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We provide details of the book, and some of the theories contained therein - that we are in the process of disproving - purely as a courtesy to the author and researcher.

Click on above image for book details and book description on Amazon

©Steven Lumley
Thistle Publishing
24th April 2014
ISBN-10: 1910198161
ISBN-13: 978-1910198162
100 pages

A description of the book is provided on the Amazon site as follows:


This book is a thorough examination of the available evidence concerning The Berwyn Mountains Incident, and includes fresh research from dedicated UFO investigator Russ Kellett, revealing hitherto unknown events.

These include an alleged encounter at sea between UFOs and the Royal Navy, an ambush by RAF fighter jets, and dozens of Army personnel helping to conceal the evidence.

*Was a UFO shot down that night?
*Did five men see five aliens clambering out of it?
*Were the aliens then taken away by soldiers?

This amazing account builds to an explosive allegation, and explains why the authorities have consistently covered up this event, and sought to prevent any further investigation.

Finally there is endorsement of the book by former MoD employee Nick Pope:

"This fascinating book shines a light on one of the world's most intriguing UFO incidents - a case that may in time come to be known as Britain's Roswell."

Nick Pope, Ministry of Defence UFO Project 1991-1994

Scott Felton contacted Nick Pope to enquire about said endorsement and Pope replied indicating that he had not read the final version.
Here follows the dialogue between Scott Felton and Nick Pope.

Note: all times are BST

30/07/2014 at 23:33
Scott L Felton:

Hi Nick.
Could I please take a few minutes of your time to ask if you are familiar with this recent publication - The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed by Steven Lumley - and if you have endorsed the book and Kindle version as claimed in the write-up about the book on Amazon?

For your convenience, I have attached two images to assist. Thanks for your time and I look forward to your kind response.
Scott L. Felton.

31/07/2014 at 00.27
Nick Pope:

I'm familiar with this book and gave it a nice endorsement. The author and I share the same agent and publisher!
Best wishes,
Nick Pope

31/07/2014 at 07:39
Scott L Felton

Thanks Nick.
Very much appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

31/07/2014 at 09.49
Scott L Felton

Nick, this might appear as an odd question, but may I ask if you read the book before offering your endorsement and either way, what was your opinion of the book's coverage of Russ Kellett's claims?

As always, thanks for your time.

31/07/2014 at 12.16
Nick Pope

I'd seen some of the material, though not the final version. I'm sceptical of Russ Kellett's claims, but clearly they have to be featured in any overview of the case.

31/07/2014 at 18:45
Scott L Felton

Thanks Nick.
I too am sceptical! And I agree, if there are claims, then they must be looked into. Unfortunately, Russ has made a career of not allowing his alleged documentation and witnesses to be independently verified.

As it happens, I know the area of sea very well where it is claimed certain UFO/military engagements took place and I knew years ago it was impossible for his claims as made, to be true.

Since then, other information has come to light including a confession from one guy involved in the original "five wise men" hoax, that it was indeed a hoax, but he distanced himself from it when it got out of hand.

The whole thing was taken up by a guy called Williams who was living not many miles from me who has drip fed Russ Kellett duff info' for years.

Thanks for your reply Nick.
Very kind.
Cheers mate

So Nick Pope had only read "some of the material but not the final version" - and he (Pope) and Steven Lumley "share the same agent and publisher!".

Hardly a sound basis upon which to write an endorsement of a book on the subject of a now-proven hoax!

On 14th August 2014 another person wrote to Nick Pope interested in finding out more about his endorsement of the new Lumley-Kellett book.

This particular person is the Chief Engineer of a UK-based Search and Rescue fleet, and had provided me with photos of a genuine Maritime and Coastguard Agency letter dated 18th April 2002, to show the normal format of such communications.

The photos and the alleged letter may be seen here: The MCA Letter

The engineer contacted Nick Pope on 14th August 2014 to ask whether Pope had seen the Maritime and Coastguard Agency letter when reading the draft of the Lumley-Kellett book, prior to his endorsing of same.

The email exchange is as follows:

Note: all times are BST

14/08/2014 at 05:33

Dear Nick,

I understand you have endorsed a book on the Berwyn mountain UFO incident by Steven Lumley.
I am wondering if whilst reading the drafts, did you have access to the fake letter being used to give this story credence.

As a chief marine engineer based in the UK, I deal with the MCA on a regular basis. As they are an executive government agency they have protocol when writing.

Surely as a former MOD employee you would have spotted this fake straight away.

I have included the fake and a genuine letter for your consideration.
I look forward to your reply.

Garry Moore

15/08/2014 at 00:12:31


Though I can't be absolutely certain, I don't recall having seen this document before.

When publishers solicit quotes/endorsements for a forthcoming title, it's not unusual for them to circulate uncorrected proofs, which often contain the main body of the text, but omit appendices, illustrations, etc.

This is probably why I didn't see the document.

Best wishes,
Nick Pope

15/08/2014 at 00:41:18

Many thanks for your reply, Nick

It seems, then, from this response, that Nick Pope is very vague about the contents of the Lumley-Kellett book which he has heartily endorsed by saying:

"This fascinating book shines a light on one of the world's most intriguing UFO incidents."

Some of us are starting to wonder if Nick Pope read ANY of the book before it was published!

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