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©Scott L. Felton

January 2015

Video presentation published on 25th January 2015

The Truth is the Truth even if no one believes it.

A Lie is still a Lie even if everyone believes it.

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Because of circumstances revolving around a UFO hoax, created seemingly by the British State in the early 1990s, to confuse research & investigation into the Berwyn Mountains UFO case of 23rd January 1974, I have had no option but to attempt to expose this outrage against the UFO community and the wider Public.

Quite a few UFO enthusiasts contacted me after a book was published by author Steven Lumley purporting to show investigation into the Berwyn Mountains UFO incident. It transpired that it was nothing but an account of a scenario which first appeared in 1997 and which I had known for many years, was a hoax. I had to respond as such a huge and complex hoax had to be countered as the book appeared to be nothing more than an attempt to get this disinformation out into the Public domain.

This is Pt 1 of possibly a multi part series. This video covers the event as an over view. Pt 2 will follow in a few weeks time pending the outcome of a review request following the response to a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which then allowed one of the suspects in the collusion and conspiracy to handle the request!

As one might expect, the response was nothing short of a disgrace and ranks in my top three worst FOI responses ever.

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