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Cosford or Cosfraud?

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The Cosford UFO Incident: An Insight By Darren Perks
(Website no longer available)

The Perks-Pope Connection

Having read many books, documents and articles written by Nick Pope, as well as watching videos regarding the "Cosford Incident," we find it curious that no mention is ever made by Nick Pope himself of Darren Perks and his alleged sighting of a triangular-shaped craft near his home on Harlescott Lane, Shrewsbury, on the night of 30th March 1993. Considering that Perks' testimony was so close in wording to that of others who had reported their sightings it does seem odd that his sighting is not mentioned.

In an Australian TV video clip - the second clip to be found on this page - Perks is interviewed outside the Harry Hotspur pub in Shrewsbury. Perks describes his sighting to the interviewer. However Perks' sighting is not referred to by Pope himself during the video. The video was cleverly crafted to imply that Perks was an important witness in the case, though.

In the PlanetX Live broadcast of 31st March 2013 Perks and Pope dialogued about the incident at some length. Pope congratulated Perks for continuing to investigate the incident as well as allegedly finding new witnesses who had not reported their sightings to the MoD at the time when Pope was at the "UFO Desk" during 1991-1994.

Nowhere else can we find any evidence of Pope mentioning Perks as an important witness.
Perks has always given the impression that he and Nick Pope were good friends, so why would Pope not include his friend's testimony wherever possible?

We did find this one instance - a very brief mention of Perks - and related to the PlanetX Live broadcast referenced.

Given that Perks claimed he was so close to the triangular craft one would expect Pope to be giving more press to his (Perks') testimony, but all we find is the mention in Pope's Hot Gossip and a broadcast on PlanetX Live channel on Youtube which was subsequently terminated:

Further down the page here we read the first email that was sent to Mr. Phil Hoyle on 23rd July 2008 by Darren Perks. In that email Perks told Mr. Hoyle that Nick Pope had suggested writing to him to tell of his sighting in Shrewsbury.

On 10th March 2014 we were provided with additional information regarding Darren Perks' claim to having seen a triangular-shaped craft close to his home on the night of 30th March 1993.
(Please see below the Youtube video for this person's testimony.)

This person told us that when they met Darren Perks several years ago Perks had said that he was in the Sundorne area of Shrewsbury at the time of his sighting. This appears to contradict the tale that he has told over and over to the press and media, as well as in all his accounts on the Internet.

In all those versions he said that he was walking home along Harlescott Lane from his part-time job at the bowling alley and was quite close to the Harry Hotspur pub when he had his encounter. This pub was owned by his parents at the time.

How could such a long-time resident of Shrewsbury get those two locations mixed up?

In this 2009 (the year in which sound appeared in Perks' tale) Youtube video Perks describes his sighting over Shrewsbury on the night of 30th March 1993.
The building in the background is the Harry Hotspur pub on Harlescott Lane.

Note in the video how the announcer states that Perks' description of what he saw that night in March 1993 matched exactly the description given by the Met. Officer at R.A.F. Shawbury.
Odd that.
Maybe Perks read it somewhere such as in the MoD files?

It seems that this Australian production team were not too fussy about accuracy. Nick Pope is referred to as a "former Deputy Director of the MoD" which is totally incorrect.

On more close examination of the MoD files re the "Cosford Incident" we found a similar phrase to that used in Perks' story about his triangular craft sighting. Maybe Perks just liked the way that the lady reported her sighting timed at 21:00 on the 30th March 1993 and then took her phraseology on board as it were.

The file reads:

At the time she was travelling from her home at Kington-St-Mary, Somerset, towards Bishops Lydeard and thought they (the objects) were somewhere above or just beyond the town. They remained stationary for some 2 or 3 minutes, were very silent and xxx got the feeling that 'something was going to happen' as everything seemed to have gone very quiet.

In a number of Perks' versions of his Cosford Tale, commencing with his second email to Phil Hoyle on 28th July 2009, Perks states:

I cant explain, but I have in my head that in 2012 'something is going to happen' and that its linked to what I witnessed.

Coincidence? Maybe.
But as the Australian TV programme presenter mentioned, Perks' description matched exactly that of the Met Officer at RAF Shawbury.
Curious is it not that Perks' descriptions of his alleged sighting were so very similar to those documented by the MoD?

Here is the information that recently surfaced regarding Perks' account of his experience that night of the 30th March 1993:

"I contacted Phil Hoyle on Boxing Day 2009 after reading in the Shropshire Star about a Black Triangle filmed in Shropshire. In the article Phil asked for people to contact him if they had also seen the triangle. I was trembling with excitement when Phil picked up the phone a few minutes after I had finished reading the article.

In September that same year I witnessed a black triangle from 40 foot away. I hadn't until then told anyone for fear of ridicule, despite being a believer that we are not alone, and also having seen strange lights in the skies on a few occasions throughout the years.

Phil interviewed me a little while later, in my home, about my experience a few months previously. He also invited me to a skywatch with the Shrewsbury UFO group, where I met Darren Perks.

What struck me as odd with Darren was that he claims to be a UFO investigator yet did not show the slightest bit of interest in my very close encounter with this black triangle. He claims to have seen a triangle in 1993 from 400 foot away so one would naturally assume that he would be 'chomping at the bit' to hear an encounter from only 40 foot away?

I befriended Darren on Facebook after Phil told me he was no longer running the Shrewsbury UFO group. My impression of Darren was that he was more about the fame and glory hunting than the investigating.

After seeing the never ending hype on Darren's Facebook page about his 'new best friend' Mr Ryder, I couldn't wait to see the footage of Darren's encounter with the triangle when it was aired on the BBC3 show. I pretty much almost wet myself laughing when after all Darren's hype there was not one bit of footage with Darren's triangle incident shown. There was a glimpse of the street where he lived, which, bizarrely was briefly flashed on the screen during a report about a totally different incident in a different part of the country and which featured someone else.

A few months prior to the show being aired I noticed that I was no longer a friend of his on Facebook but was on some group of his instead. I sent a message to him asking what was wrong and he basically told me that he was lying low as he was being followed by the 'men in black'!

If what I am reading about him is true I can't say that it has come as any great surprise, however I can't help feeling pretty disappointed and disgusted in his behaviour and alleged deceit."

We thanked this person for their input and they added:

"More evidence of Darren's tall tales and inconsistencies - he told me that he sighted the triangle in Sundorne, which is quite some walk from Harlescott and the pub his parents ran.
Thank you for bringing this all to light, it was only by accident recently that I stumbled on your page and learnt about Darren's deception

This person has kindly agreed to provide us with information about their own triangular craft sightings in Shropshire.

A thread on ATS has some interesting interactions regarding this new information that has come to light regarding the March 1993 incident. The person who provided the information has recently been contacted by a "Christian Delaney" who has, curiously, very similar writing style to that of Darren Perks.

On 5th February 2014, Xpose UFO Truth was in receipt of an email from a reader in the U.K.
We invite reports of sightings from readers as well as any feedback.
The content of the email was as follows:

Perks states that he woke his parents at 23:00hrs?
That seems very suspicious to me as his parents were running the pub, and pubs in the UK close at 10:30PM at the earliest, and more often at 11:00PM.

Add to that the fact that a pub landlord/patron/manager would then be doing his rounds to make sure the pub was secure, toilets empty etc, and then start cashing up for the night, usually before putting takings in the safe.
I can't see how anyone running a pub would be in bed asleep by 23:00, even midnight is pushing it.

Just a small detail, but it is one that raised red flags for me.
I wonder if anyone has ever contacted Perks' parents to confirm what he says?

Anyway, thanks for a very enlightening few posts,
I noticed his online profile has gone very 'dark' for the moment - maybe he is on a secret mission, huh? lol
Thanks for your time.

Our thanks to the writer for sending in this feedback.

Taking into consideration the ALAMO HOAX and the WREKIN HOAX - perpetrated by Perks in 2012 - we see no reason to believe that Perks saw anything in the sky near his Harry Hotspur pub home that night of 30th March 1993. The whole thing was likely pure fabrication based on reports that Perks had read in various places including Nick Pope's website.

Why should anyone believe his ever-evolving Cosford tale any more than they should believe his hoaxes of 2012?

We have been reviewing the testimony kindly provided to us by our witness to the 1993 "Cosford Incident" but were rather disturbed by what we have been told regarding this witness and his "interaction" with Perks.

According to our contact/witness, Perks apparently challenged what he (the Shifnal witness) said had happened as he was walking home from work with his friend and then employer. Accusations were made by Perks that our witness was a liar. We have the full text of the exchanges and it's not "pretty."

As far as we are concerned, it is Perks that comes out of all this appearing to be the liar and hoaxer. What real proof is there of what he claimed to have seen on the night of the 30th March 1993?

Oh yes, and another thing. Where did the Perks' Cosford segment of Shaun Ryder's show go?? See Shaun Ryder On UFOs

Image from
Scott Country and Darren Perks at the Scottish Outdoors Show

The Shifnal Event

In May 2013 Xpose UFO Truth was contacted by an individual in the UK regarding an incident that occurred in the early hours of 31st March 1993 as he was walking home from work with his friend and then employer. This incident involved a very close encounter with a triangular shaped craft that produced some significant physical reactions on the part of the witness.

The full report may be seen at:

The Shifnal Triangle

The sketch below was provided by the Shifnal witness and depicts what he saw above him at approximately 01:05h on 31st March 1993.

This is a much reduced version of one of the sketches provided by the witness depicting the triangular craft

Two much reduced versions of the maps provided by our witness showing the path taken
by the triangular craft that appeared just above him at 01:05h on 31st March 1993.

The Inconsistencies

We have found some glaring inconsistencies in material published by Nick Pope, David Clarke and others regarding the events of 30th/31st March 1993. Nick Pope seems to have contradicted himself regarding his own MoD files.

We will be presenting these inconsistencies as well as including reports submitted to the MoD by police officers and members of the public. This material will be available on a separate page when time permits.
What we noticed about the reports was the extraordinary similarities between those descriptions and the accounts written and spoken by Darren Perks. We are starting to wonder how the wording could, in some cases, be identical!

Our main focus now is on the reports submitted to the MoD and how the wording used to describe the events of 30th and 31st March 1993 were used almost verbatim by Perks in his account of which there are a number of versions.

It does seem that, after the initial communication on 23rd July 2008 to Phil Hoyle, the stories told by Perks appeared to become more elaborate with new details being added. Were the memories of what happened on that night in March 1993 starting to come back to Perks and so he kept adding new details to his story?

Please see the bottom of this page regarding another email that has come to light. The email was sent by Darren Perks to Phil Hoyle on 28th July 2009.

But what are the chances of Perks using the exact same wording as appeared in those MoD reports?

Another thing that we noticed regarding the event was the lack of emotion that comes across in the various accounts written by Perks. After all, he had rushed into the Harry Hotspur pub and woken his parents to tell them what he had seen. Surely this must have been a monumental event that would make make a 16 year old disturb his sleeping parents at around 11pm on a Tuesday night! He mentioned the waking up of his parents in the email to Phil Hoyle on 28th July 2009, and then again in 2010 when he submitted a lengthy report to the UFO Evidence website.

UFO EVIDENCE - Report Submitted 30th September 2010

The waking up of the parents detail emerged yet again in the eBook published in December 2012.

The Book

In December 2012 Darren Perks published his eBook about his "Cosford" experience. That eBook was published under the author name "Darren Perks" and received two customer/reader reviews. Six comments were made regarding the two reviews.
A paperback version was also published claiming a huge page count of around 32 pages.

There are no customer reviews (guidance for potential purchasers) for the paperback as Perks is using a different author name - "Mr. Darren Perks" - for this version now. Purchasers are invited to "be the first to review this item."

Click on the image below to view the paperback "book"

The Pinocchio Problem

Given that we have proved without a shadow of doubt that the The Alamo Sphere and The Wrekin Orange Sphere "events" were both hoaxes perpetrated by the same individual, it becomes very difficult to know when a person is telling the truth.

It's somewhat of a Pinocchio problem in fact.

When is the truth being told?

Perks is adamant about what he saw that night in March 1993, the night when a large triangular craft was seen by many people in various parts of the U.K.
Perks came forward in public in 2007 to describe the event that changed his life for ever. However, the descriptions of the event penned by Perks between 2008 and the present contain some inconsistencies. The most obvious difference in the various accounts was the appearance of sound that was not present in the first account sent to Mr. Phil Hoyle on 23rd July 2008.

If this was such a huge life-altering event, why the discrepancies?

Was there sound or was there no sound?
Why did the story change from the original account sent to Mr. Phil Hoyle in 2008?

Please read on . . .

The Cosford (or should it be Cosfraud) Incident

Including a Report Sent to Mr. Phil Hoyle - 23rd July 2008

We present the content of an email sent from Darren Perks to our friend and colleague Mr. Phil Hoyle on 23rd July 2008. Note that in this account sent by Darren Perks to Phil Hoyle in 2008 Perks apparently stated that the triangular craft made no sound. We believe that Perks meant to type "emitting" instead of "omitting."

Here are the three occasions upon which he mentions the lack of sound to Phil Hoyle:

"As I stopped and observed this strange object it proceeded to move very slowly northwards without omitting[sic] any sound at all."

"At one point the craft stopped moving and just hung in the sky, still not making any sound at all."

"As I started to walk on towards my home which was approx 100 metres away the craft, still in full view of me, suddenly picked up speed and with no sound at all was gone in an instant."

In various articles surfacing a year later in 2009, Perks was claiming that the triangular craft had made a sound. The "low humming" was mentioned in the 1993 MoD report filed by the RAF Shawbury Meteorological Officer (of 8 years.)
Please note the following:

The Cosford Incident
From the UFO Shropshire website

"The triangle was moving very slowly, I would say about walking speed, I could hear nothing but a very low humming sound that was irritating to hear."

The Cosford Incident on "Moonfruit"

"He also recalls a very low humming sound that was irritating to listen to as the craft moved off."

NOTE: The "Moonfruit" website has disappeared!
The Google Cache version has also disappeared.

Please click on image below to see a screenshot of
Google's cached version saved on 8th March 2013

Note added 30th May 2013

Please note, when reading the Cosford Moonfruit pdf on our site, that Perks' writings are, essentially, just the words of Nick Pope - The Cosford Incident.

At the very end of Perks' "article" he says "My thanks to Nick Pope for guidance with writing and supplying the article."

Why not state that it was Mr. Pope's article (with some embellishments) right at the top of the page?

Perks obviously did not receive guidance regarding having his "article" proof read!

To make Mr. Pope's article more his own, Perks changed the "I" written in Mr. Pope's article to "Nick" or "he."

Perks has also mentioned himself, "Darren Perks," in the third person, as if he were not writing the article himself. An interesting way to write about oneself. As previously mentioned, Mr. Pope called himself "I" in his own original version, but Perks uses this disassociation technique in his version.

The reason for this technique becomes apparent when we read in the "Overview" section at the top of Perks' Moonfruit version: "One very important sighting that only came to light in 2007 was that of Darren Perks."

The impression given by those words is that Mr. Pope wrote them, whereas it was Perks himself! A clever little ruse to give himself more importance!

The Examiner

Dated 10th December 2009

"The triangle was moving very slowly I would say about walking speed and I could hear nothing but a very low humming sound that was irritating to hear."

Why did the witness initially say that the craft had made no sound but then change the story a year later?


ive been asked to contact you and forward the following report to you by mr nick pope. in light of what has happened in this area recently and on his advise, its time after all these years i told the world what i wittnessed. nick pope has agreed that you can contact him regarding this incident and or about my report. here is my contact number should you hopefully follow this up: darren perks (mobile 'phone number removed for privacy reasons - ed.)

UFO incident 30/31st march 1993

Since the age of about 6, I was always interested in the military and especially anything to do with flight. At the time of this incident I was 15 years old and finishing my secondary school years, as well as being a member of the combined cadet force, RAF section in which I had already made the rank of flight sergeant.

Being in the CCF cadets I had flying experience and had great knowledge of all military aircraft of the current time and past cold war era.

On March 30th at approx 11:10pm I was making my way home from work at Shrewsbury super bowl, along Harlescott lane which is in the northern area of Shrewsbury. At the time my parents owned a local pub called the Harry Hotspur.

As I neared my home my eyes caught sight of a strange deep black triangular shape in the sky, moving very slowly northwards across a field in the direction of RAF Shawbury. At the time the weather was clear and there was no wind, and there was also no traffic passing me on the road so my surroundings were very quiet.

As I stopped and observed this strange object it proceeded to move very slowly northwards without omitting[sic] any sound at all. Its shape was of a triangular design and probably at least 200ft plus in length. It was a very deep dark black colour and I would estimate it to be no wider than the average 737 passenger airliner.

As I continued to watch this strange craft, a brilliant white beam of light appeared from the from of it and it started to sweep the ground from left to right as if it was looking for something in the fields. At one point the craft stopped moving and just hung in the sky, still not making any sound at all. At this point I started to become concerned as I knew this not to be of any military aircraft I knew off and certainly not a passenger or industrial aircraft, air balloon or glider. As I started to walk on towards my home which was approx 100 metres away the craft, still in full view of me, suddenly picked up speed and with no sound at all was gone in an instant.

When I got home I told my parents what I had witnessed and they were interested at first as we all went outside to look for it in the night sky together, after a few minutes I remember my father saying that it was probably a weather craft from RAF Shawbury and not to worry about it.

I never reported the incident and to this day I don’t know why I didn’t at the time, but ever since, the experience of what I saw has played on my mind and now its time to tell the world. To this very day I can go and stand on the exact spot in the street where I witnessed the craft and look into the sky where I saw it.

Content of email sent by Darren Perks to Phil Hoyle on 23rd July 2008

Click on image to see full size version of screenshot of email


Two months ago I received another email that had been sent to Phil Hoyle by Darren Perks regarding his Cosford experience. The date of that particular email was 28th July 2009 and in this version he mentioned that the craft had made sound - the low humming sound that was irritating to hear.
Had Perks forgotten that he had told Phil the previous year on 23rd July 2008 that the craft made NO SOUND?
Oh dear, Perks seems to have got himself all muddled somehow!

Or has "The Cosford Incident" become "The Cosfraud Incident?"


"As a 16 year old at the time of the incident I was preparing to enter the army as a solider with the army air corps. Since the age of 12 I had been a member of the cadet force in which I held the rank of flight sergeant in the royal air force section. So as you can imagine I had extensive knowledge of all types of military aircraft in this country but also in other countries. I also had good knowledge of civilian and or NASA type aircraft and satellites. Being a member of the cadets I was a frequent visitor to RAF Shawbury airbase near my home where I went flying in fixed wing and non fixed wing aircraft. I had and still have a big interest in aircraft.

On march 30th 1993 at approx 11pm I was walking home from my part time job at the local bowling alley in the northern outskirts of Shrewsbury my home town. my parents at the time owned a public house called the harry Hotspur and its was only 600 metres from my work along a road called Harlescott lane.

The walk only took me normally approx ten minutes. As walked home I got to within 100 metres of my home and my eye caught a slow moving structured object moving from left to right, south to north, in the sky approx 300ft up.

As I got to my home, I continued to watch this object. It was a black triangle shape, structured, approx 200ft in length and approx 15ft to 20ft in diameter. It was very defined, blocked out the stars, and was structured. As it was a clear night with no clouds. on the two rear points of the triangle I noticed a faint re or orange coloured glow and at the front the triangle was omitting a brilliant white light, and this was moving back and forth as if was looking for something.

The triangle was moving very slowly I would say about walking speed and I could hear nothing but a very low humming sound that was irritating to hear.
I also felt warm and the sense of being watched or at least whoever or whatever was controlling the triangle knew I was watching it.

Opposite my house at the time was rough ground and fields and the triangle continued to move north over them with the white light flicking back and forth randomly. at this point I estimated that I had been watching this craft for about 2 minutes when all of sudden it shot off to the north at incredible speed making no sounds at all.

I knew that this craft was not a military or civilian aircraft and I rushed into my house and woke my parents up to tell them what I had just witnessed, all of us then went outside to see if we could see the craft but there was nothing. Basically that was that for me I never told the authorities because I didn't know what to do and during my time in the military I never spoke of the incident as I didn't want to be ridiculed.

However its only been in the last 2 years where I found out about the Cosford incident and that what I saw was linked to sightings all over the UK that night. Ever since the incident I have had a feeling of knowing that the craft will come back, it makes me feel uneasy but at the same time I want to know where it was from and why it was here. I cant explain, but I have in my head that in 2012 something is going to happen and that its linked to what I witnessed. It's a feeling that never goes away, and when I go back to the spot where I witnessed the incident I get an over whelming sense of uneasiness to this day. I think the military in the UK and the us know of these craft but are keeping it top secret.

I still live in Shrewsbury and work here, I have appeared on an Australian programme called Sunday night which was about the Cosford incident.

I hope this report of my experience is ok and as I said I'm willing to share it with everyone if need be. Thanks for your time and if you need to Contact me about this incident please email me darrenleeperks@googlemail.com."

Darren Perks.