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Intellectual Property

The Issue of Copyright

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Observations Regarding Copyright Issues

This page will be addressing the issue of Intellectual Property and the associated rights to said Intellectual Property.

The date was the 15th October 2012 and some people in the UFO "world" were apparently eagerly awaiting the widely-touted BBC3 "documentary" broadcast entitled "Conspiracy Road Trip, UFOs."

The anticipation mounted as the seconds counted down and then the show was on air!

Youtube Video

The programme was all about five individuals - three males and two females - travelling from Los Angeles, California, through Arizona and then to Nevada, in search of the truth about "UFOs" and other associated phenomena.

All was progressing reasonably well until 21 minutes 9.117 seconds into the video when we saw a very familiar image - a sheep's head with the characteristic jaw strip injury associated with cases of animal mutilation. The person presenting the information about the sheep's demise gave no attribution to the person who took the photograph or to the person/s holding copyright of said photograph.

The "road tripper," sitting at his laptop computer and neglecting to provide that important information, was, in fact, giving the impression that the image and case investigation were all his own work.

Here are some screenshots from the "Road Trip" show relating to the sheep head image:

We had seen this very image previously when Mr. Phil Hoyle of the Animal Pathology Field Unit in the United Kingdom had shown us his collection of mutilation cases. I spoke with Mr. Hoyle to double check whether this photograph was from his image collection and he confirmed the fact. I asked him whether he had given permission for the BBC to use this image in their "documentary" and he said that no-one had asked for permission regarding this matter.

Here is a screenshot from the video showing the BBC Three Logo:

Here is Mr. Hoyle's image from his case archive:

Mr. Hoyle has spent over thirty years investigating anomalous phenomena including unexplained aerial objects and lights, "abductions," and the unusual animal deaths otherwise known as "animal mutilations." Mr. Hoyle has accumulated a large quantity of images, video, sound recordings, samples, etc. in the course of his research and the copyright of such material is that of Mr. Hoyle, and, in some cases, that of farmers and other individuals who have provided such to Mr. Hoyle.

In the past week another example of unauthorised use of Mr. Hoyle's material has come to light. On this occasion the individual who had uploaded the image to the Internet had also made a comment under the image, some months later, indicating the location of said event.

This was a serious breach of confidentiality as well as infringement of copyright. The image had never been this individual's property in the first place. The image was a print from camera film that had been provided to Mr. Hoyle by the landowner six years previously.

This particular investigation into copyright infringement (together with breach of confidentiality) is currently underway.

11th March 2013

We discussed further developments in this
case with Phil Hoyle via Skype

12th March 2013

Animal Mutilations (UK)



4th April 2013

Early in January, not long after Xpose UFO Truth had blown the whistle on the Alamo Sphere hoax, we discovered that Phil Hoyle's images and our animal mutilation map markers had been used by a one Darren Perks to assemble a page on his 'blog.

We took a screenshot of the 'blog map created by "Darren" on 10th January 2013.

Click on the image below to see the full-size version.

Perks had copied the text from the markers on my
three maps and created a marked up map of his own.
However, the map markers have since been removed.

Long Gone Perks Mutilation Map Markers

I had taken a year to gather this information from various sources including data from my colleague Phil Hoyle of A.P.F.U. Perks had then copied all my work and produced his own version. Here is a screenshot of a section of Perks' map. The text content of the markers appears in a column on the left of the image. Perks did add a couple of other "cases" it would seem. Screenshots are taken as pages and images often disappear during such investigations as this.

Click on the image below to see the full size version

Note that the 'blog page is now no longer available.

Reference URL of Perks' 'blog:

Animal Mutilations in the UK

This quick removal of said 'blog page appeared to follow close on the heels of my adding a new marker to "Map Three" on our Unusual Animal Deaths page.

The marker that I had added was located over the "Donut" at GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

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