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Shropshire, 21st July 2012

The Wrekin Hoax Submission to UK UFO Sightings

(Note: On the site mentioned above the
character "Lawrence H" is a Perks alias)

"I do not and never will hoax any UFO information"
The Words of Darren Perks, 6th March 2013

Full Text of Perks' Declaration of Innocence

Click on the image below to see


Read also about how Darren Perks
impersonated Linda Moulton-Howe and others



Since 22nd March 1997, my personal experiences and research - Project Orbwatch - have involved amber or golden spheres, many seen over bodies of water. I monitor several websites that receive submissions from the public and am always on the look out for such events. The following report of a UFO sphere event was submitted on 25th July 2012 to the UK UFO SIGHTINGS website.

The location of the event referenced in this article is in an area that has had a long history of anomalous aerial activity. I have family living in Powys, had been planning on visiting them since mid-2010, and so my colleague and I considered possibly using their home as a base to do some research into the light spheres that have frequently been reported.


Wrekin Hill, Shropshire-21st July 2012
Jul.25, 2012 in Shropshire
Location of Sighting: Wrekin Hill, Shropshire
Date of Sighting: 21st July 2012
Time: 23:0hrs [sic]
Witness Name: Darren Perks

Witness Statement: Please find attached the latest UFO sphere which I captured on camera on 21st July 2012 at approx 2330 hours. The sphere moved silently over the west side of the Wrekin Hill in Shropshire near to the old A5 road. It then shot striaght up quickly and blinked out way up. The Sky was clear with no cloud at the time, and the wind was approx 5 to 10 mph. The sphere moved against the wind at approx 400ft. There was no structure or engine noise of any kind and the sphere was clearly controlled in some manner. The are is a hotspot for sightings and I am currently conducting ongoing investigations in that area.

Reference URL of original image uploaded to UK UFO SIGHTINGS

Darren Perks

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Comment : If you can provide further information on this or other possible UFO sightings in this area then please leave a comment or send details through our "submit sighting" form

Comments (5)

5 Comments on "Wrekin Hill, Shropshire-21st July 2012"

1. Gary
July 26th, 2012 at 9:40 am
Hi Darren,
What about the other smaller identical sphere in your picture?

2. Andrew
July 26th, 2012 at 1:01 pm
Hi Darren, am just interested in the camera equipment you used to capture this. thanks

3. Darren Perks
July 26th, 2012 at 3:19 pm
Between the 21st and 22nd July 2012 a crop circle appeared on the west side of the Wrekin Hill. It appeared in the exact same area that I recorded this UFO and I have now done my investigation into this which you can view on my website blog at:
I will also upload a film I have made of the crop circle on my Youtube Channel and my user/channel name is UFOShropshire. Is it coincidence that this UFO is moving in the area and then bamm! a new crop circle appears right out of the blue. The crop circle formation mirrors exactly the night sky pattern and position of Saturn, Mars and the star Spica/Spitor. A message that prehaps there is some kind of event going to happen on or around the 7th August 2012. We will see

4. alec
July 26th, 2012 at 9:28 pm
I'm not photography minded,but you mention a single orb, yet there are two in the photo, is it a reflextion or were there two orbs? Apologies for my ignorance.

5. Darren
July 26th, 2012 at 9:57 pm
Sorry I didnt mention the sphere on the left is an enlarged version of the one on the right just so you can get better idea. I used a fuji bridge camera 14mp on a tripod.

Reference URL for above report on UK UFO SIGHTINGS

The sphere looked rather interesting but slightly familiar so I went to investigate this event a little more. This is a screenshot of the image as it appears (at the time of writing) in the Picasa Photo Gallery of the UFO Shropshire website referenced by the witness.

Click on image to see full-size screenshot of Picasa Gallery version

When I downloaded the full-size image and looked at it in the folder to which it had been downloaded, there was blue text showing location and date/time of May 18 2012 about 22:00hrs. This was not present in the full-size image as viewed on the Picasa Gallery nor in the full-size image downloaded on to my hard drive. However, it would seem that there is an embedded thumbnail image. This is a screenshot of the folder contents.

I wanted to find the Exif Data for the image, and it was right there in the Picasa Gallery. (The image has now been removed from said gallery as can be seen when clicking on the following link. This point is mentioned in our 15th February 2013 update further down this page.)

Exif Data for Wrekin-old-A5-UFO-Sphere-01.jpg in Picasa Gallery

As a precautionary measure I then took a screenshot of the available Exif Data displayed in the Picasa Gallery.
The date and time of the created/modified file displayed as 18th May 2011 at 23:10:59h and I have indicated that fact with a red arrow. Note that the time and date provided under the image show as 21st July 2012, also indicated with a red arrow.

Click on image to see full-size screenshot of Exif Date on Picasa Gallery

As I had seen similar images in January 2012 which had been sent to me by Mr. Phil Hoyle of U.F.O.I.R.U. and A.P.F.U., I subsequently wrote to him and asked if he had seen the orange sphere image in question which was displayed on UK UFO SIGHTINGS, just as a matter of interest. (Early in January 2012 I had been in receipt of a small selection of images from Mr. Hoyle to show the type of anomalies that were being captured on camera in the area where he lives. This collection did not include the image in question.)

He replied in the affirmative and also provided me with the name of the photographer. The image in question had been sent to him via email late on the night of 18th May 2011.

On 23rd December 2012 I asked Mr. Hoyle if he still had the original image that had been sent to him that night so that we could compare it with that submitted to UK UFO SIGHTINGS on 25th July 2012. He then forwarded to me the email that he had received and to which were attached five images all taken on the night of 18th May 2011, two being of the orange sphere overlaid with blue text. The following quote from the aforementioned email describes the event. Complete content of the email is not included for reasons of privacy.

The Orange light ball returned tonight across the hill, low down, I got some pics and video and the camera was held dead still but the object was on the move and 'flaring' i.e. pulsing from small to larger size, I have grabbed some stills off the video in colour and have attached them.

This is the first of the orange sphere images, complete with explanatory text, that the photographer attached to the email sent to Mr. Hoyle on 18th May 2011. As the images were taken from video there is not a great deal of Exif Data available. However, using PhotoMe software, some information did emerge.

Click on image to see full-size original version sent to Mr. Hoyle

File Name: 0970MOVlarge copy.jpg
File type: JPEG
File size: 67 KB
Creation date: 18/05/2011 23:10
Software: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Dimension: 1024 x 577 px (0.6 MP, 16:9)
Orientation of image: 0 (top/left)
Software: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
File change date and time: 2011-05-18 23:10:59

As one can see, the images sent to me by Mr. Hoyle included coloured text to provide information regarding the location, time and date of the captured image. But the image that had been submitted to UK UFO SIGHTINGS had no text added.
This made me start to question the veracity of the submission to UK UFO SIGHTINGS.

I passed the two orange sphere images - one labelled and the other unlabelled - on to my colleague. I asked if he could determine whether or not the image with the text added and taken on 18th May 2011 was the same image as that submitted to UK UFO SIGHTINGS on 25th July 2012.

Meanwhile, I took the URL of the orange sphere UFO found in the Picasa Gallery, entered it into Foto Forensics and some interesting data turned up including the fact that the image file had been modified on 18th May 2011 at 23:10:59h. This date and time preceded the claimed date and time of the image on UK UFO SIGHTINGS by just over fourteen months.

Please see following web page for full image details using the "metadata" option.

Metadata of Orange Sphere image

31st December, 2012

Examination and comparison of two images of Orange Spheres

Today I received two images which were essentially the same image. Each image contained two round or spherical orange objects on a black background. One of the images had blue text annotations on it. The other did not. This was essentially the only difference between the two images. My remit was to examine both images and to ascertain whether the copy without the blue text had been altered to remove the blue text, thus making the image without the blue text a doctored copy of the image containing the blue text.

To accomplish this I used open source software called GIMP, version 2.8.2. GIMP is advanced image editing and analysis software. The images both presented as *.jpg images. Both of the images appear to have been captured on a video or motion image capture device.

I chose to work on the non-annotated image first. I will call this Image A and the blue annotated version Image B respectively.

Image A

Image B

Click on image to see full-size original version sent to Mr. Hoyle

The processes in order were as follows:

  • Import Image A into GIMP from my local hard drive.

  • I initially simply inverted the image into a negative, looking for evidence of the annotations in Image B having been removed.

  • As nothing showed I then used the Undo feature to reverse this process.

  • I ran a Difference of Gaussians Edge Detect filter with the Normalize setting selected and the Invert setting deselected. The Smoothing parameters were set to Radius 1 = 3.0 px and the Radius 2 = 4 px. This immediately brought out areas in Image A where it appeared that the blue text annotations above and below the orange objects had been removed. These showed as flat black areas with definite outlines, indicative of something being pasted over the areas of blue text.

  • It should be noted that the larger of the orange objects within Image A appeared to have also been manipulated and pasted in. This seems to have been for the purpose of magnification of the smaller orange object.

  • In order to further highlight the areas within Image A subject to removal of the blue text, I adjusted the contrast and brightness which were set to factors of 11 and 6 respectively. This had the desired effect and did further define the areas of editing undertaken in order to remove the blue annotations.

  • My colleague who had asked for the image comparison was not immediately able to see the adjustments that I had made, so brightness and contrast were then increased a further 50% and the final result may now be seen in the enhanced version of Image A below.

  • The Exif Data for Image A showed a file creation date of 18th May, 2011 at 23:10:59hrs.

Image A enhanced

Click on image to see full-size version.

This clearly demonstrated that Image A had been manipulated in order to obscure or obliterate the blue annotations shown in Image B.

This demonstrates that Image A and Image B were originally one and the same.

This is rather a crude method of conducting such an operation as other options would normally be utilised by a skilled image editing operator.

  • In order to follow due process I next imported Image B into GIMP.

  • I examined the Exif and XMP data and found that the Image Creation Date was identical to Image A showing a date of 18th May, 2011 at 23:10:59hrs.

  • I would normally, in instances of such comparisons, overlay Image B on Image A to ascertain that the areas of manipulation were a match. In the case of these two images I did not find that necessary. It was amply obvious that I was looking at the same images. The fit for the blue text annotations matched as closely as could be expected between the two images.

  • The above information and the fact that the Exif Data matched were more than sufficient evidence to establish that these two images were essentially the same. The original Image A had been altered to remove the blue text annotations.

My findings are as follows:

  • Both images contained the same document ID:
    xmpMM:DocumentID rdf:resource='adobe:docid:photoshop:cf5f3035-8335-11e0-b83a-e3c42e9b278d'
  • Image A and Image B originated from the same source.

  • A person or persons unknown has/have removed the blue text annotation from Image A.

  • Both images were initially created on 18th May, 2011 at 23:10:59hrs from the same camera/software.

UK UFO SIGHTINGS was not the only place in which the image appeared on the Internet. Here are screenshots of three versions of the orange sphere UFO found on Twitter with similar claims of authorship below each.

Click on image to see full-size version of screenshot

Click on image to see full-size version of screenshot

Click on image to see full-size version of screenshot

The orange sphere UFO image is also included on UFO Shropshire's Wrekin Hill Crop Circle gallery page. The same image appears twice in the gallery. Clicking on each of the images in the UFO Shropshire website gallery will display the corresponding full-size images. Once open, the large images both display the words:
"Wrekin Hill Crop Circle - July 2012 - Darren Perks"

Click on image to see full-size version of screenshot

Click on image to see full-size version of screenshot

It would seem that the photo of the orange sphere UFO that was claimed to have been taken on the night of the 21st July 2012 at approximately 23:30h is indeed the very same image that was provided to me by Mr. Hoyle with an embedded file modified date of 18th May 2011 at 23:10:59h.

When we watched the referenced Youtube Video of the Wrekin crop circle uploaded by UFO Shropshire it did seem a bit odd to us that no mention was made of the orange sphere UFO that had allegedly been photographed on that very night - the 21st July 2012 at approximately 23:30hrs. One might think that such an occurrence would be mentioned in the video narrative if it had indeed been recorded as stated using a fuji bridge camera 14mp on a tripod. What if the two incidents were related? Would it not make sense to refer to the orange sphere UFO?
Note that the witness states in a comment under his submission to UK UFO SIGHTINGS:

Is it coincidence that this UFO is moving in the area and then bamm! a new crop circle appears right out of the blue.

However, as we have now discovered, the orange sphere UFO was recorded on a completely different date - May 18 2011 at around 22:00h in Yardro, Powys. The image was taken from a video recording, overlaid with blue text and sent with a embedded file time of 23:10:59h on the night of 18th May 2011 at 23:32h via email to Mr. Phil Hoyle.

See also: The Case of the Bright Sphere UFO - Alamo, Nevada (same submitter)

Xpose UFO Truth

7th January 2013

UPDATE 14th February 2013

We later found that the orange sphere image was also submitted to Latest UFO Sightings website by "Darren." Note in the text of the report (screenshot below) that the spelling of "regularly" is incorrect - i.e. "regulary" - just as it was in the "Kerry Lee" comment on the alleged Alamo sphere event report page on LUFOS. This comment was viewed by Sheriff Lee as an impersonation of a police officer - i.e. himself - the Sheriff of Lincoln County, Nevada, Sheriff's Office, during our telephone interview with him.
Please see the Alamo page for the full story.

Note also that "Darren" claims that he took the orange sphere image on his Fuji bridge camera. The information provided by the real photographer shows a completely different model of camera. There is also the slight discrepancy of approximately fourteen months between the real event near Yardro and the fake event near the Wrekin.

Image submitted to LUFOS     Report on LUFOS

UPDATE 15th February 2012

Today, while checking back through my links on our Orange Sphere hoax here, I just noticed that Darren has removed the orange sphere image from his Picasa gallery.

With the removal of said image also gone is the metadata showing the real date upon which the file was created by the real photographer. Not to worry though! As usual we took screenshots of all the images and they can be seen further up this page.

Note again that the person who created the file (from his own 18th May 2011 video footage) labelled up his "still" with green/blue text to indicate that it was taken near Yardro on 18th May 2011.
Perks then removed the text and claimed that he had taken the image on his Fuji bridge camera on 21st July 2012.

Darren Perks has not yet removed the orange sphere images from his Twitter gallery though. Click on the cropped screenshot below to see the full size version taken on 15th February 2013.

(NOTE: Please see update below for 19th February 2013 regarding the Twitter images.)

UPDATE 19th February 2013

The orange sphere images have been mostly removed from Twitter save one, and empty spots remain. However the alternate text is still visible:

27th February 2013

I have posted a comment on the Wrekin Hill Shropshire 21st July 2012 report at UK UFO Sightings.


This case of the orange sphere UFO was, in our opinion, one degree worse than the Case of the Alamo Sphere because the image used in this instance was originally captured by another individual and not Perks.

Why did Perks claim that the orange sphere image was taken by him when it was taken by another photographer more than a year previously? And why did he fabricate the Alamo sphere image and report to MUFON?

What motivates people to create hoaxes, especially those people claiming to be "investigative researchers?" How does such fakery enhance one's reputation?

Should Perks feel that he has been unjustly represented in this article we await his writing to us to explain the situation.

12th March 2013

On 12th March 2013 Trystan Swale published an article regarding Darren Perks and his analysis of the crop formation that he visited at the Wrekin. The article was later lost but is still available via the web archive.

Trystan's article commences by saying:

"UFO investigator Darren Perks has been discussed in the last two episodes of my podcast Fortean Radio. He stands accused of faking UFO photos and reports as a means of furthering his own reputation. Appropriately enough, Perks was the investigator of a crop circle that appeared at The Wrekin, Shropshire, in the summer of 2012. He made some quite extraordinary claims about the circle that are well worth examining in turn."

Darren Perks and the Wrekin crop circle

REVIEW - 6th July 2013

On 27th July 2012, Darren Perks published a video that he had recorded at the Wrekin crop formation in Shropshire on 24th July 2012.

Click on the image below to view the video.

Perks made the video private yesterday and will probably continue the games. However, we have a copy that we can provide to anyone who, for some very remote reason, might want to view the video. It is just Perks rambling on about the "formation" not being made by humans. A lot of words about almost nothing.

It is of note though that he makes no mention of the orange sphere UFO that he claimed to have captured with his Fuji Bridge Camera on the night of the 21st July 2012. Odd that.

NOTE: Link to above video is now defunct.
Perks recently closed his Youtube account:

I have always found it curious why Perks, in his video narrative, never mentioned the orange sphere UFO image that he had allegedly captured on the night of the 21st July 2012.

He recorded the video on the 24th July 2012, only three days after supposedly capturing the image on camera.
Why the omission?
Had he forgotten about the image?
Or had the fabrication not occurred to him at that stage?

The text under the video on Youtube is as follows, also with no mention of the image.
Note that I have broken the text down into paragraphs for slightly easier reading.

Published on Jul 27, 2012

"This official video was filmed by Darren Perks a UFO Investigator on 24th July 2012.

The Wrekin Hill crop circle appeared between the hours of 2330 and 0630 on 21st and 22nd July 2012. It consists of one main circle with three inner patterns which relate to Saturn, Mars and the star Spica aka Spitor.

Just outside the Northern edge of the formation were three semi circle faint patterns which represented the moons transit in the sky in relation to the two planets and the star. The crop circle is an exact mirror image of the July night sky in 2012 for the planets and star and their respective positions.

The circle is thought to have been some kind of message or indication to an 'event' that could take place between 25th July and 7th August 2012. That event we do not know but it is highly likely that its astronomical related and could also relate to a major event on the planet, such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

This film was recorded in real time by Darren Perks to show people a crop circle in real time close up. Despite what skeptics say you don't need to be 'qualified' or an expert to research or investigate crop circles...."