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What happened on 15th January 2014

LIGHT WAS SHED on why PlanetX Live discontinued broadcasting their Sunday night show on 105.9 FM.
However, the person making this declaration - "Sue Field" - appeared to be just another of Darren Perks' aliases.

On Wednesday, 15th January 2014, "Sue Field" keyed under the UFO Sighting in Alamo, Nevada report on MUFON:

Firstly I agree mostly here with you there is more to this guy than meets the eye for sure. I know someone in the Army in Wiltshire who knows of him and he has been seen quite a few times around Salisbury with the MoD. He was also spotted with QinetiQ and Farnborough IAT 2013 where he posed a rather nice 'security pass' on his chest pocket..... This guy did find out lots of info it seems and now he and his colleagues behind the scenes will have huge files on all who have interacted etc with him. think about the real reason Planet X Live was pulled off live transmission in Liverpool. it was this guy and his MoD colleagues that slowly grinded away at Bauer a Media and eventually go them to pull the show.

Perks hanging out with the Ministry of Defence?
Perks and the MoD were the cause of PlanetX Live being taken off the airwaves?
The fairy stories just kept on coming!
The problem we have here is that "Sue Field" and Darren Perks are one and the same, and because everything that Perks claims is untrue, this is, yet again, another of Perks' tall tales.

The first week of February 2014 was a strange week for coincidences

On Wednesday evening, 5th February 2014, we had some page visits from a familiar frequenter of our website, but this person seemed more interested in this SIRIUS page than normal.
The visitor entered our site from the Above Top Secret Forum The visit to this SIRIUS page occurred at 21:33:16 GMT on 5th February 2014 according to the Tripod/Lycos server log.

The visitor stayed on the SIRIUS page for just under 3 minutes then headed off to a couple of other random pages, so as to give the impression of having just landed on our site to do some browsing. This is the normal M.O. of Perks.

Then, shortly afterwards, what seems to us to be a rather strange coincidence apparently occurred.

We were advised during the evening of 6th February 2014, by Mr Scott Felton, that he had been contacted by the property owner of his former residence.
The property owner informed Mr. Felton that a Mr. Dave Stretch had called the house telephone twice on Wednesday night, 5th February 2014, at approximately 21:45 GMT, asking after him.
However, the property owner had informed the caller that Mr. Felton was no longer at that residence.

What is even more curious is just how Mr. Stretch obtained that house land line number considering that it was ex-directory/unlisted!

On Saturday 8th February 2014, we heard about more 'phone calls to Mr. Felton's former home land line. The callers never identified themselves, but what was interesting to us were the times at which the calls were placed.

They all occurred around 21:45h GMT, just like the calls from Mr. Dave Stretch on the night of Wednesday, 5th February 2014 (as mentioned above.)

Early on 9th February 2014, at 02:53:09 GMT and later at 09:47:29 GMT, this SIRIUS page had visits from someone - a frequent visitor - who seems very keen to check on the updates here. He popped back again throughout the day. It's good to see that our investigations were appreciated.

On 13th February 2014 there was still no sign of life at PlanetX Live - the site was just showing a 403 error.

On 18th February 2014, life appeared to have returned somewhat to PlanetX Live. But there was a large notice on their main page announcing server upgrading and maintenance. Nothing had really changed regarding programming and it seems that the server issue was never resolved.

On the evening of 27th February 2014 the site appeared to be offline again and was just showing as a 403 error.

The PlanetX Live website and public Facebook had a notice posted on Sunday, 26th January 2014, announcing some server maintenance and upgrades. Apparently there were some "streaming server issues" to be resolved.

The time indicated in the screenshot below is EST, so please add 5 hours for GMT.

Mr. Scott Felton provided Xpose UFO Truth with the exchanges between himself and Mr. Dave Stretch of PlanetX Live.

It seemed, at least to us, that Mr. Stretch was extremely confused as to what the issues actually were regarding Perks' association with PlanetX Live, and how these issues could in some way affect the impression that PlanetX Live was attempting to create - that of "eXposing the Truth"

But first, let us go back to the very beginning of this SIRIUS saga.


The story started on 28th April 2013.

On air, PlanetX Live Team Member Darren Perks
was giving away a pirated copy of Dr. Greer's SIRIUS documentary and announced the fact during the PlanetX Live show that was broadcast on 105.9 FM.

The link to the pirated copy of Dr. Greer's documentary was posted on the PlanetX Live web site.

The link changed over the course of three days as the video was taken down from Youtube and then Live Leak due to copyright violations by the uploader, Darren Perks. The video eventually sat on VEOH for some time before that was also removed, and the account deleted.

Full details of all those shenanigans are described further down this page.

In his communications with Mr. Felton, it was suggested by Mr. Stretch that we, Xpose UFO Truth, just leave the subject alone.

Why? It seems that things which have occurred in the past do not matter, according to Mr. Stretch, that is.

Mr. Stretch keyed to Mr. Felton on 23rd January 2014:

"What has happened in the past has happened."

However, we had no intention of leaving the subject alone.
We wanted to know why it was that Perks was allowed to behave the way he did on live radio, putting PlanetX Live into a seemingly sticky position regarding copyright violation.

Mr. Stretch appeared to be claiming that he was unaware of Perks' copyright violation and other wrongdoings. But Mr. Stretch also does seemed to have been aware, at some stage, of what Perks was doing!
This was indicated in a line from Mr. Stretch's response to Mr. Felton.

Mr. Stretch keyed to Mr. Felton on 23rd January 2014:

"Perks f***ed (expletive modified - ed.) off last year and I did really not see for the very short time he was with us what he was like."

Mr. Stretch did clear one point up, though.
There had been some vagueness regarding PlanetX Live and Bauer Media.
Thanks to Mr. Stretch for clarifying this point.

On 23rd January 2014, Mr. Stretch keyed to Mr. Felton:

"Most of the info you have is in correct[sic], btw the owners of PX was[sic] never Bauer Media, or Radio City or City Talk it was PX we between us Neal and Myself paid £200 a week studio fee and £200 a week air time fee only to get what you guys wanted on main stream and yes PX did it for 18 Months, work the sums out we had no sponsors like TPV it was us paying it out of our own pocket, and we get this sh*t ?" (expletive modified - ed.)

If Mr. Dave Stretch (and, presumably, the late Mr. Neal Atkinson,) realised just what Perks was up to, then why did they continue to entertain his presence on their live radio show?
How was that a good idea?
Did they not check with Perks, prior to going live on air, to see what he had planned for his part in the show/s?

Did they know about Perks' hoaxing of UFO events?

Did they know about The Alamo Hoax of 30th December 2012, submitted to MUFON? That "event" received a huge amount of coverage on the Internet! How could they not have known about it?

Did they know about The Wrekin Orange Sphere Hoax? - the hoax that Perks had elaborately perpetrated using another person's image taken fourteen months prior to his alleged sighting?
That particular hoax was submitted to Andy Mannion's website.

Did they know about Perks' impersonation of an officer of HM Government (Revenue and Customs) to intimidate Mr. Phil Hoyle regarding taxes?

Did they know about Perks using numerous aliases (including my Hotmail account name) to defame and discredit Mr. Phil Hoyle all over the Internet?

Did they know about all the intimidation - including foul language in the communications - of genuine researchers?

Would Perks himself have informed Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Stretch of his wrongdoings? We think it unlikely.

For a live radio show that claimed to be "eXposing the Truth" they were sadly lacking in their background checks of their "Team Member" Darren Perks who was busy impersonating a number of real people, as well as making up fictitious names, to spread lies across the Internet.

Regarding the issue of the two aforementioned hoaxes, we are still questioning whether or not Perks actually saw what he claimed to have seen on the night of 30th March 1993 - Cosford or Cosfraud - given his established reputation for being a blatant liar.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Stretch at least, we are not in the habit of letting things go just because an incident might be "in the past".

PlanetX Live claimed to seek and speak the "Truth On Air."

But it seemed that "Off Air" the situation turned out to be slightly different.

Xpose UFO Truth and others were curious to know why the 28th April 2013 show did not get uploaded to Youtube as have other shows before and since that date.

After all, the subject of the Atacama humanoid was an important one, and the SIRIUS documentary was making quite a stir on the Internet.

The Atacama humanoid had been discussed on the 28th April 2013 show, so why not put that show on Youtube for future reference?

Additionally, what happened to the 19th May 2013 show that went AWOL also?
That particular show of 19th May 2013 - the one in which Mr. Neal Atkinson mentioned that PlanetX Live would no longer be broadcast on 105.9 FM - would surely be an important one to put up on Youtube.
Anyone who had missed the 19th May 2013 show would then be able to "catch up", as it were, and hear about the move from 105.9 FM to streaming via the Internet.

Mr. Atkinson had started his 19th May 2013 speech by saying:

"Now before we get into our first guest I did mention at the start of the show that there are some changes. Changes are a-happenin' to Planet X and I'd like to concentrate on the positives cos we're all about the positives not the negatives on this show."

Mr. Atkinson concluded his speech that night with the following:

"We will still be live but unfortunately if you can only listen on the radio you will have to find another way to catch us either on Planet X Live dot co dot UK, or on City Talk dot FM with the podcast or listen out to the "catch up on Youtube".

Please see further down this page for the transcript of Mr. Atkinson's speech.

Note: There was a show uploaded to Youtube and labelled as that of 19th May 2013, but the content was that of 12th May 2013 featuring Dolores Cannon and James Rink.

We were also curious as to why Mr. Atkinson did not explain - during the 19th May 2013 show - why it was that PlanetX Live was no longer to broadcast on 105.9 FM.

On 22nd May 2013, three days after the broadcast, Perks put up his version of the story on his now-defunct UFO Shropshire web site saying:

"Planet X Live is a radio show that I am involved in and a member of the show team. We have been broadcasting on City Talk 105.9 fm from Liverpool, live every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm.

However due to changes with programme direction and it seems cut backs at City Talk, the station has decided to drop some of the shows. This is understood to make way for more 'music' on City Talk, which is a great shame. I disagree with this decision and I know many people are unhappy about it too.

But it now means that Planet X Live can now broadcast online as normal every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm right across the globe with no restrictions. By restrictions I mean no set advert slots, and listeners in the USA and other countries can listen live without having to wait for the show to be uploaded to the website or Youtube. On 105.9 fm there is a broadcast restriction outside of the UK to certain places.

The show has over 90,000 listeners per month and is growing in popularity. By going online this will increase the listeners and means we are not regulated on what and how we talk about subjects. There will also be the continuation of the varied guests we have on the show covering a whole range of subjects.

You can listen back to shows on the website or on the show Youtube channel. Subscribers to Planet Extra can also access exclusive interviews with guests that were not aired with extra subjects and content.

Onwards and upwards for Planet X Live!"

If Perks was able to publish the reasons for Planet X Live moving to an online venue only, then why would Mr. Atkinson not do the same during his speech on the night of the 19th May 2013?

If things were so rosy and improving - worldwide coverage instead of just the NW of the UK - why the grumbling sounds in the background and mention of "negatives?"
What "negatives" could there possibly be under the new régime with additional listeners worldwide?

On 12th February 2014 the PlanetX Live website appeared to have gone offline, presumably to undergo some overhauling/upgrading or similar.


But what of Perks?

Mr. Dave Stretch keyed, in his communication to Mr. Scott Felton on 23rd January 2014:

"Perks f***ed (expletive modified - ed.) off last year and I did really not see for the very short time he was with us what he was like."

The last we heard of Perks was that he had migrated north of the border to Scotland and was apparently working with Scott Country International in Castle Douglas.

Perks had been seen appearing in Scott Country International's promotional videos for various types of night vision equipment and also as the editor of some of their video presentations.
Here is Perks presenting Episode Two of The Night Vision Show.
Click on the image below to view the Youtube video.

Above image is a screenshot of Youtube video

Maybe Perks had found himself a new niche in life helping to promote merchandise for Scott Country International.

On the weekend of 14th to 16th February 2014, Perks was promoting Scott Country International's night vision devices at the British Shooting Show held in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.
Here is Perks posing with a night vision device on Scott Country's Facebook.

Above image is a screenshot of image on Scott Country International's Facebook page

May 2014: Word reached us that Perks had moved on to pastures new and was no longer with Scott Country International.


The UK "investigative researcher" Darren Perks (website now defunct) who was offering Dr. Greer's documentary for free has also been impersonating a large number of researchers and some government officials. He thought he was covering his tracks by using the "Hide My Ass" proxy but it did not work too well!

Also included further down this "Sirius" page is a screenshot showing Perks' comment on Above Top Secret forum where, hiding behind the screen name "xutlady," he makes a very derogatory comment about Dr. Greer.

Read our three part article on how Perks impersonated Linda Moulton-Howe using "Hide My Ass," and an officer of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, to name just two examples.


Three Part Article on how IP addresses can be
the downfall of the impersonator and hoaxer

Observations Regarding Copyright Issues

and also

Planet X Live and The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

"Sirius is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer, an emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher, as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy and propulsion techniques. The documentary's premiere was on 22nd April 2013 in Los Angeles, California."

Please click on the image below for details regarding the documentary

At the time when we were starting to write this article the video had not yet been released on DVD. People could still rent the video for 72 hours. Dollars were/are involved here. This presentation COST MONEY! However, those small details appear to have eluded Darren Perks, Investigative Researcher, Broadcaster and Media Contributor!

On 28th April 2013 the Sirius documentary was reviewed on Planet X Live by Planet X Team Member Darren Perks
Perks directed listeners to go to the Planet X Forums to obtain a copy of the Sirius documentary.

The link provided in the Planet X Live forum was to the Youtube channel of UFO SHROPSHIRE, (Youtube account long since deleted) with the upload date showing as 24th April 2013. Click on the images below to see the full size versions of the screenshots.

NOTE that the video had already received 27 views when this screenshot below was taken. If those people were to actually purchase the genuine article - Dr. Greer's SIRIUS DVD, once released - they would have to pay $19.99 per copy. Potential revenue lost? I doubt Perks would care even had he thought about this!

After all, look what he says about Dr. Greer further down this page. Perks (using my Hotmail address name "xutlady") posted on the ATS forums calling Dr. Greer a "media whore."

However, the video soon disappeared from the UFO Shropshire channel.

Perks was not long in providing a link to another location, this time on the LiveLeak site.
Click on the image below to see the full size version of the screenshot.

But, that was a short-lived location for the documentary as the video was removed due to copyright violation!
Perks violating copyright?
Click on the image below to see the full size version of the screenshot.

Not to be daunted, Perks then changed location and uploaded the video to VEOH.
Note that Perks invited people to email him for the documentary residing on his Drop Box!
Click on the image below to see the full size version of the screenshot.

This screenshot shows a partial list of topics on Planet X
as of 1st May 2013 with the Sirius Documentary included
Click on the image below to see full the size version of the screenshot

So we followed the VEOH link from Planet X.
Look what we found!
Click on the image below to see the full size version of the screenshot.

And here is a screenshot of DeltaLima78's VEOH profile showing that the account had only just been created.
DeltaLima78 = Darren Lee (born 1978) maybe??
Click on the image below to see the full version of the screenshot.

On 5th May 2013 we tuned in to listen to Planet X Live but there was no show on air. On checking their website there was a notice that had been put up by Perks explaining that "due to unforeseen circumstances" the show would not be broadcast that night. James Rink would be featured the following week, apparently.
Click on the image below to see the full size version of the screenshot.

On 6th May 2013 the Sirius Documentary still appeared on the list of Planet X's topics.
Click on the image below to see the full size version of the screenshot.

On 7th May 2013 a notice was posted on PlanetX Live's Facebook page.
No doubt this was the explanation for the missing show on the 5th May 2013.

The website had been hacked!

Of course it had! What better way to avoid any accountability for the copyright violations?

On the 12th May 2013 PlanetX Live broadcast a show featuring Dolores Cannon and James Rink. At the start of the show Neal Atkinson explained that there had been some problems the previous week. He mentioned that he had had a virus, and so too had their website! This was all intended to explain the cancelled show.

And so to 13th May 2013.
The documentary was still up on DeltaLima78's channel (now defunct) on VEOH.

NOTE that the video views now totalled 188 and just to think, had those people actually purchased the DVD from Dr. Greer at $19.99 per copy, that is quite a bit of revenue lost!

Click on the images below to see full size versions of the screenshots.

However, the Sirius Documentary was no longer included in the list of Planet X's topics. Why would this be?

So now, what did we have?
This individual, Darren Perks, working as a team member of Planet X Live Radio (broadcast on a station owned by Bauer Media,) apparently violating copyright and uploading a pirated copy of Dr. Greer's documentary to Youtube.

When that copy was removed he uploaded the documentary to LiveLeak but that copy was also removed due to copyright violation.
Did Perks think that this was all quite okay?

Then he uploaded the video to VEOH under the account name of DeltaLima78.

Not only that, but Perks was openly inviting listeners of Planet X Live to go to the forum and watch this pirated video! He even invited people to email him so that he could send them the full video on his Drop Box!

This whole copyright infringement/violation scenario is truly mind-boggling!

On 14th May 2013 the Sirius movie/documentary video had been deleted from DeltaLima78's VEOH channel.

But, what did I also find? DeltaLima78's VEOH account had evaporated!!!

One really had to wonder as to why this occurred and on live radio? It truly boggles the mind!

We believe that Perks knew perfectly well what copyright was all about.

Notice here how he had put copyright advisements on this "Multiple UFOs Over UK" video on his UFO Shropshire Youtube channel. Click on the image below to see the full-size screenshot.

How would Perks feel if something upon which he had spent hundreds and hundreds of hours working was then pilfered in a moment and put up on someone's Youtube, LiveLeak or VEOH channel?

Watch the Perks' "exclusive" here:

Multiple UFOs Over UK May 2013

Don't bother! He deleted his Youtube account!

19th May 2013

We tuned into Planet X Live and there was an announcement at the beginning of the show that there were to be some changes made starting the next week, 26th May 2013. It turned out that Planet X would no longer be broadcasting on FM Radio, only via the Internet. See further down the page for details regarding this announcement.

We were looking forward to hearing Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group discuss the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure that had been held in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a problem regarding Mr. Bassett's interview and he was unreachable.

Co-host Darren Perks said that he had been in contact with Mr. Bassett and had received an email explaining the financial situation.

Perks then read out the email wherein Mr. Bassett explained that unauthorised full sessions of the Citizen Hearing were being uploaded to Youtube and how this would affect the financial situation of Paradigm Research Group.

Perks even mentioned "Sirius" as being a similar situation!

At that moment we were wondering if Perks remembered how he had uploaded the full Sirius documentary to his UFO Shropshire Youtube Channel on 24th April 2013.

Did he remember that he had then uploaded the full Sirius documentary to Live Leak? And then, when that copy was deleted for copyright violation, did he remember that he had then uploaded the full Sirius video to his VEOH account?

As Perks concluded his quote from Mr. Bassett's email regarding the issue of copyright and a potential large loss of money, he added: "Fair comment, I think."

However, had Mr. Bassett been able to answer the question of funding, then we would not have heard Perks himself read out the email describing the unauthorised uploading of the Citizen Hearing videos - a situation just like when he uploaded an unauthorised copy of Dr. Greer's Sirius documentary to his various online video accounts.

Perks then assured listeners that Mr. Bassett would be on the show at some time in the future.

20th May 2013

Information regarding Planet X Live and FM 105.9

Neal Atkinson, host of Planet X Live, stated the following during the 19th May 2013 show:

"Now before we get into our first guest I did mention at the start of the show that there are some changes. Changes are a-happenin' to Planet X and I'd like to concentrate on the positives cos we're all about the positives not the negatives on this show.

So from next week we won't be on the FM frequency 105.9 so I'm sorry if you listen to us in the car, especially all the taxi drivers, I know, Dave, you've got a lot of taxi driver mates haven't you? (Dave agreed saying "they listen every week.")

...And anyone in the north west who listens on the radio you won't be able to get us on the FM frequency 105.9.

However, we will still be broadcasting here live at City Talk at the studios at the top of the tower. We'll still be here and the show will be streaming live at the same time from eight o'clock every Sunday. So, there will be a podcast version available on CityTalk dot FM and as well as that there will be the catch up version on Youtube.

So, the positives!
It's going to be live.
You can listen anywhere in the world which previously a lot of our friends from different corners of the world in America and in Europe couldn't listen until it came out on Youtube.
So that's good.

So we will be live, streaming live from eight o'clock and another good one - we will be commercial-free - which I think will help with the flow of the show and if you've listened over the past year you'll know that we do run out of time (chuckles) with a lot of the guests, so that won't happen.

And we'll be able to tackle even more controversial topics and subjects.
We won't be as limited as we normally have been, and to quote a Mr. David Icke: 'We'll be able to go even further down the rabbit hole.'

So that is from next week.
We will still be live but unfortunately if you can only listen on the radio you will have to find another way to catch us either on Planet X Live dot co dot UK, or on City Talk dot FM with the podcast or listen out to the catch up on Youtube.

A 19th May 2013 show was uploaded to Planet X's Youtube channel but the content was that of the 12th May 2013 with Dolores Cannon and James Rink as the guests. Where did the "real" 19th May 2013 show go?

On 2nd June 2013, Perks hastily posted the following on his Facebook account, directing readers to the legal version of Dr. Greer's Sirius documentary video.
No doubt this ruse was to distract people from the issue of the pirated version of the documentary that Perks had been hosting on his own Youtube et al channels.


Darren Perks and his (dis)regard for Dr. Steven Greer

As our readers know by now, Perks was using my "xutlady" name/handle on various forums to defame Mr. Phil Hoyle, myself and our research. Please see:


Here is a posting by Perks (yet again using "xutlady" as an alias) defaming Dr. Steven Greer on Above Top Secret forums on 5th January 2013.

5th January 2013 was 3 days after Xpose UFO Truth first outed Perks on his Alamo Sphere UFO Hoax. By this time Perks was really working on his campaign of discrediting our research and that of our colleagues.

The "well-known" (Perks' words) "Investigative Researcher" from the UK had been caught doing some faking and did not like being Xposed.

In this posting on Above Top Secret Forums Perks called Dr. Greer a "media whore." Maybe someone needed to check in his own mirror!

Is it not strange that he was then hosting Dr. Greer's "Sirius" video on his own Youtube channel on 24th April 2013, and promoting it on 28th April 2013 on Planet X Live? What changed? Here was the post by Perks on the ATS website where he used my Hotmail account name as his alias:

Screenshot of comment on Above Top Secret forums

Reference link:

Above Top Secret Forum

Lest there be any shadow of doubt that "xutlady" was anyone other than Darren Perks - and this issue is mentioned in various places on our site - only three people knew of that "handle" that was part of my Hotmail address. Two of those people can be completely ruled out of the picture.

That leaves just one person - Darren Perks - and I had registered with the "xutlady" Hotmail address for membership of Perks' website UFO SHROPSHIRE on 16th May 2012. I was approved on 18th May 2012 when Perks was still away in the United States on his free holiday with BBC3.

Rather damning evidence, is it not?

We were very grateful to Mark W. Allin, Chief Operations Officer at The Above Network, for rapidly dealing with the unpleasant situation regarding defamatory posts made about us and our colleague Mr. Phil Hoyle - using my Hotmail "name" - earlier this year.

Read our three-part article on Perks and Impersonation:


On how IP addresses can be the downfall
of the impersonator and hoaxer