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The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident


In July 2014, Scott Felton, long-time researcher of the Berwyn Mountains UFO landing (not crash) event that occurred on the night of 23rd January 1974, acquired tidal data for the area of the North Wales coast including Puffin Island for that specific date.

The tidal data indicate that claims made about massive military exercises (including depth-charging of UFOs around Puffin Island) could not have occurred.

Much of this hoax has been taken on board by, and continues to be promoted by, UFO researcher Russ Kellett.

The links to the left of this page will take the reader to the various sections of our research regarding this incident and the related hoaxing.

The Real Berwyn UFO Landing Site

(Photo taken by Scott Felton 10th March 2012)

Click on this link to see details of Scott Felton's visit
to the alleged crash site just outside Llandderfel:

Downed UFO at Llandderfel?


In the Downed UFO page, linked above, Scott Felton investigates Russ Kellett's alleged UFO crash/landing site at Llandderfel and tells of his findings.

Scott took two field trips to the area and spent considerable time walking the terrain to see if the events as related by Russ Kellett were feasible.

Also we read several versions of a tale involving depth-charged UFOs, an aerial battle causing the downing of UFOs, "alien-type creatures" seen at the side of the road in Llandderfel, and a massive recovery operation by the British military.

Russ Kellett has denied that he ever suggested a naval engagement and depth-charging of UFOs had occurred around Puffin Island.



The Berwyn Mountains UFO event of January 23rd 1974 is regarded as the UK's second most important case of extraterrestrial visitation after the Rendlesham Forest incident.


For some reason, tall tales have been created over time to cover up the real facts of what actually occurred.

One of those tales is the Warships vs UFOs scenario that has been promoted by UK investigator Russ Kellett.

Over the course of his investigations into the case, it appears that Russ Kellett was fed information by persons unknown in order to create a scenario of Hollywood film proportions.
That scenario consists of a massive military operation wherein occurred confrontation between warships of the UK and US navies and several UFOs or USOs in the Irish Sea, off the coast of Anglesey.

Russ Kellett no doubt believes that everything he was told is the truth and nothing but the truth. However, the tidal data for the night in question and the validity of the contents of a certain letter, apparently sent from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to Russ Kellett, call the story into question.

Carl Sagan is quoted from Cosmos as saying:
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

This was based on a nearly identical statement by fellow founder of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, Marcello Truzzi:

"An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof"

How does Carl Sagan's statement relate to the Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident of 23rd January 1974?

Claims made about a massive military operation known as Operation Photoflash - allegedly occurring on the evening of 23rd January 1974 - have formed the basis of much of a recently-published book, authored by Steven Lumley, and based on the research of UFO investigator Russ Kellett.

These claims have come under scrutiny by a number of people, and within this website the reader will find information to suggest that the scenario described in the book could not have occurred.

The reader is also provided with evidence indicating that the typed letter, allegedly sent by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to Russ Kellett, and dated 2nd April 2000, is a document fabricated from false information.

On the 18th August 2014, the Search and Rescue fleet chief engineer, mentioned in the dodgy-looking MCA Letter page of this site, again asked Kellett to provide the name of the sender of the 2nd April 2000 communication, allegedly from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

This would finally put to rest the questioning of the authenticity of said letter.

The only replies received from Kellett were expletives.

So far, Russ Kellett has failed to provide solid and irrefutable evidence to support his extraordinary claims.

"The Berwyn Mountains UFO event of January 23rd 1974 is regarded as the UK's second most important case of extraterrestrial visitation after the Rendlesham Forest incident."

Those exact words (written by Scott Felton and contained within this very page when it was first published on 9th August 2014) were used by the host of a recent Coast to Coast show aired on the night of 10th/11th August 2014.

The topic of the show was The Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident, and featured author Steven Lumley and researcher Russ Kellett.

It seems that Dave Schrader, the show's host, must have checked out this very page before the programme aired, else how would he have used the exact same words?

I checked the server logs for this and two other pages on this site.
The Fake MCA Letter page was accessed at 00:03:54 EST and the page showing the tidal data for the night of 23rd January 1974 was accessed at 00:10:06 EST.

The final page to be accessed was this one at 00:22:00 EST - 38 minutes before air time - and the text from which was used for several show segment introductions.
This screenshot shows the page access by a visitor from Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Strange is it not that no mention of the tidal data was made during the show even though the information had been accessed on our site?

The tidal data indicate very clearly that the wild scenario of UFOs and warships described by Russ Kellett, and covered extensively in the new Steven Lumley book, could never have occurred.

But maybe the host of the show did not want to embarrass Russ Kellett and Steven Lumley in front of such a huge audience. Had he challenged Lumley and Kellett then the whole four hour show would have been a wash-out!

Better to disregard the facts when you want to fill a four hour time slot, promote a tall story and sell a book!

We noticed on 16th August 2014 that Dave Schrader, the host of the C2C show of 10th August 2014, has submitted a review of the book on the Amazon.com website:

"Interesting read. Strange story and set of circumstances."

Amazon Dot Com Reviews

Half a mile from the real Berwyn UFO Landing Site

(Photo taken by Scott Felton 21st April 2010)

New tidal data acquired by Scott Felton from the University of Bangor, and careful examination of an official looking letter, provide compelling evidence which questions the validity of the alternative claim published in a book based on Russ Kellett's investigations.

The book, The Berwyn Mountains Incident Revealed, authored by Steven Lumley and published in April 2014, claims to prove that multiple UFOs were present in UK air space on 23rd January 1974.

The book states that after a UFO and a naval warship exchanged fire, two UFOs were chased over North Wales where one was hit with an air to air missile causing it to crash land some 30 miles further on, with the subsequent recovery of both ship and alien occupants.

Scott Felton challenges this whole scenario!

Scott describes in detail how the events as described in the book could never have occurred:

Tidal Data Expose Warships vs UFOs Scenario Hoax

Xpose UFO Truth demonstrates, together with Scott Felton, that the letter purported to have been come from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, was fabricated to mislead Russ Kellett in his investigations into the Berwyns UFO incident:

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency Letter

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