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How Darren Perks tried to cover up his Alamo Hoax

How Darren Perks pretended to be a sheep farmer

Meet the local "booby," a "fats jet" and other odd stuff!

With reference to the individual (or should we say "character,") "Terry Spencer" mentioned in the following documentation, we believe - through matching up of IP addresses with communications received both from Darren Perks and "Terry Spencer" during 2013 - that Darren Perks and "Terry Spencer" are one and the same person.

Herein another exercise in evaluating witness testimony which includes alleged animal mutilations and various fictitious characters.

Also included are some short notes on the famous 1993 "Cosford Incident".

Please note that the link to the Cosford report on "Moonfruit" as referenced further down is no longer functional as the site appears to have been removed. We had obtained a Google Cache copy but that has also disappeared.

Not to worry, though, we have retained a copy of the original for reference and a screenshot of the document is linked further down this page.

Blue Footed Booby 2012-2013 ~Sketch-Iz

Now, on to "Terry" and "Bob"

Darren Perks, the well-known UFO Investigative Researcher from Shrewsbury, Shropshire in the UK, recently published his book (and ebook) about the famous “Cosford Incident” to which he was a witness.

Perks is advertising two versions of his book on his website and there are links to these along with his official statement regarding his being set up by some prankster who produced hoaxed UFO events in Perks’ name.

We are pretty sure who the perpetrator of the Orange Sphere UFO hoax was. However, according to Perks, "Mark Roberts" was the evil-doer with regards to the Alamo Sphere event.

The "Mark Roberts" saga was explained on Perks' site but that is now defunct:

Faking UFO Photos and Hoax Response

But, lest it be forgot, "Terry Spencer" and his friend "Bob" had allegedly been responsible for the Alamo Sphere prank. "Terry Spencer" had written to Xpose UFO Truth via our online contact form providing this invaluable information. (The text of the email is included further down the page.)

Just to get readers up to speed, "Terry Spencer" is a widely travelled landowner and farmer from Meiford/Meifod/Mieford in Wales who unfortunately suffered mutilation attacks on three of his sheep back on 17th December 2012. This report of the mutilation was subsequently sent in to Richard D. Hall, David Cayton and now retired police officer Gary Heseltine.

NAME: Terry
ADDRESS: Meiford
LOCATION: Meiford nr. Welshpool mid Wales
DATE OF SIGHTING: 17th December 2012
TIME OF SIGHTING: more than 3 hours as was up with police and vets etc.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Brisk wind with partial rain clearing Westwards

Was called out by Welshpool police to attend my filed at the bottom of a hill East of Mieford called Allt y Main. This was at 0100 on 17th December. I attended the field escorted byt the police to secure my sheep who I might add were running run and scared out of their wits. Up on the top of the hill the local booby said that there were 3 sheep that I needed to go up an look at because they had been \'ripped apart\'. We went up with the vet and DEFRA official who had come from Welshpool also and right at the summit of the hill were my sheep lying there dead.

There was no blood anywhere it looked like it had been drained away and the sheep had been sliced in half striaght up the middle. The vet and the DEFRA bloke siad that the wounds had been burnt and aksed me if I had experienced attacks on my flock before. I said no. I have never seen anything like this before in my life. The vet said that the lungs had been cleanly removed.

The policeman also said that a few people in Me!iford had seen a massive light at the top of the hil around 2330 a couple of hours before and they ahd called the police because they thought a helicopter or fats jet from RAF Valley had crahed.

When they ahd investigated they found the sheep. The police also say that the RAF had no aircraft flyign that night. Mt friend who lives on his farm the other side of the mountain at Bwlch-y-cibau said he saw two huge lights the shape of squares and a big black mass between them fly over his farm and up the side of the hill to the top. He says that he also saw flashing coming form the balc mass but it was not like navigation lights you get on aircraft. He says the thing made a hum which was quite loud.

Anyway the animals have been taken away now and we were not allowed to take pictures the police said I could not do this because they were treating it a sa crime seen. I got escorted back to my home. Now I have been up the top of the hill this morning and there is no sign of anything.! No disturbnace of police crime scene markers...nothing. The o!nly thing I could just about see was a square indentation that was about 10 metres by 20 metres in the ground at the sight where the sheep were found. It\'s alsmost like the ground had been pressed flat if you like.

I have been in contact with an investigation group from Shrewsbury in Shropshire the next county over and a guy and his colleagues have been out to see me at lunchtime. They have taken pictures of the square marks and indentation and area where my sheep were found. They said to keep my ear to the ground from the ocals and let them know if I find out anything else etc. They also said to share the incident with as many ufo websites as possible so the information gets out there. I have heard of these sorts of things before but I never thought it would happen to me. Anyway I hope you can share this with people that view your website.

Thank you.

So, at the crime scene in Wales, "Terry Spencer" was juggling the Welshpool police, several vets, DEFRA, the local RAF, an investigation group and the local "booby" regarding this incident.

At the very same time that this unpleasant situation was taking place in Wales, "Terry Spencer" and his friend "Bob" were also taking a short vacation in California.

The two were wandering through the streets of Los Angeles when they happened upon a small "web cafe" in which they immediately recognised a world-renowned English "bloke," investigative researcher and media contributor.

After a few moments the "English guy" was called away from the computer terminal when his "frap iPhone" required attention. "Terry" and "Bob" seized the opportunity to leap to the terminal and hack into the "bloke's" photo account. "Terry" and "Bob" succeeded in acquiring all passwords, but, shortly thereafter, the passwords were changed.

"Terry" and "Bob" were very sorry for causing any problems but could not resist the temptation to hack the "poor bloke's" photo account.
Here is the exact message that we received from "Terry Spencer" regarding this prank.

I had to laugh when I read your website about the Alamo orb sighting. This is a set up, myself and my friend Bob set the english guy up for fun. He left his photo account open in a web cafe in LA just before Christmas. We recognised him straight away. He got called away on his cell phone so we jumped at the chance and got his images,and we hacked his stuff.
We meant no harm but I do see that he has now changed his passwords etc so we cannot get anything now. We could not resist it to be honest. Sorry if we have wasted everyones time but we had to come clean. Poor bloke :-)

Please see IMPERSONATION PART ONE for a more in-depth explanation of who "Terry Spencer" and all the other imaginary people might be.

And so, on to the Cosford Incident..... but this link will not work as Perks' website is now defunct:

The 20th Anniversary of the Cosford Incident

It is interesting to note that in this tale of the triangular craft sighting dating back to March 1993, Perks (just a youngster of 15 or maybe16 years of age,) mentions the sound made by said craft.

In his account published in The Examiner (dated 10th December 2009) Perks was quoted as saying:

"The triangle was moving very slowly I would say about walking speed and I could hear nothing but a very low humming sound that was irritating to hear. I also felt warm and the sense of being watched or at least whoever or whatever was controlling the triangle knew I was watching it."

As previously mentioned the sound was also described on Perks' UFO Shropshire website which is now defunct:

The Cosford UFO Incident

"The triangle was moving very slowly, I would say about walking speed, I could hear nothing but a very low humming sound that was irritating to hear. I also felt warm and the sense of being watched, or at least whoever or whatever was controlling the triangle knew I was watching it!"

Perks also had a description of the triangle and its sound on his now defunct other website at


"He also recalls a very low humming sound that was irritating to listen to as the craft moved off. Darren decided to keep the incident to himself as he did not think anything of it until he stumbled across Nick Pope's website. On reading the information about the Cosford Incident he realised that everything made sense, and he was part of something much bigger than he originally thought."

NOTE: As mentioned, the link to the above version on "Moonfruit" is now defunct as the whole site has been removed.
Not to worry, though. We saved the Google Cache version.

Click on image below for screenshot of the Google Cache version of the Moonfruit page

Another version - but with NO sound heard?

Now I would like to take our readers back to the year 2008. In July of that year my colleague, Phil Hoyle, received a missive from a one Darren Perks. The email included a description of Perks' experience that had allegedly occurred in March 1993 (when he was just a lad) as he was walking home late at night, back from the bowling alley where he worked, to his parents' house in Shrewsbury.

The email was received by Phil on 23rd July 2008 and the subject line read "shrewsbury incident." Here is the section of that email that makes reference to the sound (or lack thereof) regarding the triangular craft that was supposedly seen.

"As I stopped and observed this strange object it proceeded to move very slowly northwards without omitting[sic] any sound at all. Its shape was of a triangular design and probably at least 200ft plus in length. It was a very deep dark black colour and I would estimate it to be no wider than the average 737 passenger airliner."

So, what do we have here? We have an account sent to my colleague Phil Hoyle in July 2008 saying that there was no sound from the triangular craft but a year later Mr. Perks submits an account to "The Examiner" in which he states that there was a sound.

Why this discrepancy? Did Mr.Perks mean to write "emitting" or "omitting?" We need to dig deeper into this mystery.

The full content of the 23rd July 2008 email to Phil Hoyle may be seen here:


Regarding the above linked page, comparison of the ten different versions of "The Cosford Incident" is underway and we will publish our findings when the study is completed.

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