywhere online will immediately see such as fake.

Now, Russ Kellett is in the position whereby he has been tricked into libeling me multiple times sharing the fake info'. He must be exceptionally proud of this achievement? At least what he has shared is unquestionably fake whereas my online challenges he finds so offensive are unquestionably true.

Darren Perks' faith in Russ Kellett's idiotic nature and gullibility is actually well placed. He clearly realised that Mr Kellett's investigative abilities didn't extend to the most simplistic, basic rule of confirming such an outlandish claim that I would ever retract anything in relation to the Berwyn UFO event. Perks couldn't have chosen a better subject for his hoaxing.

Scott L. Felton

14th January 2022

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